Hatibow’s God : The Land Management System

Originally published on 7/10/15

Continuing my exploration of the published works of Abdelelah Al-Khatib, aka A.M. Hatibov, AKA Hatibow, I’ve begun to piece together the Hatibow “system” that creates our world and creates the infamous Lunar Wave.  To begin with, let’s assume the following is true (forgive me, all – there are quite a few bullet points in this one in order to attempt to keep the info straight for you (and me!).  This is a long post, and I’ve tried to make this as readable as possible for everyone.

  • Earth is an artificially constructed structure
  • Man was imported to Earth 145,762 years ago
  • Man, not able to defend itself, was colonized and infected by a Atlanta-ian Spider race from the planet Sur 4 around 18000 BC
  • To protect this new found colony and its assets, the Spider race created a system of Land Management to protect their conquests
  • The newly installed Land Management System includes a Super System, a System, and a Subsystem

The Super-System, System, and Subsystem

  • The Super System
    • The planet Sun (no bigger in size than Earth), the UFO moon, and several other UFO moons
      • The Sun : A planet that is a “Gravity-magneto-electric generator”
      • The Moon : A UFO, or artificial construct that houses another group of biological entities and dictates programs to Earth
      • Only satellite in communication with the planet Sur
    • Tasks of the Super System
      • Control Cycle Time
      • Transfer system programs for implementation
    • The Sun communicates to the Earth
    • The Moon communicates to the Earth
    • Several other satellites communicate to the Earth
  • The System
    • The atmosphere and planet Earth
      • Type I Level : Habitat of all biological structures
        • 0 < height < 12,400 meters
          • FYI : there are two types of biological structures
          • Type 1 : All Barabashek type humanoids : ghosts, goblins, and other types that “humanity faces at every turn”
          • Type 2 : Humanoids from small insects to human beings
      • Type II Level : The hydro acoustic / hydrophone layer of the Earth
        • -2200 < height < 0 meters
        • Essentially the battery of the Earth, wherein 100% of tritium resides, as well as the means to biological sustenance
      • Type III Level : The Brain of the Earth
        • -4400 < height < -2000 meters
        • The layer of Earth that stores the software features and discharges frequencies into the environment of biological structures
      • Type IV Level : the location of Earth’s Management Structures
        • -4400 < height < -3400 meters
        • Complexes, Controls, and UFOs reside in this layer of the Earth
        • Communication with the Super System takes place at this level with some Complexes (but not all Complexes)
    • Tasks of the System
      • Ensure the execution of system programs
      • Provide permanent control over the implementation of the program
  • The Subsystem
    • Part of the control paradigm related to the building blocks of various matter/spirit forms (I think)
      • I believe this to be Hatibow’s paradigm reforming relationship to mass, wherein :

Strictly organized plasma -> material body -> liquid -> gas

                                                (more on this later)

    • Tasks of the Subsystem
      • Fulfill all the requirements dictated by the Program
      • Respond / react to any changes that occur during Program execution


How Hatibow’s God Communicates

In an attempt to make sense of all of this info, let me try to place this in the context of the definition of a classic communication cycle.  For an effective communication cycle to take place, the following items need to be in place :

  • Sender – Formulates, Encodes, Transmits
  • Message
  • Medium
  • Receiver – Transmits, Encodes, Formulates
  • Feedback

God as a Sender

This one I’m still struggling with this one.  One could safely assume that the source of the signal that starts with our “god”, the 4 meter long Atlantan Spider race hailing from the Sur 4 system.  Either the Spider race still exists and uses our biological formations for some unknown need, or the Spider race has transplanted their brains into human biological forms for survival.  Either way, at one point, Hatibow states quite eloquently:

“No need to wrestle with how the signal came, and there is no need to create monsters recognition.”

