McMagick McGriddles: NFL Gameday Spellcraft

Luna in full phase – courtesy of Cassidy Kring

During Week Nine’s Sunday Green Bay Packer loss to the Indianapolis Colts (yes, I know, I’m guilty of watching the NFL), I noticed a recent McDonald’s All Day Breakfast commercial featured a number of times during commercial breaks.  Despite it being another high-level “comedic” commercial that, in this case, featured McDonald’s All Day Breakfast items, I found it interesting that Luna was used in the television advert.  There are at least three versions of the commercial on television for mass consumption that I’m aware of (discussed below), and all three feature identical Full Moon scene imagery during  the first few seconds of the advert.  Why would the Lunar Moon be placed accordingly in the stream of images?  Is there perhaps an intentional rationale for such imagery?

Another Inquiry into the Occult


The premise of the current inquiry is to hypothesize the following:

  • The use of the Full Moon in conjunction with the symbol of the Golden Arches is possibly a form of spellcraft
  • The use of the Full Moon in the media is connected to its attachment to the ideas of death, insanity, and sleep

Spellcraft for Beginners


Or at least for me.  After being exposed to the principles of chaos magick courtesy of fellow researcher Jim S. (his website is here) and the conversations of Greg Carlwood and Gordon White on The Higher Side Chats, I became curious about the basic idea of the sigil.  As defined by author Andrieh Vitimus, the sigil at its most basic essence is a magical symbol representing a desire.  More specifically, it is “an encapsulation of a desire in the form of a statement (verbal, musical, graphical, a structured series of events, etc.) of intent that is not immediately recognizable by the conscious mind.”1

In order for the construct of the sigil to work as requested by its originator, itmust:

  • Carry with it a specific desire or manifestation of one’s will
  • Be directed toward one’s subconscious mind

The idea is very Jungian in respect to human consciousness.  The conscious mind will not willingly manifest the intended desire into existence due to the many neurological complexities of the human ego.  For the intended desire to manifest, the psychological intricacies of the brain and ego need to be bypassed.  Only then can the subconscious of the practitioner be accessed.

At a very basic/high level, a sigil of chaos magick can be constructed as follows:

  • The practitioner should write down his/her desire
  • The practitioner should then convert the letters of his/her desire as written into an artistically created glyph
  • Once the glyph is created, the practitioner is required to charge the sigil with energy
  • Once charged, casted, and securely placed within the subconscious, the sigil should be ignored

With some practice and luck, one’s desire and intent will then allegedly manifest into this plane of existence.

The Golden Arches Built as “a God and Set Loose Upon the World”

mcdonalds-logoTaking the idea of the sigil a step further, we now begin to get into the work and material of author Grant Morrison (more info here).  Morrison, among other things, wrote a fantastic series of comic books/graphic novels titled The Invisibles.  The premise of the series was to focus on the life and experiences of Morrison, as depicted by the character King Mob, and a group of castaway superhero gnostics who fight against an interdimentional parasitic intelligence that holds human potential at bay.  A practicing chaos magician for some time, Morrison has not only pushed the narrative of the comic book universe and mythos, he has also written extensively on his experiences, practices, and outcomes with chaos magick.


In the book Disinfo, Morrison talks about the idea of the”BRAND” or “LOGO” as being representative of a corporate viral sigil.  Like any good name for a parasite, corporate viral sigils are what Morrison terms “super-breeders.”  These sigils “attack unbranded imaginative space” by occupying the consumer population’s subconscious.  Morrison takes this even further and proposes that corporate sigils are created to invade humanity’s collective unconscious in order to generate a return on energy, behavior, and profits that are favorable to the corporate entity.

The corporate viral sigil is similar to the individual magician’s sigil.  Both are essentially concentrated and condensed symbols used to aggregate a desire or intention.  However, unlike my unique, individual intention to find a better job or to own a lot of bitcoin, for example, the corporation’s sigil carries with it the intention of a corporate entity’s intelligence and desire .

I, for example, am a single person. I could create a sigil construct, generate a glyph, run around the block and intend my desire to the void.  The sigil is dependent upon one person’s energy and desire, my energy and desire in this example.   In contrast, the sigil construct of a corporation such as McDonald’s can systematically and symbolically be represented with their famous Golden Arches construct found everywhere in the world.  This sigil can feed on much more energy of the subconscious than my single, artistically created glyph, and should therefore work much more effectively and efficiently to manipulate the abyss in its favor.2

Luna in Spellcraft

Image courtesy of Cassidy Kring

Whether Luna is “real” or “artificial” (relative to what we’ve been taught, at the very least), magick practice places much attention on the Lunar Moon its phases. Self-described English witch and author, Elen Hawke, discusses the Moon and its influence on magic in great length in her book Praise to the Moon: Magic & Myth of the Lunar Cycle.

Hawke discusses each phase of Luna in respect to the cycle of magic. Much like the work of Hatybov, Hawke states a number of possible outcomes of Luna in Full Moon phase.  They include:

  • Increased energy with humans
  • Excited energy vibrating in the air
  • Animal restlessness and willfulness
  • Buildup of etheric tension
  • Enhancement of physic ability

In essence, the full moon is at “the point of maximum strength… reached in terms of occult force and power.”  It represents the climax of the Goddess (Isis, Demeter, Anu, Selene, etc) and her pregnancy carrying a multitude of potential outcomes.  It provides a magical boost, as it were.  A spell, charm, sigil, etc. cast under the shadow of full Luna is considered to be very powerful given full Luna’s ability to charge the potential physic/occult/aetheric/magical energy of the four classical elements.

