A Purely Rotten Apple

A photograph of James Paul McCartney’s/William Shephard Campbell’s  upcoming album

If people didn’t get enough of Paul McCartney of late with his collaboration with Kayne West, you’re in luck.  Scheduled for release on June 10, 2016, Sir Macca is scheduled to release a compilation of 67 post-Beatle tracks to the world.  A final compilation, perhaps, of some of the better tracks in Macca’s illustrious (and not so illustrious) post Beatle career is finally in order; a final testament to the musical genius of the individual artistry of Paul McCartney.

Some upfront disclosure; I am a huge Beatles’ fan.  My brother and I grew up listening to my parents original 1960’s vinyl, listened to every US released album countless times, cassette taped B-sides and singles off of the local Oldies FM radio channel, and can probably sing every Beatle song without needing to look at a lyrics cheat sheet.  Better yet, I can do halfway decent Lennon at Karoake too, especially after a few beers (I do, however, need some lyric assistance at that time.)  After school, I even bought myself a Rickenbacker to pay tribute to Paul, John, George, and Ringo.  The Beatles were, to me anyway, bigger than any band that was around when I grew up, and I let everyone know my opinion.  Who needs Def Leopard when you have the White Album?  Who admitted listening to Tiffany and Debbie Gibson when there was A Hard’s Day Night to listen to at night?  Sure, my friends liked Van Halen and Milli Vanilli, but I didn’t care.  The Beatles were the epiphany of rock music to me, and anyone who didn’t listen to them was wasting their time.

As many other Beatles fans out there can attest to, there is a want and desire to find more beyond the rich catalog of Beatles’ material published from 1963-1969 (Ethan Hawke, of all people, knows what I mean – check out his Black Album for more) .  When that urge hits you, you begin to spend time digging into the 1970’s solo material.  I spent quite a bit of my hard earned cash in college buying CDs of John, Paul, George, and even Ringo (yes, even Ringo), desperately hoping to find that one track that I could add to a mixed tape that reminded me, musically, of the Fab Four from the 1960’s.  I have no idea how many hours I spent on Venus and Mars, Dark Horse, or Menlove Avenue, but for me personally, for every one gem, there where multiple duds.

Anyway, enough of my background on the Beatles, the solo years, and my quest to create the perfect mixed tape -let’s dig into the PID material already!

Paul Is Dead (PID)


I believe I first heard about the PID enigma in college.  I had checked out R. Gary Patterson’s “The Walrus Was Paul: The Great Beatle Death Clues” from the local public library and remember flying through it very quickly.  I found the idea of clues embedded on Beatle record album covers, within cryptic lyrics, and in songs played backwards very intriguing.  However, the great Beatle Paul McCartney, dead in the 1960’s and replaced by and imposter?  How can that possibly be? As interesting as the material in the book presented was, I thought the PID clues were likely a historical promotional ploy created by the Beatles to sell records. More importantly, PID represented the public’s reconciliation of the guy who wrote and sang “Yesterday”, “Another Girl”, “Michelle”, “For No One”, and “Eleanor Rigby” to the guy who wrote and sang “Silly Love Songs”, “Wonderful Christmas Time”, “Listen to What the Man Said”, and “Ballroom Dancing”.  A figment of the larger collective consciousness’ rationalization to explain how A) Beatle Paul McCartney transitioned to B) Wing Paul McCartney in a matter of roughly 20 years time.  Ultimately, I passed on the subject matter, and deferred back to reading about Roswell, UFO crashes, and alien abductions.  After all, my idol, John Lennon, the guy who stood up to the elite in a time of war, would have said something about a fake Paul, yes?

Fast forwarding to 2016, courtesy of a number of interviews I listened to regarding Mark Devlin’s recent publication Musical Truth (see below), and unbeknownst to me, the PID movement is back and in full force.  I had no idea the PID concept was as big as it was, and immediately went to Youtube to check out some recommended videos.  The first clip that caught my eye was Macca’s interview on David Letterman.  I didn’t think much of it; when Letterman first mentions the PID legend in the interview,  both casually joke that the PID idea is nonsense, absurdity, etc, and I was in agreement with them, thinking it too to be an absurd idea.

Yet there is a moment when Letterman reaches for a photograph to his left and moves an upside down document in front of him, and Macca has this look in his face of uncertainty, maybe a bit of fear.  Immediately thereafter, Letterman states “that there was a guy who looked like you, taking your place” and Macca proceeds to state “oh well, this is him” and points to himself.  Of course the audience laughs, Letterman chuckles, but Macca has this very odd look to him as he scans the audience. Letterman then goes on to say “Or is it?” and Macca moves his left hand’s finger to the tip of his nose, and looks directly into the camera.  A very curious course of dialogue, expressions, exchanges and symbolism, indeed.  A finger to the nose? What does that mean?? Maybe there is more to the PID enigma, after all…

A Possible James Paul McCartney/Faul McCartney Timeline in 1966

1966!  Quite the year for the Beatles

The basic timeline of the need, origin, and perpetuation of a James Paul McCartney impostor is outlined below.  Facts I will leave non-italicized; anything italicized is speculation in respect to the dates in question.  The majority of this timeline is constructed with the assistance of the http://www.beatlesbible.com, Tina Foster’s www.plasticmacca.blogspot.com, http://www.beatlesinterviews.org, and also the recently published book by Nicholas Kollerstrom, The Life and Death of Paul McCartney.  So without further delay, a potential timeline to the Beatles in the year 1966:


Published in the London Evening Standard on March 4, 1966, an interview with John Lennon is presented on the life of a Beatle.  It is in this article that Lennon’s famous Jesus quote first appears:

“Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that; I’m right and I will be proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now. I don’t know which will go first, rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me.”

A separate article published by US teen magazine, DATEbook, and takes Lennon’s quote out of context.

0_b3b43_b0147639_orig (1)

To begin the 1966 tour across the globe, the Beatles began a three city tour of West Germany.  On June 23, 1966, the Beatles gave an interview at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich. Photographs of the press conference are shown below:

Then another interview/press conference on June 66, 1966 in Hamburg, West Germany


Revolver era Beatles

The Beatles’ album Revolver os released on August 5, 1966 in the United Kingdom, and on August 8, 1966 in the US, shortly after criticism and controversy concerning Lennon’s comment regarding the Beatles being “more popular than Jesus now.”

