The Hatybov High Strangeness Hypothesis


Goblins, ghosts, spirits, phantoms, and other things that live on the edge of our reality have captured the imagination of most of us since we were young. Personally, books on the Bermuda Triangle, poltergeists, and other supernatural phenomenon were always on my borrowed library short list; often, I would read and reread books such as Haunted Heartland, The Abominable Snowman (both the Choose Your Own Adventure and non CYOA titles, of course)” and anything by Brad Steiger multiple times hoping to learn more about the phenomenon. Do we turn into spirits after death? Is a ghost residual human consciousness after death? Do zones of strangeness (ie triangles, rectangles, circles, etc) act as thoroughfares to other realities, timelines, and universes? So many questions and so many theories regarding possible solutions: where does one even start at this point? For sake of continuing along the lines of the material posted under the guise of Hatybov, let’s look at the material from the perspective of the alleged Soviet scientist Khatib Alexander.

The Barabashek


As with all things Khatib Alexander, a possible solution is presented in respect to the idea of “ghosts, goblins, and others, with which civilized humanity faces at every turn.” The idea of the Barabashek is prevalent in the material currently posted on line, and can be used as a starting point to begin the analysis of high strangeness, Hatybov-style.

The Russian translation for Barabashek is барабашек. As for a proper definition, the term appears to be similar to the word and concept of a poltergeist. As defined on the website, the barabashak are:

“just devils who confuse people, arranging all sorts of tricks: banging a spoon or something else.”

Returning to the online materials of Hatybov, Barabashak is defined in a (as expected) precise more manner. To be accurate, the Barabashek is a Type I humanoid that exists in and contains the following attributes of:

  • The Barabashek can speak, perform miracles, be witnessed temporarily in our material world, and appear out of thin air
  • The Barabashek is the basis of what is commonly thought of as phantoms, ghosts, goblins, demons, angels, and other paranormal phenomenon
  • The Barabashek is a Type I Humanoid that lives and exists between Octave 78 and Octave 126

The Barabashek is only one paranormal outcome of the Supersystem, System and Subsystem. Outside of the Barabashek, the material goes on to account for “time slips” and fortean phenomenon of people, places, and objects; “symptoms” of Supersystem breakdowns that have included (note: I have not vetted or referenced any of these noted events of high strangeness. The examples are included in the Hatybov material and referenced here for the reader’s further research).

  • In recent years, a passenger of the Titanic was found dead upon a glacier in the North Sea in; the passenger had not aged
  • In Altai, a girl picked up a split stone only to find a lizard in its place
  • People have witnessed ancient cities and people floating and flying in the atmosphere (ancient Rome and ancient Far East cities)
  • The Fying Dutchman and his ship witnessed forever on the ocean
  • A plane, en route from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Khabarovsk disappeared in 1995; half of the plane and passengers later showed up on a mountainside.

As most readers of this area of research know, there have been countless stories of lost planes, boats, people, and civilizations reported and documented over history. The Hatybov material goes on to purport an explanation for these types of events…but before we get into a possible explanation of the Barabashek and other events of high strangeness, let’s review a few key pieces of the research to make sense of the possible root cause.

Key Platonic Solids Relevant to the Analysis

Some quick definitions and visuals for everyone’s reference.

The Dodecahedron

This solid appears visually in a 3 dimensional perspective as :


The dodecahedron shape’s attributes also include:

  • F = 12 pentagonal faces
  • V = 20 Vertices
  • E = 30 edges
  • 160 diagonals

The Icosahedron

This solid appears visually as such:


The icosahedron’s attributes include:

  • F = 20 equilateral triangle faces
  • V =12 vertices
  • E = 30 edges

The Hexahedron

And of course, everyone’s favorite shape in this area of research, the cube:


The hexadron includes:

