Jack Parsons Laboratory : A Cheat Sheet to Elves, Golems, and Homunculi (and the Origins of JPL)

The original Suicide Squad in action on October 31, 1936 (or in November, or December of 36…depending on the source)

***note : this is work in progress and I will continue to add as time permits

I recently was able to contribute a bit of information I had collected in respect to the mythos of Jack Parsons over the past few years to a conversation I had with Crrow777 and Jason Lindgren of the Secrets of Saturn podcast yesterday (4-19-17) afternoon.  The conversation centered around the creation of Pasadena’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories, and included many esoteric fragments that appeared to surround the evolution of JPL at the beginning of the 20th century.

I am a notorious linear thinker; for better or worse, when creating notes from my research regarding the so called “occult history” of JPL’s origins, I needed to put an outline together to both a) use as a basis of presentation and b) collect my thoughts.  Like any good mystery of the 20th century, there are plenty of rabbit holes to fly down, and JPL definitely carries with it a fair share of enigma.  So without further ado, I present my “cheat sheet” for further criticism, commentary, and review.

As a precursory note, my personal opinion of Marvel Whiteside Parsons is as a such: Parsons was a wonderfully gifted, intelligent, and charismatic individual who dealt with many issues of abandonment and insecurity over the course of his lifetime.  We all know the type.  In an attempt to “fix” these issues, Parsons, being of a possible curious predisposition, attempted to fix this by attaching himself to “larger than life” memes, such as Crowley, magick, and alchemy.  It’s an attractive proposition: finding some type of occulted / mystical / arcane knowledge base that makes up for all the shortcomings he endured during his youth; being bullied and picked on as a kid, and then becoming involved with the glamours of LA, Thelema, and the Great Beast 666…all of it likely was an outlet to compensate for his frustrations encountered during his adolescence.

With that out of the way, let’s dig into Mythos JPL.

An Outline for Feedback – The Genesis of Rocket Propulsions Systems, or A Means of Escape from Planet Earth

Always with the point within the circle..
  • Between 1512 – 15126 : Judeah Loew ben Bezalel was born in Poland
    • ben Bezalel would become a Jewish mystic, philosopher, and mathematician
  • July 13, 1527 : John Dee, an English mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher, and advisor to the Crown, Queen Elizabeth I, was born
  • August 1, 1555 : Sir Edward Kelley, aka Edward Talbot, was born on August 1, 1555
    • Kelley,
  • March 8, 1582 : Dee who has enlisted Kelley as his screer, or medium, begin their workings in an attempt to learn the secrets of Enoch