The Beatles follow up with more questions regarding the Christ comment and the US reaction to the Lennon’s statement in Washington D.C, August 15, 1966:

On August 17, 1966, the Beatles arrive in Toronto, Canada, and conduct an interview in between and afternoon and evening show.

Q: Gentlemen, have you given any thought as to when your popularity might end, and if so, do you think you’ll be around in another ten years time?”

PAUL: “We’ll be, you know… The only reason we won’t be around is we’ll be dead. But, uhh, as Beatles we could be around still doing the same thing as we’re doing now only we have developed a bit. But you know, it’d be a bit embarrassing at 35.”

Q: “Paul, I’ve gotten ten variations of the story of how you chipped your tooth. Can you set the record straight? How did it happen?”

PAUL: “Umm, it was Christmas and I’d had a few drinks and I went for a ride on a moped. And I was watching the moon and I fell off.”

The Beatles give an interview to Memphis on August 19th, 1966; Paul McCartney is featured below

On August 21, 1966, the Beatles are interviewed in NYC at the Warwick hotel (photo below):


Q: “Paul, according to wire reports you became a little ill after you got off the plane last night. What happened? Air sickness?”

PAUL: Yeah, something. You know, I haven’t been too well on the tour. I just felt a bit ill, that’s all, and I was sick.”

The Beatles then flew to LA and gave a press conference on August 24, 1966 at the Capitol Records Tower.  It is noted that David Crosby, of the Byrds, was included in the Beatles entourage

Q: “Have you ever used or trained Beatle doubles as decoys on a…”

RINGO: “No.”

JOHN: “No.”

PAUL: “We tried to get Brian Epstein to do it… he wouldn’t do it.”

Was it noticed that Paul and/or other Beatles possibly looked different on this tour?

The Beatles then flew to Seattle and gave another interview to Seattle, Washington on August 25, 1966 (photo below):


The Beatles staged what ultimately was their final live concert on August 29, 1966 at Candleistick Park, San Francisco, CA

Revolver goes platinum on September 9, 1966

On the night of either September 11, 1966, or (November 9th, 1966), James Paul McCartney, beloved friend to John Lennon, idol to millions of fans across the globe, and a true rock n’ roll icon, died in a horrific car crash after getting into a fight with John and/or the other Beatles at the recording studio. 

  • James Paul McCartney was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, and was either decapitated in the car crash or died from massive head trauma.
The clue in the drum: 11 IX, or in England date coding, Sept 11 HE DIE

On September 16/17, 1966, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Brian Epstein (business manager/tour manager of the group), and Neil Aspinal (a Beatles childhood friend and road manager) meet in Paris, France.  Lennon, on break in the midst of filming How I Won the War, agrees to meet the three for a short weekend vacation.

  • It is at this meeting that Faul, the agreed upon replacement of James Paul McCartney, meets with John and Neil for the first time

On September 26th, 1966, Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein, is hospitalized for drug overdose regarding depression and anxiety.

On October 3, 1966 Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein denies rumors that Paul McCartney had left the group and that the Beatles had broken up.

October 9, 1966, Epstein again addresses the media with comments to the magazine The Melody Maker and states the group has no intention of creating their annual Christmas album or performing live for an UK audience for the balance of the year.

October, more or less, is an extremely quiet and less documented period of the Beatles’ career.

On November 6, 1966, Paul McCartney loads up his brand new green Aston Martin DB5 on a plane/ferry due to France, and attempting to avoid Beatle fandom, dresses up in a disguise that includes a custom made fake mustache

John Lennon meets Yoko Ono on November 7, 1966, while visiting Y0ko’s exhibition Unfinished Paintings and Objects at the Indica Gallery in London.  Of course, Yoko claims she was not aware of John Lennon and the Beatles at the time, but let’s be honest, such a statement is likely not true.

  • The Indica Gallery was managed by Barry Miles, who was quoted in The Lives of John Lennon that “had he set out to destroy John Lennon he could not have done better than introduce him to Yoko Ono.”
  • It is theorized in some circles that Yoko is Lennon’s new handler; a possible intelligence agent employed by specific parties to keep Lennon in line with Queen and Country

Paul McCartney, day tripping through France in a brand new Aston Martin and a disguise intended to fool the adoring public, meets with Mal Evans on November 12, 1966 in Bordeux, France.  Mal Evans is again another close friend and road manager/roadie who had been with the Beatles from the very beginning.

  • All journal entries and film footage of this time was lost/stolen, according to official accounts

Paul McCartney and Mal Evans head to Nairobi, Kenya, to meet with Paul’s girlfriend at the time, Jane Asher, to begin a 9 day safari

  • It is at this time that Paul McCartney conceived the concept of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • It is speculated that the replacement Paul has plastic surgery performed; a new, improved looking Faul McCartney intended to replace JPM.
In Kenya, the Safari days

The McCartney, Evans, and Asher clan return from Africa to London on November 19, 1966:

  • Lennon, having returned from Spain and Harrison, having returned from India, meet with Evans, Epstein, Aspinal, and Faul as a group on November 20
  • The group is bewildered and shocked at the success of the plastic surgery and agree that the show can still go on

On or around this date, Mal Evans fires Paul McCartney’s housekeeper and butler at his Cavendish Avenue home, Mr. and Mrs. George Kelly.  Officially terminated due to the fact the Kelly’s sold their Cavendish experiences to an Australian magazine, some have speculated that

  • Mal Evans fired the housekeeper/servant couple to prevent knowledge and awareness of an imposter Paul.

Mal Evans moves into Cavendish with Paul McCartney, and immediately begins to assist Paul with song writing duties regarding the upcoming album, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band

A photograph of Paul McCartney is featured in the New Musical Express on November 26, 1966 (see below), apparently having lost some weight in the face and body after Africa:

In front of the Cavendish Avenue home, looking gaunt and dapper with the fake/new mustache November 26, 1966 (I)

On December 10, 1966, The Beatles release the forgotten album A Collection of Beatles Oldies (But Goodies!)


