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A Wisconsin cost accountant by trade, but so bored by it that I’m interested in everything else.

I can be reached at sagesigma@gmail.com, on Twitter at @sagesigma, and I can also be found on Facebook @ James Alfred. Please feel free to email me any questions or critiques about the material on this site.  Thanks for reading!


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4 thoughts on “About

  1. terry crane

    Mr. Alfred I am recommending a set of two books called “Stellar Nations-Soul Families” by Czeizel and Gresko. I have only started to read them and they are very spiritual. Just flipping through vol II I see a chapter with spiders pictured. The authors explain this is the most disturbing chapter in these books and it is about arthropods. There is a picture of a protection symbol you hold your hand over before reading. These books explain much about the star constellations and a very different explanation of what our world is, the universe and much more. I have only started vol 1 but I kept thinking of your studies of the spiders in the Hatibov material. The web site these authors have is “stellarnations.com”. The books are expensive. These could or could not be of help in your studies. Just see how it feels if you should read these books or not. I am simply responding to my repeated thoughts to let you know about these books by two women in Hungary…very far from the western mindset.


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