Decoding Gargantua and Pantagruel: An Interview with Rosette Delacroix


Black hole Gargantua from the film Interstellar

Thanks to a continued growing list of contacts on Facebook, email, and otherwise, I am continually amazed to discover the quality of material that independent, like minded truth seeking researchers  are .  The opportunities provided for by the web allows people with a passion for researching information, observing and recording data, and analyzing their data  to present their conclusions and interpretations to the rest of the world without the need of a book deal, a television program, or even an interview on a mainstream radio program.  One such researcher I was fortunate to stumble upon is Rosette Delacroix; Rosette’s website,, is one such example of the quality of work of people dedicated to the search of truth. Her research has taken her down the most interesting path of the analysis of symbols used and embedded in the motion picture industry and in television programs.  In this interview, we get into Solar and Luna archetypes,  Stanley Kubrick, Batman, “The Great Work,” and even a spot of Macca.

The interview was conducted over email May 17- May 23, 2016.

Interview with Rosette Delacroix

Q:  Thank you for taking time to talk to me regarding your work, Rosette.  I found your website a few months ago and really enjoyed reading your analyses regarding Snowpiercer, Mad Max, and Interstellar.  Before we get into the details of your research, i’m curious how you got into the realm of film/television symbol analysis?  Did a specific film or television program catch your attention?

RD: Ah perfect choices James! You are very astute! Snowpiercer/Mad Max and Interstellar are great examples of the “War” being played out. One side is for humanity and one side is against. As we go it should become more clear for people as to which is which.

As to your questions, I stopped watching TV a few years back so for entertainment I watch movies instead. I noticed the occult aspects in certain films and just thought I might have something to offer, to share with people the things I see.

Jacob’s Ladder was the first one I did.and I have to say I had NO IDEA how much I would find in that starting out! Indeed with all my decodings. I first watch a movie for its general feel. I might spot a thing or two here and there, but it’s not until I slowly go through it and analyze it, research clues I pick up etc. that I get the full feel of what the movie is “hiding”. What’s amazing to me as I’ve done a few, is that I found LINKS between them! That is the exciting part! Then I know my decodings are correct because they are complemented by the new ones I do. So I do feel I am uncovering the TRUTH the more decodings I tackle.


Q: I definitely do pick up on the sense of inverted and/or dichotomous symbolism placed in films that you point out in your film analyses on your website. You mention that there is a “War” being played out through the use of symbols. What do you think the origin of this war is? How would you best describe the parties that have created this war?

RD: The origin of this war goes back as far as the creation of this World. We are in a duality and I feel there has never been a time when a power struggle did not occur. Look to Lucifer falling, look to the Garden of Eden with Eve being tempted by the snake. This struggle shows in many different cultures, from the Norse with Thor and Loki, the Christian version with Jesus and Lucifer, and the Sumerian with Enki and Enlil. Carl Jung said “We all have a dark side, the side we choose to embrace shows who we are.” The ones embracing the “dark” side are the ones behind the Great Work. These are the ones who have created this war. The ones on the “light” side want peace. Jung mentioned that sitting on the fence is the worst thing one could do. That action is key. That is in big part why they are doing everything they can to make us INACTIVE. For if we are INACTIVE we are basically helping the dark side by sitting on the fence.

Q: That I think is extremely fascinating thought. I too pick up on the duality of different objects and symbols, but I am still learning to decode the symbols, as it were. You mentioned the Great Work. I’ve seen that phrase in a few books on alchemy but never really grasped its meaning. How would you best define the Great Work?

RD: The Great Work is basically to completely take God, the Prime Creator, out of the picture. That’s why you see things like the Homunculus in alchemical texts. That’s why you see the quest for the Philosopher’s Stone. If they can CREATE life and they can LIVE FOREVER, then life is on THEIR terms. They do not want to follow God’s laws so they preach Natural law. They want absolute freedom to “do as they will” without consequences basically. What they don’t understand is through the Left Hand Path, the higher up you go, the more CONTROL is placed on you. The Right Hand Path is actually the path of ultimate FREEDOM. “Do As Thou Will, Love Under Will” basically means you are doing the WILL of LUCIFER, NOT your own will.

