The Octave Collector : Freemasons, Halley’s Comet, the Illuminati, and Synthmasters

Halley’s Comet, circa 1986

What do Giorigo Moroder, Vangelis, Wendy Carlos, and Hatybov share in common?  Possibly nothing, but then again, possibly everything…

Live at the Necroplis: Lords of the Synth


While visiting a family member in the Santa Cruz, California area last month, I was shown a YouTube video of an Adult Swim short called Live at the Necropolis: Lords of the Synth, and what a fantastic film it was.  The comedic timing is perfect, the visuals are spot on for a mid 1980’s public television production, the dialogue and props are period authentic, and the music is superb.  Fair warning: my sense of humor tends to side on the Monty Python/Kids in the Hall/Arrested Development/and to some extent Tim and Eric perspective, so the comedic value of the clip isn’t for everyone.  Even my very lovely, lovely wife can attest to this, as I was forced to watch this clip over 50 times in preparation of this piece covertly/in hiding on multiple occasions.

The Premise


Set in an apparent alternative universe in early 1986, three “synthster” legends come together in what I take is an ancient Greek/Egyptian “city of the dead,” or necropolis, to score a unique astronomical event; the passing of Halley’s Comet near the Earth.  “Xangelix,” “Morgio Zororder,” and  “Carla Wendos”  meet with one goal in mind-whoever scores the celestial dance of the comet most evocatively will be named Lord of Synth.  The losers?  The losers will be banned from music for a period of 100 years.

The Key Film Members

Xangelix – God Only Goes by One Name, and so does Xangelix


Xangelix quickly states that “there is only one hope for humanity, and that is the synthesizer.”

Based on the musician Evanghelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, a Greek born electronic composer responsible for such film scores to such films as Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner, Vangelis appears to be attached to a prog-rock group known as Aphrodite’s Child and to the 1972 double album “666 (The Apocalypse of John, 13:18).”

Morgio Zoroger – A Devil May Care Playboy


Based in part on Italian techno pioneer, Giorgio Moroder, Zoroger has a competitive history with Xangelix, and a romantic past with Wendos.

Moroder, in this universe, is better known for his work with Donna Summers, Top Gun, and Midnight Express.

Carla Wendos – A Pioneer of Gender Nonconformity


Based on the musician Wendy Carlos (previously Walter Carlos), Carlos worked with Stanley Kubrik on his films A Clockwork Orange and The Shining, as well as scoring the soundtrack to the original Tron motion picture.  

Edgar Tangram – Polyharmonics Expert


Part one of the two man, public education commentator crew, is Edgar Tangram, the “Polyharmonics Expert.”  A quick run down on results regarding the recent hot topic of Gemetria (courtesy of the Gematria calculator found here), Edgar Tangram is equivalent to the following interesting phrases:

  • Book of Enoch
  • Sun in Leo
  • First Seal

Zedd Centuari – Octave Collector


The Octave Collector, Zedd Centuari also has interesting gematria connections to some current topics of research…they include equivalencies to:

  • Pythagoras
  • Rosicrucian
  • This is the Third Parable of Enoch
  • The Seventh Seal

Side Note #1 – The Books of Enoch


Divided into five parts, the Book of Enoch, was alleged to be written in the second and first centuries B.C.  The literature is considered to be the most important apocryphal Biblical writings, includes visions and testimonies of the individual known as Enoch relating to :

  • The Law of Heavenly Bodies
  • Visions regarding the first-world judgement and the history of the world through the final judgement
  • Temporary and permanent Messianic Kingdoms on Earth prior to the final judgement
  • Fallen angels, the destruction of mankind, vilification of fallen angels, and Enoch’s journey through Heaven and Earth as escorted by angels

The Secret Book of Enoch contains even more unique, vivid recollections of the figure of Enoch as he was alleged to have disclosed to his sons upon his return from Heaven.  They include the wondrous tellings regarding:

