Osiris Rex and the Great Search for His Missing Male Generative Principle


On September 8, 2016, NASA plans to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida, an Atlas V 411 rocket carrying with it a payload of the conveniently named Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer; a space vehicle engineered to conduct a study of the asteroid 101955  Bennu and return samples to Earth.  Known as OSIRIS REx for short, the high-level plan is to launch the OSIRIS REx into space on September 8, 2016.  Subsequent to that, NASA’s plan includes:

  • Placing OSIRIS REx in a Solar orbit for one year
  • Using the Sun’s gravitational field to contribute to the OSIRIS REx’s journey to 101955 Bennu
  • Having OSIRIS REx begin a 505 day, detailed visual survey of the 101955 Bennu’s surface beginning in August 2018 and transmitting the data back to NASA personnel on Earth
  • NASA will then use the data to select a portion of the asteroid to target for a physical sample of the asteroid’s surface
  • Moving OSIRIS REx into close proximity of the asteroid, extending the machine’s robotic arm, and using it to collect a 2 – 70 ounce sample of the comet’s surface material as deemed by NASA
  • Sending OSIRIS REx back to Earth, beginning in March of 2021
  • OSIRIS Rex returning to Earth in September of 2023 and landing in Utah at the Utah Text and Training Range
  • Retrieving the sample in Utah and then transporting it to the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston for further analysis

Costing a cool, estimated 983,500,000 USD, what is the intent of Project OSIRIS REx? To photograph and analyze the asteroid’s surface, to extract a sample of the asteroid’s physical material, and return the asteroid’s physical sample material to Earth, for the first time in US space history.  Not bad for a roughly 3 meter cube with wings.

King Osiris : OSIRIS REx Explained


The OSIRIS REx is the brain child of a project team that includes the  University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Lockheed Martin Space Systems  (more information on the technicalities of OSIRIS REx can be found here).  What is interesting is that the name OSIRIS REx came after the fact; when project lead Dr. Dante Lauretta laid out the Origins, Spectra Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, and Regolith collection components of the mission at hand, he realized the mission’s requirements spelled out the ancient Egyptian deity OSIRIS.  So, with a spot of luck, a background and interest in mythology, and an accidentally perfect acronym in place, OSIRIS REx was born.

Per the mission’s official site, www.asteroidmission.org, Osiris symbolizes the bringer of life, as he “was believed to have spread an understanding of agriculture through the Nile Delta.”  The site goes on to state that Osiris, as a dual god of the Underworld, “mirrors the destruction that large asteroid impacts have created.”  What asteroid could create such destruction? That would be, of course, asteroid 101955 Bennu.

101955 Bennu

NASA/JPL Doppler image

When I attempt to find more information regarding the asteroid known as 101955 Bennu on the NASA.gov website (as of August 30, 2016), I get the error message “404: The cosmic object you are looking for has disappeared beyond the event horizon.”  An interesting phrase to find, nonetheless, given the recent curiosities of NASA that have been called into question of late.  Fortunately for us, other sources on the Web still exist.

101955 Bennu is an asteroid that, “experts” state, potentially contains the organic/carbon seeds associated with the origin of our Solar System.  Measuring around 580 meters in diameter, asteroid 101955 Bennu is hypothesized to be carbonaceous, or “rich in carbon and organic material and likely to contain some of the building blocks of life, such as amino acids used to build the proteins vital to life on Earth.”1

The asteroid, originally discovered on September 11, 1999 by the LINEAR Survey team (Lincoln Laboratory Near-Earth Asteroid Research Team at Socorro, New Mexico), was originally named 1999RQ36; the asteroid is estimated to be 4.56 billion years old, and presents the perfect opportunity for NASA and the world’s scientists to study the asteroid’s material, or regolith, that is representative of the beginning of our Solar System and the beginning of life on Earth.

Yet with this opportunity for scientific discovery of the origin of the cosmos comes a threat; 101955 Bennu is considered to be the top contender in a group of asteroids known as Potentially Hazardous Asteroids.  JPL/NASA calculations conclude that 101955 Bennu has a 1/1800 chance of slamming into Earth in 2170, and a 1/1000 chance of hitting us in 2182.  With impact, massive death and destruction on planet Earth would take place.


