Spanning the Abyss with Demiurgis : An Interview with Jim Shanty

ik4One of the more interesting concepts I personally have become aware of over the past year and a half is the idea of the Demiurge; the Artificer or Demiurgis of the material world, and its possible existence and position within the hierarchy of the greater cosmos.  One sees it consistently mentioned in the texts of old; the Phoenicians, the Chaldeans, the Greeks, etc etc etc.  Its existence is a very, very ancient idea, and it is typically attached to the concept of the primordial waters of creation.

Fortunately for me, I was able to get into contact with a researcher of the abyss; Jim Shanty, a fellow researcher of the esoteric, manages a fascinating website containing his experiences and observations at truthrealquick (link is here).  Having heard a discussion and recap I was able to put together regarding the Laurel Canyon work of David McGowan and his book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, Jim reached out to me to continue the conversation.  The conversation quickly led past the Laurel Canyon scene and into some very thought provoking, abstract, and fantastic conversations regarding the world we live in.  So after a series emails, I thought “let’s do an interview,” and Jim agreed.  So without further delay, let’s get into the details of a conversation Jim and I had beginning on September 23, 2016.

From the truthrealquick site : The Battle of the City of Fallen Angels

Q: Thanks again, Jim, for taking the time to chat.  I know that we first began chatting over email shortly after Crrow777 and I recapped the book by David McGowan regarding the 1960’s Laurel Canyon experience, and have since discussed quite a bit of esoteric material. Before we head into the abyss, as it were, I’m curious, how did you become involved with the larger body of esoteric material at hand?

JSThanks, James, for suggesting we do this. So to answer your question, I was forced to become involved in the esoteric…it didn’t feel like a choice at the time. Some years back, I came down with a severe type of electromagnetic sickness(which is largely an unrecognized condition) and spontaneous removal of most programming and filters my mind had accumulated over a lifetime. There are spiritual components to this as well that occurred….most quite negative. One interesting effect was, I could see the signs, gematria and symbols of the world…and knew(very deep down) this was how it was governed. Unfortunately….I had no knowledge or wisdom to put any context to this. This is a very uncomfortable experience and, I might add, I can find no worse place for any of this to occur than Hollywood/Los Angeles; which is exactly where it happened. I basically made a choice to figure out what happened to my health( and what can be done about it), what was really going on in Hollywood(thus the world) and what happened to me mentally/psychically/spiritually. So, off to the alternative research rabbit hole, I went.

Q:  That is definitely quite a start to a path in this realm of research. Do you have any insight on how you received that electromagnetic sickness?  What year did more or less become open to these signals?

JS: James, again this is going to be a big/strange answer. Yes, I do have some insight on this. Let me start with this; in my previous occupation in Hollywierd accidents and accident prevention was a huge concern. When I analyzed how these horrible accidents…usually resulting in great personal injury happened…I noticed that the performer(and safety crew) had made NO LESS than 5 or six huge safety mistakes…usually perfectly timed. If they had omitted any one of these mistakes the accident either wouldn’t have happened or the safety crew could have put the fire out immediately …so to speak.

I think you can apply this to most failures on this plane of existence. Its very western to look for the key ingredient when its usually a synergistic combination of many situations. So maybe I just could call it this: the “failure of 5 or 6 rule”…….LOL.

So applying this to what I just said. There were many many aspects of my life that contributed to this illness..which I think I have identified most of them.

  1. Being around electronics and wireless technology thinking they were safe. Cell phone towers and my own cell phone use should be included here .Also, the electrical grid,  there is weaponized.
  2. The insidiously overly stressful environment of trying to survive in that pit of vipers called Hollywood.
  3. I was already sensitive.
  4. I found out by an gov. employee that they were doing something to the water..and that I shouldn’t be using it.
  5. My company got hacked and there apparently was a war between the hackers and maybe some agency…on my company computers….and the neighbor hood at large. I got some white vans (leading to them confiscating my hard-drives)and some nasty blasts of something that made me quite ill(and even more stressed out).
  6. I ate like crap. I was not aware of GMO foods and such.
  7. I started becoming more intuitive…or as Crrow would say….my natural human abilities started amplifying….which for a lot of people draws in lots of unwanted people when it happens in Hollywierd. One of them was former military who was growing “herb”. This one brand of it had the effect of giving you clairaudience…which is a fancy way of saying super sensitive hearing. This happened to everybody that touched the stuff, not just me. This had the effect of making my sensitivities just worse. Unbearable actually. I will say, through my research this strain was “modified”. It was called “moonshine” by him……which should say something to you considering our research on the moon…LOL. Interestingly I normally don’t touch “herb” so it was interesting I happened to touch that weaponized stuff right at that difficult time. Not a coincidence I think. Actually, after the fact the big jerk told me this is what it does. Had I stayed in contact with this person I would have asked some serious questions.
  8. Oh…and they were firing off EMF weapons on the town I was in and there is in fact a military base under the city I was living in. Not speculation…fact. This probably didn’t help either. JPL wasn’t far either..and that is not for jet rockets.

