Spanning the Abyss with Demiurgis : An Interview with Jim Shanty

ik4One of the more interesting concepts I personally have become aware of over the past year and a half is the idea of the Demiurge; the Artificer or Demiurgis of the material world, and its possible existence and position within the hierarchy of the greater cosmos.  One sees it consistently mentioned in the texts of old; the Phoenicians, the Chaldeans, the Greeks, etc etc etc.  Its existence is a very, very ancient idea, and it is typically attached to the concept of the primordial waters of creation.

Fortunately for me, I was able to get into contact with a researcher of the abyss; Jim Shanty, a fellow researcher of the esoteric, manages a fascinating website containing his experiences and observations at truthrealquick (link is here).  Having heard a discussion and recap I was able to put together regarding the Laurel Canyon work of David McGowan and his book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, Jim reached out to me to continue the conversation.  The conversation quickly led past the Laurel Canyon scene and into some very thought provoking, abstract, and fantastic conversations regarding the world we live in.  So after a series emails, I thought “let’s do an interview,” and Jim agreed.  So without further delay, let’s get into the details of a conversation Jim and I had beginning on September 23, 2016. Continue reading “Spanning the Abyss with Demiurgis : An Interview with Jim Shanty”

The Beatle Mysteries, Sgt Pepper, and Solar Worship: An Interview with the Number Nine Site


After posting a few articles on the enigma that is Paul McCartney on this site, quite a few people reached out to me with some ideas and articles regarding the construct that is Faul. One researcher who had a passion for the search of the truth, Desiree, has been studying the larger idea of the Beatles’ Mysteries for a number of years; the idea that the Fab Four from Liverpool were more than a seminal rock band from the 1960’s.  Her fantastic website, The Number Nine Blog, has done extensive work analyzing the rich symbolism of the Beatles’ records, films, and lyrics, and speculated on the possible occult origins of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.  In this interview, we discuss Egyptian Solar Worship, possible military industrial Beatles’s connections, and of course, Aleister Crowley and the work of Thelema. Continue reading “The Beatle Mysteries, Sgt Pepper, and Solar Worship: An Interview with the Number Nine Site”

Breaking Down Plastic Macca : An Interview with Tina Foster


While listening to a conversation between Greg Carlwood and Mark Devlin on Carlwood’s wonderful podcast The Higherside Chats, the discussion at one point moved into the infamous Paul Is Dead/Faul material.  Like many of us who have actually taken the time to look into the construct that is Paul McCartney post 1966, Devlin mentions that he initially had skepticism regarding the possible Great Beatles Conspiracy, but the more he researched the information, the more plausible he found the idea of a replacement Paul McCartney having been inserted into the Beatles @ late 1966.  Devlin also mentioned the work of Tina Foster and her website, PlasticMacca, as a great resource to those interested in the material.  Always appreciative of the wonderful work of other bloggers, I immediately read Tina’s work, took the time to take some notes, and reached out to her for a written interview. Fortunately for me, Tina was able to accommodate my request (again, thank you Tina!). Continue reading “Breaking Down Plastic Macca : An Interview with Tina Foster”

At the Ballet With Macca (and the Waters Above)

oceans kingdom

A city below the waves?  Or something more primordial?  While putting together my introduction to the concept and enigma that is possibly a false Paul McCartney, I have begun to revisit the work of post Beatles’ Macca.  Some of the albums I remember from my college years, other albums are first time auditory adventures (or misadventures) for me. One that happened to stand out recently, at least from an album cover perspective, is Paul McCartney’s Ocean’s Kingdom.  With a spot of synchronicity in my world having begun to explore the concept of “space as water, water as space,” and simultaneously researching the Odyssey of Faul, the album’s cover immediately captured my interest. Let’s take a quick look at it. Continue reading “At the Ballet With Macca (and the Waters Above)”