Q: I’ve heard you talk of the Right Hand Path and Left Hand Path on your recent interview, another engaging dichotomy that you have analyzed.. that takes me to my next question for you. Do you think the material that you have studied and decoded as created by the film industry primarily promotes the Right Hand Path, promotes the Left Hand Path, or is some combination therein?

RD: From my research it appears it is a combination. Now it comes down to, who decides what symbols are used? Who decides how the storylines play out? I would say that all the directors, producers, actors etc. can’t be knowledgeable of what they are portraying. Some are though. Some of it is very sophisticated stuff. So who is really pulling the strings here? I would love to have a sit down with certain directors, writers etc. and pick their brains. People like George RR Martin, director and author of Game of Thrones, is definitely knowledgeable and he is “of the Left”. And then we have the writer, director of Snowpiercer (one of my favorite movies) Bong Joon-Ho who is absolutely knowledgeable and he is “of the Right”. BUT do they get their material elsewhere? Take Shakespeare for instance, you know that Shakespeare is a pseudonym right? It is a made up name used as a cover for a group of gifted individuals who share occult knowledge through their writings. John Dee was a member, as was Sir Francis Bacon and Edward DeVere. So who is to say that occult knowledge in plays (movies), writings etc. has ever stopped?

Q: Before we get into some of the philosophical stuff you’ve broken down on your website, I wanted to get your take on one of my personal favorite directors, Stanley Kubrick, and his 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Some researchers feel that Kubrick was a pawn of the elite, others feel he was revolting against his masters by placing unique imagery and clues in his films. What is your sense of Kubrick and the film 2001?

RD: Kubrick was one of them. He was a bad guy. Let’s look at his name- KubricK. It is encoded. You have a K in the front and a K in the back, so you have the 22, the Master Builder number. Also it’s pronounced Q-Brick. The Q is for the Qi energy, otherwise known as the feminine negative. It is opposed to the Ki energy which is the masculine positive, otherwise known as the Christ energy. Another example of this is Michael Aquino. Michael doesn’t go with the common pronunciation of his last name. He wants people to pronounce it A-Queen-O. Notice the Queen energy or Qi energy in the middle. Now if you are a Kubrick fan you will know that it was mentioned that Kubrick originally intended the space flight to go to Saturn, but they said the rings were too hard to duplicate, so they went to Jupiter instead. But this isn’t true. Kubrick ALWAYS intended it to go to JUPITER. He was just trying to divert the truth from the outsiders. The insiders knew it was meant to go to Jupiter. The Saturn deception is being pushed hard by many alternative researchers. If you look through my decodings you will see that JUPITER is the most important planet. Jupiter represents expansion and is the supreme planet. Jupiter represents Jesus. They do everything they can to invert the Jupiter energy. David Jones changed his name to David BOWie to invert the Jupiter energy. BOW as in rainBOW which bends at 42 degrees (42/24), the number of Jupiter, and BOW as in Archer, the symbol for Sagittarius, which resides in Jupiter. Also Kubrick knew the meaning behind the Black Monolith or MOON LILLITH. Moon Lillith is the feminine negative energy. The energy in control right now. The energy of the Left Handers. Kubrick shows how it has influenced us from our beginnings and will always be there as shown when the astronaut reaches Jupiter. Notice the disinfo pushed too that we came from apes in that movie. Notice that they even give Kubrick a shout out in The Minions movie. They have the minions walk across “the set” when they are “filming” the moon landings. If you look close you can see that the one behind the camera in that scene is Kubrick. And that whole movie was a shout out to the players of the Left, so Kubrick wouldn’t be in it if he was a good guy.


Q: To be honest, I’ve always felt that the planet of Jupiter was sort of “the premiere” planet of the occult, but felt that Saturn, too, was a possible distraction within the alternative research community. I think there is definitely something to that hypothesis…that is interesting you are on that same path of reasoning and finding these symbols and imagery in current films.