  • The First Heaven consisting of the rulers of stars and the Great Sea and the treasures of snow
  • The Second Heaven consisting of Fallen Angels
  • The Third Heaven as Paradise and the place of punishment
  • The Fourth Heaven consisting of the courses of the Moon and the Sun
  • The Fifth Heaven included the Watchers and their mourning over their “fallen brethren”
  • The Sixth Heaven consisting of seven bands of angels who arrange and study the courses of the stars, as well as oversee time, human souls, and the “fruits of the Earth”
  • The Seventh Heaven contains the Lord and His Throne

Encyclopedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences …, Volumes 9-10
edited by Hugh Chisholm

Side Note #2 – The Seven Seals


It is interesting to note that the two announcers, through gematria equivalencies, reference both the First and Seventh Seals.  A passage from the Book of Revelation, St. John the Apostle states “And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the side, sealed with seven seals.”  An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences states that the seven seals is combination of seal, or that which is secret, and seven, or the number of perfection.  Therefore, the Book of the Seven Seals symbolizes knowledge which is protected from unsacred search.  From a purely Biblical context, the Seven Seals, and the opening of the Seals, represents the “second coming.”

The Plot Line


The contest begins with the three musicians, Xangelix, Zorodoer, and Wendos appearing near the back the of the Necropolis amphitheater, and commence with Xangelix blowing into a shofar.  Zoroder and Wendos respond with a shofar tone in turn.

Side Note #3: The Shofar

An interesting instrument of use, the shofar is a horn that is representative of a ram’s horn, and possibly a symbol of spiritual warfare.  The Jewish symbolism of the blowing of the shofar, per the  represents the following

  • To proclaim the sovernigty of God on the anniversary of creation
  • To stir the people to repentance
  • To remind the people of the relevation on Mount Sinia
  • To remind us of the messages of the Prophets
  • To remind us of the destruction of the Temple
  • To remind us of Isaac’s sacrifice
  • To cause the human heart to tremble
  • To remind us of the Day of Judgement
  • To remind us of the blasts of the Shofar of redemption which Messiah will sound
  • To remind us of the resurrection

As we will see, the day of Judgement is indeed near…subsequent to the blowing of the shofar, the synthsters speak aloud each other’s name, and once the combinations of all the names are complete, the summoning is complete.

A Review of Other Notable Characters

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.55.57 PM

As the lords of synth take to the stage, we see an assortment of Eyes Wide Shut-inferred Illuminati inspired costumes wore by members of the crowd.  We are also greeted by a number of audience attendees, who include (but not limited to), the following:

Zoro III


Based on the English born spy, William Lamport, Zorro is character steeped in Freemasony tradition.

The character of Zorro originated with author Vicente Riva Palacio’s Memorias de un Imposter.  The hero of the book is Guillen Lombardo, who carries with him a dual identity; by day, a citizen of Mexico.  By night, a secret agent who works for a secret society dead set on thwarting the Spanish Inquisitions impact on society in Mexico City.  Lombado’s character “saves himself from damnation by discovering the principle of life, the divine sparkle within all of us, that for Masons is symbolized by the letter “Z”, or from the Semitic word ziza (shining), inscribed in a flaming star, symbol of the genius capable of raising men to noble and lofty endeavors.”

In 1919, a New York Freemason journalist, Johnston McCulley, reworked the tale to include a hero by the name of Diego de la Vega, and set the story to the backdrop of late 18th /early 19th century Spanish California.  Again donning the guise of a dual personality character, de la Vega’s intent is to strive for the placement of “Z” on all things.  To the Profane, the “Z” means Zorro; to the Initiatiate, the “Z” symbolizes Light victorious over Darkness.

