The Arachnid Brain, Eternity, and Reincarnation with a Master Card:Mass Extinction For the Rest of Us

This article is a reprint from 11-21-2015

After many hours spent reading, rereading, and re-rereading the translations of the work of the alleged Soviet scientist Alexander Khatib aka Hatybov, things begin to fall in place in respect to the overall mythos that did not initially make sense to this author.  For example, the idea of the Solar Sun is mentioned many times throughout the papers available online, but each time the Solar Sun is mentioned, there seems to be a different, random reason for the reference.  A casual read of the material typically allows for the reader to glance over these Solar Sun references and not put much stock into the reference; however, having reread the material numerous times, the context of the random reference begins to make sense and tie together in respect to the overall mythos of the Hatybov material.

In advance of a discussion regarding a key component of the Supersystem, the Solar Sun, the idea of human brains, reincarnation programs, brain matrices, and connections to other systems of control must be examined.  As one infers from the work of Hatybov, the elite, genotype 46x, or the bourgeoisie, exist as the Masters of Society.  The masses, non Genotype 46x, or the proletariat, are subservient to the elite.  Again, shades of Marxist critique filters through the examination of the Ebrov Land Management System.  As was referenced in the Genotype discussion, the existing and possible future social strata is as such :

Social Strata
where :
Mosihiach – Genotype 481
Golden Million –Gentoypes 461 – 466
Golden Billion – Genotypes 441 – 442
Rest of the Population (Non Gentoype Population)
Of importance to the pyramid is the concept of the Matrix Brain.  Elite Genotypes are inferred to be connected to the Land Management System through the use of the Matrix Brain; whether both the Golden Million and Golden Billion populations are connected (or still connected), the literature is unclear.  For the purposes of this post, I will assume both Genotypes 44x and 46x ultimately belong to the population group with brains connected to the Megrez Land Management System (and that Genotype 42x was either full or partially liquidated in 2009.)

What is the Matrix Brain?

The Hatybov material is heavy on the emphasis of a matrix that relates to “a system program memory biostructure.”    The human body is a layered object; the flesh that we see is an ion/proton structure, or flesh “shirt” or “jacket”, worn on neutrino structure (ie the Matrix).  The human brain is a neuron foundation located within the human flesh jacket.

At a high level, human beings on Earth belong to one of two populations in respect to the Megrez Arachnid Land Management System: a) Non Matrix Type Population or b) Matrix Type Population. A person’s flesh jacket’s disposition towards a unique Octave threshold (more on that in a bit) determines whether you, me, your neighbors, your friends, etc. are tied into the Matrix.

At its simplest form, human DNA stores all of the information communicated through the Matrix.  The Matrix, in turn, can send signals to select groups of the population.  Why the need to tie a population set to the Ebrov Land Management System? A few things to note:

  1. Required evolution of the Arachnid Genotype given existing feedback of the current state of the System
  2. Consolidation of resources and wealth to the “newer” and “improved Genotype”
  3. Progress, scientific, economic, or otherwise, that benefits the ruling Genotype of the time period is “inspired” through communication with the MatrixWith all that being said, let’s begin this analysis by examining the two types brains within the human population.

The Non Matrix Type Population/Brain

There are two types of Non matrix type people: people with trained brains and people with brains without a recording system.  People with trained brains are not part of the Reincarnation/Christ program (people that do not belong to Genotype populations 44x and 46x.)  People with trained brains can read, write, and communicate existing information in a rational format; people with trained brained can also react and respond to new information that is generated by the Land Management Program (in a limited manner, of course.)

Non recording system brain types are a completely different population subset.  This population subset is regarded as human robots; this group of people is given a program routine at birth that does not allow for the perception or understanding of information above and beyond the routine programed in their brain at birth.  For example, if one were to engage in a conversation about the potential dangers of GMO processed foods, life on Mars, or the façade of differences in US political party philosophies with members of this group, the members of this population subset will not entertain any thoughts that stray away from the original program. Ultimately, to live independent of the Matrix is to live a life that is to learn, to steal, and to die.