In respect to the Lunar Moon; you mention the idea of the Moon equating to the Moon Lilith, or the idea of the feminine negative energy… Both Arthur C Clarke’s novel 2001: A Space Odyssey and Kubrick’s interpretation of the novel heavily feature the Lunar Moon. There is the “main” ape/implied proto –human known as Moon Watcher in the book, the Moon featured over the obelisk on Earth in the film, and then of course the second part of both the film and novel that takes place on the surface of the Moon in context to an archaeological excavation of the obelisk. Could you expand upon your interpretation on the symbol of the Moon, and what do you believe the Moon’s imagery conveys in the films you have decoded?

RD: It basically boils down to us living in a duality. We have two opposing forces. These forces are meant to be complimentary as symbolized in the Yin and Yang symbol. But certain people are trying to tip the apple cart. They are trying to offset the balance to more “Moon” energy. The Sun is a giving energy and is represented by Christ. The Moon ideally is a taking energy and ideally is represented by Mary. When you are born your soul comes through the Sun. When you die your soul goes through the Moon. So it’s not a bad thing when it’s in balance. It is just how this enclosed system works. But certain people were not happy with this system as it should be. This is represented by the fall of Lucifer. So they want Lucifer in charge. And since we are in a duality Lucifer would take over Christ’s position and Lillith would take over Mary’s. Since we are in a time of imbalance, Mary basically is helping on the Right. So the Moon represents the Night Sun…the Knight Son….the Dark Knight Rising… Lucifer Rising… and Lillith Rising…. Christ and Mary on the Right, Lucifer and Lillith on the Left…. notice the other symbol associated with the Left Hand Path, the planet Venus…. Venus is a combination of V for Vagina and Enus or Penis… So it is the Baphomet.. the androgynous male/female represented in that planet. Venus and the Moon are always associated with each other.


Q: With that being said, let’s take a look at Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. You included a very good analysis of the film on your website here. Some people think Nolan is the heir apparent to Kubrick, or that he is at least attempting to be. Could you walk us through a few examples of the film that highlight the idea of the Left Hand Path as coded in the movie?

RD: Ah yes, Nolan does seem to walk in the shadow of Kubrick. Kubrick was better at “hiding” his occult connections in my opinion, than Nolan does. Nolan leaves obvious clues to whom he follows. If we look at the books on the bookshelf in Murphy’s room for instance. We can see there is a Columbia and Crowley connection. Columbia is another name for Isis and Isis is Lillith, the feminine negative we have discussed. Crowley of course is the most notorious follower of the Left Hand Path. Then we have the names given to the two Black Holes that Cooper and crew travel to. They are Gargantua and Pantagruel. Gargantua and Pantagruel are two books with a series of stories written by Francois Rabelais. The two giants live a life in which they do what they like. They do not care about the laws of man or his moral code. Their stories are filled with scatological humor, or “shit” humor and the Satanists are all about doing vile things with shit. Also in the books is a story about the Abbey of Theleme. From the Wiki- “As a reward, Friar John is given funds to establish the”ANTI-CHURCH” Abbey of Thélème, which has become one of the most notable parables in Western philosophy. It can be considered a point-by-point critique of the educational practices of the age, or a call for free schooling, or a defense of all sorts of notions on human nature.” This is where Crowley got his motto, “Do what thou willst is the whole of the law.” This same motto was used by the Hellfire Clubs in nineteenth century England. They had the motto overhanging one of their club entrances.So this begs the question, why in the world would Christopher Nolan name the two Black Holes after these vile characters if he didn’t want to make an association with Aleister Crowley? He obviously did.


Q: Yeah, I really enjoyed your breakdown of the titles on the daughter’s bookshelf. You wonder how much of these references exist in films that the majority of people never catch. You’ve also hinted at the trans-humanism symbolism in the film. What do you think the ultimate theme of Interstellar is? The notion that the Left Path is essential to save humanity in the long run? That humanity in and of itself will not survive, long term, without the assistance of technology? Or is the movie hinted at something else in respect to the grand scheme of things?