Possible clues embedded on the album’s front and back cover:

  • The main focus of the front cover is a long, slender gentlemen with women’s shoes…the newcomer with a fondness for music and fashion
  • The front cover also features four figures near and seated in a vehicle, where to the right of the car is the statement “To the Original”
  • The car appears to be driving towards the head of the long, slender man of fashion
  • The back cover features a black shirted Paul, hovering in the background and covered in a smokey mist

On December 18, 1966, despite not mentioning any interest in making sound tracks to films previously, he and Jane Asher appear at the premiere of the film The Family Way, Paul’s first solo film sound track composition

“Man you’ve been a naughty boy.You let your face grow long…”

On December 24, 1966, Paul appears on the cover Disc and Music Echo, again featuring his new mustache

(I) source

At the same period of time, he appears in the UK magazine New Musical Express with producer George Martin, again featuring the brand new mustache

(I) source

On December 31, 1966, Paul is featured separately from John, George, and Ringo, again identifying Paul with the new mustache and separate from the group

(I) source

The world witnesses in the following year, 1967, Paul breaking off his engagement with long time girlfriend Jane Asher, the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band, and learned of Paul meeting Linda Eastman. I’ll dig into 1967 in the future.

So What’s the Deal with Faul, and Who is He?

Either JPM, or possibly William Sheppard Campbell, as inserted on the White Album

If one does believe that Paul McCartney did die in September of 1966, who would have replaced him?  There are several theories regarding Paul’s ultimate replacement, but the majority of research and speculation appears centered above on the man above: William Shepherd Campbell, aka Beatle Bill aka Billy Shears.  Campbell was potentially a Paul McCartney look-a-like contest winner, or a previously used double used and noted by people during the 1966 world tour.

Whether William Campbell is an alias for some other unknown artist (Kollerstrom’s speculation that Campbell is indeed Trevor Philip Ackrill is very well researched and presented), a few things seem to be in place with the new Paul.  Beatle Will is:

  • More technical with instrumentation and song design than JPM
  • Potentially a session musician from the early to mid 1960’s
  • Possibly classically trained in music
  • A new Paul who is more interested in fashion and clothing
  • Right handed and plays the guitar and bass right handed
  • Versed in the world of the esoteric and the Great Beast, Crowley

More on this in the future…and one odd synchronicity I found after publishing this article is here.

Why Faul Does Indeed Exist

Is the Magical Mystery Boy a clue?

I could summarize all the wonderful thoughts I have on the subject, but I think Kollerstrom’s inclusion of Jim Fetzer’s deductions on the matter are enough of a baseline to get anyone started in the mystery.  I personally don’t know either the author or Fetzer, but I agree that the seven “proofs” of the existence of Faul should at the very least be considered for everyone’s future speculation.  They are:

  1. Faul is much taller and taller than James Paul McCartney
  2. Faul has much better teeth than James Paul McCartney
    1. Braces, of course, could have something to do with this
  3. Faul has a different ears/ear lobes than Paul; Faul needed to wear fake ears to reconcile the difference in public while still in the Beatles
  4. Faul appears to more intellectual and cerebral than Paul in interviews post 1966
  5. The Beatles stopped doing concerts after the death of Paul
    1. The idea being that the audience would be able to ascertain Faul’s height difference on stage and note the difference in chemistry in the band
  6. Faul’s eyes appear to be green in color, whereas Paul’s appear brown in color in the film Help! (as well as per the Topps trading card below)


7. The Beatles inserted many clues in their post 1966 movies, lyrics, and interviews after the fact (see Magical Mystery Boy, and see below)

A broken skull of death included in the Magical Mystery Tour booket

To add to the enigma, two Italian forensic scientists published an article entitled Chiedi chi era quel «Beatle» ; in it, the scientists conclude that the appearance of pre-September Paul is statistically significant than the appearance of post – September Paul McCartney.  The story was published on July 15, 2009 Italian version of WIRED magazine (I hope to dissect this too further in a future article):


Fortunately, the whole PID legitimacy hinted at by the two forensic experts was quickly dismissed  courtesy of the Letterman interview (see above).  The Letterman interview coincidentally aired on July 17, 2009, just days after the publication of the magazine.  If Letterman says it ain’t so, it ain’t so.  Everyone knows that, right?

Two shades of Macca (photo courtesy of Tina Foster)

Why Paul Isn’t Dead


Why does Paul look so different in 1966 versus 1967?  One could argue the following:

  • McCartney lost some serious weight while on holiday/break in October 1966 November 1966, and kept it off throughout the Sgt Pepper days
  • McCartney was on some new drug that altered his appearance
  • McCartney became seriously ill in the fall of 1966 due to food poisoning
  • McCartney possibly had some nose/jaw/ear plastic surgery completed in late 1966
  • Different hair styles of Sir Paul can lead to the illusion of different people
  • And of course the big one: evidence is purely based on a) photographs and b) speculative history
    • The Beatles placed clues in their music, albums, movies, etc to make an easy English pound during the late 1960’s

Of course photographs, taken at different angles, can make anyone look different given the lighting and angle of the photograph. And with the appropriate use of cherry picking, any off photos can be used to create an argument that favors the use of a double, a clone, or otherwise.

Possible Moments of Disclosure

A piece of McCartney art and June 13, 2005 record album cover

There is speculation in circles that Faul has been attempting to allow for the release of the truth in several methods.  They include:

The Rotten Apple Series by IAMAPHONEY

maxresdefault (1)

  • Beginning in 2006, the Rotten Apple Series has laid out clues and hints that there is more to the Beatles story beginning in 1966
    • The material appears to be archival and sourced by an insider
    • The series continues to exist on Youtube without fear of any copyright infringement or reprisal
    • The series lays out conversations and imagery depicting evidence suggesting the Paul is Dead mythos is not urban legend, but fact

The Memoirs of Billy Shears written by one Thomas E. Uharriet


  • The book appears to be the biography of Faul as communicated by Mr. Campbell
  • The book was released on September 9, 2009
  • The book is 666 pages in length
  • The book was published by Pepper Press, a subsidiary of Paul McCartney’s MACCA Corp

Why This Matters (to Me Anyway)

Faul rocking the Raspberry look (photo courtesy of Tina Foster)

Why the need to keep the Beatles together after Paul’s alleged death?  There are a multiple number of possible reasons: the prevention of thousands of teenage girl suicides, the need to continue the generation of taxes for the UK government, the need to continue the Beatles’ influence on pop culture, etc etc.  Theories in this respect are tied to money, continued media influence, and even the occult.