Some people might look at this and say “oh you were just going through a dark night of the soul shamanic opening”. And they would be correct. There are too many perfectly timed coincidences for it to be just a random act with no purpose.

So…either you’re a “coincidence theorist” in that it was just a huge amount of random acts happening all together…or the universe wanted me to crash, burn and rebuild all aspects of my life and spiritual self. Oddly, this is the mythos of the Phoenix symbolism. I would point out, I am NOT admirer of this mythos of change. I can see many ways positive change can occur with out tearing down the whole structure. Its just weird it happened to me and I had no esoteric knowledge at the time. I certainly do not recommend this path as way to becoming more of an “aware” human being…….LOL. There are easier ways.

So anyway, if you follow the plan I did, you too can get electromagnetic sickness…..:)

Second question: Five years ago approximately.

Q: Most interesting…definitely quite a few “coincidences” as you state.  You mentioned early on that you were sort of aware of the Laurel Canyon /Hollywood scene during the 1960’s.  I know you are familiar with McGowan’s book; out of curiosity, what is your take on the construct of the Laurel Canyon music scene?


JSLaurel Canyon research is fascinating. I am a former musician.. I grew up on the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, 60-80’s rock. My heroes were false. Western music is weaponized. Period. David nailed it. I have direct experience with social engineers in Hollywood, too. So the Laurel Canyon research really helped me to put a context on my time in the trenches….but I am in no way surprised by this stuff anymore.

I have found it fascinating that many people who were adults in the 60’s cannot even touch this subject. Its too earth shattering for them to even consider social engineering or that their Santa Clause and Easter Bunny heroes don’t exist as they were presented to them. It is a shame because could humans stop believing in anything science/media/culture/history has presented to the EVER…we would be in better shape. Your’s and Crrow’s work , adding to and distilling the whole Music scene construct into a couple of hours, is vital for anybody trying to strip away another layer of false belief. If you can apply it to other aspects of western civilization….you got it. If you start the Laurel Canyon studies…. don’t worry the nausea doesn’t last forever.

Q: Did you ever have any first hand contact with these constructs of social engineering while spending time in LA? Is there one example you could share with people regarding this method of engineering?

JS:I have many instances. This is one I will touch on. My business mentor/friend was involved in a elite LA spiritual shamanic cult group. People in this group were award winning directors, hip industry folk, and  supposed Peruvian shamans. There was some questionable shamanic “journeying”, therapy,  traditional substances and rave drugs. Later…to my horror….I found out they were run  by  Rand Institute and SRI people.  Obviously the group was being studied in some fashion. I did not accept any offer to be initiated. Which probably didn’t help my career…nor did my mentor. So there you go… engineers, gurus, drugs and industry types. Creepy.

Q : The Rand Group and SRI…definitely names that pop up everywhere as possible agents of cultural change.  Any thoughts on the whole Paul McCartney vs Billy Shears debate that has picked up again in the alternate research community of late?


JS:Honestly didn’t know of the debate: I try to keep my research more broad and focus on how these things connect to other things. That said…I do keep up with Dez’s blog. Really innovative stuff. Really wierd dark magicky stuff going on with the Beatles…all documentable.  I did grow up with the Beatles so I did have to do the mourning process like we all must do. Its like the adult version of finding out the Easter bunny doesn’t exist. If you are asking about the Faul research I will say this: I have read many researchers going through legal documentation, blood tests, photographic evidence, historical back story of “Billy Shears” and it does point to one or more persons at the very least stepping up to the Paul McCartney Job. That is really where the evidence lay. I do know there is no aspect of hollywood/entertainment that is true as presented.. Why in the world would the Beatles be any different. Beatles are..when you really get into it a fictional piece of social engineering designed to have an effect. So then what else have “They” faked about this world? EVERYTHING.

Q:   As we’ve discussed before, the idea of a fabricated / socially engineered reality isn’t necessarily tied to LA, Hollywood, or even Laurel Canyon, as we’ve both discussed in the past. Let’s move into the heart of the matter of a fabricated reality: the material of the so called Gnostics.  Before we get into specifics, at a very high level, how would you define the world we live in (ie the material world) as you associate it with your experiences?  Do you think there is a premeditated order or design to the world we live in?

