The Worship of the Cube Form

One of a series of photographs by artist Julien Coquentin

The Cube, and the worship of it.  Why the fascination?

When I first began to dabble in the works of the alleged Soviet scientist Hatybov and attempt to interpret the Google assisted translations, the mention of the Cube in the available work didn’t really capture my attention.  Yet immediately after publishing my first attempt to summarize the work of Hatybov, there was much reference material sent to me in respect to a “cubic structure” hiding possibly behind the Lunar Moon, within Saturn, or even embedded in the Solar Sun.  The more I processed the material, the idea that the 8-bit tonal / information sequence repeatedly mentioned in the Hatybov literature appeared to possibly be a potential explanation of this infamous “Cube,” or even possibly better yet, the 8 legged Spider archetype that many have found interesting.

DO – RE – MI – FA – SOL – LA – TI – NA


Eight corners to a Cube, 8 fundamental Octaves that generate a return on the infinite that constructs the material reality through information flow that our jackets and biostructure brains intercept and interpret.  And as our Solar System is a unique, closed system of the larger infinite, the 8 bit base set of Octaves are indeed the Harmonia in the Pythagorean influenced Hatybov philosophy (which I would argue is indeed the main influence on the work of Hatybov).  One takes the Unlimited (the Universe), places a boundary around a discrete set of the Unlimited (the Limited /our Solar System), and Harmonia, or the “pleasing notes of a limited subset of notes,” is utilized to fabricate our existence and the time/space we live in.

Yet as fantastic as that sounds (as well as the wondrous idea of a cube behind Saturn/the Demiurge), what if the cube as a form of control is something much more terrestrial? What if the cube represents something much more Jungian in nature; a symbol that has been implanted for some reason or another into humanity’s collective unconscious at some point in our development as a species?

Symbolism of the Cube

As stated in Jean Duardo Cirlot’s excellent and handy Dictionary of Symbols, the cube is the solid equivalent of the square, and represents the material world of the four elements: Earth, water, air, and fire.  As with any good Jungian influenced alchemical analysis, the square represents the three states of matter and the agent which allows for the transformation of matter.  Solids, liquids and gas are transformed into matter with the assistance of temperature.

Unlike a sphere, the cube does not rotate, and therefore symbolizes stability.  And of course, the cube has great mystical and religious sensibilities to its form.  Whether it takes the form of the great Kaaba Muazzama or the two dimensional form of the cube as the Holy Cross, the cubic form possibly inspires eternity and the possibility of forever.

Two Separate Hypothesis Regarding The Cube as a Form of Measurement and the Cube as a Symbol of Food For the Masses


The Double Kush

In the Hatybov documentation found online, there are a couple of references made to the Christopher Knight and Alan Butler book Who Built the Moon?  Surprisingly, the book isn’t necessarily referenced on the piece regarding luna, but is mentioned in areas of the literature that state that the Lunar Moon and Solar Sun are artificial constructs.  It also states that the Knight/Butler book is the first to suggest such a hypothesis (which of course isn’t true; again, one is left wondering if Hatybov did indeed write this piece or if someone went in after the fact and added  additional material to the original work – always a mystery!)  Regardless, I immediately bought the book and began to read it for clues regarding the Hatybov material; the book has some excellent speculation regarding the Luna Moon and Megalithic culture, but what I found most interesting was the material in appendix V and the discussion regarding the cube as for a standard unit of measurement for the Sumerian civilization.


Per the research of Knight and Butler, the authors argue in their first book, Civilization One (cited in Appendix V of Who Built the Moon?), that the double kush is the basic unit of measurement.  To be exact, 99.88 cm in length.  The authors believe that, through the use of a pendulum and observations of the planet Venus in the sky, the Sumerians were able to establish a unit of measurement for linear length.  From the double kush, units of volume and weight were established by creating a cube with sides 1/10th of a double kush.  One cube of pure water was called a sila, or the unit of measure for volume.  The weight of one cube of water was known as a mana, or the unit of measure for mass.

Not only was the use of Venus and a pendulum able to create and verify the double kush, but also the size of a barley seed.  Known as a se, the barley seed is instrumental to creating the unit of measure of the double kush.  Through a series of measurements, the researchers determined that one mana is equivalent to 10,800 barley seeds.

More math follows attempting to prove a correlation to the mass of the Earth and the mana, but I was more interested in the use of a measurement system that quantifies length, volume, mass, area, and time.  And as the authors hypothesize, this all-encompassing system of measurements corresponds to a) the movements of Venus in the sky with assistance of a pendulum and b) the summation of barley seeds.