  • F = 6 faces
  • V = 8 vertices
  • E = 12 edges

The Solar Sun Sets Time and Allows for the Octave


A second piece to this analysis is our concept of time; in our unique, closed system Solar System, the Solar Sun defines the interval of time. The Solar Sun, as previously mentioned, is an artificially created planet that emits a “magnetic pulse of 128 Octave” per its outer layer. The 128 Octave is equivalent to 1 second of time (critical to the analysis, and key to the discussion of Octaves). The Sun therefore emits a magnetic pulse, or the “gravitational potential”  to our planet’s noosphere (or biosphere/atmosphere/brain of the planet) and the 1 second synchronizes all metabolic systems, all autonomous Land Management System control systems, all and all communication systems between the Earth, the Lunar Moon, and other planetary Satellite bodies of the Supersystem. Easy enough, yes? For the time being, however, let’s just state that this is ultimately what the planet Sun accomplishes:

The Sun generates a magnetic pulse, equal to Octave 128, that sets the standard of time equal to 1 second. The cycle of 1 second is then used to manage reality (more on that a bit), control systems, and communication systems of the Supersystem.

As mentioned previously, time as a function of 1 second, which in turn creates a division of time common to us all as 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours, and months, is a consequence of the great Intervention of 18500 BC. This unnatural time has many ill effects on biostructures on planet Earth as Earth was not originally designed to accommodate this time system.

We now move to the notion of the famous Hatybov Octave. The literature available on line defines an Octave as :

An Octave is a wave with 2 cycles per second

Mathematically, an Octave is defined the power of 2, 2n, where n = Octave.

In order for an Octave to exist, it needs a parameter of time.  Without time, any number of Octaves could possibly exist infinitely without consequence on the structure of reality; or without time, the Program can not generate a return on what is possibly the infinite or unlimited.

The Fabric of the Cosmos : The Dodeca – Icosahedral Structure

To the left, the Icosehedron, to the right, the Dodecaheron

The material of alleged scientist Hatybov states that the dodeca-icosahedral structure is the optimal/original building base of the Cosmos. The dodeca – icosahedral structure provides for a full of exchange of information for any exchange schemes needed.  If God(s), AI, the Abyss, etc… had a sandbox with some unit of time, this would be the prima material form; the dodeca-icosahedral structure allows for the return on some array of information to manifest in material form, as we observe it.  This is the Creator’s basis of material construction, whatever the Creator is or is implied to be.

The external shell of this structure, the dodecahedron, again has 20 vertices and 12 faces. The inscribed icosahedron has 12 vertices and 20 faces.  The structure, as it appears as a 3 dimensional computer model, is as such:

The Dodeca-Icosehedral Structure

The Hatybov material goes on to state that this building block of the Cosmos was later encapsulated by the Cubic structure.

Greatest regular Dodecahedron inside an Cube(method2)_html

Why the Need for the Cube?

Upon the Great Intervention of mid 18000 BC, the guests destroyed and laid to waste the existing Land Management System, (implied to be dependent 100% on the manipulation and formation of Octave data into the dodeca-icosahedral matter formations ), and in turn rebuilt this LMS with their own set of controls and forms.  In order to complete this tasks, the Megrez Arachnid Program used a possibly simpler Platonic solid, the  cubic form, as both the basis of translating information, as well as setting the upper limit to the visual manipulation of matter to Octave 64 (8×8).

The base eight Octave series, again, is a return to the idea of the eight musical tones/notes/information bytes unique to this reality.  The series, as I speculated here, is ultimately attached to the eight corners of a cube.  The series is:

DO – RE – MI – FA – SOL – LA – TI – NA

Each note appears to be attached or attracted to a corner of a cubic structure, or possibly represents the basis of creation of a cubic structure; the creation of the limited/visual matter from the unlimited/highly organized plasma. Data is no longer permitted access to the 12 faced / 20 vertices dodecahedral shape, but now limited the 6 faced/ 8 cornered cubic structure.  This restricts both the boundary of the materialization of matter  to 64 Octave as well as prevents the “full exchange of information for any exchange scheme” requested by the Universe’s original design.

It is interesting to note that the material states that cubic structure is incompatible with the basic structure of the cosmos.  I’ll get back to that in bit.

Where Am I Going With This?


The material available online, in the context of Hatybov, as always, is incomplete.  Not only are the explanatory segments of how reality is formed incomplete, but the mathematics behind how a return on some array of information discharged, interpreted, and output creates reality appear disconnected.  Having spent so much time staring at the available material, I want to give a possible interpretation a go for criticism and feedback, so here it goes (and don’t hold back on criticism – I’m sure there is plenty out there).  Again, this is really only my interpretation, and as always, I’d love to hear other people’s take on the Hatybov material.