RD: They want people to think that they don’t “need” God. That God has forsaken them. That they can all become creator gods. They want people to trust in Science, which is really Psy-ence, a Psy-op. But Man cannot make Primary life. Man can only manipulate what God has already made. Man cannot make a tree without a seed or some part of a tree (grafting). Man cannot make Man without DNA, without some form of life force. This life force is FROM GOD. So they make Hugh Mann, a bad guy in Interstellar. HU is the God portion of Human or HU-Man- the spark…. Hu equals 3 (Heaven) and Man equals 4 (Earth)… together it is 34 the number of Christ. That’s why Masons worship 33, because it’s part of their disinfo. They want people to think Christ died at 33 and has “left the building”, but they will see He has never left us. So the ultimate theme of Interstellar boils down to “MAN without GOD”. Nolan wants us to turn our backs on God like Lucifer did.

Q: On the flip side of this dichotomy is the film Snowpiercer…in terms of the symbol of Christ and the Right Hand Path, you mention in your analysis of this film that the main protagonist of the film, Curtis, represents the symbol of the Sun, or the Christ archetype. Could you provide some examples that illustrate the association to this unique archetype?

RD: Sure. So we find out Snowpiercer is 34 years old. And as I have shown with Hugh Mann, 34 is representative of Christ. Curtis is also an anagram for Curist. And a Curist is a Healer. Also Curist is only one letter away from Christ. Just switch out the U with an H and you have Christ. His last name Everett can be broken down into “Ever” as in “always here” and an anagram of Ever is “Vere” which means Truth. Also TT is 22 that magical number again. In this version of 22 it stands for Time Travel. So Curtis Everett means “Christ Ever True” and he is always with us throughout time. The Sun symbolism doesn’t come up in here per se, but it is implied in Curtis’ actions. Curtis represents the Male Active. He is actively PROTECTING the people. He is the Father figure that the rest follow. He took over the lead role once Gilliam was executed. The Sun is a giving energy. We are nourished by it. Just like the Sun’s rays bring life to the planet, just like sperm give life to the egg. When the train is blown open and the girl and boy step outside, what is the first thing they feel? The planet is warming once again. The Sun’s rays are with them, melting the snow.

Q: Before we dive into the numbers game that these groups play, what is your take on the God versus Lucifer archetype? Do you think that this duality goes back to a specific religion or mythology? I’ve seen you comment on the symbolism of Set versus Horus, Satan versus God, etc, and that ties into a more primordial, ancient world religion. What are your thoughts on the basis of this duality that permeates human culture?

RD: Just that. What you said, it permeates human culture. All the way back. As far back as we can go. To the beginning basically. To the “fall”. So not to a specific religion. Basically the ones in the know were supposed to share their knowledge with humanity for good. But some got greedy. Some realized they could use the knowledge for their own benefit. Service to self instead of service to others. And so a schism was created. Through free will. Choices were made. A divide was created. And here we are.

Q: Returning to the ideas of numbers… I am extremely “green” at being able to decode numbers that have possible meanings in various forms of media, and you do an excellent job of breaking down the use of unique numbers in film. If you were able to create a cheat sheet, as it were, of numbers and their possible meanings, what would be some key numbers all of us should pay attention to in respect to the message of the Left Hand Path?

RD: Although a cheat sheet would be nice, it’s not that easy. When you look for numbers they might not “appear” in the traditional form. They are hidden in the shape, in the letter, in the sound, etc. Also, certain numbers carry various meanings so it depends on the intention as a whole. Luciferians like to invert. So they could take a number that has good connotations and use it for bad. So when you ask for “numbers” I can give you some important ones, but to find them (which form) and then which meaning and then in what context (even color is important) are ALL important. I can give you some very basic ones to start. 9/11…is the number for Earth. If you flip it, 11/9 and put it in letter form, KI you have the Sumerian Word for Earth, so 9/11 means Earth. So whenever you see “attacks on 9/11” it is basically saying a War for Earth. If you add KI onto NG you have the word KING. Now NG is the Norse Rune for Ruler. So in KING you have “Earth Ruler”. And “Christ” means KING so JESUS KING or KING JESUS.