Yet despite being a possible harbinger of death, Pasadena’s Planetary Society decided to have a contest for school children of 18 years of age or less, worldwide, to come up with better name for the asteroid rather than RQ36.  As the Planetary Society’s CEO Bill Nye, the “science guy” stated, “asteroids are cool and 1999 RQ36 deserves a cool name!”  With that being said, a nine year old young man from North Carolina submitted the name Bennu, as OSIRIS REx, with its robotic arm or TAGSAM, reminded him of a drawing of the Egyptian heron known as Bennu.  The Planetary Society, thrilled with the name, stated that the god Bennu is commonly associated with the gods Atum, the primordial deity, and the Ra, the Solar Deity.  The perfect mix of OSIRIS REx and Bennun is associated with the asteroid project at hand, as “our own Solar System was ‘reborn’ from the remnants of stellar explosions more than 4.5 billion years ago, so origins, rebirth and duality are all part of the story of this asteroid.”2

At the surface level, OSIRIS REx not only represents a scientific mission engineered around the idea that the keys to the universe can be solved around a 2- 70 ounce sample of regolith, but it could also provide valuable data in protecting the Earth in the 22nd century from a cataclysmic comet impact.  Like so many other subject matters of late, 101955 Bennu represents both a beginning and an end; like any good dualistic meme, this asteroid has it all.

Scenarios in Play


The first order set of circumstances is the one the mainstream media has most certainly promoted.  You have an asteroid space exploration vehicle, who, by chance, happened to have a title that also was an acronym of the Egyptian deity Osiris; also, by chance, you have a nine year old student who happens to think that the space vehicle looks like a Egyptian heron, comes up with the name Bennu for a NASA/Planetarium competition, and wins the contest.  That being said, let’s assume three constructions of ideas and words are at play here:

  1. An asteroid does exist that potentially carries with it material that existed at the time of the birth of the Solar System and the Earth; said asteroid also potentially could destroy life on Earth
    1. NASA does have the means to send a randomly named spacecraft OSIRIS REx into space, to an asteroid named Bennu some x amount of kilometers away, have it grab a sample of material, and then send the spacecraft back to Earth for further analysis
  2. An asteroid does exist again as above
    1. NASA does not have the means to send a spacecraft to said asteroid, but is pushing a storyline that misdirects the public into thinking that escape from Earth is possible and pushing the meme of mainstream, legitimized history of the Earth and the Solar System
      1. IE space travel is not possible in a closed system
  3. Neither the asteroid or space travel exists
    1. Returning to the idea of spellcraft, information encoding, mass media representations, and the ancient Mystery School knowledge base, there is some other agenda at stake with the upcoming OSIRIS REx / Bennu naming convention

As always, I have no idea what the truth is, but I do want to explore #3, as that is the most intriguing to discuss, and symbolism is abound in the images above.

Worship of the Male Generative Principle


Or the darling of the ancient Mystery Schools, worship of the phallus.  Prevalent in quite a bit of literature relating to Babylon, Egypt, Freemasonry, etc etc, the symbol of the phallus is always present in both symbolism and in text.  It is the most ancient of superstitions of the human race.  It represented the creative, generative force, or the source of life as embodied (possibly) by the Solar Sun.

The book entitled  Phallism in Ancient Worships, by Westropp and Wake, states that humans, in antiquity, became aware through observation of two outcomes of the operations of the nature of the symbol: one being the generative power attached to it, and the other being the productive power of the active and passive foundations (ie male/female, father/mother).  The earth carried with it the passive element.  It received the seeds of reproduction and acted as “the nurse of what was produced in the bosom,” or the mother.  The sky was procreative or active principle.  The sky was “the fecundating and fertilizing power,” or the father from which seeds of life were sent forth.

As the symbol of generation, the phallus was the object of religious worship among the Assyrians, Persians, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, Gauls, Scandinavians, etc throughout antiquity.  The Phoenicians, for example, who through the use of an erect pillar, paid worship to Saturn as head of the pantheon of deities.  It was a symbol of religious purity; no indecency was imparted upon it.  However, with other writers of antiquity, such as Clemens Alexandrinus, the religious and mysterious representation attached to the worship of the male generative principle began to invert.  His treatise depicting the Bacchanal orgies, cannibalism, and sanctity placed on the serpent and the worship of the error of Eve potentially provided a blueprint that attached the snake to the phallus.  Better yet, the snake represents the active agent that generated the Great Fall of Humanity in the Garden of Eden.

