Rosetta and Philae : An Isis Fairy Tale


Roughly 13 years ago, on March 2, 2004, the European Space Agency (ESA) sent the Rosetta space probe to the heavens above.  The space probe, originally scheduled for departure on February 26, 2004, was launched on March 2, 2004 from the Guinana Space Centre near Kourou, French Guiana.  Over the next 10 years, Rosetta, and its space companion/lander, Philae, would traverse great spans of our solar system in hopes of tracking down, surveying, and eventually landing Philae onto the surface comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasiemenko.  What was the hope of the extensive mission?  Rosetta and her findings were to assist in the discovery of the origin, formation, and evolution of our 4.6 billion year old Solar System.

Two Narratives

Comet 67P and the Island of Philae (photo courtesy of Crrow777)

The intent of this article is to define two narratives of the Rosetta/Philae space mission. The first narrative is the “official” version published by numerous space agencies: ESA, NASA, JPL, etc.  The narrative assumes the mission unfolded as depicted by news released through the main stream media.  The official mission is that the space craft flew to a comet over the course of a ten year period and performed studies on the comet as reported to the world at large.

The second narrative will focus on the various occult meanings and symbols attached to milestones of the Rosetta/Philae mission that have largely been ignored by mass media outlets.  The second narrative assumes that the mission was fraud; no rocket launch flung two space probes to the outer reaches of the solar system.  No comet was actually visited, photographed, or analyzed.  The clues that the mission was fraud lies in the heavy handed usage of the Egyptian moon goddess Isis.  Isis is representative of “smoke and mirrors,” as well as being representative of “opportunistic fraud.”

The second analysis is definitely not the first attempt to address the symbolic undercurrents and possible absurdity of the legitimacy of the Rosetta/Philae mission.  Crrow777 was one of the first to draws parallels to myth, legend, and the fabrication of the ESA Rosetta mission (seen here).  My goal is to further address the narrative first broached by Crrow777, and to share some further findings from my own research.

Narrative #1: The ESA Mission to Chase Comets


The Program Goals

The International Rosetta Mission was approved on November, 1993, as a Cornerstone Mission in ESA’s Horizons 2000 Science Program.  The goal of the program was to develop an orbiter and lander that would be instrumental in unraveling the mysteries of an icy mini-world in space: the comet.

Why Rosetta and Philae (and Osiris)?


Rosetta was chosen as the name of the orbiter in tribute to the world famous Rosetta Stone.  The Rosetta Stone is considered by many to the be the key to unlocking the civilization of ancient Egypt (more info can be found here).  As a sort of cypher, the Rosetta Stone includes Egyptian hieroglyphics alongside Greek equivalents.  With the assistance of the stone and knowledge of the Greek language, 19th century archeologists and historians were able to decipher the many carved figures found in ancient Egyptian ruins.  And like the Rosetta Stone’s assistance in decoding the mysteries of old, it is hoped that the Rosetta spacecraft will decipher the ancient building blocks of our Solar System.  The comet, it is speculated, existed 4600 million years ago when no other planets existed.  The comet is the foundation to the universe as currently taught to us.

Philae was chosen to be used as the name of the lander in tribute to the Philae obelisk.  Similar to the Rosetta Stone, it carries two sets of inscriptions: one set of Egyptian hieroglyphs and the other ancient Greek.  The obelisk was found in 1815 at Philae in Upper Egypt, and was later transferred to William John Bankes ownership.  The obelisk can be found currently at Bankes’ estate, Kingston Lacy, in Dorset, England.

OSIRIS, the name of the craft’s camera, was used as an acronym for Rosetta’s Optical, Spectroscopic, and Infrared Remote Imaging Spectrometer.  OSIRIS, as we shall see, was key to many photographs along the missions’s journey.