Simulation of Reality Prior to the Great Intervention – the Possible Original Design of the Cosmos

  • A unit measure of time was generated by some other object in our unique closed Solar System
    • Whether that was Saturn, Venus, or some other celestial object, there is no information provided
  • A series of Octaves generated by a larger Program was allowed create a unique wave form with certain informational properties in some dimension in time
  • The base Octave of Earth’s time was represented by Octave 512
  • Octaves, in turn, generated a return on strictly organized plasma by building up matter from the dodeca-icosahedral structure
    • Matter and Program informational transfer utilizes 12 faces and 20 vertices of the exterior dodecahedral structure

Simulation of Reality Subsequent to the Great Intervention – the Possible Altered Design of Our Cosmos

  • A unit of measure of time was generated by the Solar Sun in our unique closed Solar System
  • A series of eight, unique Octaves is generated by the Megrez Arachnid Program
  • The base Octave of Earth’s time is represented by Octave 128
  • This set of eight, unique Octaves, in turn, generated a return on strictly organized plasma by building up matter from the dodeca-icosahedral structure by placing a cubic structure over the dodecahedron shell
    • Matter and Program informational transfer is limited to  6 faces and 8 vertices and attempted to be transferred to the imprisoned dodecahedral/icosahedral structure

THE DIS vs CCC – A Possible Interpretation of the Work of Hatybov and the Creation of High Strangeness


My wild speculation is that the original design of the Universe, our Solar System, and Earth, was predicated on two things;  an original Octave/Musical note subset that harmoniously generated materiality from the aether, and the formation of the time need for an Octave to exist.  These notes, when emitted from a source, created various phases of matter by rearranging strictly organized plasma (the unlimited, if you would) into matter (the limited) through some larger Program (or Harmonia) courtesy of the use of the dodeca-icosahedron (DIS) building block.

As the existing Supersystem attempts to use a corrupted  formation of matter and time in the guise of a) a cubic structure (CCC) to manipulate the DIS building block with a b) foreign system of time, problems arise.  Therein lies the creation of the Barabashek.

The material allegedly attributed to Khatib Alexander states that there are number of possible issues regarding the Sun’s creation of time and the formation of matter from Octave generation.  At the heart of the matter is the magnetic pulse, or gravitational potential, omitted from the planet that we currently view as the star, our Solar Sun.  This creation of a magnetic pulse is directly correlated to the heat of the planet Sun; if at any point this temperature is altered, the magnetic pulse is altered, as is the corresponding gravitation potential.  Fortunately for us, scenarios were included in the literature to attempt to make sense of the situation.  Returning to this diagram:

Sun and Earth

It is important to note the meteor; the literature expresses state that any point, should a meteorite fall into the “crown of the sun”, the 128 Octave generation is at risk due to temperature change.  What happens at that point?   Any system or subsystem of the larger supersystem is at risk; there is the possibility of communication distortion, metabolic disorders, and other “surprises.”  Again, please recall the Solar Sun, per this hypothetical paradigm, is providing one significant flaw fundamental to our material world: it is attempting to sustain the building blocks of existence with a limited Octave set generated by a reduced Program though the creation of a different standard of time.

For reference :

  • The 128 Octave represents a charge; the charge potential is always 100%
  • This charges is considered to be magnetic pulse or gravitational potential
  • The range of this magnetic pulses/gravitation potential can oscillate between two data points, not given a unit of measure, that ranges from -123.999 to +123.999

Of interest, the material states that this oscillation has the ability to have consequence on a number of things due to the incompatibility between the DIS and CCC structure and the tact of time as created by the Solar Sun:

  • Create the materialization of incomplete biological beings
    • Ghosts, poltergeists, spirits, wraiths, would all possible
  • Allow for time increases/decreases in unique population groups
    • The clock tied to biological shirts could be momentarily increased/decreased due to a change in the Sun’s magnetic pulse
  • The superposition of objects in one unique place in time
    • The lizard in the stone, for instance, would be attributable to a glitch created by the Sun
  • Other fortean phenomenon related to unique geographical areas
    • Unique zones of the LMS and the underlying complex/triangle control mechanisms would alter “reality” with a change/material variance in the signal produced by the Solar Sun

There is also discussion that time could potentially be zero and infinite, wherein we all live in a “dead zone” (whatever the means); also, should the charge of the pulse move beyond the reference -123.999 to +123.999 range, the Program disappears.  All of this construction of information that we observe and manifest as would be annihilated.

