The Curious Case of Todd Sees

a repost of an article I made on my old site originally published on February 9, 2014

What is it about power lines?  All of us know them and we see them carved all over the country.  They rip into hills and carry up to 800,000 volts across the landscape.  Since a child, I’ve always felt uneasy about the power lines around us.  I’m not a physicist or electrical engineer, but the idea of all that electrical energy passing through a wire conduit above and around us and it not being a health concern? Power lines, to me, have always felt unnatural to me. Continue reading “The Curious Case of Todd Sees”

Who is Hatibow, and What Has He Done with Our Beloved Moon?

Originally published on April 4, 2015 on old site

Well, as some of you are likely aware, there is currently a new phenomenon on the fringes of the internet involved with our closest neighbor in outer space.  The phenomenon has been deemed by one researcher by the name of Crrow777 as the “lunar wave”. Continue reading “Who is Hatibow, and What Has He Done with Our Beloved Moon?”

Spanning the Abyss with Demiurgis : An Interview with Jim Shanty

ik4One of the more interesting concepts I personally have become aware of over the past year and a half is the idea of the Demiurge; the Artificer or Demiurgis of the material world, and its possible existence and position within the hierarchy of the greater cosmos.  One sees it consistently mentioned in the texts of old; the Phoenicians, the Chaldeans, the Greeks, etc etc etc.  Its existence is a very, very ancient idea, and it is typically attached to the concept of the primordial waters of creation.

Fortunately for me, I was able to get into contact with a researcher of the abyss; Jim Shanty, a fellow researcher of the esoteric, manages a fascinating website containing his experiences and observations at truthrealquick (link is here).  Having heard a discussion and recap I was able to put together regarding the Laurel Canyon work of David McGowan and his book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, Jim reached out to me to continue the conversation.  The conversation quickly led past the Laurel Canyon scene and into some very thought provoking, abstract, and fantastic conversations regarding the world we live in.  So after a series emails, I thought “let’s do an interview,” and Jim agreed.  So without further delay, let’s get into the details of a conversation Jim and I had beginning on September 23, 2016. Continue reading “Spanning the Abyss with Demiurgis : An Interview with Jim Shanty”

The Worship of the Cube Form

One of a series of photographs by artist Julien Coquentin

The Cube, and the worship of it.  Why the fascination?

When I first began to dabble in the works of the alleged Soviet scientist Hatybov and attempt to interpret the Google assisted translations, the mention of the Cube in the available work didn’t really capture my attention.  Yet immediately after publishing my first attempt to summarize the work of Hatybov, there was much reference material sent to me in respect to a “cubic structure” hiding possibly behind the Lunar Moon, within Saturn, or even embedded in the Solar Sun.  The more I processed the material, the idea that the 8-bit tonal / information sequence repeatedly mentioned in the Hatybov literature appeared to possibly be a potential explanation of this infamous “Cube,” or even possibly better yet, the 8 legged Spider archetype that many have found interesting. Continue reading “The Worship of the Cube Form”

The Great Intervention Program Proceeds – Hatybov, Human Experimentation, and Object 440

Author’s note: this is reprint from my previous blog with some edited material

The next phase of this blog is to look into the critical transition from 17304 BC to 1605 BC, or the “Age of the Creation of the Shirt”.   The material directly related to Hatybov is very, very limited in respect to this stage of Earth civilization post-Ebrov/Megrez Arachnid intervention.  Instead, I have had to make the following assumption regarding materials discussing this time period: a group of Russian researchers have or did have access to additional Hatybov material that is currently not available or published online, and they have attempted to present it as best as possible through an assortment of various posts, articles, and other entries online (and in the Russian language).  In turn, I’m attempting to summarize the information as best as I can for the English reading population for review, feedback, and critique. Continue reading “The Great Intervention Program Proceeds – Hatybov, Human Experimentation, and Object 440”