The Mission Timeline


A brief time line is included for review and future reference:

  • February 26, 2004 : the original date planned for the launch of Rosetta and Philae aboard an Ariane 5 rocket
    • The original date was scratched due to poor atmospheric conditions
  • March 2, 2004, 7:17 : the date of actual launch
  • March 4, 2005 : Rosetta swings by planet Earth at 1954 km above the Pacific Ocean in order to utilize a gravitational kick and correct the probe’s trajectory
    • The first swing will send the orbiter to Mars
  • February 25, 2007 : Rosetta swings by Mars, takes a photo of the surface of Mars, and utilizes another gravitation kick (courtesy of Mars) to correct the orbiter’s direction
  • November 13, 2007 :Rosetta passes near Earth once more, takes photos of the planet and the Lunar Moon
    • This second Earth gravitation kick will assist in Rosetta’s flight to the outer limits of our Solar System
  • September 5, 2008: Rosetta flies by asteroid 2867 Steins while flying through the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter
    • 2867 Steins is shaped like a diamond per the Rosetta images
  • November 13, 2009: Rosetta flies by Earth one last time for its final gravitational boost
    • At this point, Rosetta has flown 4500 million kilometers of its 7100 million planned kilometer journey
  • July 10, 2010: Rosetta flies by asteroid Lutetia
    • Imagery of Lutetia reveals a surface of crater indentations, indicating Lutetia existence as a primitive survivor from the epic birth of our Solar System
  • June 8, 2011: Rosetta and Philae enter a phase of “sleep” that will last two and a half years as the crafts float to the edge of our Solar System
    • As the crafts are powered by the Solar Sun, Rosetta and company are hibernated in effort to conserve energy
  • January 19, 2014 : Wake up Rosetta, Wake up!
    • Rosetta is reactivated and found by Earth bound scientists to be in proper, working order
  • March 20, 2014 : Rosetta catches first sight of 67P at about 5 million kilometers distance
  • May and August 2014 : Rosetta performs a series “of complex maneuvers” to reduce distance between the craft and the comet from 20 million kilometers to 100 kilometers
  • August 6, 2014 : Rosetta arrives at the comet and notes the 4 kilometer long comet’s appearance to a “duck” or “rubber duck”
  • September 15, 2014: the target area of the Philae craft for landing is chosen by the ESA
  • November 12, 2014 : Philae lands on the comet
    • Philae’s grapple hooks do not work properly, and the craft ends up landing at a site on the comet that was not originally planned for
  • November 15, 2014: Philae goes into hibernation after performing a multitude of tests on the comet for 60 hours
  • February 14, 2015 : Rosetta gets within 6 kilometers of the surface of 67P and takes photographs of the comet
  • June 11, 2015 : Scientists think they may have found where Philae landed
  • June 13, 2015 : Philae communicates with the Earth once more after seven months of hibernation
  • July 9, 2016 : Philae goes into eternal hibernation due to lack of
  • July 17, 2016 : the Rosetta/Philae Outreach Team wins the Sir Arthur Clarke Award
  • August 13, 2015 : Rosetta bears witness to the comet’s closet approach to the Sun, at a cool 186 million kilometers of distance
  • September 2, 2016 : Osiris finds Philae location in a dark crack on comet 67P
  • September 30, 2016 : Rosetta attempts a “soft crash” on the comet, in effort to join Philae in eternal hibernation


A number of historic firsts in space exploration were achieved with the Rosetta/Philae mission.  Among these historic events, the mission witnessed:

  • A spacecraft orbit a comet’s nucleus
  • A frozen comet’s transformation by the warmth of the Solar Sun
  • Imagery of a comet’s surface
  • Analysis of a comet’s nucleus

The main hope of the mission was to find evidence for the “cosmic seeding of life” hypothesis of Earth.  It was hoped that the sample data from the comet contained organic, complex molecular material rich in carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.  These elements make up the nucleic acids and amino acids that are essential for life as we know it.