To many of you, this is likely a retread of information you already know.  For me, this was really a fantastic analysis completed over the course of the past month. As mentioned before, I was/am a huge Beatles fan.  The Beatles symbolize the bedrock to my musical upbringing and sensibilities; I wore t-shirts, hung posters, and spent so many of my teenage dollars on their work in pursuit of a group whose music made me extremely happy.  Much like everyone else in the past (and likely in the future), the Beatles will represent an important and critical part of pop culture history.

Yet there is part of me who feels like I have been possibly disillusioned, misled, and lied to; much like the Apollo 11 landings and September 11, the possibility that a fake Paul was placed on to the unknowing public for financial (and other potential) gains is a sad testament to our gullibility as a species and our willingness to believe anything.  If Faul is indeed a false construct, many of us have bitten into the rotten apple and agreed to let it go unchallenged, despite the many clues and signs given to us by “cast in the know.”  If “they”can fake Paul McCartney, sacred co-founder of the band The Beatles, what else have “they” possibly faked over time?

Pure McCartney


We now come to Sir Macca’s upcoming compilation album, Pure McCartney, scheduled for release on June 10, 2016.  The album is to consist of 67 tracks, and will feature Sir Paul in all his post-Beatles glory.  A couple of things of note in respect to this album at this time:

  • The cover photo includes the all important mustache
    • Personally, i do not think the profile looks at all like pre-1966 Paul, but it could be the shadows/photography
  • The release date is June 10, 2016, or 06-10-16
    • 6+10 = 16
    • William Campbell includes 16 letters
    • William Shepherd includes 16 letter
    • 06-10-16 flipped upside down reveals the date 09-10-2019
      • This would be 53 years to the date of JPL’s alleged death on 9-11-1966
      • Could this be a possible full disclosure/reveal date?
  • The number of tracks on the album is equal to 67
    • 1967 would be the first year that Faul’s music was recorded per Sgt Pepper’s album

This article isn’t intended to be a direct knock on Faul.  Tracks such as “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Live and Let and Die,” and “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” are brilliant pieces of music for the decade of music known as the 1970’s. His experimentation on McCartney II and as Firehouse is also something I think that gets overlooked in regards to his ability to embrace new styles as an artist.   I also don’t doubt that people will be listening to his music for a very long time.

As I wasn’t privy to the inner circles of the Beatles in that critical/anomalous time period of September – November 1966, I can’t definitely say one way or another whether Paul or Faul is with us today.  Yet I do think there is enough evidence for everyone to be skeptical and to challenge the official party line.

Me and MACCA: A Personal Story

My favorite record album cover as a child

To attest to how small the world really is, I also have a personal experience in my world as a cost accountant regarding the business world of Sir Paul.  He and Linda, in the early 1990’s I believe, were ahead of the food curve and looking to produce organic/vegan/vegetarian frozen meals that people could purchase in grocery stores.  They chose to manufacture this new line of foods at a Northern Midwest US food manufacturing company of roughly 250 people in a town of a population of 10,000 people.  Unfortunately for Linda and Paul, the public was not ready to embrace this futurist concept of positive frozen food type stuff, and the product line immediately tanked financially.

Fast forward 20 years later and I was brought in to consult with this food manufacturer and its leadership group.  On the cusp of bankruptcy and insolvency, the leadership group of the company, having been burned by the Macca food line (again, not the fault of Linda or Paul, just poor timing) and carrying a “highly conservative disposition towards hippie foods,” had declined multiple organic/vegetarian brands over the past 20 years, and the firm was in state to be closed down permanently and scrapped.  Fortunately, I was able to step in as consultant and assist the company in a sale and eventual buyout.  The outcome?  A new ownership group that has managed to bring organic and vegetarian contracts back to the plant, to sustain the existing workforce, and to increase the number of new jobs in a small Northern, Midwest town.  The whole experience is actually one of the few moments I have enjoyed in my career as an accountant.

So to JPM/Faul: No worries, Macca, Sagesigma has your back.

And I will most certainly be purchasing Pure McCartney on deluxe vinyl when released this coming June in search of future clues; clues or no clues included, it really is the only way to listen to the music.  I just wish “Hope of Deliverance” was one of the tracks on the list.

(I) http://invanddis.proboards.com/thread/7687/published-images-faul-66

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Musical Truth with Mark Devlin- Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture Podcast

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    1. Gloria Wright

      One thing I would like to point out and I think its caused some confusion as to the actual date of PAUL’s death, the Brits write the date with the day in front of the month and then the year. Which would mean 11/09/1966 would be the way it would be presented. Hence those thinking he died November 9th, 1966 when in fact, as we all know how well the illums like 9/11 as a date….he actually was in an accident or assassinated on 9/11/1966.
      Does that help with any conspiracy thoughts?


      1. Count Down

        Is there some kind of informal contest underway to see who can make the most absurd and ridiculous claims about McCartney and The Beatles?


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  2. scordar

    The Paul is dead conpiracy.. for me it was a subject i laughed about until i really got into it in 2008. Like good old Jordan Maxwell says, nothing in this world is the way you think it is.Nothing!
    I love your work, been following you for some time. it’s nice to see someone come to same conclusions like me.
    PS. more Hatibov material please, i love your interpretions. you are into something…

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  3. yuppup

    The finger to the nose is a very common thing in the UK. You may want to broaden your horizons, in other words, get a little more life experience.


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  5. Janely

    Thanks for this! I read the Memoirs of Billy Shears with my mouth hanging open. The book does NOT pass the historical “fiction” smell test, and like the imaphoney movies, no way this thing exists without Paul/Apple either suing or having been part of it. It has all the redunancy, self-centeredness, skirting around less-flattering bits, and limited-yet-detailed knowledge of events that are hallmarks of memoirs. And here’s a question: In this day of podcasts and youtube videos and such fascination with PID, where are the interviews with the author?? Uharriet says on his website that the book is fiction. He also says, “Paul is dead.” Not, “I believe Paul is dead.” Wait . . . how can he so unequivocally say that if the book itself is fiction? What’s missing from the book – and if it is Faul’s real memoir, it is right for it to be – is what went on with the Beatles in the months before Faul “woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across his head” and reported for duty?