  • Dee was obsessed with the idea of Enoch and Enoch’s walk with God after the Fall…Enoch was to have learned of a forbidden knowledge set occulted to all of humanity
    • Dee and Kelley began to communicate with “angels” through the oldest language known…the language of Angels through the use of shewstones/gazing crystals
    • In all, Dee and Kelley recorded thirty Aethyrs (or otherworldly realms) and their nineteen calls
      • The communion with the language of angels also yielded a cosmology of angelic and demonic entities
    • Kelley also made contact with the great Harlot (possibly BABALON)
  • Late 1500’s : ben Bazelel is said to have constructed a golem to protect the Jews of Prague from persecution002-the-golem-theredlist
    • The golem is the mystical idea of infusing a wood or clay figure with life
    • The golem could grow in size, carry any message, and obey the demands of its master through the usage of the Hebrew alphabet and Kabbalist formulation
  • February 8, 1828 : Jules Verne is born in Nantes, France
  • 1865 : De la Terre à la Lune is published by Verne – From Earth to the Moon
    • The story features a group of former Civil War soldiers who build a space gun to launch three people to the moon
    • The story is said to include mathematical calculations that were to approximate the physics of the cannon
    • This book is said to be the inspiration to George Ellery Hale, Jack Parsons, Frank Molina, Werhner von Braun, etc.
  • June 29, 1868 : George Ellery Hale is born in Chicago, Illinois to a wealthy family
    • Hale later graduated from MIT
    • Hale would come up with the spectroheliograph in the 1890’s courtesy of an “out of the blue” thought (or elf?)PSM_V60_D255_Solar_prominences_of_the_may_28_1900_eclipse
      • The spectroheliograph allows for the photographing of solar prominences in full daylight and provides for a permanent record of other solar phenomenon
  • October 12, 1875 : Aleister Crowley is born in Leamington Spa, UK
  • May 11, 1881 : Theodore von Kármán is born in Budapest, Hungary
    • von Karman is a direct descendent of Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel
    • As biographies state, by age of six, he was able to multiply six digit numbers
      • Therefore, he is a child prodigy
  • June 8 (or 9), 1885 : Wilfred Talbot Smith, aka Frank Wenham, is born in Kent, UK
  • 1892 : Haley oversees the construction of the University of Chicago’s Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin
    • This is a 40″ refracting telescope
  • November 4, 1908 : Louis Gerhardus Dunn was born in the Transvaal Province, South Africa
    • “A spoiled young scion of a prominent South African family,” Dunn’s family owned a South African ranch that been granted to his Scottish great grandfather by the British Crown
  • 1905 : Hale awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society for his work regarding the photography of the surface of the Sun
  • 1908 : Hale oversees the Carnegie financed 60″ scope at Mount Wilson, Pasadena, California 1024px-PSM_V68_D288_Snow_telescope_house_solar_observatory_on_mount_wilson
    • Hale builds the scope around the “Monastery” at a place he incurred a “mystical experience” at earlier in the 20th century
    • The Monastery’s façade and design included Egyptian type symbols and an “initiate/sacred” type membership to use the scope
      • No women were permitted entry
    • He would later oversee the construction of another scope, the 100″ Hooker Scope at Mount Wilson
  • 1908: Hale aligns himself to Darwin as a stellar evolutionistf4da7130a3bee1b8c7ea21d0f9fcadf1
    • In 1908, he also published The Study of Stellar Evolution. In it, he wrote that the spiral nebula, which initiates to his Monastery were given access to view, was the proof of “the universe’s origin.” The spiral was the founding pattern of the Creator, and these vast star spirals suggested cosmic shapings and condensations over the eons, a dance to the music of time, orderly and progressive, through which the elements of the universe were continuing to arrange themselves into galaxies.
  • November 1909 : Crowley and his male lover/devotee, Victor Neuburg, head into the wilds of North Africa to begin experimentation with the Dee/Kelley Enochian calls
    The adventures of the Beast leads to fan clubs
    • After performing a sexual rite of sacrifice with Neuburg, wherein Neuburg “sodomized Crowley as the entity Pan,” at Mount Da’led Addin, Crowley used the mathematics of Dee to invoke Chorozon
    • Chorozon, being “the might devil that inhabiteth the outermost Abyss,” was the target of Crowley’s magical ritual
    • As the story goes, Crowley invoked Choronozon in the guise of a beautiful woman; the woman manifested within the confines of circle drawn in the sand
      • After a vicious fight with Neuburg, Chronozon faded away from this place of existence, and Crowley wrote the name BABALON in the sand with a magic ring
  • March 23, 1912 : Wernher Magnus Maximilian von Braun is born in Wyrzysk, Poland, into an aristocratic family
  • October 2, 1912 : Frank Malina is born in Brenham, Texas
  • December 3, 1912 : Edward Seymour Forman is born in Gillespie Illinois
  • October 2, 1914 : Marvel Whiteside Parsons is born in the city of the Angels, Los Angeles, California
  • October 1915 : Wilfred Smith meets Crowley in British Columbia at a OTO lodge
  • 1920 : The California Institute of Technology is born Pasadena, California
    • Cal – Tech is the end product of Hale’s dream to combine his Mount Wilson observatories with a school that was the equivalent of a “MIT on the West Coast”