Subsequent to data analysis of the comet’s material, Earth scientists have indeed found that Rosetta contains ingredients for life.  Material comet includes: amino acid glycine, “commonly found in proteins and phosphorus, a key component of DNA and cell membranes.

Prologue to Narrative #2 : Isis, The Cult of Luna,  and Deception


The Veil of Isis

Isis, if one recalls, was the sister wife of the Egyptian king / deity Osiris.  Worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as the great goddess of nature, her mysteries were inherent to the concept of ancient Mystery cult initiation.  As a quick review, the story of Isis (and Osiris) in one version is as follows:

From the primordial, chaotic waters of the abyss, Osiris was generated and a voice proclaimed “the ruler of all the Earth is born.”  The same dark and stirring womb also generated the birth of two other deities: Isis, the Queen of the Light, and Typhon, the Spirit of Darkness.

Osiris traveled the primitive world as a teacher of humanity.  Osiris taught early humans the sciences of agriculture and the benefits of civilization.  Upon his return from worldly travel, Typhon, the jealous brother, set a trap for Osiris.  Typhon held a banquet in honor of Osiris, and at one point during the festivities, managed to have Osiris lay within a chest that fit the body size of Osiris.  With Osiris and his physical body lying in the chest, Typhon and seventy two other conspirators nailed the chest shut, placed lead upon the chest, and discharged the chest, with a captive Osiris, into the mighty Nile.  The chest would eventually float down the Nile, through the Nile’s Taitic mouth, and into the Mediterranean Sea, whereupon it would eventually settle upon the shores of Byblos and lodge against the branches of a tamarisk bush.

Upon the discovery of news of Typhon’s betrayal and murder of her husband/brother Osiris, Isis cut off a lock of her hair, placed mourning robes upon her figure, and set off across the country in search of the corpse of Osiris. As she wandered in search of the chest that contained the body of Osiris, Isis learned of Byblos and the location of her dead brother/husband with the guidance of the voice which spoke at the birth of Osiris.  The chest which carried the lifeless body of Osiris had since been enveloped by large and beautiful tree.  A local king native to Byblos, astonished at both the size and the speed at which this tree had grown, requested the tree be cut down and hewn into a pillar to be used as a support within the king’s palace.  Due to the enormity of the tree, the chest containing Osiris, the dead deity/king, was not visible to the outside world.

When Isis learned of the fate of her husband’s dead body’s fate, she sat down by a fountain and began to weep.  The damsels of the Queen of Byblos witnessed this scene, approached her, and brought Isis before the Queen.  The Queen of Byblos in turn appointed Isis to nurse the Queen’s newborn child.  Isis took to an unconventional method of child rearing.  Isis fed the newborn with her finger, rather than her breast, and placed the child in fire every evening.  The intent of placing the child in the fire was to make the child immortal.  While the child sat in the den of fire, Isis transformed herself into a swallow and hovered around the tamarisk pillar, lamenting her unhappy fate.

At one point in time, the Queen of Byblos stumbled upon her child surrounded by flame.  The Queen, aghast in horror, shrieked at the sight of her child encased in fire, immediately broke the charm and magic of Isis.  Two things then happened: the child immediately lost its chance at immortality, and the true goddess form of Isis was revealed.  The Queen’s cry summoned Isis to a form that shone with light and diffused sweet fragrances.  At this point, Isis then cut open the pillar, took the coffin of Osiris, and fled with the coffin into the desert.  Once safely in the desert, she open it and “embraced the cold corpse of Osiris, and wept bitterly.”

Isis then returned to Egypt and hid the coffin of Osiris in a desolate place.  Yet Typhon once more became part of the timeline.  While hunting wild boar by the light of the Moon, Typhon happened upon the corpse and coffin.  Realizing it was his dead brother, Typhon then cut the corpse into fourteen pieces and scattered the pieces around Egypt.  News of Typhon’s treachery again fell upon the ears of Isis; Isis again set out to wander the world in search of the fourteen pieces.

