The Sacrifice of the Jaguar and the Lunar Cult

Ahau Kin, or Kinich Ahau, the Mayan Solar Deity

In the midst of researching another article regarding a recent pop culture nugget filled with octaves, occultism, energy/plasma forms, and the dark arts,  I somehow managed across this article.  “Amazon Jaguar Shot Dead after Olympic Torch Ceremony,”  the headline screams.  What an interesting development in respect to the upcoming Olympic Games, so I  in turn thought, “I wonder if there something possibly more to this story than a random soldier shooting dead an escaped Jaguar named Juga?”  There might very well be.

The Mayan Solar Deity Ahau Kin, or God G


The Mayans were a Mesoamerican civilization that thrived in the lower portion of present day Mexico and Central America from roughly 1800 B.C. to 900 A.D (more info on Mayan civlization here).  Although not explicitly stated to be involved in the current geographical area of South America known as Brazil, some researchers have speculated that Mayan culture thrived in the Americas, and given Brazil’s proximity to Central America, it might very well be true that Mayan cosmogony influenced the belief systems of indigenous peoples of modern day South America.

A key deity in Mayan cosmogony Ahau Kin, Kinich Ahau, or God G, the “sun faced lord.” Some researchers have suggested Ahau Kin to be a single deity, but more recent claims suggest that Ahau Kin was the “daytime” phase or element of a larger entity known as Itzamna.1

God G represented the Solar Sun’s life in its daily travel across the daytime sky.  This Being carried with it solar warmth and energy to provide for life, as well as carry the responsibility to follow a path that measured time.  The supernatural power of the Ahau Kin forced the Sun to complete its daily cycle; this power was considered so immense and sacred that the Mayan warrior and ruling classes attempted to identify with God G.  The identification with this Solar Deity that it is speculated that the ruling class fostered this association; members of the ruling class were indeed manifestations of the great “sun faced lord.”2  

Another interesting line of research provided by Susan Milbrath is that Ahau Kin, being the Sun God of the Maya, was also Lord of the Number Four.  Four, Milbrath speculates, correlates to the “four horizon positions of the sun traced out by the rising and setting sun at the solstices.”  This union to the Solar Sun and the number four tied God G as a cosmic lord of time and space.3

As a Mayan Deity, Ahau Kin had both a light and dark duality.  As previously mentioned, Ahau Kin was the Solar God; however, at night, Ahau Kin became the jaguar Lord Balam, a prowling creature of the lower regions of the underworld.4

The Sacrifice of the Jaguar Deity


Given the duality attached to Ahau Kin, and the jaguar as a symbol of Ahau Kin, there is quite a bit of discussion regarding the jaguar in Mayan cosmogony.  Some scholars have argued that the jaguar is ultimately symbolizing the Lunar Moon.  Given the nature of the jaguar to be a predator that thrives during the night, it is thought to be representative of all phases of the Lunar Moon.

Returning to the work of Milbrath, the author makes mention of the idea of a lunar cult associated with jaguar sacrifice.  Deriving upon images and artwork found beyond the central Mayan area of the Americas, the author suggests a connection between the hanging or decapitation of jaguar and worship of Luna.3  Or better yet, as another book states quite directly, “the jaguar complex is…associated with decapitation sacrifice.  (the complex) begins as an image of a skull in a bucket, the sun in a bucket, and it a literal expression of the jaguar sun as sacrifice.”5

In this context, one can see the symbol of the jaguar is either a) the alter personality of Ahau Kin as represented as a predator of the night or b) the symbolic construct of the Lunar Moon.

A Tragic Case in the Amazon

Brazilian physiotherapist Igor Simoes Andrade poses for picture next to jaguar Juma as he takes part in the Olympic Flame torch relay in Manaus
Brazilian physiotherapist Igor Simoes Andrade poses for picture next to jaguar Juma as he takes part in the Olympic Flame torch relay in Manaus, Brazil, June 20, 2016. Picture taken June 20, 2016. REUTERS/Marcio Melo

And this in turn leads to the photograph taken on the date of the 2016 Summer Solstice for us northerners, and the date of the 2016 Winter Solstice for residents of the southern hemisphere .  Juma the Jaguar, per official accounts, was shot to death by a armed soldier after Juma was reported to escape capture (and shortly after the photograph was taken above).  Despite the animal being tranquilized after escape, the military apparently deemed the situation to still be unsafe, and shot the animal to death.

What I find interesting in the article is that the reporter mentions that the use of Juma at the event was illegal.  Per Ipaam, the Amazonas state governmental authority that oversees the use of wild animals, the action was deemed unlawful.  “No request was made to authorize the participation of the jaguar “Juma” in the event of the Olympic torch,” stated Ipaam, as quoted by the Reuters article.

Therefore, we have the following set of coincidences:

  • A Games of the XXXI Olympiad torch ceremony held in the Brazilian city of Manaus
  • A torch ceremony taking place on the day of the 2016 Winter Solstice/Summer Solstice
  • A wild jaguar illegally included in the ceremony, and no apparent request was made in advance by Olympic representatives to allow the jaguar to be included in the ceremony
  • The wild jaguar is the anthropomorphic symbol of the Solar Deity descending upon the evening and underworld of Mayan/Mescoamerican culture
  • The sacrifice of the jaguar has been attributed to Lunar Cult worship, imagery, and possible rituals in South American culture
  • The wild jaguar apparently escaped its handlers, was tranquilized, and then shot to death

A possible symbol of the Mayan Sun Faced Deity, the jaguar, is shot to death on the day of the Northern Summer Solstice/ Southern Winter Solstice in advance of the celebration of the event of the 2016 Summer Olympics?  An interesting set of coincidences, at the very least.   Am I implying a conspiratorial sequence of events having transpired in Manaus, Brazil a few days ago?  Or that of an apparent sacrifice of a regional, primordial symbol of the Solar Sun was engineered by the powers that be for some unknown mystical purpose, ritual, or agenda?