      • Hale wanted the school to continue in the astrotheology tradition of the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Greeks
      • Cal – Tech was an evolution of Pasadena’s Throop Polytechnical Institute
        • Hale worked with Throop trustee, Arthur Fleming, to generate the transformation of Throop into Caltech
  • 1926 : Cal Tech’s Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory is founded at Caltech
    • Known as GALCIT, the lab is founded with assistance of funds from Daniel Guggenheim and his son Harry
  • 1927/1928 : Parson claimed to invoke the devil at age 13 in his bedroomdcc616da523357dee95a165f578a2eb8
    • Calling it a “magical fiasco,” Parsons refrained from occult study until older in life
  • April 1928 : Hale writes an article for Harper’s magazine discussing the structure of the universe, the evolution of stars, and the constitution of matter
    • Legend has it that John D. Rockefeller read only Hale’s line “Like buried treasures, the outposts of the universe have beckoned to the adventurous since immemorial times” and immediately wanted to sponsor Hale’s work
    • This would eventually lead to the creation of San Diego’s Palomar Observatory
      • This observatory would eventually house a 200″ telescope
  • Late 1920’s : Parsons and best friend Forman, having begun to experiment with explosives and amateur rocketry, begin correspondence with von Braun in Germany
  • 1929 : Crowley published Moonchildimages
  • 1930 : The Guggenheims and Hale convince von Karman to become director of the GALCIT
    • von Karman accepts and moves to Pasadena with concerns regarding the rise of fascisms in Europe
  • 1930 : von Braun attends a presentation by Auguste Piccard (later of Hennessy commercial fame seen here)
    • Legend has it that von Braun told Piccard that he planned to visit the Moon one day…Piccard was to have said some words of advice in response (sadly, I have yet to be able to track down what Piccard’s words of wisdom were)
  • May of 1932 : Smith moves into 1746 Winona Boulevard in Hollywood, CA, and begins to perform Thelemic rituals
  • April of 1934 : Smith incorporates the Church of Thelema in LA under the OTO umbrella
  • 1936 : The New York Times proclaims Hale to be the “Priest of the Sun” and “Zoroaster of our time”c59a973984ec58b4e0ba77d876f304f9
    • Interesting comparisons…imparting mysticism to JPL
    • Zoroaster was an ancient Persian prophet
    • The cosmology of Zoroaster may have had ties to the solar deity, Mithras, or the god of the Light
    • Mithras, in Greek alphabet, equates to 365 per Greek numerology
    • As a ritual, the symbol of mithra is that of a young man who presses his knee upon a bull, grabs the bulls horn with his left hand, and with his right hand, plunges a dagger into his neck. A nearby dog stands nearby and laps up the dripping blood
    • This is the solar symbol of the dagger as the ray of the sun, or that which pierces the bosom of the earth and nourishes it
    • Mithras is possibly the Christ archetype; the idea of the sun’s death, resurrection, and rebirth over the course of a 365 cycle of some time
  • 1936 : Frank Molina visits disgraced rocket scientist Robert Goddard at his Guggenheim sponsored laboratory on the outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico
  • 1937 : Best friends Edward Forman and Jack Parsons meet with Caltech graduate student Frank Molina
    • Molina agrees to introduce them to von Karman
    • von Karman takes a liking to the group and their proposal, and opens up Caltech resources to the trio
  • February 21, 1938 : George Ellery Hale passes away in Pasadena, California
  • 1938 : GALCIT gets US Army contract to engineer and construct jet assisted take off, of JATO tech
  • 1939 : Parsons begins to attend Mass at the Agape Temple in Los Angeles
    • Here he meets and befriends Wilfred Smith
  • 1940 : Jack Williamson publishes a short story version of Darker than you Think in the pulp magazine Unknown
    Loo familiar?  The great Harlot upon the great cat
    • Parsons was a huge Williamson fan and even met him in person
    • The premise of the story is that of a group of hereditary werewolves who recently discover their bestial ways
    • Under the leadership of the Child of the Night, the group seeks to revive both the old ways and ancient gods
    • The Child of the Night is the product of a magical and extradorinary birth
    • The Child of the Night draws parallels to the idea of a Moon Child
  • 1941 : Malina, Parsons, and Forman move to Arroyo Secco
  • March 1942 : Malina, Parsons, and von Karman incorporate Aerojet Engineering Company with assistance of Andrew G. Haley
    • Haley received degrees from George Washington University and a law degree from Georgetown University
    • Prior to WWII, he was the head of the FCC and/or provided chief legal counsel to the FCC
    • Then, as stated, out of nowhere assisted Von Karmen with the incorporation of Aerojet
    • Interestingly, he put up $2000 to capitalize the company, whereas the others put $200 each to reserve shares
    • He later became obsessed with rocket propulsion, so much so that he later became director, president, and board chairman of the American Rocket Society during the 1950’s, among other things
    • Haley would also generate “metalaw”, or the entire sum of legal rules regulating relationships between different races in the universe
      • Do unto others as they would have you do unto them
    • Haley has been described as the world’s first practitioner of space law, and is associated with the philosophy of SETI
  • The Saga of Aerojet
  • 1943FoundersandplaneHiDEF