Needless to say, this source/sender/God has something that it wants to communicate, whether it be a reset of the Cycle or the transference of programs to Earth for future implementation. Regardless of the origin of the signal, the Super System is the initial source of information/programming. The planet Sun creates the initial message, or “starts” the program through an electro – magnetic source code tuned into the 128 Octave.  I believe this Octave resets everything on Earth; biological structure, brain, or otherwise. More on octaves below…

The Moon’s role in the Super System is to maintain a sort of output/reception center of the system, as well as receive programs (though less frequently) from Sur.  The Moon apparently receives new information from the Sun, Sur and/or creates in a new program independently (not sure which is accurate) and does one of two things; produces new training programs regarding Earth and resets conditions on Earth. As mentioned before, the Moon is an inhabited UFO, a construct that sends/receives information to the planet Earth.  In this sense of the UFO Moon, the lunar wave phenomenon that Crrow777 and others have captured makes some sense.  The Moon communicates data to Earth.  Hatibow mentions that the magnetic source code is the 84 Octave, and communication to Earth is only possible after the spring equinox, for approximately 3 months (REVISED NOTE ON 8/24 – upon further reading, communication may only take place for 3 months after spring equinox with Sur)=.  I believe Hatibow states that the window to long distance communication back to the planet Sur occurs every 11.4 years.

I was not able to put any thoughts together regarding other planetary satellites involved in the Super System.  I will ignore this piece of the puzzle for the time being.

God’s Message

In Hatibow’s paradigm, we have the transference of system programs from our solar system neighbors, the Sun, the Moon, and other Moons.  The message ultimately dictates life on our planet, whether it be rain needed in Wisconsin, drought needed in the Sahara Desert, mosquitoes needed in Moscow, or babies  needed in the Caucasus Mountains. If the message is a reset to cycle time on Earth, the Sun transmits directly to Earth. If the message is in regard to a requested change on planet Earth, the inhabitants of the Moon either create the message and communicate to planet Earth or relay a program dictated from Sur to the planet Earth.

God’s Medium

Whoever creates the “Send” message, there is some inherent intent in the message and the message is communicated through Octaves to the planet Earth.  Before getting too far along with Octaves, a quick definition for everyone’s reference: Octaves have a wavelength, a lifespan, and an electrical voltage.  Think of octaves as the basis for the message to be sent.  Also think of Octaves as a subset of the infamous “Electrical Universe” hypothesis.  Octaves are apparently transmitted over ‘gravity tubes”; gravity tubes act as the medium through which communication between the Super System and the System occurs.  So what exactly is a “tube” and what does the “tube” do?  Another bullet point section for reference (sorry) :

  • Tubes are a connection consisting of magnetic pulses and frequencies designed for information and gravity
    • Hatibow mentions that the Solar System is not kept in place through gravity alone, but through tube connections between solar bodies
  • Tubes provide for the travel of UFOs, or monitoring probes
  • If the tube’s frequencies are not held in balance by a magnetic pulse, the tube and its associated information and gravity will scatter into space

The tube essentially is the medium, or conduit, that keeps planetary bodies in place, allows UFOs to travel, and transmits/receives information.  If one were to buy into the whole Hatibow and the Spider Universe and wanted to disrupt the system, one would start with the elimination of tubes.

God’s Receiver

Copy of Earth's Labrynith

At this point, Hatibow has a lot of things going on in his work.  Once the Sun/Moon/Other Satellites transfer a program to Earth through Octaves, the Complexes below the Earth receive the message a disseminate to the appropriate targets.  Hatibow states that the Management System of Earth consists of some more than 2,000 Complexes, UFOs, and controls below the Earth’s surface.  The control is hierarchical in nature (see below) :

The main dispatch center resides in Chekhov, near Moscow, and is the main control center, and dictates the information/data to other complexes.  Depending on where the program is destined to arrive, the message is fed to one or more of the following nine parent complexes:

  1. Australia – Maintains and produces changes required of the Earth’s topography
  2. Great Lakes – Coordinates and controls all 7909 UFOs on the planet
  3. Kailash – Main control system of the “Program” of the atmosphere and genotypes of the world
  4. China/Tibet – Main set of controls in the world, and sets standards for all “facilities” (not sure what is or means)
  5. Ethiopia – Main control center to ensure that “tubes” or communication stay open with the satellites of planets
  6. Moscow – The main UFO on Earth – all the matrices of brains 42, 44, and 46 are stored here
  7. Greenland – Manages the brain of the atmosphere/weather
  8. Ireland –  The computing center of the System
  9. Antarctica – synchronizes the shift from Winter to Summer

Each main complex consists of pyramid(s) and floating pyramids below ground.  I believe the majority of the complexes were completed at the time of Earth’s construction.

Now that we have completion of the message sent and received from some far flung solar body to the appropriate complex beneath the planet Earth, what is the next step?  What if the lunatics on the Moon want to create mosquitoes in Moscow?  What if the inhabitants of the Sur want to create a new desert in South America? How does that program play out and materialize?