The authors go on to hint at an ancient alien hypothesis: given the complexity of the measurement system of the ancient Sumerians, and the coincidence in how perfect the size and weight of a barley seed fits this system of measurement, the authors argue that it is indeed possible that the barley seed was a genetically modified grain.  More so, the Knight and Butler team contend that the introduction of the barley seed tied to a measurement system indicates a possible “direct and deliberate intervention into the development of humanity.”  By teaching the Sumerians a system of integrated and repeatable metrics tied to a cereal grain that could be consumed as bread and beer, humanity and civilization proceeded forward.

The Oldest Conspiracy for World Domination: Bread and Beer


Last year, I found an interesting podcast by the name of The Hermetic Hour, and the host, Poke Runyon, gave a fascinating account of a working thesis he apparently formulated while a grad student.  The premise is based on the conservative Atlantis theory and states the following assumptions:

  • The single most important attribute to create a civilization is a steady food supply at a single point
  • The Atlantis civilization existed on the coast line of Spain and Southern France some 12,000 years ago
  • The Atlantian diet consisted of a food supply primarily of salmon, a rich brain food
  • The Atlantian civilization thrived during one of the Ice Ages of history, and due to a lowered sea level, thrived as a maritime society
  • When the glaciers of the Ice Age began to retreat, the sea levels began to rise, forcing the capital city to construct dikes higher in elevation to hold off the rising sea levels
  • One final, large storm destroyed the dikes and the capital of city of Atlantis collapsed from flooding at some point in history
  • The refugees of Atlantis flooded Egypt, Crete, Greece, Africa, and Mesopotamia, and became the ruling class of ancient civilization in the form of the Anunnaki
  • The Anunnaki were ultimately the 6 foot tall, big brained ruling class of the early Sumerians; the Anunnaki were the refugees/descendants of Atlantis
  • The Anunnaki created “man” through the use of a genetically modified grain diet
  • The common people were given a diet of emmer wheat and other grains as engineered by the ruling class
  • The use of grain through beer and bread enslaved the working class, allowing the ruling class control over the masses


How does the use of grains provide for world domination?  Runyon and his fellow researcher hypothesize the following: carbohydrates found in grain are toxic to the human body.  Carbohydrates alter human consciousness, brain activity, brain health, and body health.  Citing the works of David Perlmutter (Grain Brain) and William Davis (Wheat Belly), the hosts of the Hermetic Hour state that carbohydrates are an unnatural food source, and ultimately a poison to the human body and the human brain.  Like any good drug of social control, grains a) are addictive, b) taught to be essential to the human diet (per this), c) toxic, and d) suppress the brain activity of the working class.

Two Separate Hypotheses and the Possible Genesis of the Worship of the Cube


So how does this all trace back to the worship of the Cube?  If one were to assume some plausibility to the speculation of both Knight/Butler and Runyon, I would argue that one could synthesize their thoughts further.  Again, this is purely my own speculation, but what if the following scenario was possible?

  • Atlantis was the premiere, superior civilization of early Europe that thrived on a diet of a superfood, salmon
  • After the collapse of Atlantis, the refugees of Atlantis flooded surrounding the surrounding territories of Greece, Mesopotamia, and Egypt
  • The refugees of Atlantis became the ruling class, or the Anunnaki spoke of in many ancient alien texts and research
  • To create and control civilization and society, the Atlantian upper class created a genetically modified steady food supply at a single point: barley and other grains
    • The Atlantians/Anunnaki did not partake in the grain diet
  • The double kush, or a unit of measure of early Summeria, was calculated upon the size and weight of the barley seed as designed by the Anunnaki/Atlantians
  • The cube, or mana, was equivalent to a specific quantity of barley seeds that the “Gods” bequeathed on humanity
  • Our ancestors thrived off the symbol of the cube
    • It provided a repeatable unit of measure
    • A possible reference point for trade and social transactions
    • A starting point for engineered civilization
    • And most importantly, a symbol for a controllable food source that the ruling class provided to its slave class

So, at a high level, you potentially have a ruling class installing a genetically modified grain that both a) provides a controllable food source for the masses and b) enslaves the masses through engineered alteration of the human brain and body.  You also have a measuring system that uses the cube as a possible standard of unit of measure for trade and commerce and is represented by a standard quantity of barley seeds.