    For me, the behavior of the band in the run-up to September 1966 is the real caution signal. I found out only recently that the band knew very well that Candlestick was to be their last concert, and took photos of the crowd as mementos. I believe it was Lennon who said he was “dead nervous” after the Beatles later announced that they’d stop touring (please correct me if it was George who said this). It seems to me they were ORDERED to stop touring, and then came up with stories about not being able to hear themselves on stage, etc. to excuse it. (In fact, Paul/Faul/whozit said a few years later that the roaring reception of the crowds were his fondest memories of being with the Beatles. And old concert footage shows Paul and John urging the crowds to clap and sing along, so. . . ?) We know their final touring schedule was brutal, the itinerary was nonsensical, and that they were sharing hotel rooms. Wait, what?? This wasn’t some garage band. Were they being purposely broken down emotionally?

    I learned from your piece that there was a rumor in October ’66 that Paul had left the band. That leads me to think Paul was going to quit or otherwise be eliminated one way or another and knew it, because his demeanor is SO SAD and DOWN during the August 1966 interview. Here, I also learned he was “sick” during the final tour. Sounds like that “sickness” went on a while, there, huh? This was a young man. Makes me wonder about the gaunt, listless man with the huge mustache who showed up around 1968-9.

    Finally, I find that all the chronologies try and cram Faul’s surgeries/recuperations into a very short time period to account for his emergence in November. Like you, I don’t buy that. I have odder thoughts on this. I believe Faul was “cooking” for quite a while, and when he was just about ready, Paul exited the building and Faul took over.

    Pardon the long post! Can you tell I’m new to this? LOL

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    1. Thanks for the feedback – I found it really interesting reading the interviews from 1966 too, and thought the whole “sick thing” plus the reporter asking whether the Beatles used doubles were important pieces of the larger puzzle. If you add the whole Beatles vs anti Vietnam sentiment, and how they sort of progressed from “we don’t like war” to “we can’t say anything about it”, one does wonder what was actually being fed to them. Such an interesting time period – thanks for the feedback! More stuff with the enigma of Faul to come


      1. Janely

        You’re so right- the ’66 interviews are going to tell us a lot. People’s mouths tell many a truth, even if their brains don’t mean to, don’t you find? The chronology will tell us much, also. The Family Way, complete with score, comes out three months after the band stopped touring. So we are asked to believe the score was written, edited to the film, and the darned thing premiered 90 days later. Mmhmm. I’m thinking there’s going to be a LOT of stuff like this as we keep digging. The “Paul Corporation” – I’m moving away from the word “Faul” because it seems MANY hands and faces were involved in all this – clearly was open for business long before Paul left the scene, whether by choice, force, or circumstance.

        Keep on chugging along, we’re behind you!

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  7. Janely

    Uh-oh…do you see a fakery in the June 23, 1966 pix of the group at Munich’s Hotel Bayerischer you posted in this article? Notice that in the really weird looking color photo where “Paul” looks superimposed into the photo and doesn’t look like himself either…he also suddenly has a couple days’ growth of facial hair? He’s clean cut in the other photos from the day. So something was going on as early as June 1966, then.


  8. Paul and Ringo were at the Melody Maker Awards in London on Sept. 13, 1966. There is a photo on Getty Images of the two of them holding the award plaque with the date clearly written on it. His murder took place after that. Mal Evans, super 8 camera in hand, met up with Faul in France in November, with Faul driving Paul’s brand-new Aston Martin. How did the imposter get possession of the dead man’s car, if not with the help of MI5 or the like?


    1. Thx for dropping a line Bruce – the date of the alleged death is so difficult to get a handle on. I’ve seen that photo too and definitely out of series with the timeline of 9/11 (if one does agree it’s a legit photo, of course, as I’ve seen discussion regarding the authenticity of that photo…) lots of weird dates during this period – out of curiosity, has your research yielded a possibile date of death?


  9. Janely

    There’s also film footage (brief) on youtube of Paul and Ringo horsing around at the show, with Paul holding the award. It’s VERY fuzzy. Not that that proves anything, but it’s noticeable. It’s one of the many reasons I believe there were a number of Pauls weaving in and out.

    There is a book called “Epoch Moments and Secrets: John Lennon and The Beatles at the Mirror of Man’s Destiny.” It’s an odd book and I’m not telling anyone to buy it. However, it contains some previously unpublished photos of the Beatles the day before and the day of their final tour appearance at Candlestick in August 1966. The author says he found the negatives in an old bookstore storage room or some place of that ilk, and that he got the blessing of Brian Epstein’s family to use the photos. The photos, ladies and gentlemen, are NOT of the boyish, round-faced Paul of the large chin (pictured in this blog piece above wearing white pants in a photo next to the full shot of a different Paul walking alone somewhere in Kenya) nor is it the pug-nosed, fairly ordinary-looking, deep-voiced bloke of the early 60’s. Rather, the Candlestick pix appear to be of the Paul from the infamous “LSD interview” of 1967. You tell me.