The Solar Sun, as speculated upon in the material of Hatybov, is the driver to all of this.

Some Thoughts on the Material Presented


A few things stood out to me once I completed this analysis.  To keep things brief, a quick touch on a couple of points that stood out to me.

Solar Worship

It is interesting to view the Solar Sun as the enemy.  Whether one portends that worship of the Solar Sun is indeed the true object of adoration of the Mystery Schools of Babylon, or whether the tracking of the Sun requests the worship of some nefarious, ruling class mechanism, the idea of the Sun being a negative object in the sky is definitely present in the material available online regarding Khatib Alexander.  The Solar Sun is a planet that is foreign to our reality, creates time that is unnatural to the human condition, and provides for a limited Octave series that constructs the cubic structure/fabric of reality.

Submission to and Worship of the Cube


Once more, the cube is back. This time, the cube is the less complex Platonic solid that encompasses the more complex dodeca-icosahedral structure.  The imprisonment has violated the structure of the true basis of the Universe, and in turn, enslaved humanity and the limited the world that we live in.  More complete, total speculation on my end:  if the masses would benefit from the composition of the Cosmos that utilized the DIS and a larger set of Octaves, and the ruling class could prevent this with the use of the CCC and a limited Octave set, why wouldn’t the ruling class idolize the Cube?

Humanity is Enslaved

Again, as is common in all the Hatybov material, humanity is enslaved and prevented from reaching enlightenment or gnosis.  Our ancestors lived with a higher form of consciousnesses and in unity with the design of some primordial engineer (again, no idea what that ultimately is).  The Megrez Arachnid Program not only enslaved our bodies and minds for its own agenda, but also bent the material world to something less than what the Cosmos originally intended for.

High Strangeness

Lastly, the work accounts for the idea of paranormal.  The material is stating that observations of the paranormal are outcomes of two systems of data, defined by unnatural time, attempting to be forcibly merged together for the benefit of a select few.  The next time you see Sasquatch crawling out of a portal in the Utah desert while UFOs are flying overhead, just remember that you have the Sun and the Cube to thank for that (or at the very least, per Hatybov’s possible estimation).

Problems with the Information

Again, and as I have mentioned many, many, many times before, I personally believe the work of Hatybov to be highly allegorical to the themes, concepts, and axioms of the world of alternative research.  Why would I say that?  Let’s look at the problem of the meteorite:

  • The Solar System is hypothesized to be closed
    • Nothing can get in, nothing can get out
  • Matter is generated by a Program that utilizes a set of Octaves to transfer information
  • The Program is dependent upon the Solar Sun creating a unit of measure of time for definition of the Octave
  • Problems in the Program arise if the Solar Sun’s magnetic pulse is altered or violated

So a question I would ask is : where did the meteorite come from?

If the meteorite creates a problem to the Supersystem, System, and Subsystem of the Megrez Arachnid Program, why would the Program create meteorites?  If nothing can enter the Solar System, then the meteorite can only originate from within the Solar System.  Why would a Program allow for such a variance?

Also of interest is the idea that the Sun is built on the cubic tetrahedral structure (there does appear an exchange between the cube and cubic tetrahedral structure, and both appear to be the same thing). This cubic tetrahedral structure is “incompatible with he mean of the basic structure of the Cosmos.”  This would imply that this Program is not from some other part of our  larger, shared portion of the Universe, but from some other reality or alternative universe.  Of course, anything is possible, and as we have seen with Hatybov, nothing is excluded from possibility.

In Closing

The Knight’s Tour in Six Alternate Scenarios

This piece attempted to cover a lot of ground, and has given me a massive headache. Fortunately, it will be a tie in to the idea of the Knight, the Chessboard, and movement that the Knight makes that constructs our reality.

