15 thoughts on “Billy Shears On the Bridge Over the River Kwai

  1. Totally fab as usual!
    Upon reading, I immediately noticed another date you gave in regards to ringo and Barbara-
    December 8, 1984 New York City
    John Lennon was killed on dec 8th in New York City- and his assailant Mark David Chapman was holding a copy of The Catcher in the Rye at the time- main character from that novel: William Holden.
    The synchronicity never ends with these guys!!
    Great work-


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  3. Timothy

    Are you aware that
    Charlton Heston
    who played the role
    of Moses had a great
    great great great great uncle
    whose name was William
    (Billy) Shears. William (Billy)
    Shears was a member of
    a famous band called
    the Bottles who sang
    and also played the guitar.
    His best known song was
    called ” The Day Before
    Yesterday “. Also Yul Brenner
    who played the role
    of the pharoah in the same
    movie had a great great great
    great aunt whose name
    was Willemina Sheres
    who was also in a band
    called the Beat Alls and
    played the guitar and sang.
    Willemina Sheres was
    famous for her song ” Hi Doodle “.


  4. “His highly technical and fictional thesis, briefly, is that on Sunday, September 25, 1966, James Paul McCartney died in a car crash on an English lane…”

    The Beatles played Seattle that day. There is no way JPM died in England that day. However, I do think that JPM died after that show and before the LA show on Aug. 28, 1966,


  5. Joanne di Roma

    Just read that Tina Foster
    is publishing a new book
    about Paul McCartney
    on amazon at end of June 2018
    so all you Paul-is-dead lovers
    start preparing your
    5 star reviews now.


  6. Mike Pilsen

    ” …..start preparing your
    5 star reviews now. ” !?!?

    The whole thing is
    decidedly Fosteresque.

    If you ask me…….


  7. Chris Pugliese

    Tina Foster is writing a
    new book on Paul McCartney
    Sadly, Tina has had to postpone
    writing her new book for
    logistical and financial reasons.
    The rumor circulating in the
    PID community is that Tina
    has run out of crayons.

    Watch this space for updates
    on Tina Foster’s new book
    on Paul McCartney.


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