The Hatybov High Strangeness Hypothesis


Goblins, ghosts, spirits, phantoms, and other things that live on the edge of our reality have captured the imagination of most of us since we were young. Personally, books on the Bermuda Triangle, poltergeists, and other supernatural phenomenon were always on my borrowed library short list; often, I would read and reread books such as Haunted Heartland, The Abominable Snowman (both the Choose Your Own Adventure and non CYOA titles, of course)” and anything by Brad Steiger multiple times hoping to learn more about the phenomenon. Do we turn into spirits after death? Is a ghost residual human consciousness after death? Do zones of strangeness (ie triangles, rectangles, circles, etc) act as thoroughfares to other realities, timelines, and universes? So many questions and so many theories regarding possible solutions: where does one even start at this point? For sake of continuing along the lines of the material posted under the guise of Hatybov, let’s look at the material from the perspective of the alleged Soviet scientist Khatib Alexander. Continue reading “The Hatybov High Strangeness Hypothesis”

The Sacrifice of the Jaguar and the Lunar Cult

Ahau Kin, or Kinich Ahau, the Mayan Solar Deity

In the midst of researching another article regarding a recent pop culture nugget filled with octaves, occultism, energy/plasma forms, and the dark arts,  I somehow managed across this article.  “Amazon Jaguar Shot Dead after Olympic Torch Ceremony,”  the headline screams.  What an interesting development in respect to the upcoming Olympic Games, so I  in turn thought, “I wonder if there something possibly more to this story than a random soldier shooting dead an escaped Jaguar named Juga?”  There might very well be. Continue reading “The Sacrifice of the Jaguar and the Lunar Cult”

The Moon Knight : Marvel’s Moonchild


Most readers of the site, I’m certain, are aware of the concept of Aleister Crowley’s Moonchild. I realize this concept is old material for many of you (and oft repeated in this field), but for those not as versed in the subject matter, I’ve provided a quick break down as I best as I see it to set the baseline of this analysis. Continue reading “The Moon Knight : Marvel’s Moonchild”

Breaking Down Plastic Macca : An Interview with Tina Foster


While listening to a conversation between Greg Carlwood and Mark Devlin on Carlwood’s wonderful podcast The Higherside Chats, the discussion at one point moved into the infamous Paul Is Dead/Faul material.  Like many of us who have actually taken the time to look into the construct that is Paul McCartney post 1966, Devlin mentions that he initially had skepticism regarding the possible Great Beatles Conspiracy, but the more he researched the information, the more plausible he found the idea of a replacement Paul McCartney having been inserted into the Beatles @ late 1966.  Devlin also mentioned the work of Tina Foster and her website, PlasticMacca, as a great resource to those interested in the material.  Always appreciative of the wonderful work of other bloggers, I immediately read Tina’s work, took the time to take some notes, and reached out to her for a written interview. Fortunately for me, Tina was able to accommodate my request (again, thank you Tina!). Continue reading “Breaking Down Plastic Macca : An Interview with Tina Foster”