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  10. mean mr. mustard

    hello – I was a huge beatle fan -mostly during the seventies era and im from the uk -I discovered the faul/billy shears theory about 5 days ago…and have found myself watching about 40 different youtube videos on the subject-some are like 3 hours long and others are just 3 mins long .
    I do like the time -line with accompanying pics but all in all I have seen and heard lots of stuff on youtube that is far more detailed than this blog and far more revealing and in some ways more accurate than this .
    for example the death of mal evans -he was shot dead by the police [which is the way almost all assisinations take place in the uk ] and all his paperwork went missing-this accompanies the police everywhere they go as their famous modus operandi -coincidental ? that a man who lived with faul for the first 4 months and was about to release a revealing book blunders into the murderous uk cops who like nothing more than to destroy vital evidence -and all just in time to prevent the info being made public .
    many speculate strongly that lennon was killed for being about to go public -and look at who killed him and how and what occurred next -that was a typical American assassination -just like jfk and involving Manchurian candidates etc .
    also ringo apparently said he wanted to tell the world before he died that paul was a fake replacement -and he has also told his fans to stop contacting him and kept a very low profile since and I don’t think he has repeated what he supposedly said a few years back -at around the same time McCartney released the rotten apple vids and the billy shears book .
    I also read that George Harrison was about to go public and many speculate he was silenced also -his original attempted murder was a typical assassination by a deranged type -often employed as it was in the lennon case of course .
    Harrison also claimed paul was a fake in a video interview and both john and George say several times each in various recordings in studios etc that paul was missing and the fab four were now the fab 3 and calling him bill and billy and beatle bill and faul etc etc .
    then theres the mysterious death of Epstein the manager shortly after faul was employed .
    then there is the telegram sent to lennon in france a day of 3 after paul died -saying shockingly and revealingly ” dreams do come true ” planned? murderous? evil? cold and masonic ?
    then faul was a singer at the cavern in 1963 and was friends with the beatles and was used as a body double to help them enter and leave concert halls -used to distract fans .
    he was also covering beatle songs back then and released covers and performed them live and so as he looked like paul and knew the songs and the band and so was a perfect and obvious stand in .
    once they had some success with the fake they simply continued -growing in confidence accordingly .
    apparently lots of people knew-hundreds or even thousands -just like with jimmy Saville and Hillsborough and now with 9/11 but it does no good till some monster like rothchild finally says ” ok ” and the truth is both told and allowed to be told by the media -then once it is on man stream media tv -it is official and sheeple believe -but not before .
    this is because the human scum who worship made up rubbish like god or worship the royal family like they are deities make it impossible for the more open minded members of society to appear safe or trustworthy or entitled to an opinion or voice sadly .
    when I looked at the Maddie McCann story which has similarities with jonbennett ramsey [spelling soz ?] and faul and 9/11 etc etc I spent about 50 hours watching vids about Maddie [ rich d hall is the best ] I found one fact resonated deeply -even more than other shocking hidden truths -like the fact she died about 4 days prior to the date given and reported and believed incredibly -anyway the main point I was convinced was when at about 2 am in southern Portugal murat [I think ?] and Gerry McCann the Satanist freemason paedophile surgeon -both switched their phones on at the same minute or so and both switched them off about 10 mins later at the same time and to think when 2 suspects of highly dubious behaviour and location and shared friends and suspect backgrounds -do that and don’t ever admit to it-you have to be certain or very suspicious something isn’t right -as it makes no sense otherwise -everyone who has researched it now knows Gerry was involved and possibly sacrificed maddy in a rape torture and snuff movie as the price to pay for being protected from operation ore [I think?] and in fact almost everyone involved in operation ore was protected -the likes of Gordon brown and several ministers and mp’s and lots of cops and doctors and social workers and teachers etc -all protected for further blackmailing -which often involves the sacrifice of the first born im sad to say .
    in that context why would Epstein send lennon a telegram in france and state one thing only “dreams do come true ” in reference almost certainly to pauls death and what does such an evil comment require to be true for it to make sense ?
    I have only seen half the vids on youtube about faul -but I just saw some photos of a young faul / William Campbell -who was a mason and Satanist [by the way] as were the beatles of course and faul looked very similar to paul -so no wonder they thought of him as the replacement -it was possibly even planned -hence the callous telegram and hence the greater musical talent of faul and the masons and cops are adept at utilising heart attacks and car and plane crashes and falls from buildings and train suicides and so on . he was playing at the cavern because he was aware of the beatles and probably a fan and hence he was covering their material and trying to look like a beatle -just like half the pop acts around at the time .
    jane ashers dad was a mason and so was fauls uncle and Epstein and the stones and the who and faul didn’t go to his own dads funeral apparently -then most damming of all I guess and where I began personally about 5 days ago -the dna evidence that faul is not paul -one of the women who bore his child was a loyal g/f who didn’t cheat once-why would you if you were dating the number one heart throb in the world ? her daughter wanted a dna test done and paul refused to pay her alimony as he has a reputation for being extremely tight fisted [unlike real paul ? ] and sure enough his handwriting didn’t match -as the visited the beatles museum in hamburg to compare it and nor did his dna match .
    I hope you are correct about faul coming clean in 2019 ? it sounds plausible it may be the plan -as faul was born in 1937 -5 years prior to the real paul in 1942 -so he is 79 now and like ringo George and lennon and even mal evans -no one wants this story to continue as a vile lie except for the people behind it -ultimately illuminati Satanists like the rothchilds and their ilk .
    idont know if you know all this stuff now anyway ? if you don’t then hopefully it inspires you to search for the better quality clues still out there ? lots of whats about is rubbish and pointless and of little or no use -but some stuff is very persuasive-although im just a nit-wit so don’t pretend to have a well informed view about this-after all I have only been aware of the theory for 5 days -the billy shears book seems to be the best single source and I haven’t read it-but watched 2 youtube reviews which were very interesting .


    1. Thanks for the comment – much more to dig into of course and this was really only an analysis of 1966, and I agree much more happened outside of that year. So I plan on getting more details of the hypothesis as time permits. Cheers and thanks for reading


