7 thoughts on “Fiction on Rockets and Violet

  1. KG

    Your new site appears to be having some problems with the comments. It wasn’t functioning properly. I received three different responses. The first suggested I was a bot and indicated my comment was being blocked. The second displayed lines of code. The third response said I was repeating myself. Never did it give a response indicating that my comment was properly received.


      1. KG

        Yes, I can see my first comment now. The response mechanism isn’t functioning the way you would want it to. It certainly isn’t working like this site. I’ve attempted to post some follow-on remarks there and experienced similar problems. I grabbed a screenshot of the response: “Blocked as suspected bot.”
        But I don’t know how that would help. Seems like there’s a bug or two somewhere.


      2. KG

        check your email inbox for a message, sent a couple of days ago.

        posted a new comment to
        “Don Draper and AI : The Illumined Cube …” It looked like it was immediately viewable by others, no waiting for moderation. but…

        I’m showing a comment awaiting moderation here that I posted a couple of days ago. It’s a duplicate of what I was having trouble posting to the new site, so if you don’t want to let that show here, maybe you can clear it.

        But a question about how this site works, in general. How long after a post is viewable by others before it shows up in the lists of “Recent Comments” where one can see that lovely mug of yours?


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