To be honest, I really struggled with this one as 80% of the material tended to flow together to create a cohesive idea, and then would jump into another 20% of material that tended to make that same idea less comprehensible.  The Platonic Solids used in the analysis deal quite a bit with Inorganic chemistry, and not being a chemist, I’m certain I missed out on a lot of information or presented a thesis that isn’t even possible.

However, what can one do, other than to take a shot at the concepts and information, and place it out for public review?  That, as always, has been the idea being publishing these interpretations.

Up next, a wonderful discussion regarding Solar Worship, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the Beatles’ Mysteries.

More Hatybov material can be found here.

26 thoughts on “The Hatybov High Strangeness Hypothesis

  1. frybreadwarrior

    Mr. James I can clearly see you sir are at the top of your game. By far the best material on AM Kathib comes from you. I look to your writing for inspiration on my own. The highest form of flattery is imitation and I for one will definitely be copying you. As always Mr. James great work! Can’t wait for more!

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  2. “The Sun generates a magnetic pulse, equal to Octave 128, that sets the standard of time equal to 1 second. The cycle of 1 second is then used to manage reality (more on that a bit), control systems, and communication systems of the Super system”.

    The Sun is a living artificial creature: An eye in the sky, in antiquity according to certain ancient mysteries there were privileged people who knew very well “what is going on”! The Platonic Bodies perpetually intermingle, are in a perpetual circular mouvement! Providing the multiple dimensional worlds the inherently belong to our apparently solid and subtil world, within which live and breathe many, many captivated creatures, including the very busy and important artificially sustained men and women who are much to well hypnotized, to see what is at stake with their private awareness, blinded by what is mechanically and with a magisterial artistry, projected into their “physical as well as mentally mesmerized inward eyes”.

    Space and time “are” the things that live, and cannot be separated from the actual going and coming of every individual thing that exists: look at the swallows and how they fly, moving according to what Pythagoras might have been able to openly demonstrate to his disciples with his Monocorde! And Plato and his polyhedrons, yes these are the building blocks decide how we see. How about Archimedean bodies. The Octave. The “Diapason”(sic). See the “Utriusque Cosmi” by Robert Fludd and old Athanasius Kircher with his veiled understanding of the Cosmic Mysteries.


    There is the world based on the geometry of the cube, but dig a bit further and we can actually see for ourselves, if we dare look into the caverns of the Sun with our very own eyes, that there are other artificially generated worlds thanks to which perhaps, for instance certain so called initiated and supposedly privileged persons experience other ‘Typi Mundi’. As a parallel, how about the Masonic Higher Degrees. To what earths and localities do they actually refer to?

    It’s a Circus show and we’re in it.

    In any case thank you for the great article. Wonderful reading. You are more and more precise and Hatybov has been expertly transformed thanks to your artful eloquence and deep understanding.


    1. Thank you for the kind remarks, Daniel, and more importantly the references tied to this work for future reading. As always, I appreciate the feedback – a circus show it most certainly is!


  3. Re-connecting the REAL sciences with the REAL mythologies and REAL religions with and to the root vowel sounds common to all language patterns so we can derive such concepts as Σ = In-Phi-Nit In-Ner-Chi = (Infinite Inner Chi / Infinite Energy) Inward / Outward, Phi / Pi Ratios, Knit / Neural Nets. Or in other words, a network of inward “vortational” (particles and energies moving within asymmetrical vortex patterns) propagating diametrically and dualistically in infinitely smaller and larger forms simultaneously; thus giving rise to exponentially more energetic rotational systems of complexity, converging and diverging to infinity. Σ,f0,Ω=Φπ Ψ. Causing creation at the nodal harmonic points of the intersect zero point of convergence and divergence.

    For a further mathematical “Enlightened Gnostic” example; Σ(n,N) equaling a dualistic subset, superset is the frequency f0, expressed in Ohm’s Ω, which equals Phi Φ, multiplied by Pi π, multiplied by Psi Ψ. Or 1.618*3.14*700 = 3556. Which is the sacred 7th octave of an A note at 440Hz or the Alpha and Omega in unison. The “I am” or “The voice of God” the Breath of the Creator of life.