      1. mean mr mustard

        thanks for the 2 friendly replies -to be honest I don’t know very much -and you seem to be far more aware than your simplistic blog -so I accept you probably knew everything I wrote prior to me writing it ? right ?
        I was just chipping in and trying to be helpful and show solidarity -I was wondering if you were aware of the stuff I mentioned and wanted to prompt you to research further -but im of the opinion you probably know more than me now you have replied confidently twice .
        its such a shock to the system -and after just 5 days im literally still in shock -I have discovered so many things are false -9/11 is a prime example and isis being an American construct always 100 % under only American / rothchild control is shocking-as they behead children live and even eat organs live -all filmed and enabled by the world media and nato and the u.n. and they rape babies and kids and sell them into slavery -to know now it is not muslims per sae and simply the cia/fbi is beyond shocking just like faul and 9/11 and almost everything we took as real until recently .
        tony blair was a tranny who solicited for sex in public loos and they made him priminister or Gordon brown the notorious paedophile and torturer who was also made primininster as his reward or ted heath who raped and murdered hundreds of kids – now the truth about Hillary Clinton is equally beyond shocking too -so im just reeling in disgust and fear at learning all this over the last year -im a late comer to the knowledge .
        today im very scared that Julian assange has been killed or kidnapped-meaning he will be tortured to death probably -by Clinton of course and with the collusion of the worlds media and the uk govt and the police and even the royal family who are all Satanists -I had hope while assange was alive and I wish nothing more today than to be proved wrong and to discover very soon -that Julian is still alive and well -but the signs are ominous today -everything indicates he died around the time Pamela Anderson visited 10 days ago .
        the dna is prime in the faul case -as is the billy shears book [which I haven’t read ] and for me personally that telegram to lennon from Epstein the day after paul died saying ” dreams do come true ” I find that pure evil and impossible to explain away as anything else -they simply are not like you or me or anyone normal-we are no more than sheeple and that short text sums up something beyond a cover up or lie -it proves it is far uglier and more evil than simply replacing a singer and keeping it a secret .
        the lastof the huge shocks for me -was yesterday when I saw some youtube vids about faul and showing how similar they looked and how he knew them and their material and the cavern and how he was used as a body double prior to 1966 -it makes perfect sense and makes the swap theory seems almost natural and easy and not the crazy scheme it appeared until I saw that vid or two .
        until then I thought -wow the illuminati love of shock and bizarness and deception could be problematic as they are driven to bite off more than they can chew so often -ie 9/11 has now been fully exposed by engineers scientists and computer experts and tv and military experts and eye witness accounts etc and to swap pauls in the glare of publicity after a public road crash -seems way to audacious but when you see those faul vids showing he was used to trick fans at concert halls and covered all their material -then it seems very achievable -and was until the dna test proved something must scientifically be wrong .
        I don’t even know for a fact he was in a crash-it may be likely but not proven -nor was the decapitation or the hitch hiker or the location -you can never trust them until the evidence is overwhelming -and words are never overwhelming evidence alone -let alone theories or hearsay -so we must remain sceptical always .
        I do think it is likely it was planned -hence ” dreams do come true ” and hence he may not have even died in a car crash or been beheaded -but however it was actually done or occurred -they didn’t love him or want him and were happier once he was dead and they knew billy shears extremely well and used him as a body double and they knew he was far more talented than the real paul too -so the likes of Epstein or lennon -both of whom are worryingly evil in my opinion -would not see the death of paul the same way any normal decent person would -Epstein and lennon were sex obsessed and perverted and ambitious and intelligent and massively utilising connections/power/deception -I get the impression Harrison and starkey were not so ambitious or conniving -just the impression I have personally formed-I could easily be wrong .
        anyway thanks for the replies -feel free to ask anything -but like I said -I don’t know very much about this and probably less than you know .


      2. mean mr mustard

        I have it….the best evidence I have found to date -it seems to good to be true to be honest … but on youtube posted by litelneutrino is a video ” 3 mins and 33 seconds long ” called…. ” where was paul ? ” half way through it is a page of script written by or quoting George Harrison and given as 2001 and with georges’ name at the bottom -and wow it actually details the swapping of paul and what happened during that process -ie references to plastic surgeons and a sound-alike who could sing well and the fact anyone who mentioned it would be killed and indeed both George and john and even Epstein and mal and others were killed .
        if you don’t know this vid -you will be shocked-just as I am – I cant believe this didn’t make headline news back in 2001 when apparently George wrote or said this – it must have been supressed or explained away as a joke .
        if this is as genuine as it appears then there is no need to speculate ever again -as here is the 100 % horses mouth evidence from George Harrison that paul was replaced -let me know if you have seen this already ? im guessing though that you haven’t -or otherwise there would be no need to wonder -as this proves it -its just what I always hoped for a detailed confessional from a beatle member .


      3. mean mr mustard

        “paul mcartneys son says paul died in 1966 ” 1.38.25 length -a video on youtube I have watched it twice now-its a great vid-and very interesting and full of evidence paul was replaced .
        if you haven’t already watched this vid I recommend it -steven the son is so honest and his story is remarkable and the evidence he offers gives more detail to the strange story of murder lies Tavistock freemasons and Satanists and threats and I believe every word of it – the visit from the cryptic menacing beatles and fauls mum trying to throttle the boy in the street to the appearance in the magical mystery tour film and her sudden death -very suspicious and her holiday in Innsbruck whilst filming help the movie and the fact his mother may have even been married to paul possibly -and his attempts to prove faul is an imposter by his dna -but fear prevents other children of pauls from corresponding with him .
        if you are still interested in the story then this video is so honest and straightforward-no music or theories just a real son of pauls with a very interesting story -and if you haven’t seen it yet -do so lol


  11. mean mr. mustard

    ps….heather mills and her video on youtube about her acrimonious split -claiming she dumped paul because of the secret she discovered about him -so shocking that world could never handle it if they ever knew what it was ……… it seems highly likely such a shocking secret can only be that paul is a fake ….. she dare not say of course and she was holding out for a huge bribe to keep quiet-despite the fact she denies she was -I remember her endless appearances claiming the kid and her needed 20 million or 50 million or 100 million to keep them secure for life -as faul has over a billion now -it is still a small price to pay -as in a sense you could argue he stole the billion and told millions and lies and denials and ruined and wasted the lives of literally billions of people -certainly hundreds of millions of fans and devotees .
    I once dated a woman -older than me from London who was McCartney and beatle obsessed even at age 60 plus -she told me stories all night -one was that she hid in mccartneys garage and he used to check it every night and his garden to turf out girls hiding there -he sounded caring and polite and she did that several times I think . imagine how devastated a person like that would be to know the truth ?
    apparently he was a bit bad tempered and thus the beatles didn’t like him and he left them -it wasn’t linda or yoko .
    and he snapped at pauls step sister when aged 15 -telling her she was only popular because she was his step sister -well fake step sister -he was tetchy -maybe partly due to the circumstance or just naturally prone to temper tantrums and outbursts -she said he expected to always get his way with everyone .
    he also has always had a reputation for being extremely tight fisted -hence the dennie/denny lane story -circa 1980 about being paid 30 pounds a week or so for a decade -shockingly tight fisted but im speaking from memory -from 30 plus years ago here -so im just guessing at the amounts and date -but at the time it made me feel sick to think my hero and multi millionaire paul was so incredibly greedy selfish and cruel -but that’s why he refused to pay alimony to his german daughter Bettina [ I think ?] when she turned 18 or 21 ? because indeed he is the original scrooge on steroids.
    then the Japanese story -when they caught him arrogantly travelling with pot he was kept in custody for 9 days -until mi5 flew to japan and go him released .
    apparently they discovered his fingerprints and dna didn’t match his official dna and fingerprints and they held him for impersonating McCartney and who gets a secret visit by m15 to explain the unexplainable ?
    I just remembered those few extra points and felt compelled to write a ps -soz