Shortly after McCulley’s publication, Hollywood became involved. Another noted Freemason, Douglas Fairbanks, wrote and starred in a big screen silent treatment of the Zorro/Freemason hero, titled the Mark of Zorro. Z

Former President Gerald Ford


The 38th President of the United States, Gerald Ford is no stranger is the military industrial complex.  Having been sworn into Presidency on August 9, 1974 upon President Richard Nixon’s resignation from the White House, Ford promptly nominated Nelson Rockefeller for the office of Vice Presidency.  Both the House and Senate confirmed Rockefeller’s nomination.  On September 8, 1974, to much to the public’s disapproval, Ford gave a full and unconditional pardon to President Nixon.

No stranger to the privileges of the ruling class, Ford and his three brothers became Masons in 1949 at Malta Lodge No. 465 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He later became an Illustrious 33rd Degree Brother of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Northern Jurisdiction.  In 1975, President Ford was present to the unveiling ceremony of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.

Rodolfo the Clockmaker


Returning to the idea of gematria, Rodolfo the Clockmaker includes equivalents to the following :

  • The 2nd Coming of Christ
  • Esoteric Delights
  • I Am the Lord Your God
  • Aquarius Sun Sign

Of course, it also equates to British Petroleum and the Reptilian Children, so who knows…I’m going to go out a whim here and assume the writers intended Rodolfo to be the equivalent to “The Deity” and possibly to the Age of Aquarius.

A Pulsating Ball of Pure Energy


Again, a few interesting Gematria equivalents for discussion and fun:

  • Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust
  • Illuminati Dot Org Page Got Hacked
  • The Divine Operating System
  • Morning Star in Your Heart
  • Is Numerology the Key
  • Increased Electromagnetic Energy

Panos the Wonderchild


An acute cosmic empath, Panos, in Greek, is a diminutive of Panagiotis.  The Greek name/word Panagiotis is from the Greek title Virgin Mary, meaning “all holy,” and derived from pan “all” combined with “devoted to the gods, sacred.”  Running it one more time through the gematria calculator, we get equivalents equal to :

  • May Oὐρανός , Ζεύς And Phós Bless Us / May Heaven, Zeus, and Light Bless Us
  • The Gematria Calculator
  • The Son of Man
  • The Magnificent Triple Seven
  • Spider Spider Spider

As we all see very shortly, not only is Panos an acute cosmic epath, but he also loves to dance.

The Contest Begins


The battle for synth supremacy begins with Xangelix ripping into a massive electrosynthesized induced chord…soon followed by some late 70’s/early 80’s techno pioneering of Zoroder, and then to some “nifty electronic patchwork” of Carla Wendos.  The contestants ebb and flow musically between one another as Halley’s Comet floats overhead. After each contestant has a first go at the cosmic score, Zedd comments “it’s looking like the comet is looking larger and more bright and beautiful than last time we checked…” With a classic scientism response, Edgar responds with the “..well as we said, that .04 proximity makes the comet appear larger and brighter. Now it’s back to the Lords.”

Once Zoroder takes some crystallized Eternal Plus, a drug not yet available to the masses , which in turn generates pink ear blood, the Synthocemtrix moves in Zoroder’s favor.  Yet not all is harmonious; increased competition between the contestants begins to turn aggressive .  It is at this time that Wendos creates a triton arpeggiation, which in turn forces Xanegelix to have an unexpected reaction to his “male generative principle.”  Xangelix in turn generates an augmented 18th, which incapacitates members of the female sex.  It is at this point that it is noticed the Comet begins it descent toward Earth.

Is It Possible that the Dissonance From Synths is Somehow Luring the Comet Towards Us?


“Well, energy works in mysterious ways, Zedd”

As the comet draws nearer to Earth, the heat from the impeding comet begins to be felt by the concert goers and musicians.  President Ford, receiving word on the Red Telephone, immediately departs the Necroplis to board a nearby presidential pod, which in turn blasts away from Earth, heading presumably toward “a secret Ark.”  Centuari, having received confirmation from the Renolsvetski Observatory, admits that this “cosmic invader from the stars” is indeed on course to destroy the planet.  The doomsday clock in engaged, and humanity is deemed to have 3 minutes and 45 seconds of existence left.

