The Curious Case of Todd Sees

a repost of an article I made on my old site originally published on February 9, 2014

What is it about power lines?  All of us know them and we see them carved all over the country.  They rip into hills and carry up to 800,000 volts across the landscape.  Since a child, I’ve always felt uneasy about the power lines around us.  I’m not a physicist or electrical engineer, but the idea of all that electrical energy passing through a wire conduit above and around us and it not being a health concern? Power lines, to me, have always felt unnatural to me.

Aside from the conventional concerns regarding EMF or electromagnetic field radiation, which includes concerns over the cause of cancer, leukemia, and heart disease, EMF has also played an increasing role in parapyschology. EMF has been referenced to:

  • Induce alien/god encounters through hallucinations with equipment such as Persingner’s famous God Helmet
  • Permeate in ghost hauntings and alleged “demonic” infestations; the idea being that ghosts or other paranormal activities absorb and emit EMF to manifest
  • Allow for humans to open our “third eye” and allow sight into unseen realities in and around us

From a purely power line standpoint, and in what could be an indirect reference to power line’s EMF radition, many people have observed Sasquatch sightings, UFO sightings, cryptid sightings in and around power lines. That leads one to question whether or not there is a relationship between these man made structures and the paranormal.

So with that in mind, let’s look to the case of Todd Sees.  Now before I write anymore, I first and foremost mean no disrespect to the family of Todd Sees.  A father, husband, and respected community member, anyone who has to undergo the tragedy of an early death deserves nothing but the utmost respect and privacy.  I also want to point out that I have not had any first hand experience or completed any firsthand research on this case.  I only recently discovered the event on a recent episode of Beyond the Edge Radio. Pennsylvanian UFO researcher Butch Witkowski and Phantoms and Monsters archivist Lon Strickler have invested a significant amount of time in researching the case.  The episode can be found here :

A quick recap of the event per the podcast.  During August of 2002, Todd Sees, a resident of Nothumberland, PA, drove a four wheeler up a power line path at 5 am to scout for preseason deer upon a mountain called Mountour Ridge.  When Sees did not return by noon, Sees’ wife called the local authorities, and quickly a +200 person volunteer search team was formed.  With the assistance of search dogs, the search party scoured over 6 miles of the mountain, the surrounding area around the Sees’ residence and even a pond that was less than 200 yards away from the home.  Divers were said to be brought in to investigate the pond.  The search lasted for 2 days and no body was found.  The only indication of his disappearance was the four wheeler found at the top of the mountain beneath the power line.

On the evening of the second day, a white object was found approximately 25 yards from the pond in a brush/hedge area.  Once rescuers cleared the area of growth, they found the lifeless body of Todd Sees. The condition of the body was that of emaciation;  Sees was now in underwear, the skin was extremely white, and the face, allegedly, had an expression of sheer horror.

One would expect the sad story to end there; unfortunately, events turned bizarre soon after the body’s discovery. Alleged agents with the federal government showed up soon after the body’s recovery and took possession of Sees’ remains.  Family allegedly was not permitted to see the body; agents questioned neighbors and rescuers on possible witnessed events leading up to the disappearance.  Word spread that a local farmer(s) witnessed a large round object hovering silently above the power lines the morning of the disappearance. The craft was alleged to have remained motionless for 10-15 minutes, then to have moved upwards, shot a light to the ground, and have picked up an object with light before veering off over the Susquehanna River (see website : for reference).  It was even discussed that all rescue workers were brought into a local town building, locked in, and debriefed by the federal agents on site.

At this point, the enigma apparently dropped off the ufological radar until Witkowski picked up the case some four years ago.  At a later point in time, Lon Strickler began to assist in research, along with a number of fortean/cold case research groups. Witkowski and Strickler presented on the above mentioned episode of Beyond the Edge Radio the following details :

  • No identification by the family of the body was ever made
    • A closed, sealed casket was presented at the funeral
  • Discrepancies in the official cause of death
    • Rattle snake bite, cocaine overdose were attributed to the death of Sees
  • Conflicting reports of Sees personal history
    • A roughly 50/50 split on family/friends belief he used cocaine/never used cocaine (I think this point is extremely interesting and will discuss later)
  • No official documentation exists pointing to the existence of Todd Sees
    • No birth certificate, marriage license, driver’s license, record of employment, military record, etc exists (again an interesting point to the case)
      • It was even made mention that Sees did not appear in his high school’s year books at this time
    • No confirmed relationship with organized crime or with military/security agencies
  • Odd encounters by Witkowski when presenting material on the case
    • Numerous dead end emails, voice mails, conversations have been made to Witkowski regarding the case
    • “Odd” couples and people showing up at conventions and meetings inquiring and/or recording the information on the case and its progress. No personal information of these “odd fellows” is ever left behind