In respect to both Non Matrix Type Brain subsets, a key concept regarding Land Management System changes is mentioned in the Hatybov material.  Any unexpected change to the external reality around them is dealt with through that individual’s specific learning at that specific time (ie schooling, education, religion, etc).  In essence, what has been taught to us in schools and in life prevents us from seeing the true reality around us.  The concept of educational control is definitely not new, but it is curious that Hatybov makes certain to bring this fact up in his work.

The Matrix Type Population/Brain

Per the literature available, the Matrix was created with the creation of man.  Whether this Matrix was created prior to the Great Intervention, or at the time of the Great Intervention, the literature is not clear to define.  However, the published works do make certain to point out, quite clearly, that inclusion in the Matrix is the equivalent of Matrix Type People being atop the social hierarchy that reigns over human social structures at any given point of time.

A key attribute of being a member of the Matrix Type Population is that their biological structure or “shirt” includes an additional frequency not found in the biological bodies of other human population sets.  This frequency allows for a link with the Land Management System and provides for the monitoring, correction, amendment, and replacement with the unique “shirt”…sort of a self-correcting/adjusting line of communication with the Land Management System that keeps Matrix Type People at the top of the social food chain as social conditions change.

More technically, an intermediate frequency octave of 51.5 exists between this material jacket and the Matrix.  This frequency octave consists of 22 different frequencies and allows for correspondence with Earth’s atmosphere.  The absence of these frequencies, by default, places a human in the Non Matrix Type Population.

Also beneficial to the Matrix Type Population is the ability to reincarnate. Returning to a previously discussed component of the Land Management System, reincarnation is critical for the Arachnid brain to survive in human bodies as the Megrez were not able to discern eternal/long life in human DNA during early stages of human experimentation.  The Reincarnation/Christ program was initially implemented at 0 AD to allow for a type of elongated life through a brain recycling program.  As human shirts die off, reincarnation is required to place unique Arachnid brains into new human jackets.  If the brain and material jacket exist at the 51.5 Octave, the waste matrix of the brain is not thrown out, and instead is passed on and reinserted  into the next shirt.   Reincarnation also affords members of the Matrix Type Population opportunities regarding the change in :

–          Blood type

–          Lung memory

–          Metabolism

–          Memory structure

–          New skill sets

This material goes back to the idea of Mantissas, or improved effectivities.  With each cycle of reincarnation, the brain is placed into a better improved version of an existing Genotype jacket with improved physical attributes.

Appointment of Matrices Toward the Matrix Type People/Population 

In order to survive atop of the existing social hierarchy, regardless of time in human history and economic state, the Matrix Type Population brain must exist and be independent of changes in external social conditions and stimuli.  Any brain in the Matrix Type Population set must be open to receive new information and use it in such a manner to direct the formation of social control mechanisms and focus the state of the masses.  Essentially, the Megrez Program’s Land Management System is driving human development; the progression of human civilization, if left without guidance from an operating Land Management System, whether it be Megrex, Orion, or Sirius, would be solely dependent on the achievements and life span of human beings. Hatybov is stating that humans alone, in a post Great Interventionist state, are not enough for civilization growth.

Matrix type people are constantly under the supervision of the Land Management System; actions of Matrix Type People are adjusted by the control system at all times, and the reaction time is .1 seconds.

Storage of Arrays Directed Toward the Matrix Type People/Population


The idea of the Superstructure begins to come into play in respect to the concept of the arrays of information or data stored in various planetary satellites located within our Solar System.  The satellites store information used to direct human affairs, and in turn releases data or information at unique points of time when the system feedback dictates a required a change on Earth.