Osiris Revisited


What more needs to be written about the Egyptian deity known as Osisis?  The Osiris deity is typically received as a symbol of the solar orb; however, cases have been made that Osiris was representative of a God of Corn, a Tree Spirit, a God of Fertility, and a God of the Dead.  Returning again to Mackey’s work, we see the same words used previously on this article to define the idea of Osiris; “Osiris represented the male, active or generative, powers of nature.”


As one take on the legend would have it (as accounted for by Sir Frazer’s The Golden Bough), Osiris’ brother Set/Typhon, while Osiris was away and teaching humankind the basics of civilization in the form and design of agriculture, became jealous of his brother.  Upon Osiris’s return, Set, along with 72 coconspirators, fooled Osiris into getting into a coffin, sealed the coffin shut, and discharged the coffin into the Nile.  Osiris, having drowned, was later found by his sister wife Isis at Byblos in Phoenicia.  While returning the body to Egypt, Isis left the body alone, and Set happened upon it while hunting boar with the assistance of the light of the full moon.  Recognizing his brother’s corpse, Set dismembered Osiris in 14 pieces and scattered them abroad.

Isis, upon realizing her brother/husband corpse had been mutilated by Set, traversed the Egyptian lands in search of his body parts.  Able to find all pieces aside from his phallus, the tale states one of two things subsequently occurred: Isis buried each body part found at the spot of discovery, or she buried a image of each body part at each spot of discovery.  The genital member of Osiris was consumed by a fish; Isis in turn created replica of his phallus and buried that too (the replica possibly being fabricated with the assistance of gold).

Frazer goes on to state that native Egyptian lore held that Isis kept the actual body parts of Osiris. She and her sister Nephthys then wept a prayer to the Gods.  The Sun God Ra, hearing the cries of Isis and her sister, sent down Anubis; in turn, Anubis, Isis, and Nephthys pieced together the body of Osiris, wrapped it in bandages, and performed the sacred rites over his corpse.  It is at that point that Isis fanned the body of Osiris with her wings, Osiris rose from the dead, and was then anointed as Lord of the Underworld, Lord of Eternity, and Ruler of the Dead.3


Getting back to the dismemberment of Osiris into 14 pieces, research and author Sir Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge presents an analysis of hieroglyphic texts depicting the residing locations of the varied body parts (or images of the original body parts) of Osiris.  They include4:

  •  The Sanctuary of Arq-heh in Abydos – the head of Osiris
  •  Het-Maakheru in Lower Egypt – the left eye of Osiris
  • Am (Pelusium) – the eyebrows of Osiris
  • Faket, Upper Egypt – jaw bones
  • Het-Bennu – the phallus of Osiris

Het-Bennu, or the temple/sanctuary of the Bennu, the Egyptian Phoenix.5

Bennu Revisited

converted PNM file
converted PNM file -JPL/NASA imagery

The name of the phoenix in Egyptian is the Bennu; it is a bird of the heron species.  The bird is was said to “have come into being from out of the fire which burned on the top of the sacred Persea Tree of of Heliopolis.”  The sanctuary of the Bennu is Het Benben, or Het Bennu.  This sanctuary was shared with both Ra and Osiris, and was known as the “House of the Obelisk.”


It is referred to in the Book of the Dead as the “Morning Star;” (the Morning Star either being Venus or the Solar Sun at dawn).  It is also referenced as being the essence or soul of Ra.  The Bennu was thought to represent the Sun-bird; it was a symbol of the rising sun, the generation of life, and of resurrection.  Having sprang forth from the heart of Osiris, the Book of the Dead also makes reference that the Bennu “came into being from unformed matter.  I (Bennu) came into existence like the god Khepera.  I (Bennu) am the germs of every god.”

It is referenced to have a life span of 1461 years, wherein upon its death, a worm crawls from its lifeless body, and with the aid of the heat of the Sun, will resurrect itself as a new phoenix.

The Obelisk or Pillar

In my new favorite book, Mackey’s An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, the pillar is thought to be a “representation of the phallus, the symbol of the creative and generative energy of the deity.”  Again, returning to the topic previously mentioned he goes on to state the pillar worship was only “one form of phallic worship, the most predominant of all the cults to which the ancients were addicted.”  As a side note, I did compare the obelisk of Helipolis to that of the Atlas V series of rockets.