So 33 everyone knows is a Masonic Degree that the initiates strive for. Thirty-three degrees is one degree above freezing, where everything melts. So basically you find out the “truth” supposedly if you attain this degree. Its also the number when Jesus supposedly died on the cross. Masons worship Lucifer so they perpetuate this myth. There is ample evidence that Jesus survived and traveled to India and elsewhere. So the ones in the know, use 34 to represent Jesus having survived. 3 + 4 = 7 so 7 is also the number for Jesus, as is 13, because Jesus had 6 disciples on his left and 6 disciples on his right, he would be either 7 in the middle or the 13th because technically he would be the one in the CENTER of the table because the table was actually….. ROUND. So those are some good examples as to why a “cheat sheet” isn’t so easy to put together.

Q: That is interesting because I recently discovered the idea that Paul McCartney was allegedly killed or died on 09-11-1966. Out of curiosity, what is the story behind Jesus possibly having traveled to India?

RD: Regarding Paul’s death date, 9/11 is being combined with “66”. Anton Lavey’s Church of Satan was established on April 30 (Walpurgisnacht), 1966. (Side note- Walpurgisnacht and Halloween are the two highest occult holidays for the Satanists among others). LaVey declared it Annos Satanas, the first year of the Age of Satan. So 9/11 tied to “66” is tying the negative energy to Earth. Just like in Interstellar where they named the robot KIPP. KI stands for Earth and PP is 77 in numerology. 77 stands for Lucifer and Satan in the Process Church’s 4 P System. So again 9/11 tied to “77” is tying the negative energy to Earth as well. So Paul “dying” on that day, to me, is very suspicious.

Regarding Jesus going to India, I can’t recollect the exact story. I remember reading that he could have been buried there as an old man, went by a different name, and then I read other accounts where he was there temporarily and then headed to Britain. So I advise people to look into for themselves if they are interested in this aspect of his life. I just know he survived from what the codings tell me as well as his connection to King Arthur. I did an article on that one if people are interested in the Jesus/Arthur connection.

Q: I hadn’t heard of that line research before, but I will definitely dig into it – thank you. Returning back to the idea of numbers having meaning, what numbers can we all be on the lookout in respect to motives designed to influence the meme of the Right Hand Path? You mentioned earlier that Bong Joon-Ho is a possible Hollywood type that concentrates on symbolism and numbers of the Right Hand Path…are there any other active creative types in Hollywood currently that share a similar vision in their work?

RD: Well 34 is unique to the Right Hand Path as 33 is to the Left. But other numbers are used by both. A good number like 13, which represents the 13th position or Jesus, is also used by the Left. We hear “unlucky” 13 right? Also 13 representing the 13 Illuminati Families. Friday the 13th, when the leader of the Templars, Jacques De Molay was killed on the order of the Pope. So that would be a BAD number for the Left but a GOOD number for the Right.

Regarding Hollywood types that follow the “right”, I wouldn’t say necessarily that it’s so black and white. I mean there definitely are directors that are obvious in following the Left Hand Path, like Nolan, Kubrick, and George Lucas, but on the other side you would have to look through each director’s body of work to determine that. The Giver and the latest Mad Max Fury Road sway to the Right Hand Path, so I would say Phillip Noyce and George Miller “might”be of the Right.

Q: I’ve also seen you break down the symbolic imagery of “water” and “snow” as represented by the entertainment industry. You’ve pointed out the ice worlds of both Snowpiercer and Interstellar, and just recently published a piece that brought attention to a character of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow. How would you best describe the embedded symbolism that is attached to water, ice, and snow? Is water inherently an ambiguous symbol, or is something more occult attached to it?

