Hello everyone – in the spirit of continued collaboration, I wanted to get an update on stuff i’m working on.  The majority of new stuff I’ve looked into can be found here :


I have a backup site created here :

driftless on the abyss

I’ve also gotten involved with Steemit; it’s an interesting dynamic.  I’ve already met some wonderful researchers on that forum with similar matieral.  I write about everything that is of interest to me: the occult, comic books, cryptocurrency prices, gematria, the qabalah, geoengineering, etc.  There is also a very vibrant chemtrail community of activists on steemit whose mission it is document chemtrail activity on the block chain for future generations.  My feed is here:


I’d recommend it to everyone who enjoys generating content independent of sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

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Who is Hatibow, and What Has He Done with Our Beloved Moon?

Originally published on April 4, 2015 on old site

Well, as some of you are likely aware, there is currently a new phenomenon on the fringes of the internet involved with our closest neighbor in outer space.  The phenomenon has been deemed by one researcher by the name of Crrow777 as the “lunar wave”. Continue reading “Who is Hatibow, and What Has He Done with Our Beloved Moon?”

Joe Meek : What Daft Punk Sounded Like in 1959

Note : Article first published on Jan 18, 2014 and moving older material to this site

I was fortunate enough to finally purchase a copy of Joe Meek’s outer space fantasy I Hear a New World on Amazon, and immediately threw it in the CD player on the drive to work today.  I had listened to the first song Friday on YouTube and thought it was curious; “I Hear a New World” sounds like a predecessor to the Beach Boy’s ‘Pet Sounds’ – chipmunk vocals included.  Swaying guitars, laid back percussion, and Meek dissonance. Not a bad start to the weekend. Continue reading “Joe Meek : What Daft Punk Sounded Like in 1959”

Jack Parsons Laboratory : A Cheat Sheet to Elves, Golems, and Homunculi (and the Origins of JPL)

The original Suicide Squad in action on October 31, 1936 (or in November, or December of 36…depending on the source)

***note : this is work in progress and I will continue to add as time permits

I recently was able to contribute a bit of information I had collected in respect to the mythos of Jack Parsons over the past few years to a conversation I had with Crrow777 and Jason Lindgren of the Secrets of Saturn podcast yesterday (4-19-17) afternoon.  The conversation centered around the creation of Pasadena’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories, and included many esoteric fragments that appeared to surround the evolution of JPL at the beginning of the 20th century. Continue reading “Jack Parsons Laboratory : A Cheat Sheet to Elves, Golems, and Homunculi (and the Origins of JPL)”