 A Hypothesis


Returning to the image above, let’s take second look at the symbolism discussed.  We have:

  • Osiris with his fly whip and crook
    • Osiris, the symbol of the male, active generative power
    • Osiris, the dismembered, resurrected deity who no longer has his male generative member
  • The spacecraft randomly named OSIRIS REx
    • A cubic structure with a robotic “phallic” arm extending from its structure
  • Asteroid 101955 Bennu
    • Initially discovered on September 11, 1999 by JPL
    • Mythologically, the resting place and sanctuary of Osiris’s missing member
    • The Bennu, a symbol of the generation of life, both metaphorically as a Egyptian deity and scientifically as a piece of space debris carrying with it the seeds of the origin of the cosmos
      • Bennu also carries with it a message from NASA implying death and destruction
  • The Rocket/Obelisk of Atlas V
    • A symbol of the creative and generative principle of the deity, monad, or prima material


Ultimately, what does all of this mean?  One could argue, if you read the mass media articles regarding the upcoming mission, that all of these items discussed above are coincidences.   I’m basically “reading too much into all of this.”  However, I would argue that the people behind this project are very intelligent, educated, and well read individuals.  Whether or not space travel is possible, the asteroid exists, or the entire mission is legitimate, the curious question to me is why is all of the phallic symbolism included in this mission?  Is the symbolism randomly generated, intended to pay tribute to some Mystery School indoctrinated segment of the population, or a possible high end joke perpetuated on the Profane?

It is also interesting to see a possible 9-11 type catastrophe unfolding through the message presented officially.  Osiris, the rich, complex, and symbolically important deity responsible for spreading Egyptian civilization, is tagged on Wikipedia’s OSIRIS REx page as being “chosen for this mission as asteroid Bennu is threating Earth impactor capable of causing vast destruction and death.”  The comet Bennu is tagged as being a phoenix; something from which through a fiery death comes resurrection.  Taking the memes of death, destruction, resurrection, and the previously discussed symbolic presentation of the male, active, generative principle in the mission, one might ask “why is NASA using all of these occulted symbols for a trip to an asteroid?”   That, of course, I can not answer; but should the launch be suspended until September 11, 2016, perhaps that would be most telling that some type of encoding of information is in play.

Bonus Segment – Notes from Crrow777


I initially ran the idea of this article by my friend Crrow777; always appreciative of his opinion on the subject matter at hand, I presented a first draft of the article above.  Crrow was kind enough to analyze a few numbers embedded with this NASA mission for me.  So without further ado, here were some takeaways from Crrow777:

  • The number 666 is heavily coded in this project
    • 1999RQ36, the initial name of the asteroid discovered on 9/11/1999
      • 1999 mirrored contains 666
    • If one adds 1 through 36, the summation is 666
    • R = 18, which in turn includes 3 6’s
      • 1/1800 chance of slamming into Earth
      • 18 years of age or less (to name the asteroid)
  • 22 the master number
    • The asteroid has a chance at impacting Earth in the 22nd century
  • 101955 Bennu
    • It too holds 911 within the series of numbers

As always, a big thank you ,Crrow, for your thoughts and insights on this type of subject matter.

With all that being said, I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on the upcoming mission.  Did I miss anything of interest?  Am I reading too much into the symbolism?  Or is it possible that am I potentially on to something?  As always, drop a line and critique away!


1. Why NASA Chose Potentially Threatening Asteroid for New Mission. Spacecom. 2016. Available at: http://www.space.com/11802-nasa-asteroid-mission-dangerous-1999-rq36.html. Accessed August 31, 2016.

2. Nine-Year-Old Names Asteroid Target of NASA Mission in Competition Run By The Planetary Society. Planetaryorg. 2016. Available at: http://www.planetary.org/press-room/releases/2013/nine-year-old-names-asteroid.html. Accessed August 31, 2016.

3. Frazer JG, Sir James George Frazer, Sir. The golden bough: A study in magic and religion: A new Abridgement from the Second and Third editions. Fraser R, Fraser LR, eds. Oxford: Oxford University Press, USA; May 14, 2014.

