A Soviet Styled Supersystem

File:Jewel of the Solar System.jpg
From the film Interstellar? Or NASA/JPL images?  Saturn, as represented as Octave 4096, the Crown Jewel of the Solar System

Сказка о том, как в России появились чудища-олигархи.

Когда на Землю прибыли гости (погостить), им здесь понравилось. Так как их хижина находилась достаточно далеко, за тридевять земель – аж в созвездии Большой Медведицы, на планете СУР, рядом с городом Мегрец, пришлось привязать лошадей (Луна, Солнце) и освободить телеги (спутники планет). Телеги были расставлены вокруг больших деревьев, чтобы ни один листочек с деревьев не упал мимо телеги.

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The Lunar Moon, Lunar Waves, and a Soviet Scientist’s Paradigm


I had previously created an article in regards to the Lunar Moon and the work of Hatybov, but pressed for time and a deadline, I likely created the weakest entry to date regarding the Hatybov catalog (hey, I’m only human!)  So with that being said, I’d like to revisit the material and summarize the material exclusively in respect to the alleged phenomenon of the Lunar Wave. Continue reading “The Lunar Moon, Lunar Waves, and a Soviet Scientist’s Paradigm”

The World According to Hatybov

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In the context of starting the new year off right, let’s get back to basics. I’ll try to keep this one shorter in order for the reader to not get lost in the details (trust me, this is very, very, very easy to do).  I’ll keep it tight in summary, and hopefully the brief summaries will lead to any questions that I can attempt to answer in the comment section or in email form if need be. With that said, let’s attempt to abridge the basics of the philosophy of the enigma Hatybov. Continue reading “The World According to Hatybov”

Who Is Hatybov and What Has He Done With Our Beloved Moon (part ii)


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