From truthrealquick : Archons

JS: Short answers. Based on personal observation, downloads, testing and exoteric/esoteric studies.

First question:

We live in a spiritual/psychic world with physical manifestations. All three are currently hacked. Most humans believe this is a physical dimension; with some psychic/spiritual phenomena sort of tacked on as an afterthought. This is an intentional inversion(perversion) of truth by….someone or something.

Second Question:

If you study sacred geometry, crystalline structures, some physics and music you can see they are the same thing. Same numbers/shapes involved. That is just one example. So it appears nature was designed seamlessly by a being, consciousness or subcontractors.

Another set of beings or humans have created…..a totally synthetic culture, history, and science having no basis in in source reality(whatever that is). This is demonstrable and provable at this point. Their reality is not seamless…and no part of anything knowledge connects to anything else. So we have a false design on top of a real one.

In short: Our human reality/culture  has been hacked and possibly the physical/metaphysical reality as well.

Q:  Ok, so take break this down a bit more…how would you best describe this spiritual/psychic world from which reality manifests?  I’ve been reading a bit on ancient cosmogonies, and there is this consistent idea of primordial waters of chaos from which forth reality generated.  Is that too simplistic of an analogy?  Or would define this dimension as being something similar to Jung’s collective unconscious, or Reich’s aether? Or is there some other paradigm you feel is in place?


JSJames, I cannot say I have one best description. I play with and consider a dozen or so metaphysical scenarios……many not compatible. Yet, I have experienced bits of all of them. Many don’t work together…..yet most have a bit of truth in them. The best one…. for me …. goes like this: the zero point field, which doesn’t vibrate nor really exist in any dimension,  is where dimensionality comes from(is intelligence/consciousness itself) and creates vibrations/frequency/scalar fields to manifest time/space, matter, light and energy. Icke says that everything that vibrates is an illusion. I agree..from a zero point field perspective. For that matter, many ancient teachings say we live in an illusion. So the only thing that is real(in this framework) is that place that doesn’t vibrate. So what we call spiritual/astral realms is just another frequency or octave of existence…..of this consciousness vibrating.

This frame of reference works tremendously well for healing people. This doesn’t explain(to me) the existence of souls. Are we created or did we always exist? When ever I dowse this for myself….I get the answer “yes” for both. Is this seemingly paradoxical answer true? Did I ask the right question? Dunno. I suspect some gurus in the Himalayas would give me a resounding “of course its yes for both, duh”.

There also seems to be a bit of reality creation, called imagination or i-magi-nation, us humans have too. Simulation and holographic matrix seems a part( I have, with witnesses, seen glitches).

Again, we are reverse engineering a reality that has been withheld from us. Lies and the spells don’t work unless you park the truth in there somewhere.

Primordial waters would have seemed allegorical and referring to the Zero Point Field(God/Creator for some) but now we have put on the plate that space may ACTUALLY be water/liquid(from Crrow777s/Mullins research). I don’t have a neat box to put that in but it may fit in one of my other 10 or 11 theories of reality……LOL. So no…not so simple an analogy. The ancients, most likely, are telling us something important, in a very coded way.

Jung’s collective unconscious concepts seem a little too much like Archon( the Gnostics version of robotic/demonoid/parasite critters) programming. The word Archetype( Archon type) may have a double meaning, no? Take our idea of the “Hero”. Is this universal or some creepy false programming/concept from the Demi-Urge?

I would have to go back and read how Reich’s Aether differs from ancient alchemical concepts. Aether and zero point field seem like similar concepts to me.

I do not see any one paradigm being a complete solution to the problems of existence… the moment. One may exist, but until then believe nothing but consider a lot of possibilities.

Q: Fair enough!  It is most certainly the million dollar question, and your perspective definitely hits on a lot of moving parts. The zero point field reminds me immensely of the ideas attached to the Monad…moving to the second portion of how you perceive of the material world, how would you best describe the “hack” on this system?  Two questions for you : a) do you think this hack manifested as part of the original zero point field generation of reality, or was it something that existed subsequent to “original creation,” and b) do you think the “hack” is benign, negligent, or indifferent?


JSMonad. All these modern ideas of a source (zero point field) are directly related to how the ancients described it. Its just different terminology for the same thing( or no-thing) we keep putting on it with our pee-wee hobbled minds. Science can’t deal with a creator consciousness so it names it something else. Gives itself a pat on the back with Nobel prizes for being original….but in reality there are just repackaged ideas. I digress ;).

