3 thoughts on “Passwords to the Pleroma

  1. laryensoufi

    The Magician the « Magus » is Man as he should be from eternity. Elsewhere among scholarly studies it has been shown that this word meant at its origins : MAN.

    A pristine nature within the abyss, but a « Fool »(the dark material brother) in this « World » of simulations(LIES).

    But be wary first of all of those simulations buried within the demiurgic vehicle: that which Chaos implants inside the big-nerve of the brain; which pretends to be the real Mind, i.e. the spark that is itself the soul! The Immortal Grain of active conscious Self.

    The Magus is Primordial Man. The self created « species » of Principial Man, the Father, Pater of our « RACE », i.e. of our kind. A conscious creation that stems from the abyssal heart. A single Eye(I) of homogenous nature : the resurrecting Self!

    The Magus says, « learn to keep the spark aware. Keep watch. Life is a « WAKE » over a dead man’s remains, with our prayers of power & a discerning mind, God brings back to life the corpse, but now as something other, of another sort, yet resembling the one who always dies. »

    The « Profane » are the ignorant ones. In fact they are the most arrogant. The Initiate makes no deal with any one! The Demiurge is a friend to the proud & stupid.

    Somewhere in Bactria, the friends of God make vigil. While the clumsy, mean, & selfish, dream of holding on to power within an implanted illusory fabricated meme, draining those idiots who would prostrate in front of such a BEAST !

    It’s true that among the bourgeois-aristocracy & decadent, clinging to the mechanical & digital dust they have so adorned thru perhaps literally devouring the blood of innocents as well as those created on the 6th day, they re-install themselves within their own family lines : tulkus. The loges were created for them & like ghouls they haunt the initiates that they have lured into their circles with pacts & vows & grimaces!

    René Guénon is a very good example of one who was haunted !

    72 & the 5 pointed star : 9 spheres : only Pythagoras.

    In all Masonic rituals we use passwords. Only the devil & his breatheren would be foolish enough to think any one could use them, without understanding innately their intrinsic meaning. A certain light accompanies the elated intellect when employing them.

    Does this mean there isn’t anything in a Word ?

    Always happy to read you SageSigma UNBOUND !

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    1. Thank you…as always, I appreciate your feedback friend. Could you try another comment on the new site when you have a moment? I am hoping I have it fixed…wordpress is not my expertise but I’m hoping I’ve fixed it.


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