RD: Water in itself is just one of the five elements. To become enlightened you have to master ALL basically. Like in Divergent where Tris IS a Divergent because she has mastered ALL factions. Same with Jonas in The Giver. To become the next “Giver”, Jonas had to have ALL the traits necessary. These “traits” or “factions” are symbolized by the elements. So Jesus would have mastered ALL but he resides in the sign of Sagittarius, because Sagittarius’ element is FIRE. Fire is the element of Action. Like Katniss in The Hunger Games, she is the “girl on fire”.

So water is the element of the Left and fire is the element of the Right. So Jon SNOW is “of the Left” because he is OF the water element. Same with Daenerys STORMborn. She is OF the water element. President SNOW in The Hunger Games, again OF the Left, BUT SNOWPiercer is OF the Right because he “pierces” the snow, or he “spears” the snow. So he fights AGAINST the water element.

Q: Has any of your research led you down the path of the Gnostic systems? Have you seen evidence of the construct of the Demiurge or any worship or protest to the idea of the Demiurge? I noticed in your treatment of Jupiter Rising, the Wachowskis inserted the term Abraxas in their film. Some researchers have speculated that Abraxas is THE archon that rises above all other archons. Have you seen any evidence of symbols relating to the works of the Gnostics?

RD: “Demi” means half as does “Semi”

So DEMIurge and SEMIramis… both are half. One represents male and one female. Interesting that we have Demi Moore and Demi Lovato. They are giving a “shout out” to the Demiurge in their names. Lots of Hollywood actors and actresses have coded names. So Abraxas would be synonymous with the Demiurge which is just another name for Lucifer. The Mason’s worship Abraxas. So do the members of the Process Church.

GNOSIS means KNOW ISIS. Isis is Semiramis.

I have seen evidence of symbols, but not expressed outright. For instance, in Jacob’s Ladder there is a shot of a table with a Pie and a compass and square.
And in Mad Max with Max forming the Cain part and the skulls would be Tubal or two ball… Tubal Cain. I think they know their audiences are picking up on the traditional symbols and so try to disguise them a bit more.


Q: I was curious what your take was on the Demiurge, as I wanted to get back to the idea of Jupiter as a celestial object of worship. Earlier, you had mentioned your belief that the idea of Saturn worship, whether it be Death Cults, the Cubic Demiurge worship, Saturn as the original star, etc, has been inserted into the public as a means of distraction. You feel that the true object of adoration for the elite, or members of the Left Hand Path, is Jupiter. What have you discovered that has led to this very interesting area of speculation? What symbols in films and/or television have you decoded in regards to the idea that Jupiter is the ONE deity of Left Handed worship?

RD: Each planet is just a symbol, as is the Sun and Moon. Jupiter represents Christ basically. So the Left Handers want THEIR God Lucifer to take the place of Christ. In Jupiter Ascending they are putting in the female version of Lucifer, known as Lillith. They want us to give her our energy. The Christ character who really IS Jupiter in that movie is Kane. Kane’s mark is 222 which is symbolic of Jesus. So I wouldn’t say they “worship” Jupiter. I would say they are trying to “take over” the Jupiter energy. Jupiter is the Biggest Planet, it represents expansion, success. Saturn is a diversion. If you look at a lot of the symbolism that is said to be “of Saturn” it’s really “of the Moon”. Like the Black Monolith, Black Cube, that is MOON worship not Saturn worship.

So the Left Handers worship Venus and the Moon, not Jupiter.

So notice in 2001, at the end the guy is in the room, on “Jupiter” with the Black Monolith in the room. The Black Monolith is affecting him right? The moon energy is a negative energy, a taking energy, so they are trying to affect the Jupiter energy negatively there.

Q: Right, that scene in 2001 does make more sense in that context. It also provides an alternative reason as to why Kubrick changed the planet from Saturn to Jupiter in the film; the “he couldn’t reproduce the rings of Saturn to a level of quality” rationale no longer truly works. One more subject I’d like to get your take on is transhumanism. Do you think the Path of the Left Hand believes transhumanism is a necessary requirement for human survival, long term?