McDonald’s Casts A Spell

Purple magick

Returning to the original point of inquiry, let’s reexamine the McDonald’s commercial in question.  Beginning with the first five seconds of the All Day Breakfast television advert, the sequence of imagery is as such:

The Corporate Viral Signal and Luna – two components of possible magick
Luna symbolism extended in upper left and right hand corner with yellow sigil on right
The viral corporate sigil still in focus
“I want McGriddles too” – the product of interest is now willfully and intentionally inserted into the viewer’s subconsciousness

Within a mere 5 seconds of time, millions of people are inundated with images of the logo of McDonald’s and the Full Moon. We potentially see corporate marketing employing:

  • A corporate viral sigil representing the intelligence and desire of the entity known as McDonald’s
  • Luna in its full moon phase, symbolizing a point in time, magically, wherein the:
    • The spell is suggested to be most effective
    • The human psyche is at its psychic energy peak

Coupled with the actor stating a desire for the McGriddle breakfast sandwich, a spell is potentially cast upon the millions of viewers who, like me, are focusing their attention and energy on a television screen.  It is a spell that is essentially “attacking” the subconscious of millions of viewers at a single point of time.  The combination of the constructs Luna, a”magical booster,” and the Golden Arches, representative of the entity’s desire, is possibly attempting to generate a return from the Abyss through the use of a television video commercial.

4+4 =8, cholesterol mgs off the chart, and a most certain, definite carbo-overload

Not a bad strategy, if that is indeed the intent of the commercial. My educated guess is that the brief 5 second introduction is the “peak time of a viewer’s attention span,” and that the McGriddles sandwich is a very high profit margin item on the All Day Breakfast menu. Unfortunately, I have not worked for Mickey D’s as a cost accountant, so I cannot attest to the product’s costing. I would, however, hypothesize that we are seeing a spell cast to lure the viewer’s interest to a single, high margin food item: everyone’s “favorite” foodstuff, the McGriddle.

The Moon as a Meme of Insanity, Sleep, and Death

Aside from the chaos magick implications of the commercial, I wanted to also touch base on the idea that inclusion of Luna in any form of advertisement is representative of conveying insanity, sleep, and death.  These these themes are actually suggested very frequently during the commercial.  Examples include:

  • The main actor / character who initially desired a McGriddle at the drive through appears to be “checked out from life” in various scenes from his life
  • Statements made by the commercial’s narrator such as “forgetting what you were about to do” and a hint at the current POTUS climate
  • And, of course, a focus on fast food breakfast items that one could speculate points to a carbohydrate diet that leads to a sooner death and lower brain consciousness

Aside from these notes, we also see imagery that includes:

“The” number 77


Alien transformation

The commercial(s) features an individual who generally appears to be asleep in the world, but or at the very least, is addicted to the McDonald’s All Day Breakfast menu.

A Conclusion


My original hypotheses were two-fold and hinted at the following :

  • Chaos magick symbols and rituals are being intentionally employed by corporate entity intelligence for increased shareholder wealth through the use of mass media agents
  • The use of the Full Moon in the first images of the commercial(s) is intentionally placed to:
    • Focus the viewer’s subconscious on the advert
    • Generate a future purchase at McDonald’s through the use of magick
    • Convey imagery of insanity, sleep, and death

A most telling statistic would be what the McGriddle sandwich has done in terms of sales performance since the advertisement aired.  Increased sales could of course be attributable to “good ol’- marketing” tools and techniques.  I, however, would argue that the marketing education that the “elites” obtain is quite different than the information I learned about in Marketing 101 at a division three state university.

Whether or not the ad agencies of Leo Burnett Chicago, The Tombras Group, and DDB Chicago intentionally used principles inherent to chaos magick to construct the advertisement, I can not say.  Yet, I argue that the possibility strongly exists, as demonstrated by the evidence presented above.  As I consistently argue, the people who “create” this type of media are well educated, well financed, and privy to an information base that the rest of are not.

As always, I’m curious to hear what others think regarding this unique commercial.  Did I miss anything?  Is there a more symbolic meaning to the numbers included (77, 507, etc)?  Are there any other symbols/clues that I passed over?  Please take a look at the videos below and let me know.

More All Day

Find Something

Love / Not Love


1. Vitimus A. Hands-on chaos magic: Reality manipulation through the Ovayki current. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications,U.S.; February 1, 2009.

2. Metzger R. Book of Lies: the Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult. Cork: Red Wheel Weiser; 2008.



4 thoughts on “McMagick McGriddles: NFL Gameday Spellcraft

  1. Great stuff my friend!!!!!
    As you know I can do a whole decoding of the McDONald bag.
    I’ll leave you guys with this…………..
    77 is often associated with crowley and was another name for Liber:OZ = Liber:77
    77 also = Christ, Judiasm, Hexagram, wake up, funeral….etc.


  2. Great article. Oh those LOGOS… if only everyone knew most of the corporate logo origins or inspiration, they would be shocked. Anyway- as soon as you mentioned McDonalds and the moon, I was instantly reminded of the McDonald’s moonman from the 80s. I bet you remember…
    Looking forward to more!


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