The hack is best described as coming from spiritual/psychic parasites using the scientifically valid principles of black magik  you could call it dark quantum entanglement). The hack did not exist(as far as I can research) until about 2 or 3 hundred years ago or was fully in control about then. No history before then is true(in any meaningful sense)…so that’s about when it happened. So, no its not original and its in no way benign to anybody or anything.

Maybe an explanation on how my studies often start. I get phenomena first. Then I go study and try to figure it out based on research(and synchronicity). I feel a bit like I’m in training for something….because I’m sorta “forced” to learn and research constantly. I don’t try ideas on often just because they sound nice and it makes me feel good.

The “hack” was the very first true crystal clear download I ever had.

The very first day my intuitive life started..about 6 months before my LA life(and 3rd eye) blew up…I got an insight(flash of intuitive knowledge, download..whatever). It said this” This reality is hacked and has hackers”. The other was “Everything you have ever learned up to this point is wrong. All of it.”. There was, of course, no context to put any of it and I was almost an atheist back then…soo…<insert creepy dread feeling here>.With years of esoteric/alternative studies( and phenomena experience) now…I would say those were 1000% accurate downloads.

To recap:

Based on my experience/research…we are in a place(universe) that was formerly divine and now has some foreign parasitic consciousness(from another universe….maybe) that is not supposed to be here…isn’t natural to this universe…and is trying to turn it into something undivine, purely-mechanical/soulless, binary and devoid of life. Tell me that doesn’t have a loud ring of truth to it in your gut? Sounds a lot like many ancient traditions, Gnostics, Icke, Castenada, St. Louis/Vella, that newer black goo/AI theory, and the Newearth (Survivors of Atlantis). It’s a battle between symbiosis and parasitism…yes?

Q: It most certainly does.  The Hatybov material certainly carries parallels to this paradigm of thinking as well. What I personally find so fascinating about the Gnostic material is the demiurge, and the deception that has potentially been placed on all of us.  The deception could be tied to everything; timelines, memories, social interactions, etc.   Do you think there is a group of the human population that partakes in this hack?  For a lack of a better phrase, a secret society, or something to that extent?

Solstice/Equinox: Another View

JS:Demiurge: Yes fascinating subject….and it is consistent with the Elite’s(ill-ite;s) structure.

One of God’s traditional shapes is a circle. The dark occult, the top pyramid on top of the occult pyramid.  Torus shapes(doughnut shaped vortexes) are incredible efficient and put flow all energy back into the system. Pyramids take energy out the bottom and parasite it to the top and out the system…so you always need MORE ENERGY. Could this a a great allegory of an original creative/consciousness force as opposed to a parasitic god(or gods)?

The word God,I have researched the etymology, could mean “That which is invoked”. This is a black magik term. Invoking is taking a FOREIGN consciousness and putting it into your body/mind. Bad news. How do you invoke a real source/creator since it is everything everywhere and already inside you? Do you think that the powers that be may have taken a more divine name for the consciousness we refer to as god and splashed a black magik name all over it? Very likely. I mean no disrespect to our spiritual/religious brothers and sisters..but we must be conscious of how even your (supposed)divine words may have been hacked. Are we sending our energies to the creator or the demi-urge? I suspect there is a demi-urge because the symbols/encoding says so……and my wife met him(it would be a him..wouldn’t it?), we think.

I think its obvious that a group(s) of people are taking part of the social engineering and mind hacks in the 3d realm(lesser magik). It appears some of them are quite adept at genuine dark(parasitic) greater magik. Your readers….I’m sure are aware of at least some of the names tacked on to the group. The problem is they are hidden…..and probably what we see are just the lower generals. It looks like they are related and need some genes to have certain abilities. My research is that their real religion has no name…but sort of infiltrated many groups so they take the brunt of the negative energy. I do not believe any human groups are at the top of the pyramid …..though there seems to be a lot of research into saying these blood lines are empty shells in which the archonic forces can inhabit. It is consistent with my observation. I have met shells.

Secret societies are demonstrably play a part…..their symbols and encoding are EVERYWHERE in the culture. If I were to guess…there are real secret societies we don’t see and they have recruiting grounds in the ones we are familiar with which tend to be a mixed bag of people or just the general(less in the know) troupes. How this all works is of course an educated guess at best. I don’t get invited to the meetings. I just observe the results.

