A Conversation with Crrow777


A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to record an interview with a good friend of mine, Crrow777; the idea behind the interview was that I wanted to get his take on a number of different issues that I had been exposed to of late, as well as discuss a number of concepts not necessarily related to the Lunar Wave, the Night Sky, or even the infamous enigma that is Hatybov .  (The interview can be found here.)

moon (1 of 1)-5
The light in the sky known as Venus in flight (photograph courtesy of Cassidy Kring)

During the two hours, we discussed everything from Crowley, to Blavatsky, to Freemasonry, and to the beginnings of NASA.  We also moved into areas  related to more esoteric ideas regarding time, Saturn, Venus, the Platonic Solid of the Cube, the Firmament, and Moonchildren.  As many of you are likely to attest to, one of the best aspects of listening to or talking to Crow is that he most certainly accelerates one’s ability to critically think very quickly.  I, for one, have found it interesting on more than one occasion to hear him make a statement that completely caught me off guard, and in attempting to grasp a possible truth, have spent hours following up the hypothesis with research, reading, and  even statistical analyses, proving that there is indeed a potential correlation between observation, intention, and fact.

So with all that being said, I did want to give an update on some upcoming projects that I thought of during our interview; the idea is to get these working projects online for others to either a) get involved with or b) share possible information with…so without further delay:

Possible Projects / Ideas Moving Forward

Purple/Violet Hue Thoughts


I am still hoping to get an in depth analysis together regarding Purple/Violet hues. As discussed in the interview, I personally have noticed a significant amount of purple/violet colors in the media since the Prince death in April.  I admit I could most certainly be “looking” for this color when watching television or reading news article online, yet as other researchers have pointed out, the color does seem to be everywhere in the media.

As mentioned in the interview, the color purple is attached to memes of royalty, death, and piety.  A bit more research has led to the discovery purple and violet colors attributed to Roman blood sacrifice symbolism , Mercury worship, insanity, the generation of mental depression, manifestations from the Great Darkness, and the worship of Jupiter (as the artificer of the Universe, even!).  Much more to come on this one for feedback from everyone.

Lunar Crater Cataloging

Crater Aristarchus

Working with a couple of other researchers, the goal is to begin to make some sense of the naming of craters of Luna.  As mentioned during the interview with Crow, there is possibly a type of code embedded in the naming convention of craters. Thus far, Jesuit astronomers, Pythagorean school members, and the Almagestrum Novum have been newly uncovered to this researcher.  Definitely more to come on this project and it most certainly will be quite a trip of varied research and discovery with some excellent collaboration and teamwork with other researchers.

A Pythagorean Cosmogony Updated for  2016

The Cosmogony of Philoaus

This one was hinted at in the interview, and is HIGHLY HIGHLY SPECULATIVE AND HYPOTHETICAL on my end.  I have no idea what shape the universe, solar system, or even the Earth is, let alone any data or observations to but it is interesting to hypothesize about. Personally, I don’t want to believe that the powers to be have intentionally deceived us in respect to our locality in the Universe and the true nature of our Cosmos…regardless, three things stuck out to me while chatting with Crow two weeks ago. If you assume the following hypotheticals :

  • The Earth is a plane
  • The Firmament exists
  • Population is a fixed constant
    • The world’s population has remained relatively fixed in quantity over time

Blending with these three variables some Philolaus/  Pythagorean astronomy that I have been researching of late:

  • The Central Fire, or Hestia, of which the “uninhabited portion of the Earth faces”
    • At no point in the Fragments is the Earth stated to be spherical in nature
  • Antichthon, or the counter Earth, which lies between Earth and Hestia and is not able to be viewed by inhabits of this Earth
  • The Sphere of Fixed stars, of which something lies beyond

What all of this means yet, I’m not certain.  The idea of a closed loop system with a fixed population entrapped on a plane by a sphere of fixed stars (or possible Firmament), with a Solar Sun and Moon and other lights circling above us, and that is also to include an alleged ruling class with a longer life cycle than the masses, that in turn adores the Solar Sun through Solar Worship; all of these ideas are absolutely fascinating to me…sort of like one large, perpetual self contained electromagnetic motor or engine that we are all a part of (or something to that extent) Pieces are sort of coming together, but all of this is purely theoretical. And always, more research (and more time for research!) is required.

And One Final Comment

Thanks to a reader by the name of Jim (you can find his website here), the discussion concerning 7-7-16 and Crow’s thoughts on that date are absolutely true.  The time line was indeed as it happened, and sadly, the events of Dallas, Texas unfolded later that evening.