    • Aerojet continued to plod along during the early to mid 40’s, when suddenly The General Tire and Rubber Company of Akron Ohio appears on the scene…two stories as to how this happened
      • General Tire, a leading owner of radio and television stations around the country, was looking to buy local California radio stations…of course one such radio station was represented by Andrew Haley. While in discussion of acquistion talks, Haley mentioned Aerojet as a possible acquisition for the tire company; General Tire agreed and purchased the “forward thinking small rocket company”
      • The second story, per an account of Martin Summerfield, states that “the Pentagon forced the purchase of Aerojet by General Tire in 1944, which brought in a management team of politically connected tire salesmen to regulate the unruly scientists and increase sales to the Pentagon”
    • General Tire paid $75,000 for half the shares of Aerojet in 1944
      • Frank Malina and von Karman did not sell initially
      • Parsons, Forman, and Summerfield sold their shares
      • Uncertainty regarding Haley’s shares
        • One could argue that this coup was engineered from the get go of Aerojet; both Malina and von Karman agreed to “run” the company as dictated by the Pentagon and/or military intelligence. For that, they were both compensated by having the insight and good fortune to not to sell their share in 1944. They were also apparently content to sell out their “close” business partners.
  • 1942 : Parsons and his wife move into 1003 S. Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena, California
    • The house was build by Caltech money man/lobbyist Arthur Flemming
    • The house would eventually host bohemian/artistic/less than desirable types
    • It would house the Agape Lodge of the OTO
    • It was known as the Parsonage
  • 1943 : The Caltech research team began calling themselves the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • 1944 : Frank Malina begins stint as second JPL director after von Karman leaves JPL
    • von Karman established the Air Force’s Scientific Advisory Board
  • April of 1945 : Frater X, or L Ron Hubbard, meets Parsons, and moves into his Parsonidge
  • June 20, 1945 : von Braun and his rocket specialists are approved to be transferred to the United Sates by order of the US Secretary of State
  • December 1945 : The Nag Hammadi scrolls are found in Upper Egypt
  • Late 1940’s : George Adamski works at a burger Grill near Mount Palomar
    • The OTO allegedly operated a temple near Palomar
    • Palomar believed to be the sexual chakra of the Earth
  • 1946 : Adamski begins filming UFOs/upside down hub caps over Palomarflying_saucers_have_landed_obr_02
  • January -March of 1946 : The BABALON Working commences (more info here)
  • April 1946 : L Ron Hubbard and Betty Northrup leave Parsons for Florida
  • July 5, 1946 : Parsons tracks Hubbard to Miami, invokes Bartzabel, and creates magical typhoon that forces Hubbard and Betty back to land
  • 1946 – mid : Malina, a communist sympathizer and anti war/nuclear weapons protester, leaves JPL to work for distinguished British eugenicist advocate Sir Julius Huxley (knighted in 1958 for his pro-Darwin biological sympathies) at the newly formed UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization in Paris
    • At this time, von Karman protégé Dunn is installed as third director of JPL
  • October 19, 1946 : Parsons and Cameron marry88963-full
  • November 1946 : The Dead Sea Scrolls found in the West Bank
  • July 8, 1947 : The alleged Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash occurs near the 33 degree parallel
  • December 1, 1947 : The Great Beast dies in Hastings, England
  • October 31, 1948 : BABALON reappears to Parsons
    • Disenchanted with financial and emotional difficulties, Babalon appeared to him to tell him to undertake the Black Pilgrimage
    • This entailed the choice between three options: a retreat into madness, suicide, or the taking of the Oath of the Abyss
    • Parsons took on the third option, and in 1949 and over the course of 40 some odd days, he retreated into some type of fasting/desert environment
    • Upon return from the crossing of the Abyss, he wrote the Book of the Anti-Christ, which among other things, predicted the manifestation of Babalon upon the Earth in seven years time and a nation that embraced Thelema
    • Babalon stated Parsons needed to be alive for this seven year stretch in order for the prophecies to come true; he did not
  • In 1949, two men called Bloom and Maxfield, from SD’s Naval Electronics Laboratory assist Adamski with the photography of UFOs near Palomar
  • July 17, 1952 : Parsons dies in an explosion while working with fulminate of mercury for an upcoming motion picture special effect project
    • Speculation exists that he was murdered, committed suicide, or died in the process of completing a homunculus
  • 1953 : Adamski publishes Flying Saucers Have Landed3277546
  • October 4, 1957 : The USSR launches and successfully sends an artificial satellite into orbit around the Earth
  • January 31, 1958 : Explorer 1 is launched into space and detects Van Allen radiation belts
    • Explorer 1 was built in three months time by JPL
    • von Braun’s group designed rocket assists in launch
  • July 29, 1958 : NASA is established by President Eisenhower
  • December 1958 : JPL is transferred to NASA
  • June 16, 1977 : von Braun dies in Alexandria, Virgina
  • 775f8271522511bde8aa36289a37fcb9
    9 1 1 – Psalms speaks to : KJV : to the chief musician, A Psalm of David.  The heavens declare the glory of God: and the firmament sheweth his handywork

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