Q: That is very interesting…shells of humans.  That does have some Hatybov material/sensibility to it too, which I think has always been allegory for other philosophies (ie reusable flesh jackets for use with unique genotype brains) .  And this encounter with this demiurge…I have to ask, how did that come about?


JS: Shells: Early in my research I was in Seattle and I saw a lot people I just sorta called “place holder” people. Not a criticisms, but a knowing that somehow some people were running around without souls. Kinda like programs. Not naturally either. Only later did I find reference to it, in an early Icke work and may others. Its very common concept for researchers into the matrix view of reality….which now is an official view of (so called) science these days. It is interesting that came up within the Hatybov material. Again, it is interesting I came up with a phenomena first, then went to see if I could find it in research. I have come across “clients” that are these people and they cannot be healed…by me anyway.

Demiurge: My wife has retained much of her natural human abilities you could say. Years ago she found herself “traveling” out of body. She found herself on this flat plane….with Egyptian style boats, in the “air”, a huge sarcophagus, and smaller people. Riding on one of these was a giant “man”…in royal garb. Basically she found that this being didn’t care she was there, considered itself the ruler of the universe, didn’t pay her much attention, had no compassion, considered itself pure evil, had little human emotion and had very little regard for her because she was an ant compared to him. Later she asked me if I had ever heard of a being/entity called. Faire-C or faricee or something. Nope. Month later I came across the word Pharasees. It refers to the priest class famous in the Bible and similar literature. It also means….”THE PHARAOH OF ISIS”. This is where the name of “Paris” comes from…..interestingly.


Is this a true meeting of an aspect of the Demi-urge, a sorta archetypal insight ment to further research or another crap entity pulling shenanigans? We can’t say for sure. I think its a clue of some sort.

As a side note: While I fully agree Hatybov material must be treated as an allegory……That person(or group) did describe 3 phenomena(at least) we know to be true. The lunar wave,high UFO traffic at Mt. Shasta and similarly high traffic at the Great Lakes. Great work..on putting the Hatybov “stories” together, by the way. I was reading the translations the day Crrow posted the links……really hard stuff to sift through.

Q: Well, thank you!  I have put a lot of work into it; even though the material has kind of faded away from attention, I still think it fascinating to work through.  In respect to your work on symbols and numbers, is there any type of encoding you have found to representative of the demiurge?  Any patterns that attach themselves to this “entity” or its followers?


JS:There are so many ways that the Demi-urge is represented. Often the winged disk, binary/computer code symbolism, the black sun, alchemist sulfur/phosphorus symbols, satanic symbolism, black oil, spider symbolism, the all seeing eye, circumpunct etc, etc.

Saturn symbolism is very important to this, is very pervasive in our society and is probably the most obvious in corporate logos with, time/Kronos, rings of Saturn, 666(magic square of Saturn), 93(numerology for Saturn and Thelema) and black cubes/hexagons. I would also say be aware of the number 66. That is encoded everywhere(the speed of earth, number of satellites in orbit). Its the number of the Qlipoth( the dark tree of life, the abyss) and would most definitely be advertisement for demi-urgic beliefs. People look for 666 but I look for 66( and 93) for my gang sign recognition. Route 66 across the abyss of America to the City of “fallen” Angels…..what do you think.?…LOL. 66= Gagal(hebrew) or google and 3×22(skull and bones). Curse is mentioned 66 times in the bible and its gematria is 66. I could go on.

Patterns: There are just too many.

This one I will mention because it’s common and not as easy to spot. I have noticed this idea of radical self expression, working with the shadow or freedom from all rules sorta idea this last century……yet the first thing you do is a ritual; getting you to agree to put one of these dark gods(energies) inside you, dedicate your life, and pledge to relinquish your free will to these dark gods. Sell/pledge your soul if you will.

Looks like a bait and switch to me. You will often see this is supposed positive light and (some) new age sects.

Just my opinion of course….but something to think about if you are getting involved in a new group.

Q: The whole Saturn thing is so fascinating.  Out of curiosity, do you think Saturn (and the other planets) actually exists as we have been told (ie a planet in the sky), or do you think the “lights in the sky” is something completely different?

Pioneer 11 and Saturn


JS: There is no reason to believe we have been told any truth about anything here…and a lot of evidence is that “they” have lied about everything. EVERYTHING. So, logically, planets are something else…as is everything else we can observe. I would point out our main “proofs” of what the universe is,  is provided by Nazi/Black Magicians(NASA) who believe in a more dark Kabbalistic view of the universe. THATS IT. You either believe they are honest beings or you don’t. I don’t…..again…I’ve met a few NASA peeps….and they were DARK.