RD: Definitely. Basically the Left Handers “sold their souls” to get power, influence and material wealth. Crowley did a ritual at Boleskine house in Scotland to bring in the “head” demon. Some say he was unsuccessful, but since he is the most notorious Left Hander and known as “the wickedest man alive” I would beg to differ. So basically, when they make these deals, the demon will help them attain their desires in THIS life, but when they pass, the demon owns them. So the Left Handers want to stay in THIS life as long as possible, in fact forever, and then they will never have to “pay the piper”. So they are constantly working on melding man with machine and other longevity aspects. Drinking blood of the young is another example of trying to attain eternal youth and hold off death.
Humans were made perfect by God and will survive with no manipulation. The idea that we are somehow bad and destroying the Earth is not true as a whole. Any destruction is manipulated by them, wars, famine etc. by the Puppet Masters at the top of the pyramid.

Q: So transhumanism is possibly an extension of a mortal life to the select few at the top of the pyramid to bypass a potential afterlife judgement? I’ve heard that argument before; it is a provocative thought.  I did want to also get your take on the Batman vs Superman conflict. I’ve read a number of your articles where you discuss Batman as a symbol of the Left Handed Path. In the film, Batman needs technology to battle Superman; what is your take on the conflict of Batman vs Superman in terms of symbolism?

RD: Yes you summed it up perfectly regarding the elite and transhumanism. That is exactly how they see it.

Yes so Batman is basically their man using that technology. He is a BAT man. A bat is a VAMPIRE. Ritual sacrifice runs throughout their films and we know they practice this in real life as well. Where does all that blood go? Even donating to blood banks- blood drives- they constantly ask for more blood. I speculate a small portion actually goes to people who need it on the operating table. I think the majority goes to them to drink. Also Batman is BAD man. And Batman is BAPHOMET man. His world is Gotham City. Gotham means GOAT. Goat is the symbol of the Baphomet. So Batman is their Lucifer.

Superman is Christ. He recharges by getting energy from the SUN. Batman is tied to the Moon. Superman is part man part God. He is the true HU-MAN. Hu is the god portion and is the number 3, Man is the mortal portion and is the number 4, so combined we have that special number 34 again. Heaven and Earth connection in Superman.

In Batman V Superman we see Superman sacrificing himself for humanity; just like Christ. When he is laying on the ground he is in the Hangman position. He has a hole in his HEART. Heart is an anagram for EARTH. They have Batman have a “change of heart” when he hears Superman’s mom is named Martha too right? Because they want to kill off the God and have us follow Batman. They want a world where there is NO SUPREME GOD, instead, they want it where we are all creator gods with a little g. Just like in Interstellar, no God, MAN is supreme. So we empathize with Batman, they want us to think he is good after all, when that is hardly the case.


Q: Very curious! The whole comic book / mythology area is so rich with symbols, agendas, and consciousness. Have you been able to analyze any of the Marvel films? Do characters such as Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, or even the X-Men have any interesting ties to either the Right or Left Handed Path?

RD: Marvel comics was named after Marvel Parsons. Do you know who Marvel Parsons is? Marvel Parsons is JACK Parsons. Jack Parsons was the head of the OTO Pasadena Branch and intimately linked to L. Ron Hubbard and…. Aleister Crowley. (Jack Parson’s dad was a Captain in the Army, so Captain Marvel is a shout out to him, although they make him to be a good guy and his colors gold and red, so an inversion here.) Iron Man is another Bat Man. He gets his super powers through technology as well. Iron’s chemical abbreviation is FE as in FE-male the she/he or Baphomet. Captain America is a SUPER soldier or SUPER man. He does what is RIGHT even if he stands alone.


Q: I didn’t – I am familiar with Jack Parsons, yet didn’t realize Marvel was named after him. Another link to research, certainly.

With all this being said, do you think the Left Handed Path will succeed? Do you get the sense that the messages they imply in symbols and memes in film and television are working? Do you think the archetype of the Sun deity will ultimately be replaced by the deity embodied by the Lunar Moon?