With all that being said, perhaps the Cube isn’t extraterrestrial or esoteric in origin; the cube that haunts our ancestors is still embedded in our collective unconscious as a function of the use of carbohydrates to feed and control the masses.  The cube does indeed control our lives, but perhaps not as a function of Octaves generated from a cubic structure behind some celestial object.

An Example of Adherence and Worship to the Carbohydrate Cube


Let’s pretend for one moment that, indeed, a) grains were a “Godsend,” that b) grains “reduced consciousness,” and that c) grains were addictive.  Assuming these assumptions to be true, would the media possibly perpetuate the above mentioned memes? Well, yes, they might!  I give you Granola, a “funny” short commercial advertising the French, late night snack food Granola.

The premise is simple; one gets hungry at night.  As one gets hungry, one craves carbohydrates in the form of a granola bar…let’s take a quick run through some images implying reduced consciousness, addiction, and the “hand of the Annunaki.”  Here’s the clip for everyone’s reference as well.





And then from the night sky comes forth a great, cubic carbohydrate gift from the gods…


And like moths to light in the night…


Through 1:44 seconds, a rapid collage of despair, hunger, addiction, disillusionment, and eventual gratification.  The masses rejoice from the great hand in the sky!


Final Thoughts

I realize this isn’t as sexy or fortean as Saturn or the Hatbov 8 Octave structure that possibly generates reality, but the idea that our ancestors worshiped the symbol of their allowed for sustenance possibly makes some sense.  I realize like most of this type of speculation that it could be a leap of random arguments made from random sources of material.

As far as the commercial analysis goes:  the commercial is presented as being a funny spoof on late night hunger and snacking, but when I first saw the video on YouTube I immediately thought of the work of Knight/Butler and Runyon’s idea that “Refugees from Atlantis conquered the world with bread and beer.”  Of course I could be way off on this thought, and the Cube could indeed be the Great Demiurge (or at the very least emerging from the hand of Monty Python).

As always, feel free to critique away!  And if you feel compelled to do so, please share your thoughts on the idea of the Cube; I’d love to hear all thoughts on the subject matter.  I do believe all of the material ties together in some way, shape, or form, and the mystical/occult sensibilities attached to the Cube is one more layer that can be peeled away from the proverbial onion.

Up next, an interview with a fellow researcher specializing in the analysis of symbols, words, and numbers perpetuated by mass media.


Butler, A., & Knight, C. (2005). Who built the moon? London: Watkins Pub.



7 thoughts on “The Worship of the Cube Form

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  4. KG

    It isn’t worship of the cube.

    cube-shaped Kodesh Hakodashim* (1Ki 6:20)
    cube-shaped New Jerusalem ** (Rev 21:16)
    cube-shaped Kaaba

    cube-shaped tefillin (Exo 13:9, Deut 6:8;11:18)
    cube-shaped ashlar (Freemasonry)

    cube-shaped NeXTcube (Steve Jobs)
    cube-shaped Power Mac G4 Cube
    cube-shaped Apple Store

    cube-shaped Borg (Star Trek)

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

    Did you see the movie “Cube”?
    Who built that cube?

    Metatron’s Cube

    * Related terms:
    House of God
    Qṓḏeš HaqQŏḏāšîm
    Holy of Holies
    Sanctum Sanctorum
    The Inner Sanctuary

    ** the shape is disputed


  5. Taylor Green

    This is correct. Phytic acid found in grains inhibits mineral absorption. Mineral depletion = cellular dehydration as well as absence of minerals in the cells. Salmon has DHA AND EPA VERY VERY VERY VITAL fatty acids which is WHAT MOST OF OUR BRAIN IS MADE OF. DHA and EPA are both needed for the synthesis of Christ within. Christ = secretion within out body which enables physical rejuvenation/phyichal immortality. Which just so happens to have a FISHY SMELL. You are on the right track. They (atlantians) also drank sea water which is rich in magnesium and 80 trace minerals. Amino acids escort all nutrients to the cells that called for them. However, magnesium is needed for protein ultization. We are severely depleted of magnesium. I supplement with it and I also eat raw eggs/meat, fish, and put unrefined sea salt in my water. I am reaching their level. Join me homie. I am only 20 years old.


    1. KG

      Hey Taylor, I think you’re right about the importance of magnesium in our diet, and salmon is definitely a favorite dish here.
      What’s your source for info on Atlanteans? Specifically their diet? How would we know what they drank? And what do you mean by “I am reaching their level?”

      What kind of temples did Atlanteans build? What did they call the stone squarers?

      By the way, that’s one of the strangest definitions I’ve seen of the word “Christ.”


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