Ping Pong Syncho – A Potential Analysis of a “Gate”


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Or I should say from the get go, let’s chat about #pizzagate.  I’m not one to dabble in politics or current geopolitical matters as many others do, as I think most of it is staged to some extent in order to distract the masses.  However, with that being said, I’d like to throw out a time line/chronology that I’ve noticed over the past year or two. To begin this analysis, I want to say explicitly that I have no idea what the truth is on this issue.  All I can share are my personal observations over the past few months regarding the current issue in respect to the material that has been published by news outlets and independent investigators.  With that disclaimer in place, let’s take a look (FYI, as many other sites who have documented this story state : photos below suggest disturbing images not acceptable to normal, rational, intelligent, and Profane human beings). Continue reading “Ping Pong Syncho – A Potential Analysis of a “Gate””

McMagick McGriddles: NFL Gameday Spellcraft

Luna in full phase – courtesy of Cassidy Kring

During Week Nine’s Sunday Green Bay Packer loss to the Indianapolis Colts (yes, I know, I’m guilty of watching the NFL), I noticed a recent McDonald’s All Day Breakfast commercial featured a number of times during commercial breaks.  Despite it being another high-level “comedic” commercial that, in this case, featured McDonald’s All Day Breakfast items, I found it interesting that Luna was used in the television advert.  There are at least three versions of the commercial on television for mass consumption that I’m aware of (discussed below), and all three feature identical Full Moon scene imagery during  the first few seconds of the advert.  Why would the Lunar Moon be placed accordingly in the stream of images?  Is there perhaps an intentional rationale for such imagery? Continue reading “McMagick McGriddles: NFL Gameday Spellcraft”