    Your are correct in your analysis that our current civilization and Zeitgeist is indeed enslaved to the Sun worshiping occult within Mecca. The Mecca (Gravity field) formed in, of and upon the “Square and the Level” surface with the pillars of secret knowledge being the big G encompassing Gravity and time otherwise known as “Squaring of the Circle” is the big secret below the eye of “Sol” the Father and the Son / Sonic (Sun). Tubalcain, Boaz – Jachin were two copper, brass or bronze pillars which stood in the porch of Solomon’s (Sol Ohm’s) Temple, the first Temple in Jerusalem. The secret energy within the crystals (Piezoelectricity) which are living entities are indeed that to which your research has alluded you to in fact. I share this with you at the risk of being thrown from shore with my throat cut so I may not speak where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty four hours only for the reason that now is the time for me to ascend if called to do so. May you be blessed in your journey and remain steadfast in life and death.

    Speak your voice with utter freedom of will as the sovereign self that you were born as brother or sister as it may be in truth.



    1. frybreadwarrior

      Hatybow has opened the door to a greater understanding of systems of control. Blessed this or holy that whoever made this reality made it for one reason. Control. But why control? Because we all have something they,whoever is behind the curtain, needs. Otherwise why install a super system that is contradictory and intelligently made to be perfect? All the equations and functions and probability will never penetrate the veil. It’s designed not to.


      1. Have you found any inferences or references to the larger concept of the AI, god, demiurge, or whatever it may be, that is possibly responsible for the initiation of this system’s initial program in your research of Khatib Alexander?


      2. frybreadwarrior

        I’ve spent literally hours upon hours gazing at Russian text. Some of the research I’ve done is reality based. I have witnessed a few things that are 100% proof to me. All I know is I can’t act like I know. I don’t . But if I don’t know…. teach me please! A good time to me isn’t necessarily grasping the concept but to get there! From ignorance to enlightened ahhhh……


    2. Thank you Monk, I do look very forward to our future chats. I feel like I really am only touching 1% of the tip of the ice berg, as it were – I do look forward to where this journey takes me.


  4. 303

    Thankyou for this. I have been struggling these past few months trying to write up a cohesive summary of the Hatybov material after linking the cube, octaves and the platonic material. You have done it very well.

    It was the lambda reference in HB’s material that caused a cascade of links in my mind and stumbling across other information such as the Platonic shapes. I was originally attracted by the Octaves material as I have a strong interest in harmonics. I was also familar with the cube and the worship of it be several religions and cults so when HB pointed out that the Hexagon is a 2D depiction of the Cube/Hexahedron. A cube in 2D. He points out that the molecule in Chemistry is depicted by a hexagon and posulates that it is 2D because they, ones who work in the service of the Cube worshippers, are missing 2 fundamental things that would give them the 8 corners of the Cube. They have 6 pieces, but cannot create the remaining 2 pieces which would make them creators or Gods. They cannot breathe life into something. They cannot spark that life force which is in all living creatures.

    When you realise that the hexagon is a cube, you can see all around you references to the Cube, which are not so obvious because they are in 2D. Things like logos such as for space observatory programs – Sophia, and another one that escapes me. Corporate logo’s like Chase. Government and think tanks that manipulate our lives.

    Also note that Saturn has a hexagon shape on one pole. Another poster said the sun is the all seeing eye. I believe it is Saturn and that in the past the Earth was captured in a tight orbit with Saturn, it was to our north and we followed it as it followed the sun. Refering to the diagram you show of the Sun and earth, the Suns direction of travel and Earth following behind in a kind of spiraling orbit, like the DNA helix.

    Looking from Earth at Saturns and it’s rings, we would have seen it as an eye. Saturn is the mythological home of Satan. Our days of the week even include Saturn and this is the day that some Satan worhippers worship. They are also cube worshippers.

    I agree that the most likely scenarios is that the Cube is a container. Whether the earth is a ball or a plane or a cube. HB seems to suggest it was a cube at some point and collapsed to a sphere. It’s hard to tell from this vantage point.

    Perhaps the aerial spraying is in some way an attempt to interfer with this Sun pulse, either to change the flow or time or to interupt the signal or boost it.

    Thank you for your efforts. It’s clear you have put a lot of time and thought into what you have written.


    1. Thank you so much 303 – do you have a website or are you currently publishing your take on Hatybov publicly? I’d love to read your interpretations if possible.