Things get a bit tricky here, but I believe the notion of the Subsystem comes into play at this point.  Let’s return to the discussion of octaves at this point in time.  Let’s assume that the standard model of matter transformation is as such :

Atomic structures -> matter -> liquid – > gas ->unorganized plasma

Atoms form matter. In turn, the atoms can be excited more and more and create various levels of matter in the form of liquid, gas, and plasma. Yet Hatibow argues this is not the case; we return again to the previously mentioned transition and creation of mass :

Strictly organized plasma -> material body -> liquid -> gas

Essential to this equation is the influence of octaves on plasma.  There are essentially 512 octaves available to the Complexes of Earth that can be combined in any number of permutations.  As Crrow777 has mentioned on a number of interviews, the base Octaves include :  DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI NA.  Hatibow goes on to state that each Octave can be “crushed 8 times”, then portioned 8 times.  If I’m reading that correctly, that means there is an array that includes: DO1.0, DO1.1 … DO2.2 … SOL3.5 … SI7.7 … NA8.8.  Hence, 8 x 8 x 8 equals 512.  To check this number 512, I searched Hatibow’s work for any reference regarding 512 octaves.  I’ve listed a few below for reference:

  • 512 interactions within the Electro-Magneto-Gravity spectrum
  • The planet Earth has a base of 512 octaves
  • The living cell – the highest achievement of the cosmic mind, combines the interaction of octaves from 12 to 512

Each Octave can be combined in any number of ways to create a string of octaves sequence; the sequence then carries with it a unique charge.  Organized plasma then “materializes” based on the octave string that charges/energizes the plasma and is given a “Neinertsionnaya” weight.  If the charge on plasma is less than 64 octaves, matter is formed.  If the charge on plasma is greater than 64 octaves (up to 512 octaves). neinertsionnaya mass is quantitzed, wherein there is no frequency gravity.  All biostructures, including human beings, are composed of a set of octaves from 16 to 128.  Hatibow includes a fantastic table referencing Octaves and their corresponding impact on the organized plasma (see below) :

Octave Hierarchy

Essentially, anything can be created from strictly organized plasma through the use of octaves that originate from the Sun, the Moon, and then the Land Management System, or Complexes on or below the Earth’s surface.  The table above is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to octaves.  I hope to follow up with a better summarized post regarding octaves in the future.

God’s Feedback

As with any system of communication, there needs to be feedback to the soure/original sender of the system in order to proceed.  Let’s pretend that the Moon and the Sun dictated, for whatever reason, a drought in Midwest USA.  Yet suddenly, it is raining in Kansas.  What happens next?  How can our Hatibow’s God respond?  What if the brain of Genotype 461 is perceiving conflict with another routine placed on Earth?  How can Hatibow’s God modify behavior on planet Earth?

We move on to the feedback loop.  UFOs are an integral part of the feedback process. UFOs monitor atmospheric and maritime conditions (more on this in my next post).  Biostructural brain feedback also provides feedback to the complexes on Earth.  All experiences that you and I see, smell, hear, and touch everyday are feedback to the appropriate Complex.  If something is contradictory to the Program, feedback is funneled to the appropriate complex(ex) and communicated back to the Moon or other planetary Satellite.  The error can be assessed, analyzed, and then modified for communication back to Earth at some current or future point in time.

At least this is the best that I can ascertain…


Two Examples of the Super System, System, and Subsystem in Action

I am going to attempt to provide two examples of the Super System -> System -> Subsystem, as I have always learned best through example.  I’m going to extrapolate some points in each example as best as I can given the amount of detail in Hatibow’s information and the uncertainty I have regarding specific pieces of the hypothesis.  And, I am going to use the dreaded bullet point format again (sorry, last two, I promise!).  Is this 100% spot on?  Of course not, but it is my best guess.

  1. A) Drought in California

Our Spider rulers have decided that the strawberry yield in California is not to be beneficial in 2015.  A program is created that states : California strawberry yield to be statistically significantly less than California strawberry yield in 2014.  How would this program be executed?