I think anyone at this point can see where this is going from an atypical ufological standpoint.  An alien occupied UFO abducted Sees on an August morning. The aliens then violated, mutilated, killed and then dropped Sees back in area after being searched; the government then shows up and using its power of data manipulation and threats, attempts to cover up the event.  Now a campaign of disinformation is in progress, with agents in the field attempting to keep track of the work of searchers of the truth.  Personally, I think this not to be the case.  This event, in my personal opinion, is one of three things: a) a government experiment , b) a fabricated story, or a very far fetched c)  possible time slip/parallel reality slip.

a) The alien abduction story to me is too convenient.  Why would advanced aliens simply dump a body off within the area of a massive search and rescue operation after concluding some advanced experimentation? If an advanced alien intelligence is constantly attempting to hide from us, to conceal their presence from us, and to avoid detection, why would the members of this intelligence dump the body near the home of the family? If this was an indeed an abduction, it was certainly an abduction that was meant to have an outcome witnessed and tested by some terrestrial agency. This case, to me, screams of a government experiment with some unknown motive. If all the above mentioned facts of the case are true, this very well could have been a staged, long term experiment played out on an unsuspecting population.

b) Now to the fabricated story theory.  This story would fit ideally into a late 90’s X-Files episode.  I was not able to find any objective data or articles regarding the case on the web; most information appears to be relayed through UFO/conspiracy forum groups, which to me, is very much suspect. My understanding is that Witkowski is of some ill repute in the UFO community; it is not out of the possibility that a complex, massive UFO cover up mythology is being spun by the investigators for profit.  I do hope that is not the case, but a lot of lectures, books, films, etc could possibly be spun from a modern day Roswell cover up tale.

c) Finally, the time slip theory.  Again, I mean absolutely no disrespect to the family or friends of Todd Sees. This is purely an initial speculation of the case based on the above mentioned podcast. First, let’s assume the following facts are indeed true : different recollections of Todd Sees by family and friends, no record of any official identity (and no corresponding need for Sees to be in the witness protection agency, no NSA/military backgrounds), and the body was not in the area during the first 24 hours of the search and rescue operation. If I assume all to be true (which I did on first hearing of the podcast), I immediately thought of a “Donnie Darko” event.  What if (and again, this is absolutely, 100% speculation) something along the power lines briefly ripped our space time continuum and distorted the reality of Todd Sees?

This part of Pennslyvania is no stranger to odd cryptids, ufos, and other paranormal events (as researchers such as Stan Gordon have pointed out over the past 30 years). The fact that this his “existence” was purged, that different groups of people have different recollections of Sees (cocaine user/non cocaine user), and that the body’s condition was in a state so completely different than what it should have been 36 hours after death (again, I’m no coroner, so I can only go off of the facts presented), leads me to think that there was some reality altering event played out .  At one point in the interview, Witkowski mentions that one family member recalls Sees being treated for cocaine addiction at halfway house; other family members have no recollection of him being admitted to a half way house.  When investigators followed up with the half way house, on queue, no documentation existed proving his admittance to the home. What if Sees was an unfortunate victim of a time-space loop simply being closed out? I don’t pretend to be an expert on quantum mechanics or relativistic physics, but my initial gut reaction, assuming all facts are true, is that Todd Sees was accidentally caught up in a random blend of time-space. Of course, this is only a theory based on the facts I’ve been privy to.

The case is definitely a conundrum.  With little peer reviewed objective data or reporting completed on the case outside of the field of ufology, my strongest belief is this is a fabricated urban legend designed to make profit; if some of the facts are indeed true, I would be more in line to believe that this was a long term government operation.  If the event was induced by some paranormal means, I believe that a cryptid induced time slip event occurred.  Either way, I do not believe the case to be an alien abduction/government cover up situation.  I would be curious to hear what others in the field think of the case: the Vallees, the Gordons, the Redferns, etc.  I do hope that this podcast at least brings more discussion and critique of the evidence to the table.

Hopefully more information will follow and a possible, realistic conclusion is achieved.  Keep tabs on Beyond the Edge Radio; more updates are supposed to follow through in the coming months.  This was a longer post than I wanted it to be, so I thank all for taking the time to read it.


Comments of Interest :   Lon Strickler was kind enough to drop a line on this article.  I have included his comments for the sake of review and further research.  Cheers.

5-20-15 Hi…much of the information has not yet been disclosed. The reason being that there are other avenues that need to be investigated. The most up-to-date information (available for disclosure) is located at – Be assured that many aspects of this case have been hidden and removed from public record. Through sheer determination and luck, the full official autopsy report was recently acquired by our team. The property was again thoroughly documented and photographed. Other witnesses have recently come forward, including local official familiar with the case. Updates will also be available at Arcane Radio once we start a live schedule this Summer – Thanks….Lon

1-25-17 :

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