As mentioned in a previous post, the control center located in Ethiopia is at this time connected to the satellites of other planets. Ethiopia is the key Space Communication Control Complex on Earth.  Elara, Titan, Phobos, and other satellites transmit information to Control Complex Ethiopia…the Lunar Moon then receives information from Kailash (having been passed information from Complex Ethiopia), compares the new information to the base program, and resets the program due to Earth (Satellite -> Kailash -> Ethiopia -> Moon -> Kailash (I think)).  Kailash, again, is the Control Complex on Earth that archives all human brain information and activity.

Hatybov’s work does mention three unique satellites of the SuperSystem, and the quality of data that is archived on each planetary satellite:

  • Elara III – archives the program to develop weapons
  • Phobos – warfare programs; includes the use of economics and military conflict
  • Titan – holds the system of required Genotype knowledge necessary to implement human conflict as dictated by Phobos and Elara

All other planetary satellites provide information correction routines applicable to any program errors regarding control systems, ecology, celestial mechanics, and biological structure development.  It is also through this utilization of arrays of data that concepts of enlightenment or epiphany are managed.

Again, all arrays of information submitted to Earth are stored in matrices in the Complex Kailash, which in typical Hatybov specificity, exists at H = -1270 meters.

Land Management System Protocol, or “How to Standardize the Elite Brain and Produce Human Enlightenment Through Karma”

The directive that generates any human progress, whether it is technological advancement, economic evolution, or scientific epiphany, is dependent on the manipulation of the matrix, which in turn is tied to Matrix Type People Brains.  The literature states that “the update of the matrices attached to the brain is a very complex process” (apparently even by Hatybov standards!).  The Sun, the Moon, the Planets, Planetary satellites; everything is agreed upon in all Control Complexes and subordinated to the overall program dictated by the Land Management System’s base program’s parameters.

To create a sense of enlightenment in human thought through the use of the chosen Genotype brain, the Land Management System modifies the brain through the use of Karma.  Karma, as expected, doesn’t necessarily align with the Eastern philosophical definition in contrast to the Hatybov material : “destiny for fate, following as effect from cause.”  Karma is more specifically “the property of the neutrino lining of the brain to retain all the properties of a change Octave 73.450450 to 61.3757375 when carrying octave 49.5.”

Through the use of sleep, the Karma carrying frequency is used to “remove the brain,” check the brain against the overriding program at that time, and then place the brain back into the jacket.  Karma also provides for a check of a chosen brain against the current Land Management System program. If the brain has become too mutated or removed from the existing program, the brain is placed into a lower strata of Octave. If the brain has strayed to far from the existing program, the brain is destroyed through drug use or disease.  A diagram has been replicated for a visualization of the Karma program :


Also of note: if the biostructure or jacket no longer meets the requirements of the program, it is deleted.  A new biostructure is created to meet the needs of the Land Management Program.  The control to the old group no longer valid must destroyed, and progress of the elites is sustained.

An Example

What does all of this mean in context to social change and management?  A quick hypothetical example:

The Land Management System dictates that Genotypes 461 are to begin to consolidate wealth and resources through the use of armed conflict in the Middle East.  Feedback to the Ebrov Program indicates that an optimal opportunity to further consolidate resource wealth to the Golden Million and reduce expendable population numbers is to trigger a conflict in the Middle East.  To accomplish this idea or inspiration, the program routine is as such:

  • Relevant information is passed from one or more planetary satellites to the Complex Ethiopia, routed to Complex Kailash, and then uploaded to the Lunar Moon
  • The Lunar Moon then engages two routines:
    •  The Lunar Moon produces the new program and resets conditions and matrices (brain, atmospheric, etc) on Earth
    • The Lunar Moon transmits new program to the Solar Sun
  • When matrices are ready for new Program, the Management System produces the “Start” and the Solar Sun transmits a magnetic pulse to the Earth
    • The magnetic pulse takes 1 day in time and activates the new program
  • The magnetic pulse creates an acceleration in the Brain’s atmosphere through modification and manipulation of “thought” through the Karma program
  • Matrix Type Brains then accommodate the  change as such:
    • Brain prepares for information overlay
    • Bran record keeping structure prepared for information overlay
    • Information is recorded in Brain
    • Previous program is overwritten with new program routine
    • Information is “negotiated” to exist within context of long term memory
  •  Inspiration or creation of idea of conflict occurs, and the Matrix Type People prepare and begin a conflict in the Middle East through manipulation of resources at hand and control over the masses

Easy enough!  Fortunately, this is only a hypothetical example.  As always, please keep in my that this material is possibly pure science fiction.