Over the course of time, Isis recovered thirteen body parts of her dead husband. At each location of discovery, Isis buried the located body part.  The last part, however, the phallus of Osiris, was not found as Typhon had fed the phallus to the fish of the sea.

When Isis died, she was buried in a grove near Memphis.  Over her grave a statue was erected, depicting the figured of the Great Goddess Isis with a black veil covering her from head to toe.  Beneath the veil the following words were engraved:

I am all that has been, that is, that shall be, and none among mortals has yet dared to raise my veil.

So is the commonly retold story of Plutarch’s Osiris and Isis.  Yet what is beneath the veil of Isis?  Is there more to the goddess aside from her incestuous relationship with her brother?

Isis : Trickster, Deceiver, and Healer


Aside from Plutarch’s account of Isis, we also bear witness to the myth that depicts the fledgling Earth Goddess as being “more clever than a million gods.”  In this myth, Isis is representative as a trickster/deceiver. For Isis was at some point in time determined to possess the supreme power of the Solar Deity, Ra.  Ra was “the divine god, the self created being, who made the heavens and the earth, and the winds which give life, and the fire, and the gods, and men, and beasts, and cattle, and reptiles, and the fowl in the air, and the fish in the sea.”  Isis desired the power of Ra in order to become “the mistress of the earth and become a goddess of like rank and power to Ra in heaven and upon earth.”

As the myth goes, at one point in time a very old and frail Ra, on his daily travels from East to West amongst the heavens, accidentally dropped spittle from his mouth on the Earth below.  Isis, seeing this mishap, quickly used the spittle, combined it with the dirt of the Earth, and artificed a venous snake (or serpent).  She then placed this venomous creature along a pathway Ra was known to frequent.

As Ra traveled along this pathway, Isis, through magic, forced the snake to bite Ra.  Ra was immediately filled with pain and anguish, and was eventually moved to the doorway of death.  Isis then presented herself as Ra’s savior.  She could heal the great Solar Deity back to health.  However, with this offer came a price.  For Isis offered to heal Ra should Ra share with her his most secret name: the source of his power.

Initially, Ra refused, but the pain continued to grow, and his body grew closer to death.  Finally, Ra relented, and spoke to Isis his most secret name.  In turn, Isis kept her end of the bargain and drove the poison from Ra’s bodily limbs, allowing Ra to eventually recover from the venom.

Here we see the deceitfulness of the Great Goddess of Earth; through the use of a grand trick, Isis is given equal power of the Great Solar Deity, Ra.

Isis : Luna and Consort to the Black God

Rosetta/Osiris camera image of Lunar Moon, November 13, 2007

Carl Jung posited much about Isis in his Mysterium Coniunctionis. Jung refers frequently to Isis in the section titled “The Orphan, the Widow, and the Moon.”  In the book, Jung mentions the trickster/deceptive element to Isis of the secret name of God, and the duality of Isis as bringer of ill and healer of ill.

Jung expounds upon this duality in Coniunctionis.  Isis, the deity, is representative of the aqua permanens, or the moisture or dew that unites the “hostile elements into one.”  The blackness of her robes represented the blackness of the knowledge set of the Mysteries, and of the deity of Earth.  Isis was possibly a pupil of Hermes, a teacher of alchemy, a practitioner of common magical arts, and possessor of the elixir of life.  She is the meretrix of Epiphanius, the prostitute of Tyre, and as such, is the Goddess Earth and the equivalent to Sophia.  Yet, Jung mentions, Isis is also representative of the thousand named deity and prima materia of alchemy from the feminine aspect.

As a symbol of the Lunar Moon, Isis is speculated to be the old woman and whore, the mother of all things, the container of opposites, and the “blackness and the dew and the miraculous water which brings together all that is divided.”  She is the consort of the Black God; the deity of Earth.

Isis is the Great Round, the Great Mother, the Ourboros which lives without bound, beginning or end, or differential. Isis and her worship, as many have speculated, has long since been neglected over time.