What have I observed: I know something is up with shooting stars because they don’t always fall at random. I have played with a simple passive coil setup and got shooting stars within 5 seconds every night for a whole month…with witnesses on many of the evenings. Just weird. Creeped my friends out too. I would imagine that a home made bit of wire cannot consistently knock bits or rock out of orbit traveling 25,000 mph…ya know?

I have seen a white light travel from one start to another..maybe an energy. Oddly the “ufos”, so common around here, are exactly the same shape and light quality as stars; in binoculars at least. Is that a clue?

The whole idea that space is actually a liquid seems to be encoded everywhere. 66 is encoded into even wiki entries of space. The media is encoding space as the abyss(the demonic realm)everywhere. Why? Is there something to that? I’m sure there is. Did “they” reverse stuff…so really the horrible stuff is above and below is where the “heavens” are. “They” are fond of inversion. Hmm….

Whatever is going on over our heads it’s weirder than we think.

Q: I totally agree with that.  Just how dark it is, I don’t know (or maybe too frightened to find out?)  On the number/gematria analysis you work with, what are some key numbers that people should be on the look at when evaluating everyday life, the media, music, etc?  You highlighted some examples with the number 66 above…are there other key numbers that you feel are in use for sigils/rituals for those that consider themselves to be the sacred?

From Archons, Tachyons, and Planes

JShere are so many people that have taken this number encoding to whole new levels that I’m just a infant by comparison. Zachary Hubbard has made a whole predictable science that one can actually do themselves…and see that it works. Yesterday( or so) he had a Trump 10/4 encoding lesson. Today I took the first headline I saw on Trump and it had 1040 gematria. I have repeated this sort of thing all the time. He goes deep into number themes in media spanning of centuries sometimes. Not basic at all. I’m hoping he comes out with a number glossary…its so advanced. He can be a bit frustrated and vent…so be warned.

For me I stick with the basics. 13, 11,22,33,44,66,88 42, , 47/74, 911/119, 93. It was pointed out by Zack 1776 is 17+76=93(Saturn). Masons(our founding fathers) are familiar with this number…so there you go.

I took the last question to mean is there any use of any numbers in a spiritual context that is good at this point? Short answer NO. It has all been hacked. If you can learn to unhack(heal or cut the entanglement)….maybe. Are there numbers that were originally divine before the hacks? Maybe. I would say if you’re into number magic/resonance… intend to cancel any previous dark entanglements and muscle test the number. Sacred numbers based on the body MAY be originally divine 28 finger digits, 33 spinal vertebrae, 22 bones in the head etc. It is worth considering but do to “quantum entanglement” or intent, you are also picking up resonances that dark rituals in all of history, you’ve been warned 🙂

Maybe Pi(3.14….) and Phi(1.618..) are ok…but then our math is hacked so maybe not.

Q: I hear you on being an infant in respect to numbers/encoding in the world.  Zach’s work is really interesting, and his work with sporting events being rigged and tied to numbers is certainly something I want to look at in the future.

Hopping tracks now, you wrote an article regarding some “finds” in the pacific northwest (found here) that potentially trace back to a very old, ancient civilization.  What are your thoughts on the history of civilization?  Do you think there is an credence in what is taught to most of us (Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, etc)?  And do you think there was something else, a much grander civilization that existed outside of our history books?

A local, Wisconsin historical sign rewrite : Before, then…

JS: Well at this point, my research points to history is a complete fabrication. College students are taught history is written by the winners. Anthropology and Ancient architecture are so full of problems its unreal. The main Egyptology “historian”(Hawais, Born in “47”) is the guy we get what we think we know about them….but behind our backs he teaches they are the Atlantians in conferences. So that timeline is garbage.

There are Roman megalithic aqueducts in Mexico, South America, Much of Europe and go all the way into Siberia. Romans didn’t make them. Roman architecture is mysteriously advanced…outside of Italy…yet just deplorable in Rome. This is just one the 1000’s of examples I have come across where we are told a fact that doesn’t fit the evidence. So no the Romans did not exist as described…nor any other past civilization. Scientists all over the world are proving this….but in America the university zombie patrol keeps spouting a history really written by the victors or a few monks.

And of course I have experienced a small example of this. I lived in an area where there we had “Celtic” walls. Pacific North West. Some local farmers(and historians) called them farmer walls…though they aren’t good for any sort of cattle, made of granite and there was never settler population big enough to make that many miles of them. We are told there wasn’t natives in the area either except a small summer time fishing population. So I found 100’s of yards of these granite walls( and a mound builder turtle effigy) on our property alone. So my research started on this phenomena…on the walls and local history.