  1. The Lunatics on the Moon decide that California strawberry yield in 2015 to be less than yield in 2014.
  2. After the spring equinox, the Moon transmits, through its tube to Earth, a command to trigger less rain in California
  3. The data string goes from Moon -> Chekhov -> Greenland
  4. Greenland then transmits octaves into the atmosphere that reduces the variables leading to a higher percentage of rain clouds
  5. The octaves charge highly organized plasma in the atmosphere, and through specific charges, reduced the likelihood of rain storms produced over California
  6. A random rainstorm does make its way to California, UFO monitors will take note
    1. UFOs will communicate program error information to Greenland, wherein Greenland adjusts program to original Luna program
  7. Future rainstorms prevented; 2015 strawberry  yield decimated
  1. B) Destruction of the Polar Caps

The planet Sur 4 has determined that the Earth’s ice caps need to go. This year coincides with the window of opportunity between Sur and the Moon.

  1. Sur transmits information to the Moon
  2. The Lunatics on the Moon transmit through its tube with Earth the new program immediately after the spring equinox
  3. The data string goes from Sur -> Moon -> Chechov -> Australia
  4. Australia then communicates with the UFO complex in the Great Lakes
    1.  The Great Lakes complex then issues orders to UFOs to melt ice caps (again, more on that next post)
    2. Australia issues communication to Greenland
      1.   Greenland issues octaves to incur temperate warmth over the ice caps

Again, the base plan is executed by the Moon, and the subroutines on Earth take care of the intent of the base plan.

Please remember, the above two examples are purely speculation.  I am in no way, shape, or form indicating this is 100% reality.  Yet I am not dismissive of this hierarchy completely.


Outside of this one being exhaustive to read through and to complete, where does all of this information leave us?  Reading through most of his material published online, one is left with a desire to have access to more of Hatibow’s documents.  Quite a few times, in the papers published, there is a reference to other documents that are not on the Web.  I probably am only reading 15-20% of his complete work.  What exactly is the complete picture?  Unless someone is holding back on his work, I’m not sure anyone will ever know.

At the end of all of this analysis, does any of this mean anything?  Is there truly a System of Land Management in place to keep our Earth and our humanoid bodies and brains in place?  Was Hatibow a huge Truman Show fan, on acid during a Bowie 70’s concert, criticizing post – Soviet Russia and the oligarchs through the use of science fiction, or is Hatibow passing off to all of us the true keys to the universe and to our existence?  Is Hatibow criticizing our current state of the planet through fiction, much like many writers have and will continue to?  I have no idea; but the stuff is fun to sift through, and like any good puzzle, takes time, energy and patience to piece together.

What do you think?  Am I way off on this?  Am I partially reading his material correctly?  Are my conclusions off? Have I gone whackadoodle?   There is so much math and other points of interest I’ve passed on in order to attempt to put a high level summary together. I’m curious if anyone else out there is reading through the Hatibow links and is attempting to piece this information together. If you are, I’d love hear from you, compare notes, and share thoughts.

Original Octave Table

128 The clock interval. Sets the Sun, taken for the speed of light
78 – 126 Control systems, storage and humanoids “barabashek” – ie ghosts, goblins, mothman, cryptids (he doesn’t actually state mothman or cryptids, but checking to see if you are still with me on all of this)
74 – 76 Monitoring systems of all insects
72 The brain is the “golden million” genotype 461
68 – 70 The brain is the “golden billion” genotypes 441, 442
66 The brain is the rest of the world population, the genotypes of 421, 422, 423
64 Upper Octave material structures
62 Materials Management structures in the transmutation
40 – 60 Energy Corridor (Tesla worked with 60 octave)
34 – 38 Corridors “0 transitions” after death
30 – 32 Complex mixtures (such as oil)
24 – 28 Water
16 – 22 Gas


3 thoughts on “Hatibow’s God : The Land Management System

  1. SR

    Where do the archons fall into this, are they on the 72 octave or are they a whole different species trying to terraform this whole system? Why go through all the trouble to abduct and fuck with people if you got a whole system that is capable of doing so? Are fallen angels the 72s that were created but fell apart and want to take control? I have noticed that the sky is differemt now almost like it is hazed up to block something from reaching or beeing seen, the Sun doesn’t look like what it was,now it just white instead of yellow like you would imagine. I dont know if i never noticed when i was younger, but now that the sky is blanketed, sometimes you could fully look at the and see the white round disc without being blinded. You also the where the light/is most concetrated but the white disc is a little farther. Hahha maybe
    I should stop with the question before they sense that something is wrong. Maybe it is now fully step to accomodate the final brain type. If so what is this brain type?

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    1. I need to read more nag hammadi! Isn’t 72 the number if Tarot too? Many speculate the tarot deck is nothing more than a model of our solar system…that could be a basis to the materials as well


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