4. Budge EWA, Sir Ernest Alfred Wallace Budge. The gods of the Egyptians: Studies in Egyptian mythology. London: Kegan Paul; May 20, 2005.

5.The night of the gods: Complete in itself, volume 1. Google Books; February 28, 2008. https://books.google.com/books?id=GEsWAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA314&dq=het+bennu&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiYsujAhe_OAhXDWh4KHTvYAOMQ6AEIHDAA#v=onepage&q=het%20bennu&f=false. Accessed September 1, 2016.

Side Note – These apparently disappeared after being published…please ask me any questions regarding any of the side notes above and I’ll get you the references.  Sorry, and thanks.

11 thoughts on “Osiris Rex and the Great Search for His Missing Male Generative Principle

  1. 101955 = 11-9-10. 911= selfishness 9 to manifestation 11 bypassing 10(source) therefore sorcery. The appropriate manifestation is 9 to 10 to 11…or divine manifestation.
    101-9-55 could be manifestation to selfishness to source which is wierd. OR could just be a rearrangement of the divine manifestation of 9-10-11. If so that would be interesting..no?


  2. Hi James,
    Here’s what I see from the information you provided in your article.
    Cape Canaveral= 33 Tied to the Mason’s. I don’t beLIEve in scenario 1 or 2. They never went to space and now they are using taxpayer money to fund more of their BAALshit.
    The name Osiris Rex was on purpose. No coincidences. Osiris represents the LEFT pillar of Freemasonry- BOAZ. Boaz is AB OZ. Oz is short for Osiris. AB means God so God Osiris. Project Leader is DANTE Lauretta. So associating the project with the Underworld- Dante’s Inferno- Hell. Osiris is God of the Underworld. Asteroid “discovered” on 9-11-1999. How convenient- it has 9 /11 in there which is code for Earth- a war for Earth- and also the 999 is 666 inverted- associated with Satan and violence. The asteroid was originally named 1999-9-8-9. 89 is Qi in numerology. As opposed to Ki energy. Qi is associated with the Qlippoth, the inverted Tree of Life. The Queen energy- the feminine negative, as opposed to the King energy- the male active. Notice the launch date is 9/8.2016 or 9-8-9- again! Qi energy. The Bennu is the bird of the Underworld. Are we seeing a theme here? 13 year old submitted the name- no- but that’s their story so they can put 13 in it. 13 parts (of Osiris found)- 13 families of their royal bloodline. 22nd Century is mentioned because 22 is the Master Builder number- Christ’s number which they try to usurp. Osiris is O isis R. O- feminine negative and ISIS. Sir Budge mentions LEFT eye- which is the MOON eye, again feminine negative- Omega energy- Luciferian energy. And that the Bennu is the Morning Star- again Lucifer. Phoenix Rising- Lucifer Rising. No asteroid to hit, (1/1800 chance- again 666 code), but what do they have up their sleeve? Those krafty masons.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The whole thing, regardless if the mission is in fact as real as presented by the media, does indeed have a production/stage craft feel to it. Of course it could all be coincidences, but I would argue these people are extremely well read and educated with a sound knowledge base at their disposal. thanks for your insight on the numbers – absolutely interesting!


      1. Rachel Hutchins

        Crrow also did a video on the Rosetta Philae comet lander that had alot of ISIS symbolism I believe the comet was shaped like an Island in the Nile where the Temple of ISIS is Cheers

        Liked by 1 person

      2. oh yes, that was very good! I have talked to Crow about that one. I am hoping to do a follow up on that one in written format. Very good stuff – even if it is truly random, one does wonder what is going on. Thank you for the comment!


  3. It probably goes without saying that Bennu (the asteroid) looks very much like an egg from the pictures NASA has so kindly provided for us 🙂 It seems as though NASA and friends have been “seeding” the cosmos (metaphorically??) for decades now- Jack Parsons would recite the “Hymn of PAN” prior to every rocket launch. PAN was the impregnator of the womb of Babalon- so there we have another “seeding” if you will… NASA is no stranger to this type of symbolism- it is seemingly encoded into many many missions over the past decades.
    The Benben stone- was a precursor to the obelisk, and Bennu was thought to live within or on top of the Benben. I don’t know if that is significant- but thought I would throw it out there in case you were unaware.
    Great reading as usual! Can’t wait to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

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