      The material is definitely implying that this current parasite program/paradigm, whatever it may be, is filled with hubris, ego, limited consciousness, and self interest and is not able to reconstruct reality to the parameters of the Original Program (again…so much hypothetical imagery in the work).

      Wonderful thoughts on the use of chemtrails and the impediment of time – have you picked up on the notion that this current Megrez Program is currently being “attacked” (for a lack of a better word) by some other group of people on this plane of existence?
      Thanks so much 303 – fantastic feedback.


    1. Great question…if we destroy the cube, does complete annihilation of reality come into play? Or does everyone “wake up”? It appears to be the proverbial slippery slope…


  5. frybreadwarrior

    James ! Awesomeness on your comments ! I can assume each of us has at one point gotten that punched in the dick feeling that it encompasses the first 20 years or so Hi


  6. frybreadwarrior

    That actually was supposed to save to draft.. I get these comments in over the course of a day… Gives me time to digest .


  7. frybreadwarrior

    But to finish my thought….
    First 20 years or so of your life… at least for me that’s when I began to feel like things in my bubble weren’t being described right. That in fact were outright lies. The awakening.


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  9. “electro-magnetic hyper-space glyph resonance” or simply as my reverse speech says a “lie/war/church NET” , ” Artificial etherized, inter-dimensional grid net” this “net” for short interfaces threw a crystalline computer program that is based on ancient alien tech that have been placed at harmonic earth grid and solar grid vortex points or portals these dimensions are artificial constructs that link this computer program in sacred geometrical lines based on the tree of life/kundalini/earth and solar grid/berkland currents/leylines/serpent/dragon line, and artificial charkra system forming an artificial etherized interface with the human body mapping quantum probability of each individual etherized energy signature,the modern technology is all based on this “temple” ,”template” apparatus, many facilities being on these leyline grid vortex points, facilitating the flow of inter-dimensional data into an ancient artificial mirror tesseract dimension that is just ahead of our cresting time/space quantum field wave so in effect they can map future events and dilate time to affect future outcomes concerning, wars ,market stocks, political events, false flags at a human management level. This system runs the worlds power elite who are only organic/(clones) extensions of this “net”

    The comets are part of the orbital harmonics attached to the coded plasma net that affects quantum time dilation events on earth interwoven with the predefined “prophetical” events set up by the el as we know the comets electrical and magnetic capacities discharge, contract/dilate planetary plasma resonance and solar capacity for cmes and flares in respect too biological/emotional/perceptual planetary populations affecting stock markets/politics/millitary.I believe the harmonic light code Bruce Cathie talks about could be in effect with the Mathmatical harmonic relationships between the two comets and earth/sun/moon/mars ect. Variances in the Pynting vectors on the quantum level in the plasma of the comets will dynamically control in a knock on effect the rest of the network circuitry of the coded plasma conduits that makes up the interdimentional machine that traps us into a false time line.

    This is one small part of the research I have done in the interpretation of my reverse speaking over last tens years I is very comparative to the work of Hatybov. We are indeed in a artificial universe with a false time line installed in a multi-layered artificial series of dimensions. Thank you again for an excellent article.


  10. frybreadwarrior

    So I heard in a podcast today that apparently astronauts are now having to space walk to clean the outside of the ISS windows. A caller claimed that blue alge is somehow building up on the windows…. at this point I was shocked when they actually tried to figure out how alge can survive the vacuum of space…. seems someone spilled water in the vacuum! AGAIN! DARN IT!

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  11. Bonnie

    As always, this is a great read. Intriguing and thought provoking all the same.
    A thought on a possible reason for the Cube. Imagine, if you will, this closed system at one point was not so closed, but opened via portals. To where is not important at the moment, but let’s pretend it was made that way initially. Then said portals closed, and we can say for reasons unknown. Once those portals closed, The System then needed a way to survive. So it creates the only thing it already knows to manage and keep itself sustained; a Cube. It encapsulates the dodecahedral/icosahedral structure to continue and control the use of its energy. It’s at a lower Octave due to the disconnection of the portals. And like with most things, once you take away the oxygen, you simply can’t breath, therefor it creates an alternate reality to sustain it’s initial functions.
    Just a thought.


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