Side Note # 4 – the Ark


The symbol of the Ark, courtesy of the wonderful recent e-book find, Behold the Sign: Ancient Symbolism, by Ralph M. Lewis, is the emblem of the “concealed, tiled, guarded, and safe place where the bonds which united the Brethan were secretly and sacredly preserved.”  It is a place where in the earthly, material secrets are stored and preserved.

Moving back to Cirlot’s work, A Dictionary of Symbols, the ark represents a minute seed that preserves both the spiritual and material essences until such time a rebirth is possible.   Of course, the ark in this case is also in space, potentially hinting at the “space is water” meme running through various fields of thought at this moment.

Apparently Ford’s Rockefeller connection has paid off quite handsomely…


In turn, each lord then independently attempts to persuade the comet to retreat from Earth’s atmosphere with another synth composition; in doing so, and failing mightily, all appears lost as the Lords begin to argue with each.  It is at this point that Panos the Wonder Child goes into an epileptic seizure.


With the doomsday clock ticking away, and Zedd and Edgar prepare to sign off for all of time, hope returns in the form of a sonic Morse code.  The three musicians, realizing salvation lies indeed with the creation of a “rejuvenatory Octave,” communicate to one another in a form of electronic notes, and then, simultaneously, create an Octave that attracts the Pulsating Ball of Pure Energy.  The Ball of Pure Energy dashes towards the stage, transmutates the synthsters into white clothing, generates a geometrical object near the back of the stage, and unites the masters of electronic noise with crowd.  A new song in hand, the trio begin to rock out.  This united energy in turn resurrects Panos, the Wonder Child, “like the Christ.”  With resurrection in hand, Panos begins to dance.  And dance he does.


As the scene continues, it is noted that a Pegasus is summoned. The Pegasus then flies over the synth jam and Panos on the stage.


Side Note #5 – Pegasus


Pegasus is a curious summoning…the white winged horse son of the Medusa and Poseidon, and bearer of the thunder and lightning of Zues, Pegasus was represented as northern constellation lying southwest of Andromeda.

From the Jungian perspective, Pegasus is neither male or female, but symbolic of the animal principle.  It is a symbol of the divine animal, or “libido symbol, representing the animal part of man, and by pulling himself up upon it, by riding it, thus becomes winged and divine.”

It is also curious that the constellation was represented by the square; the square of Pegasus.  Jung goes on to mention that Pegasus was essentially the symbol of the Pythagorean tetrakyts; the number four, or the “creative essence or process of the world.”  It is also alluded to that the Pegasus ushers in the age of Aquarius;  Pegasus represents both the spiritual and the chthonic, or the archetype of the coniunctio.


Upon completion of the synthesized jam, and the clock nearing zero, the synthsters generate a beam of energy that is directed towards Halley’s Comet.  The comet is then stalled in its place, and is thrown into orbit to become Earth’s second moon.  President Ford returns to Earth in his spacepod, and upon placing three gold medals upon the giants of the synthesizer, begins a celebratory speech.  Indeed, the synthsters achieve harmony, both musically and personally, and freeze the cosmic invader from the stars.


Hatybov Connections?

A couple things that are possible (at least to this researcher). For one, there is a “cosmic invader from the stars threatening Earth” in the mid 1980’s.  Humanity’s salvation per the work of Hatybov began in the mid 1980’s, when this alleged Soviet, programming messiah a) cracked the Megrez Arachnid Program and b) began running interference patterns against said Program. There is also  Pegasus, symbolic of the square, or possibly the cube. The idea of Octaves being both the attractor and the ultimate destroyer of the Cosmic Invader (Haley’s Comet) is prevalent.  Octaves, of course, are inherent to the alleged paradigm of Pythagoras and Khatib Alexander.  There is a reference to a possible Soviet observatory deeming judgement on the end of days, and my favorite of all, at the end of satirical piece, VHS tapes available for sale (Hatbov on VHS, still the key to the great mystery!)