RD: No way. They want us to BELIEVE that. They want to take as many of us down with them. The Right Hand of God is ALL WAYS more powerful. Darkest just before Dawn.

Yes the symbols and memes are working on the ones that WANT that energy. Energy goes where attention flows.

I don’t believe the Moon will replace the Sun, although that is definitely what they want. Say they win, what kind of world would we have? We would have the opposite. Hate would rule, anarchy, the night, murder, mayhem, no families, no love, complete control by the top, the rest of us completely enslaved. Funny, many followers of the Left somehow think they would be immune to all of this. That they would be the privileged ones at the top, hardly. There is no loyalty on the Left, it’s all about service to self. No morals, man’s law above God’s law.

Q: It is an interesting conflict, no doubt, and the idea that has been around since the beginning of humanity is absolutely fascinating to me. I recently read your Game of Thrones piece again  and think you really hit on something that most of us hadn’t even considered (myself included). What are some topics/projects you are considering in the future? Are you planning on expanding your website or possibly moving into the podcast arena to share your work?

RD: My work goes where ever my interest takes me. So I’m all over the place. Ha. I’m working on an article on Serial Killers based on Dave McGowan’s work. I think his premise is spot on, that Serial Killers were just another MK program basically. So I will discuss his work and input my own findings, similar to my King Arthur decoding. And I think I’ll have to do one on the TV Series called The 100. Have you seen that show? So much stuff in that one!

I am sooooo low tech. I would love to move into the podcast realm but I would have to figure out how to do that first. I’m really impressed with myself that I figured out how to do the website. Ha! (Pat on back.) I need to figure out how to add movie clips as well to my YouTube vids. So eventually yes.

It would be nice to do a podcast with you James sometime in the future as well. We have similar interests and a talk on certain topics would be complimentary to each other’s work.

Q: Yes, absolutely! I think we both allow the work to take us where it takes us. I am looking forward to your work on Serial Killers and The 100 – I haven’t seen that yet but it looks extremely interesting. You’ve actually inspired me to revisit the television show The Flash and to re-watch it from the beginning with your frame of perspective in mind. I think there is a lot of good stuff out there that all of us should at least be aware of when Hollywood presents material to us all. Before we sign off, is there anything else you’d like to add? Also, is there a good way for people to contact you?

RD: I would just like to say that I am honored that you wanted to interview me. It validates my work and motivates me to do more research to share with others.

People can contact me through email at or they can find me on Facebook.

JA: Excellent; thank you so much once again for talking to me, Rosette. I look forward to to seeing where your research takes you in the future.  Hopefully we’ll have a collaboration soon!

8 thoughts on “Decoding Gargantua and Pantagruel: An Interview with Rosette Delacroix

  1. Mary

    Hi James,

    I’ve been lurking your web sites since I heard you on THC and with Crrow. 🙂
    Very interesting interview! Although 666 didn’t specifically come up in your interview I felt that since we are taught to think it is a ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ number the opposite may be true. Looking into what 666 really is was an eye-opener, especially in light of the first 8 words in the Bible. 666 also has something to do with cubes which could be the origin of it’s worship. Thought you might be interested in the following.

    Here’s a web site (and PDF’s):



    1. Wow Mary, thank you so much for that link. I started reading through it and it tied quickly to the Pythagorean material I’ve been researching – thank you for sharing that site!


  2. Vivienne Offord

    This made me feel so uncomfortable. The God of the Old Testament is a jealous vengeful God and Jesus said this was not the true God. The entire premise of Masculine positive Sun energy and evil Feminine moon energy is entirely bogus and foisted on us by the Elite as they reverse everything.
    In the ancient Indo-European family ( Sanskrit, German and Old Goidelic) the moon is masculine and the sun feminine, this is before the downgrading of the feminine. Similarly, in the very ancient Pre Babylonian Sumerian tongue, the word for moon is explicitly masculine, as it is in Arabic in which the word for Sun is feminine.


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