At the very least, the image is visually quite striking; you have an individual smiling, kneeling, and posing with the Olympic torch.  The Olympic torch is “allegedly” to be a symbol of peace and unity (interesting no mention of the celebration of Prometheus in the article), and yet it is surrounded by military personnel, barbed wired fences, and a chained/enslaved jaguar photographed prior to being shot to death.  Having not been in Manaus a few days ago, I honestly have no idea what occurred or whether the story is authentic.  At the very least, an unnecessary death of a beautiful, wild animal appears to have illegally transpired.  The symbolism/imagery of the events is definitely there, and it will be curious to see what other researchers make of events surrounding and involving the approaching Games of the XXXI Olympiad.

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  2. Morley S. The Ancient Maya. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press; 1956.
  3. Milbrath S. Star Gods Of The Maya. Austin: University of Texas Press; 1999.
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8 thoughts on “The Sacrifice of the Jaguar and the Lunar Cult

  1. Olympic ritual, and animal sacrifice is interesting, as is the recent Opening Ceremony for the Swiss Gotthard Base Tunnel (a ceremonial opening costing 8 million euros).
    Besides the themes about the deity Baphomet and angels in the bottomless pit, the ceremony appeared to glorify the goat-human hybrid and sacrifice 9 human (miners) to the devil from the bottomless pit under the mountain.
    Which led me to learn about the Swiss’ devil bridge legends.
    Here is one summary:

    Then I was more curious and happened upon the university server that revealed many devil bridges in Europe with the animal sacrifice:

    Decades ago, when I began my research into the civilization-slavery connection I quickly found the connection to the Vatican, monarchies, esoteric knowledge and ritual blood sacrifice that had me asking was “Civilization” the evil lure to enslave communities?
    I am not surprised that “scientists” are recently reported as having found ritual human sacrifice a “link” to developing larger and complex societies.

    If a evil Prince of Darkness wanted to rule over the People on Earth, what better lure than the grand net called “civilization” with its “rule of law”, hierarchical class stratification, and institutional governance?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, thank you for those links. That is fascinating history; out of curiosity, what is your take on the construct that is the Olympic Games? Many people feel the spirit of the Games is parasitic and disingenuous, do you have any thoughts on those ideas?


      1. Be aware that comment boxes are constraining in depth discussions, and I was being very brief above. I often discuss/blog these connections:
        Empires, secret societies, and esoteric (priestly) knowledge has a ritual foundational element that is very old for controlling the masses…

        Your use of the word “construct” is very appropriate for the Olympics. The Nazi regime revealed a much larger element that remains mysterious as Hitler’s government gained expertise from various regions (connections to America, England, the Vatican and other powerful organizations), thus the Nazi contribution to the Olympics was to resurrect the Greco-Roman Olympic torch relay (I am going off of memory, please search internet for the details) ritual ceremony.

        Reports stated that Hitler didn’t want to host the 1936 Olympics, as the claim was they were”an invention of Jews and Freemasons,”!
        The reports went on to state it was the Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels who convinced him of the Olympics’ value in the greater Nazi mission. [I recall hearing they learned propaganda from the Americans and Disney.]
        I think that at that time people talked about the aspects of the bizarre Olympic torch relay and ceremony as an added Nazi invention. Though clouded with a cover story of Greek tradition. There are hints that Jewish influence was the root of the torch relay concept, with the secretary general of the organizing committee, Carl Diem, who wished German Jews to participate in the Olympics.
        But the deity connection to Olympia is a central theme with deities marking institutional governance worldwide from ancient empires to modern hegemony. We see it with the U.S. Lady Liberty with torch in hand, Capitol hill (was plantation owned by the Jesuits) …
        Every nations’ space program appears to accept a logo (called the vector or chevron) that begs the question is the transportation among heaven controlled by one hegemony?
        The United Nations logo also appears to symbolize the worldwide control under that ancient empire concept.

        Back to the Olympics: I think the master(s) of institutional governance understand the importance of entertaining and manipulating the masses with propaganda, education (false teachings) and grand festivals. I think there is much hidden in the secret shadows with the path of the relay torch, the deities (Olympia/Zeus/Apollyon/Abaddon), and esoteric knowledge of the reality beyond standard human senses for perception. In short, the Olympic games is another esoteric ritual and silent war operation for maintaining the worldwide hegemony with its human enslavement farms called “member nations”.

        My request, if you have not already looked into, what is being hidden from the masses in the heavens, please research these related operations concerning the sky:
        *the many reasons for patents used in geoengineering/chem-trails/aerosols/weather manipulation
        *tech-specs: infrared telescopes and radio-telescopes
        *black body radiation
        *Artificial Sun patents

        To say they are hiding knowledge is to state the obvious, but the Vatican is involved with “global warming”/sustainability, observatories and worldwide policies linking the waters below with the waters above…

        Is SOFIA The Real Hubble & Chandra Infrared Telescope flys at 45,000 feet?:

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  2. God G- was that a name given by the Mayans, or the Europeans? I have never heard of “God G” before, but it is interesting from a Masonic standpoint. Freemasonry is apparently huge in South America… Who knew?? Hundreds of lodges, with tens of thousands of members.
    Loved the blog! Thanks!


    1. Great question on God G – I do believe the Spanish explorers had a hand in it. It appears to be attached to the infamous Triad, and a naming convention to unique Mayan deities (God E, H, etc)…some who are part of and external to the Triad. More research apparently needed!

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