Breaking Down the Hatybov Mythos : A Perspective from Europe


The Hatybov mythos? What more can be said? I have always stated that the material is possibly a mix of science fiction, allegory, the motion picture The Matrix, and other random philosophies. One can see the work of Pythagoras, Robert Anton Wilson, and even Gurdjieff popping up randomly within the basis of the material. Whether the person existed or not, I still have no idea, but one still sees the name occasionally appear alongside ideas such as the Lunar Wave and even the black goo phenomenon of recent months. Continue reading “Breaking Down the Hatybov Mythos : A Perspective from Europe”

Who is Hatibow, and What Has He Done with Our Beloved Moon?

Originally published on April 4, 2015 on old site

Well, as some of you are likely aware, there is currently a new phenomenon on the fringes of the internet involved with our closest neighbor in outer space.  The phenomenon has been deemed by one researcher by the name of Crrow777 as the “lunar wave”. Continue reading “Who is Hatibow, and What Has He Done with Our Beloved Moon?”

Lady Gaga, Bowie, and the Lunar Moon


To be honest, I was hoping that when I first saw the Audi Super Bowl 50 astronaut commercial a week ago, a spider would have made its way on to the television screen, in some way, shape, or form.  How great would that have been for material for an article? David Bowie, actor astronauts, the Lunar Moon, an Audi race car, and spiders.  Alas, it didn’t appear to have happened (unless I missed a symbol someplace or there was a spider crawling on the astronaut’s bookshelf).  Well, there appears to have been a consolation prize courtesy of “Music’s Biggest Night”, the 58th Annual Grammys, which also aired on CBS!
Continue reading “Lady Gaga, Bowie, and the Lunar Moon”

The Lunar Moon, Lunar Waves, and a Soviet Scientist’s Paradigm


I had previously created an article in regards to the Lunar Moon and the work of Hatybov, but pressed for time and a deadline, I likely created the weakest entry to date regarding the Hatybov catalog (hey, I’m only human!)  So with that being said, I’d like to revisit the material and summarize the material exclusively in respect to the alleged phenomenon of the Lunar Wave. Continue reading “The Lunar Moon, Lunar Waves, and a Soviet Scientist’s Paradigm”