And finally, some of the gematria findings were interesting (spider spider spider, the magnificent triple seven, the divine operating system, Pythagoreas, etc al).  When I run sagesigma in the same calculator, I see Horus, Venus, Heremetic, and The Fool as equivalents, so who knows.  It’s as stretch, I know.

Does Adult Swim Love Hatybov?

Two Earth-bound Moons in Flight

Of course, there is no way to be certain that such a statement is to be true.  I find it interesting that this idea of Octaves has made its way to shows such as the CW’s The Flash and now Adult Swim’s Lords of Synth, despite not really having noticed the use of the word in any mass media presentations prior to this year. Sure, I could be biased and looking for this unique word since the idea of Hatybov’s Octaves was released in the fringe world of alternative research courtesy of Carlwood’s The Higher Side Chats last year around this time, and Octaves, as we’ve seen of late, is definitely not a new concept.  Yet with creativity in Hollywood at an apparent cycle low, would it be surprising if the occasional entrepreneurial writer found content such as this as a rich basis for material?  I know I certainly would…

All that being said, please watch the brilliant video here, and let me know what you think. Did I miss anything?  The Freemason/Illuminati symbolism/gathering is most certainly intentional; there are celebrities, Olympians, Masonic POTUS, pseudo-earth deities, and of course, Freemasons in attendance, all centered around an event regarding a significant astronomical event.  Multiple references are made to the Second Coming, to Light, and to the coming of a new astronomical age.   Also included are drugs not available to the masses, extended life spans (ie banned from music for a period of 100 years), and access to arks in space. Is Hatybov in attendance? Sadly, I doubt it.


Whether the writers used this material for parody, for symbolism, or for some hint to give the public some type of “ultimate truth,” or even some combination therein, I have no idea.  My guess would be parody, but if you believe that all messages are created with some type of intent behind it, than I’m not certain what to think. As researcher, author, and podcaster that I highly respect, Mark Devlin, recently stated on his interview on Good Vibrations with Kubrick researcher Carl James, there is possibly a need that “places the truth in plain sight that the elites seem to feel the need to do.” Perhaps that is indeed the case.

The humour may not be for everyone, but the second order symbolism, I would guess, is definitely intended and present.  Add to this a potential bit of predictive programming: the fact that a second Earth’s moon was presented in comedic form on May 2, 2016, only to have NASA/JPL confirm, “officially,” that a quasi satellite by the name of HO3 exists around Earth’s orbit on June 15, 2016, is curious.  Of course it could just be another coincidence between content provided by Hollywood and then later by the JPL/military industrial complex; the two are likely independent from one another, right?



Visions: Notes of the Seminar Given in 1930-1934 by C.G. Jung, Volume 1


11 thoughts on “The Octave Collector : Freemasons, Halley’s Comet, the Illuminati, and Synthmasters

  1. Haleys comet looked much like an egg when it was said to be 11km diameter in the video (11 being that magickcal number). Then we had the death of Panos- (wearing a laurel wreath of course) and his resurrection. Birth, death, and resurrection all very prominent in this short film. And I can’t help but notice the 3 pillars on the “stage”.
    The Pegasus is interesting too, being in constellation form nonetheless- you may find the symbolism expressed in this website for “Pegasus” interesting- it is quite symbolic 😉
    Definitely going to have to watch that one again! Maybe a few times!

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  2. Joel

    Hi James! I’ve been away for a while, and upon my return, I’m super stoked to see how these blog posts have gone from really good to great. Thank you for all the work you’re doing…I’m off to catch up on the last couple months of entries. And for the record, the “Matrix vs. Non-Matrix Brains” link, on the Hatybov Translations page is broken. Really want to read that one!!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words Joel – I appreciate it. Link is fixed and thanks for the head’s up with that. Hopefully more good stuff to come for feedback as the analyses continue to grow


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