DNA Manipulation of the Living Cells, and How to Organize, Structure, and Manage Social Organizations

Returning to a previous statement regarding the idea that human DNA stores necessary information from the Matrix, the Hatybov material delivers very specific accounting of DNA use from the Megrez Program perspective.  From a purely scientifically accepted definition of DNA, the bases of DNA include:

–          Adenine (A)

–          Cytosine (C)

–          Guanine (G)

–          Thymine (T)

Khatib’s work indicates that each building block of DNA acts as a node of purpose: (A) is the incoming unit, (C) is the output unit, (G) the control unit, and (T) the generating unit of Information Orientation.  As biochemistry has pointed out, DNA strands create RNA strands through transcription, and RNA strands are translated to specify the sequence of Amino Acids within proteins.  I’m no biochemist, nor do I pretend to be an expert in this area of science, but I believe the message of this part of his work is to highlight that the 4 bases of DNA, and any combination therein, can partake in the Matrix through input of information, processing of information, future orientation of information, and discharge of information.

If that isn’t enough information to process (or believe), the Hatybov documentation goes on to highlight how the Matrix communicates specialties to the Golden Million/Golden Billion through unique Octave/frequency transmissions, which in turn create social roles/jobs of the elite.  And as is common in the literature, a table is included.  I have reformatted the table for everyone’s reading pleasure.

Octave matrix Structure Degree of Influence on Public Life Specialization or Occupation
73.125125 21 Maintenance of greenery
73.12525 100 Control of all modes of transport
73.125375 20 Maintenance of all types of delivery and processing of water
73.125625 18 Service land and air transport
73.12575 17 Service Water Transport
73.125875 15 Service recycling
73.25025 100 Company management, financial and medical support
73.250375 100 Manage the entire justice
73.250625 100 Management of all minerals
73.25075 100 Trade Management
73.250875 100 Managing media
73.375375 14 Service Holiday golden Million
73.375625 12 Manufacturing. Food processing industry
73.37575 10 Manufacturing. Technical Means of Transport
73.375875 8 Manufacturing. The entire garment industry
73.626625 6 Manufacturing. Agriculture
73.62575 5 Manufacturing. Fodder
73.625875 4 Security golden million
73.75075 3 Protection of population
73.750875 2 Medical services
73.875875 1 Nightman

Bonus Section: Shirt Fire Sale, or Easter 2007


In the year 2006 AD, the first Golden Million Genoytype was allegedly introduced to the world. The formation of Genotype 461 was the beginning of the formation of the Golden Million; the Ebrov Management plan appeared to have blueprints for the development of Genotypes 462, 463, 464, 465, and 466.   This Genotype would no longer require reincarnation; the Megrez Arachnid, having finally figured out the missing link to human DNA and eternal life, would introduce a new Genotype that would no longer rely on reincarnation to extend life.  It is also mentioned that Genotype 42X , no longer needed, was liquidated on Easter, April 19th, 2009.  The new Genotype could essentially pull the plug on previous Genotypes and non Genotype brains, leave a few other people around for maintenance, and live eternally with all wealth and resources under their control. The control pyramid would be finalized, and through the manipulation of resource consolidation and population control, a Utopia could be achieved and the Golden Million placed at society’s peak.