Babalon, Jack Parsons, and Liber 49 – A Invocation of ISIS

729026“Glory unto the Scarlet Woman, BABALON, the Mother of Abomination, that rideth upon the Beast, for She hath spilt their blood in every corner of the earth, and lo! She hath mingled it in the cup of Her whoredom.”

Some research has indicated that Isis is none other (or associated to) the great goddess known as Bast.  Bast, the Goddess of the Sphinx, was represented by the cat.  Bast, in turn, has been speculated to be the Great Scarlet Woman, BABALON.  BABALON the Great, the mother of harlots, and central figure to the Revelations, courtesy of some speculation has been identified to essentially being Isis.

Much has been written of Jack Parsons in the past, but for the purposes of the study at hand, I want to include a brief over view of events leading up to and including Parsons alleged invocation of the Great Goddess Babalon/Isis (known as the Babalon Working).  For Parson once stated that BABALON, the Thelemic counterpart to Isis, was as Jung has alluded to, as she was “black, murderous and horrible, but her hand is uplifted in blessing and reassurance; the reconciliation of opposites, the apotheosis of the impossible.”

The timeline of the Working was as such:

  • Parsons divorced his first wife, Helen Northrup (aka Soror Grimaud) in 1943
  • Parsons began a sexual relationship with Betty Northrup, Helen’s younger, teenage sister in 1943
    • Betty acted as Parsons’ priestess during his rituals of Gnostic Mass and performance of the 9th Degree magic
  • In early 1945, Frater X, or L. Ron Hubbard, moved into the Parsons residence
    • Betty turned her sexual interests away from Parsons and towards Hubbard
  • To continue his 9th Degree magic experimentation, Parsons wished to attract an elemental, or familiar, spirit to be his magical partner
    • Parsons used the Eighth​ Degree of the OTO, which contained methods useful for the evocation of an elemental in order to replace Betty Northrup
  • On January 4, 1946, Parsons and Hubbard begin the Babalon Working, or Invocation of Mother Goddess, which would require eleven nights of magickal rituals
    • Parsons used the Angelick language cataloged by Jojn Dee and scribe Edward Kelley and recited the Seventh Aethyr in original Enochian
  • On January 10, Parsons awoke to nine, loud knocks, alongside a lamp that had smashed on the floor of his bedroom
  • On January 12, upon invocation, a heavy windstorm outside ensued
  • On January 13, upon invocation, the heavy windstorm continued
  • On January 14, Parsons’ light system of the house failed, and a brownish yellow light about seven feet high manifested in the house’s kitchen
    • The presence knocked a candle out of a fellow magician’s hand by hitting the magician’s right shoulder
    • Parsons banished the manifestation with the use of a magical sword
  • On January 15, Hubbard witnessed a spirit “clad in a black robe and having an evil pasty face,” who was described to Hubbard as being an old nemesis of Parsons (possibly Wilfred Smith)
    • Both Isis and Archangel Michael later appeared to Hubbard through an astral vision
    • The nine loud knocks returned, and a buzzing, metallic voice cried out “let me go free”
  • On January 18, while Parsons and Hubbard were in the Mojave desert, the sense of tension/oppression that had persisted with both of them since January 15 left them
    • At this point, Parsons was said to have told Hubbard “it is done”
  • At this point, on January 19, it is alleged by Parsons that the elemental appeared to Parsons in the form of one Marjorie Cameron
  • Through January 19 through February 27, it is believed that Parsons, Hubbard, and Cameron performed rituals to invoke BABALON
  • On February 28, Parsons returned to Mojave alone, and upon his return received the word of BABALON, as issued by Liber 49
  • Hubbard returned from a trip East shortly after Parsons return with Liber 49
    • On March 2, Hubbard channeled a message from a savage and beautiful red haired, green eyed naked woman riding a cat-like beast
    • The Scarlett woman ordered them to “Light first flame at 10 pm, March 2, 1946.  The year of Babalon is 4063”
  • The ritual proceeded over the course of March 2 and March 3rd, 1946
    • The ultimate findings of the discourse between Parsons, Hubbard, and Cameron with the Mother Goddess were that Parsons and Cameron would eventually produce a moon child bearing the elemental known as BABALON

More info on the Moon Child can be found here.

