Hatibow’s God : The Land Management System

Originally published on 7/10/15

Continuing my exploration of the published works of Abdelelah Al-Khatib, aka A.M. Hatibov, AKA Hatibow, I’ve begun to piece together the Hatibow “system” that creates our world and creates the infamous Lunar Wave.  To begin with, let’s assume the following is true (forgive me, all – there are quite a few bullet points in this one in order to attempt to keep the info straight for you (and me!).  This is a long post, and I’ve tried to make this as readable as possible for everyone. Continue reading “Hatibow’s God : The Land Management System”

Who is Hatibow, and What Has He Done with Our Beloved Moon?

Originally published on April 4, 2015 on old site

Well, as some of you are likely aware, there is currently a new phenomenon on the fringes of the internet involved with our closest neighbor in outer space.  The phenomenon has been deemed by one researcher by the name of Crrow777 as the “lunar wave”. Continue reading “Who is Hatibow, and What Has He Done with Our Beloved Moon?”

McMagick McGriddles: NFL Gameday Spellcraft

Luna in full phase – courtesy of Cassidy Kring

During Week Nine’s Sunday Green Bay Packer loss to the Indianapolis Colts (yes, I know, I’m guilty of watching the NFL), I noticed a recent McDonald’s All Day Breakfast commercial featured a number of times during commercial breaks.  Despite it being another high-level “comedic” commercial that, in this case, featured McDonald’s All Day Breakfast items, I found it interesting that Luna was used in the television advert.  There are at least three versions of the commercial on television for mass consumption that I’m aware of (discussed below), and all three feature identical Full Moon scene imagery during  the first few seconds of the advert.  Why would the Lunar Moon be placed accordingly in the stream of images?  Is there perhaps an intentional rationale for such imagery? Continue reading “McMagick McGriddles: NFL Gameday Spellcraft”

A Conversation with Crrow777


A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to record an interview with a good friend of mine, Crrow777; the idea behind the interview was that I wanted to get his take on a number of different issues that I had been exposed to of late, as well as discuss a number of concepts not necessarily related to the Lunar Wave, the Night Sky, or even the infamous enigma that is Hatybov .  (The interview can be found here.) Continue reading “A Conversation with Crrow777”