So yes, definitely check out the interview; I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed putting the questions together.  As research progresses on all avenues, the hope is to possibly revisit Crow at a later point in time with a new round of thought and curiosities.

As always, please feel free to shoot me any questions or thoughts regarding the material. And as always, I appreciate all that have taken the time to read this site.

More Dialogues here

6 thoughts on “A Conversation with Crrow777

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  2. 303

    I have just listened to your second interview with Crrow. Another enlightening episode. I’m grateful for the time and effort you, Crrow and others are putting into the sharing of this information. I find new pieces of information that drop into places of the puzzle I see every time I listen to one of you.

    Since that interview of course we have had the events in Nice and it fell on the 14 of the 7th month, 16, making it a double triple 7 or 777 + 777 or double blackjack as Crrow would say.

    I noticed the conversation about the Sun Moon duality, the Sun seems to give energy and the moon takes it away. One warms and the other chills. If the universe is electric as some suggest, you would have a circuit. An anode and a cathode. One putting energy in and the other draining it out. And in any circuit you have an Earth.

    It seems to me, in man made electrical circuits you have negative, positive and earth. The circuit performs work, gives off heat but in the end every thing flows back to the earth. What if the chem trailing, which only seems to be happeing in sunlight is interfereing with the flow of energy getting to earth, yet the moon is left free to drain energy away because it is not blocked by trails?

    Man made circuits only seem to have a postive and negative in recent times. No earth.

    Your first interview with Crrow gave me cause to go back and look at the Hatybov material with a new perspective. I had so many bits and pieces of disconnected observations and oddities of events and strange things I had heard which made a bit more sense or at least offered new paths which might lead to new understanding. One took 30 years before the it clicked with something else. It turned out to be probably the biggest piece so it made up for all that time passing. I think when the time is right, the pieces fall in to place, new things turn up almost by coincidence.

    I think the pythagerous path is very interesting. There is something there. We discussed the cube after your previous post. The term Crrow used to describe the Muslim name for their Mecca object translates to cube as does Kabbalah.

    Looking back through your blog I noticed you had the picture of Saturn and it’s hexagon from a much earlier post. I didn’t remember seeing that but I did wonder if you had picked it as being a 2D depcition of a cube back when you made that post? Hexagon to Hexahedron. It was reading HB that pointed it out before I realised it. I might never have grasped it otherwise.

    in Hatybovs material one thing that caught my eye was the use of the term Lambda in his section on the constants. I always thought it was a curious term and when I wiki’d it I found it had many many uses. Of course it is commonly used in the names of fraternities because of it’s Greek language associations.

    Have you come across the platonic lambda yet? It you are looking at the pythagorean angle you may have already crossed paths with it.

    When looking at those two topics I came across some references to the Octaves. I think what I read mentioned the hatybov material as well but I can’t find the reference any more. I’ll keep looking. Ah, here we go, Maybe tombedlamscabinetofcuriosities on wordpress. The 1-4-7, the 2-5-8 and the 3-6-9 might help. There is other interesting material there as well.

    Enjoying your material, look forward to seeing where your planned research goes.


  3. thank you 303!
    The cube is really a fascinating piece to all of this; I have struggled to get a sense of where the interest in it came from in respect to an occult or gnostic origin. I do see all the Luciferian and Masonic ties to the cube on the Web, but do want to understand why that sensibility came to be.
    As far as the Saturn photograph, I only included the hexagon as it has been mentioned that it is a cube-like symbol attached to Saturn…of course this leads to the idea of a portal or transportation means to some other reality or system, but I have always been curious if Saturn is ultimately a distraction from something else.
    The more I read on the Pythagorean philosophy, the more I tie it to the HB material. At the very least, I am reading things that would never have been required of me in any previous school situation! Hopefully more to come on that, as the pythagorean cosmology of octaves of planets, the stars, the central fire, truly screams of the gnostic/archon sensiblities (like all the mystery schools seem to do)
    Thanks again for the comments! I’ll check that site out, and I like your thoughts on the Sun and Moon; I’ll also take a look at the lambda (I haven’t paid too much attention to it, to be honest, but will definitely now thanks to your comments). Out of curiosity, do you publish any material? I’d love to read it if you do…thanks again for your feedback


  4. 303

    I just noticed the picture of the police crouching behind the wall, with the Purple hues as you pointed out. The bank of America logo is also the Cube but in isometric 1D (dimension).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is interesting – the Bank of America logo would be an interesting thing to research historically – I would imagine there is some occult nature to its inherent symbolism


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