Narrative #2 – A New Timeline of Symbols

The Isle of Philae, Temple to Isis

I next want to next include curious finds attached to key dates and mission accomplishments of Rosetta and Philae.  I have focused on Egyptian references/dates, given the heavy handed of amount of Egyptian mythology used in the mission.

Reevaluating the Mission Names


For starters, let’s review key mission names.  The first major mission name is Rosetta.  Again, Rosetta “officially” was used to symbolize the “decoding” nature of the mission of Rosetta.  When one reads the actual story found on the obelisk, there is reference to Osiris, Isis, and Horus, and the fabrication of the civilization and to the greater myth of resurrection.

Philae, of course, is also mentioned as being an obelisk similar to the language correlations found on the Rosetta Stone. Yet what of the Temple at Philae?

The actual island of Philae is found in the Nile River, and was center to the Cult of Isis.  Myth has it that Isis found the heart of Osiris, subsequent to Typhon/Set’s act of dismemberment,  at Philae.  She was also, according to some, buried at Philae upon her death.  The island featured multiple buildings, temples, courts, and other structures devoted to Isis, and her relationship to Osiris and Horus.

The first Aswan dam on the Nile was built in 1902.  Subsequent to the construction of this dam, the annual Nile flood would force water to flood the island of Philae.  During the 1970’s, many of the island’s structures were dismantled, transported, and resurrected on the nearby island of Agilkia.

And then of course the use of the acronym OSIRIS…I’d recommend a revisit to a space agency’s use of Osiris in respect to NASA’s 2016 OSIRIS-Rex mission here.

The Timeline Revisited

The cube shape and the male generative principle

Launch date of March 2, 2004 : this date so happens to be 58th anniversary of the Parsons/Hubbard/Cameron commencement of the invocation of BABALON

  • Hubbard quoted as of 8 pm March 2, 1946 : “The Angel of TARO. A three day retirement to greet her. Purify thyself. The symbol is seven by three. It is BABALON. Keep secret. The communications are sacred.”

February 25, 2007 : Mars swing by and photography

  • Mars the Avenger, in some thoughts of astrotheology, was representative of Horus, the child of brother/sister copulation Osiris/Isis, and avenger to Osiris’ death as witness to his battle with Typhon/Set

November 13, 2007 : Rosetta approaches Earth for second gravity boost

  • Interesting to note the area of Earth: Egypt, the Nile, and the greater Mesopotamia



November 14, 2007 : Rosetta films Antarctica’s Graham Lands (included for reference to the connection that space is water per the name Graham)

  • Named after a First Lord of the Admiralty, accomplished Freemason, and denizen of English wealth, Sir James Graham


September 8, 2008 : Asteroid Steins is filmed by OSIRIS and shown as a diamond

  • The diamond is representative of the tribe of Zebulum.  Zebulum, as fate would have it, was named in honor of Isis, the sixth and final son of Jacob and Leah.  Tribal Zebulum was located along the northern seacoast of Israel to Phoenicia…Byblos the great port of Phoenicia knew Isis as Y-Zebel, the “false prince”.



July 10, 2010 : Asteroid Lutetia is filmed by OSIRIS

  • Comet Lutetia…named after the original name of the city of Paris, Lutetia of the Parisii.  It is thought that when the Romans encountered the original inhabitants of the city of Luetetia, it was settled by a group of Gauls known as the Parisii.  Parisii is suspected of being a corruption of the word Bar-Isis, and a Temple to Isis was originally placed on the site that would become the Notre-Dame of Paris. Again, Isis is inferred on this mission.