I found them in the Bay Area too. Anyway, I found the tribe that made them New Zealand…..talked to an honorary member about how they remember placing them there 6000 years ago. Read how they traced their history to what we might call the Phoenicians/Egyptians/ and Tibetan Bon. That member had talked to tribes in California and Washington….confirming that these people were still in there songs(history) they remember the people being there.

I read documents about how Spanish came to the area to find huge amount of granite walls still in use with 5000 local full time Native Americans. Same walls like in Ireland. Farmers took them down….as they do everywhere in the Americas…say but a few. I read an old book referring to tribe in Victoria BC that spoke a version Polynesian. I studied turtle effigies, New England mound builder walls, Celtic walls….all with exactly the same style…obviously the same culture. I read two books from the ancient NZ tribe(they are going extinct so the wanted to leave a little knowledge). They talk about how traveled the oceans and the world. They were mariners. They remember some aspect of being involved in Egypt and Tibet…many tens of thousands of years ago.

This tribe left sacred artifacts 1000’s of years ago that a few locals were instructed to find, which they did. I did the alignments of their places and they aligned with other places they had been.So I do all this research …..with the actual tribes who are involved and all I get from the local scientist when I mention this is “Thats stupid”.This is of course where we are with history and science. This small amount of research is a smaller version of the true history of the entire Americas AND the world. This is why you must do your own research because nothing of value comes from this priest class called scientist.

We talked today about an interview discussing the “mariners”. Freeman and Montalk. It was talking about the same tribe but different names.

So all this shows me…history has been erased….and maybe, just maybe some, indigenous remember something of value.

More examples.

1.There are problems with our timeline……Huge Empires being have been erased from history( TSARIA) but are still their in ancient maps.

2.Sir Isaac Newton proved our history had been hacked(where all our modern physics comes from). “3. 3. Some of our biggest literary and historical figures tell you” History is written by the victors” which means no more than ½ hour history COULD be true….since the other half of history(from the losers) gets erased.

4.They teach this in a class in college for #$#$% sake!!  The university of Moscow has a gentleman(with 100’s of professors) statically proving 1000 years got inserted in our timeline.

5.Our history is ultimately racist…basically saying if you are a brown person you can’t have any contribution to history…it’s all myth..and our university version is the only version.

Q: I completely agree with you on these oddities.  For one, where I’m from (that being Wisconsin), there are many archaeological curiosities that are typically dismissed by academia. Alleged pyramids in lakes, giant skeletons, large earthworks atop of bluffs in the Mississippi Valley area that were put there by “18th century farmers”…lots of curiosities.  We’ll definitely touch base on this again in the future.

Before wrapping off on this interview, I wanted to ask you about your current post (found here) regarding the whole space is water/ancient mariner thesis you recently published.  What can you share with everyone regarding your current perspective on that situation?  There is some really fascinating, current research in this arena that is in some way/shape/form tying the existing reality of our world with the ancients.  What are your general thoughts on the subject?


JSI don’t know(yet) if space is actually water. But, the encoding from the elites/media is definitely expressing some Kabbalistic/Qlipothic belief that it is watery demonic realm. The use of 66 numerology in space is proof that someone high up believes it. I don’t think its a big stretch to suggest more research on ancient mariners(who took 3 or more years to travel the oceans) and the possibility that they are infact referring to space or traveling through the more demonic abyss. Again…I don’t know…just suggesting some ideas for further research. I would say that since “they’ invert/hack EVERYTHING….. I could imagine that what we think of as the demonic dimensions is up and the more harmonious might be in the direction of earth. If it isn’t ….then why are they spending eons encoding space is hell? It might be important to know why. Anyway…this is all new research. We just need to look into it and sit with it a while without starting a new religion or spirituality out of it. I would like to go back to some of the Polynesian research I have done and see if I can find more to this ancient mariner/civilization and its possible space/water/abyss correlations. Maybe traveling the waters of this world, traveling the waters of space and crossing the demonic realms(safely) are symbolic, real and spiritual manifestations of the exact same hidden truth.

Q: That will certainly be interesting.  I am most certainly looking forward to your future research in this area.  I think this whole area of research is very exciting; we’ll definitely plan to do another interview in the near future.  Before ending this segment, I wanted to get your opinion on the current state of humanity.  I know you do work that most people would consider “shamanic” in nature.  Is the human race ultimately doomed for failure?  Do you believe this “negative” energy to be too pervasive and powerful to reverse?  What are some insights from your work that you could share with us regarding the current state of the human species?