An interesting side note to the discussion of this event in 2006 AD, Easter of 2007 comes into play.  In the Hatybov article “Shirt and its Properties”, as located in the “Humor Section”, there is talk of a sale of shirts.  Invited guests were those who belonged to the Golden Million (author note : I think it should be Golden Billion, as the Golden Million is mentioned to no longer require reincarnation for extended life spans).  Exclusive to a one time offer, anyone with special invite was allowed the opportunity to purchase a shirt for 1.5 billion USD.  Payment by Master Card was even allowed.  The purchase of said shirt provides for a “happy life at the expense of those who are not wearing shirts,” and an opportunity for the unique brain to survive human death.  The day after that time of purchase in 2007, those who made proper payment were allowed a direct link with God and are able to fulfill all whims and wishes in life.  If one were to have any problems communicating with God, Hatybov recommends the owner to refer to the manual “How to Communicate with God” by I.N. Yanitsky.  However, if  one were to have any problems with payments the day after Easter of 2007, the brain and shirt were destroyed.  The Megrez Program has no time for credit risk…


Well folks, another messy one, but interesting nonetheless.  As best to quickly summarize for recap and thought:

  • Beginning in 0 AD, with the assistance of the Christ/Reincarnation Program, the Ebrov were able to extend unique Genotype brains beyond the lifespan of the human body, or jacket with Genotype 423
  • Genotype brain jackets are equipped with a unique Octave at 51.5 that allow for the communication of the brain to the Matrix, which in turn communicates to the Land Management System
  • Human DNA can be manipulated through frequencies to generate specific biological returns
  • Economic, military, technological, and scientific progress has been triggered through the Karma subroutine and manipulation of the presiding Genotype population
  • Accumulation of resources and wealth is funneled to the prevailing superior Genotype population over time through economic, military, technological, and scientific progress
  • Beginning in 2006, the Reincarnation Program was no longer needed as the Golden Million have jackets capable of eternal life (beginning with Genotype 461)
  • Non Matrix Brain populations serve as the masses are destined for extinction upon completion and fulfillment of the Golden Million

Thoughts? Comments?  As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any comments through email or through the comment section.  Again, this could be an allegory for something else entirely, a fantasy based, Marxist criticism of how the world works, or possibly pure fiction.

Also, if anyone happens to have a copy of the “How to Communicate with God” literature, please send my way!

5 thoughts on “The Arachnid Brain, Eternity, and Reincarnation with a Master Card:Mass Extinction For the Rest of Us

  1. laryensoufi

    Sounds like an inverted version of our “terrible situation” according to the 3 Volume Work by Boris Mouravieff, notably, what he says concerning the coming CYCLE of the Holy Spirit in his third volume of “Gnosis”. What he says about the those inferior mindless robotic anthropoids and the very special chosen Adamites.

    As well,… those Hatybov densities seem to smack of Monsieur Gurdjieff and his 4th Way teachings: the Hydrogens(or food) and their necessary densities, continually affirming, negating and reconciling all the while, within the seven cosmoses that apparently predetermine all and everything with their respective “composing” Octaves.

    But perhaps what Hatybov is describing, is the way in which the Big Bad Devil understands what is beyond his/her spider comprehension but imagines none the less, mechanically but organically attainable!

    Peace and courage be with you!


    1. Thank you ! I appreciate the feedback and your work as well. I definitely have Gurdjieff and his work on my radar, as well as Anton Wilson’s, and (now) Mouravieff – thank you for the reference. I look forward to checking it out


  2. I have seen so much comparative between my reverse speaking cosmology and the Hatybov information, I appreciate the work you have done to make it available in English.

    The worlds power elite who are only organic extensions of this “net” with no individual will and directly linked for all hive mind commands they are classified as clones.
    The overall realignment of orbital harmonics is inducting the a new reversed quantum plasma that is being inducted incrementally through the plasma tubes between Mars and in this particular case importantly the moon . The moon has been a conduit to the Earth Magnetosphere to reverse the unnatural plasma state. Cern connects to these inter-planetary cords and attempts to re-polarize the positive harmonic influencing the Earth quantum grid connecting to the human collective awareness in a negative way favoring the entropy of the social strata that creates our current global system.


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