March 20, 2014 : Rosetta and Osiris spot Comet 67P

  • Located in the frame of constellation Ophiuchus.  Ophiuchus was the Great Serpent Bearer and Great Healer, and among other associations, was believed to be based on Greek interpretations of Isis and/or her and Osiris’s son, Horus, the Avenger


August 6, 2014  : Rosetta arrives at comet 67P and notes duck/rubber duck shape

Osiris : Thy duck, thy Sister Isis, produceth the sweet odours belong to thee and with thee…

Again, another symbol of Isis, the duck is associated with the primordial waters and with the Great Goddess Isis.  As Mother of the Sun and Goddess of Agriculture, Isis was represented as a duck.

Also of  note, we see the official day of arrival at the number 14: 8+6 and 2014…Osiris memes present once again.

August 23-24, 2014: Potential comet landing sites are located by ESA analysis of OSIRIS images


  • Eventually, location J was named Agilkia (see above) and was the original intended spot of landing for Philae.

September 19, 2014 : The great cat/sphinx of Bast/Babalon/Isis is photographed.


November 2, 2014 : Mosaic composite of four images from Rosetta’s reveals another image

Possibly the Black Madonna of Isis

September 2, 2016 : Philae found on comet 67P

The crane of Bennu, or the representation of the place where the missing phallus of Osiris resides

September 30, 2016 : Rosetta soft lands/crashes on comet 67P

  • September 30, 2016, was the date on Earth of observation of the Black Moon
    • The Black Moon was the ideal personification of the Greek goddess Hecate
      • Hecate was the guardian of the black moon and darkness, guide to the souls of the dead, and the guardian of hell
      • And, to no real surprise at this point, Hecate was associated with Isis, per Apuleius and his work The Golden Ass (more on that below)
Rosetta’s final image, Sept 30, 2016

A Conclusion Regarding the Golden Ass and Isis


Let’s return to the original thesis: is the story of Rosetta fact or fiction?  Was the journey of Rosetta and Philae fact?  Did Earth indeed send a spacecraft to the outer limits of the solar system, track down a comet, land said craft on the comet, and send data back to Earth supporting the “cosmic seeding” hypothesis of life on Earth? Or was the mission fiction?  If one were to argue for the latter, one could do no better than to quantify and document (as this inquiry has done) the numerous dates/images/symbols potentially correlated to Isis.

Yes, Isis was the most important of Egyptian goddesses.  She was the most powerful magician in the universe, rivaling even the other Lunar Deity Thoth.  She assisted in resurrecting Osiris, protected Horus (her child bore from a resurrected Osiris) from Set, and stole the secret name of Ra.  Adoring a head piece representing the lunar crescent,  Isis ruled over magic, divination, medicine, fertility, and protection.


Yet Isis may be no more than a moon goddess who happens to be an opportunistic fraud, who like a mirror, reflects light without generation of “her” own light.  A wonderful 2011 paper by Brigitte B. Libby, titled Moons, Smoke, and Mirrors in Apuleius’ Portray of Isis, focuses on the portrayal of Isis in Book 11 of Apuleius’s The Golden Ass. Her summation is fascinating.

The Golden Ass focuses on the magical journey of Lucius who, after experimentation with magic with the intention of transforming himself into a bird, instead turns himself into a donkey and later finds salvation in the cult of Isis. Yet, Libby argues in her thesis,  the Luna image of Isis used by Apuleius is one of fraud and deception.

How so?

