The Moon Knight : Marvel’s Moonchild


Most readers of the site, I’m certain, are aware of the concept of Aleister Crowley’s Moonchild. I realize this concept is old material for many of you (and oft repeated in this field), but for those not as versed in the subject matter, I’ve provided a quick break down as I best as I see it to set the baseline of this analysis. Continue reading “The Moon Knight : Marvel’s Moonchild”

Decoding Gargantua and Pantagruel: An Interview with Rosette Delacroix


Black hole Gargantua from the film Interstellar

Thanks to a continued growing list of contacts on Facebook, email, and otherwise, I am continually amazed to discover the quality of material that independent, like minded truth seeking researchers  are .  The opportunities provided for by the web allows people with a passion for researching information, observing and recording data, and analyzing their data  to present their conclusions and interpretations to the rest of the world without the need of a book deal, a television program, or even an interview on a mainstream radio program.  One such researcher I was fortunate to stumble upon is Rosette Delacroix; Rosette’s website,, is one such example of the quality of work of people dedicated to the search of truth. Her research has taken her down the most interesting path of the analysis of symbols used and embedded in the motion picture industry and in television programs.  In this interview, we get into Solar and Luna archetypes,  Stanley Kubrick, Batman, “The Great Work,” and even a spot of Macca. Continue reading “Decoding Gargantua and Pantagruel: An Interview with Rosette Delacroix”

What Lies Beyond the Solar System?


Anizaar, that’s who!

If one were to give pause and credence to the thought that certain people, throughout history, have experienced glimpses of the Abyss and the true essence of the mysteries, a case can be made that these individuals in turn provided these “truths” to the rest of us by relaying their experiences in art, music, literature, and film/television.  On an upcoming interview I was fortunate to record with Crrow777, I make mention of people who I think are in some way “in the know” such as Pythagoras, Jack Parsons, John Keel, and Jacques Vallee.  I have also noted the works of Carl Jung and David Bowie as possible glimpses into the unknown.  Another body of work I would like to begin to include, where possible, is the work of the comic book legend, Jack Kirby. Continue reading “What Lies Beyond the Solar System?”