10 thoughts on “Breaking Down the Hatybov Mythos : A Perspective from Europe

  1. Ty

    After reading Dr. Willow’s comments… I’m still not sure what to make of the (K)Hatybov material.
    There is JUST enough legitimacy to the writing to make it hard to discount entirely. And you’ve pointed out before that the writings you have access to seem tampered with. And then there was that weird article I shared with you about prolonging ones life indefinitely…
    What do you think about it, now?

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    1. I still think it’s been tampered with, possibly by Levanshov, and perhaps the original material was much more philosophical than what we see. Willow has read other material I’ve not had access to, and I’m excited to run through that with him in the future.


    1. Anonmity of the web is always difficult to gauge, but I do believe his research and opinion to be sincere. His interests and perspectives will most certainly add to the whole of the issue


  2. SR

    Once you start looking into shit like this you can’t try to prove or disprove it through the science they have out there, its more through personal experience. For instance the owl story


      1. SR

        Sorry for being vague but i told u once about how i read the material you posted then 30 seconds after an owl appeared on the tree outside.

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  3. laryensoufi

    If you can use it on your individual path in a meaningful way, then do. If it means only speculating in the wind on nothing but science fiction with toy and clever gadgets, just to ponder on the copy-cat inventions of a pseudo-initiatic fiction found on the internet & worse given credibility, in the world where we breathe, using our consciousness on those who keep digging deeper & deeper into this World’s corpses…like most of the scientists debating for approval while they themselves are drowning in an abyss of obnoxious fickle “waves” using instruments made of plastic and glass, filled with artificial electricity, controlled thru mathematical exploits like so many Chinese shadows dancing in a Socratic Cave, pythagorized ?…then just throw it out the window, and the baby in the bath water as well!
    But perhaps I’m just being uselessly facetious? Or is there an immortal in the brush?
    In any case, always do appreciate your sincere research!

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  4. Well……..its good to see how some people think about certain subjects…..I really can’t say I was impressed with his logic/reasoning or observations. I can only say when I see people approach subjects in this manner it makes me look at the wild theories as perhaps even more valid then I would have thought. I guess I should thank him………….


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