Libby presents the following arguments suggesting as such in respect to the great work of ancient Rome:

  • The cult of Isis is not trustworthy given demands for money
  • The Isis cult is no different than the portrayals of wicked magical women and deceitful priests depicted in earlier books of the Golden Ass
    • As an example, in Book 3, the wicked witches can “disturb the stars, regulate divine forces, and reign over the elements,” while Isis is in control, as “the stars obey you, the divine forces rejoice in you, and the elements serve you well”
      • “you” is in reference to the Great Goddess, Isis
  • Mirrors and reflective surfaces appear several times in the Lucius account of the cult of Isis
    • “In the center of which, above her forehead, a disc like a mirror, or rather an image of the moon, shone with a white light”
      • True mirrors, the author notes, were “even more strongly criticized for the increased power of their reflection to deceive”
  • At the point of transformation back from donkey to human form, Isis uses a rose to assist in the transformation
    • Yet Lucius is previously aware of the “rose’s magical properties,” and it is of note that Isis waits for “a parade of her adoration” from her populace before she uses the rose to transform Lucius back to human form in front of said populace
      • This implies, again, that Isis is no more than a street magician/charlatan…one who awaits moments of opportunistic fraud and displays street magick

The most intriguing speculation regarding the fraudulent nature of Isis, Libby argues, is found in Mithras’ famous speech. Mithras, a high priest of the cult of Isis, states upon the Lucius transformation that “you have now been received into the protection of Fortune, but of a Fortune who can see, who illuminates even the other gods with the splendor of her light.”  It is the light of the moon, which is reflective of the sun, the mirror of light, that reinforces Isis’ claims of divine supremacy.  Isis is a moon goddess who requires the belief that her ability to produce light supports her claim to divine supremacy. Yet Luna, as representative of Isis, does not produce its own light.  The idea of the Luna, and thus Isis, is that of a grand illusion.

Have you too grown sleepy?

So what do you think?  Do you think the mission was fact? Or one of fiction?  Or some mix of both?  Did the ESA/NASA/JPL include Isis symbolism at every point of the journey to pay homage to the ancient ways, or to play a joke on the masses?

As always, drop a line and leave your thoughts.  Did I cherry pick too often? Or did the thesis make some sense? And please, take a look at the images here. What else is out there…I’d love to see what I missed.

Up next, a visit to Trappist-One, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the Great Mysteries of Harmonia and the Feminine Principle.


Isis as diamond : Living in Truth: Archaeology and the Patriarchs: Parts II & III By Charles N. Pope

Lutetia :

Lutetia :

11 thoughts on “Rosetta and Philae : An Isis Fairy Tale

  1. Fiction!!!
    What an interesting take on isis…….and totally makes the moon even creepier than it already is.
    Good one!
    Also, Rosetta soft Crashes on September 30. 9/30 alot like 93 or saturn/thelema number.
    Just sayin


  2. Very interesting!
    I watched this mission pretty closely as it happened… and was really annoyed by the “cutsie” cartoon images they used throughout the mission. What’s up with that?
    Also, I thought I remembered reports of some type of UFO captured in the images of the “landing”??
    and then there is this “animation” of the “journey” I dunno if you have seen it… but how is this seriously possible? How fast is that comet traveling??

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  3. sorry- one more thing I just happened upon. According to wiki- (linked below) “[The] Rosetta spacecraft ended its mission by landing on the comet in its Ma’at region”
    Ma’at’s role of course is very important in the Egyptian underworld, and to Egyptian order in general.
    Also- “Philae” in Egyptian means “The End”. Reinforcing the symbolism of the “mission” as you have interpreted it over and over again. That is pretty tough to dismiss outright.


      1. I did! I even noticed a run down of the areas of the comet, many Egyptian names but none labeled as Ma’at? The large boulder- Cheops given its name because of its likeness to the great pyramid of Giza? Hardly. Lol
        Funny too (in a synchronistic kind of way) for whatever reason, my most popular blog post of the day, hit several times in the past 12 hours- is “the foundation of the white feather” where I discuss Ma’at and her symbolism… it’s a really old post, and not really popular so it’s odd that it was hit so many times today… strange days indeed!
        And you also left that last reply at 3:33… again! (That’s at least twice now)
        Anything in particular that I should look for on that ESA site?

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