From the Great Belly Laugh and the Great Asleepening


JSCurrent state of humanity: Appears in pretty bad shape. Example: my family has turned from sorta middle class working people to openly Luciferian. That is the vibe I get from America too. When I go to any grocery store I just see people filled with “parasites”. It looks pretty rough from 3-d eye perspective.

Negative energy reversal: Well its either really bad news , hopeful but a new direction on how to do it is required ,or it is working already and we don’t notice. Hard to tell..right now.

Insight on current state:

It’s a bit confusing at this point. I woke up in a informational and spiritual sense later in life(but the very quick and painful version). So….my previous and current perspectives are quite fresh in my mind. It appears…..that humanity is taking a black magic nose dive of which logically their is only the abyss. The media sure is telling us that. Many humans are participating in technology that is physically, mentally, psychically and spiritually unhealthy…..almost all created by mind-controllers/black magicians…no joke. So that’s not good…………

But……………..someone could easily point out that its always looked this way and its only becoming more noticeable the more aware I become. So that makes it less of a crisis and more of a chronic ailment….so that’s less worrying.

But……if we are in a free fall……..we can get only a few healthy again.

It takes a lot of effort to get one human back up and running with enough of there abilities that they can take care of themselves spiritually. It seems to take no effort at all to keep people asleep so mathematically there isn’t enough healers out there to take 7 billion people out of their spell. So ya’all look kinda screwed from that perspective…….blah………………

But….there is so much 24/7 media bombardment, emf stupor, and constantly making people commit black magic against themselves; that it seems if they even let up for a second everybody would be fine and the spell would be broken. So maybe it’s not so hard after all…….yea!!

This is why we need to know more and decode more… see where we are at. Learn truth vs distraction.

From Equinox Mountain Full of Stars

From a more “shamanic/spiritual” perspective:

“They” seem to really seem be concerned with humans dying in a state with poor nutrition, chemicals, emf poisoning, mind-control, foreign DNA/GMO, no knowledge, fear, nanobots, a ton of entities, performing a lot of black magic against your fellow humans and with non of your natural human abilities intact. Nice list, no? You also seem to be required to have consented to it a in some way: whether overt or hidden. “They” don’t seem concerned if you feel your soul is saved or not….oddly enough. Maybe that’s a clue. Maybe if you pass on it they can do something to you if you are in that state of transition. Maybe its of utmost importance to try to reverse that list AS BEST YOU CAN. Maybe if you reverse stuff you get your natural divine abilities back. Maybe if you regain your natural human/divine abilities…more of these questions about this place will answer themselves….in a true form, not a book, not merely speculation or just where the best evidence lay. Maybe if you figure all or some of this out, you can pass it on to the next poor sap that got hobbled by the system.

Anyway…my downloads have turned out to be pretty good….so I’ll just say……. it will be all ok…but it may be VERY ITCHY if you don’t work on that list mentioned above. It was for me until I started.

Q: Well, I personally have hope for the human population, no matter what odds are stacked up against us all.  I think the perspective of yourself and other researchers are only beginning to break down the convoluted  mess that has been placed intentionally in our perspective.  Before wrapping up, is there anything else you would like to comment on?  Is there a way any of the readers can get a hold of you?

JSCurrently you can contact me via the contact form on my blog. I believe the blog is your fault…lol….we were bantering about via email and you suggested something, no? The blog is meant to be very short little informational bits and maybe in a bit too informal conversational style.  I have too much to say and so to little time to do long articles. I have made a promise to my readers that I don’t post anything deceptive/lies. I belong to no group, and care not if I have no audience or thousands. It doesn’t mean I know everything just that I am making the effort to know something. Also, my wife and I are phenomena magnets(on a daily basis) so we post that stuff to if we feel like it. Just for fun.

JA: Excellent, Jim! And yes, I’ll take full responsibility for urging you to start a website, which of course can be found here at .   Thank you again, Jim, for taking the time to chat.  We’ll definitely plan to follow up in the near future on some of the specifics we have discussed.

More dialogues can be found here.

11 thoughts on “Spanning the Abyss with Demiurgis : An Interview with Jim Shanty

  1. Great article! Fascinating subjects…
    You mentioned a Zach in this discussion… who is he and does he have a blog? Sounds interesting as well.
    Thanks for this, Jim- fantastic presentation.


  2. Dez. Thanks…..James asked some very good questions…way outside of what I thought we would have talked about…in a good way of course.
    I have done some excellent work with Zach’s methodology. Worth applying it and seeing if you get any “coincidences”.

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