Hatybov in The New Yorker?


A good friend of mine tagged me with a link to a The New Yorker cartoon image this morning on Facebook; being such an avid reader and fan of my blog (that’s right, yes bokehbree???), immediately the thought of Hatybov’s Spiders, or the Arachnid Megrez species, came to mind.  And why wouldn’t it?  The caption of the cartoon above states, “it’s amazing what you can see once you get away from all that light pollution.”  I doubt any of us would doubt that such a statement is as relevant as it is today. Continue reading “Hatybov in The New Yorker?”

Decoding Gargantua and Pantagruel: An Interview with Rosette Delacroix


Black hole Gargantua from the film Interstellar

Thanks to a continued growing list of contacts on Facebook, email, and otherwise, I am continually amazed to discover the quality of material that independent, like minded truth seeking researchers  are .  The opportunities provided for by the web allows people with a passion for researching information, observing and recording data, and analyzing their data  to present their conclusions and interpretations to the rest of the world without the need of a book deal, a television program, or even an interview on a mainstream radio program.  One such researcher I was fortunate to stumble upon is Rosette Delacroix; Rosette’s website, http://rosettedelacroix.com/, is one such example of the quality of work of people dedicated to the search of truth. Her research has taken her down the most interesting path of the analysis of symbols used and embedded in the motion picture industry and in television programs.  In this interview, we get into Solar and Luna archetypes,  Stanley Kubrick, Batman, “The Great Work,” and even a spot of Macca. Continue reading “Decoding Gargantua and Pantagruel: An Interview with Rosette Delacroix”

The Worship of the Cube Form

One of a series of photographs by artist Julien Coquentin

The Cube, and the worship of it.  Why the fascination?

When I first began to dabble in the works of the alleged Soviet scientist Hatybov and attempt to interpret the Google assisted translations, the mention of the Cube in the available work didn’t really capture my attention.  Yet immediately after publishing my first attempt to summarize the work of Hatybov, there was much reference material sent to me in respect to a “cubic structure” hiding possibly behind the Lunar Moon, within Saturn, or even embedded in the Solar Sun.  The more I processed the material, the idea that the 8-bit tonal / information sequence repeatedly mentioned in the Hatybov literature appeared to possibly be a potential explanation of this infamous “Cube,” or even possibly better yet, the 8 legged Spider archetype that many have found interesting. Continue reading “The Worship of the Cube Form”