    1. Right – I’ve seen the Mills stuff, and many have mentioned his rude / impolite disposition (even Phil Collins mentioned this arrogance of late). I did write up an analysis on the whole Japanese Jailbird / River Kwai oddity recently – any thoughts on that “whole thing”?


  12. Janely

    Great comments. I strongly recommend that everyone interested in the Faul story read the Memoirs of Billy Shears. I read the full 666-page version, but there is a shorter version that also is said to be very good. I figured why miss out on anything though. 😉 In the book, the story goes that Paul had been having nightmares of his own demise that he shared with the band and others. According to the book, that is what Epstein was referring to when he telegrammed John saying “dreams do come true” on the occasion of Paul’s alleged death. Now look, we don’t know if any of this is true for sure since the author of the Shears memoir claims that it is fiction. If it is NOT fiction, you have to allow for the favorable light memoirs tend to shine on the writer. So if the replacement and Epstein were in fact darkly celebrating the death of Paul, the memoir surely would not tell us so.

    As far as books go, also of interest is the memoir Body Count by Francie Schwartz, who dated Paul/Faul for a few months in 1968 during the making of the White Album. She did not set out to write a PID book at all, but a personal memoir of her relationships during the 1960s. To me, that makes it utterly fascinating that she recounts a story of “Paul” getting drunk in Liverpool one night, weeping and saying “They think I’m him! I’m not him! I’m me,” referring to extended family members. This supports the concept floated by Miles Mathis (a scientific genius who ventured into PID briefly and brilliantly – Google him) that the main two Pauls we know were actually fraternal twins who looked very similar. Interestingly, Schwartz also notes in her book that “Paul’s” dad would call him frequently, asking him to visit more often, which does not contradict the twins theory! Schwartz also makes clear that it was the bad behavior of “Paul” – not John under the influence of Yoko Ono – that led to the Beatles’ breakup. Another mainstream, non PID book, “You Never Give me Your Money, reveals that Yoko Ono refused to call the group “The Beatles,” repeatedly calling them “Beatles,” much to the consternation and frequent correction of “Paul.” That tends to support the idea that the “The Beatles” were no more by the time Yoko came on the scene in November 1966.


  13. FABulous comments here! PID is enough to make your head spin… it is a deep rabbit hole.
    One theory out there that IMO is quite formidable is that in 1966 McCartney offered to provide the soundtrack to mark lane’s JFK conspiracy film “rush to judgement” his offer was ultimately declined by Lane- I wonder why?? Apparently Paul was a bit of what we would call a “truther” nowadays. Some believe Paul was digging where he shouldn’t have been, and it got him killed. I just always thought that theory had a bit of weight to it.
    Anyway- loving this discussion! Good work.

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  14. Memoirs of Billy Shears has by far, the strongest disclosure on the topic. What helped me the most was learning about Paul’s psychic dreams and nightmares that began according to Uharriet, on the 29th of January, 1965, The main point being that Paul was gradually becoming consciously aware of an agreement on the spirit-plane to check out, and continue to participate as a Beatle through an auricle/replacement. He was so freaked out by this until he felt some level of acceptance that the choice was coming from his higher spiritual nature.

    Uharriet’s vision has Paul asking his father to help the replacement assume his identity so that the Beatles can continue to be the top band in the world for some undetermined period of time.
    Paul also discussed this with the other Beatles, especially John… who resisted the prospects as any true friend would. In 1965, they found out that they had made done some bargaining with the dark side to achieve fame and fortune. Stu Sutcliff’s death was the result of a brain injury from being kicked in the head in a bar fight while the Beatles were doing a set in Hamburg. The grief of losing Stuart impacted their relationship with music as emotional medicine.

    Paul’s death resulted in multi-layered grief. Losing a great friend and band-mate, being freaked out about the sacrificial dynamic, and then the heaviness of withholding the huge piece of news, while trying to accept the replacement who not only inherited all of Paul’s worldly assets, Bill was also endowed with telepathic rapport with Paul’s soul. They still had some access to the real Paul through Bill’s psychic access. This was too much for them to take particularly in combination with the loss of Brian Epstein.

    While I gained a lot of insight from Uharriet, I also could not find corroboration regarding the identity of Billy Shears. Memoir’s has the bandleader of Billy Pepper and the Pepperpots as Faul’s prior identity. However that William Shepherd continued to live as William Shepherd until he died in 1988. Do a Google search on Bill Shepherd + Bee Gees…. he moved to Australia and continued a well documented music career. However, Mal Evans was in the Pepperpot!!!! Uharriet didn’t touch this, nor could he touch the murder of Mal Evans a decade after Paul was sacrificed. Uharriet also failed to point out that all four Beatles already had doubles by 1964 to help them avoid the mobs of young fans. He neglected to acknowledge that THE VERY FIRST BIOGRAPHY of the Beatles was written in ’64 by none other than William Shepherd, and then he tries to make a case that Paul and Bill only met each other once for a brief moment, where Paul freaked from Bill’s face being the one he saw as his replacement in his dreams. The math on this just doesn’t work. The author of that book had to interview the Beatles while they toured. If it’s a different Bill shepherd, that needed to be explained, same with the Bill Shepherd who went on to produce the Bee Gees in Australia.

    My sense is that Memoirs …. like virtually all channeling, is required to include 20% disinformation so that readers are required to develop discernment and intuition.

    Some of what Uharriet presents simply doesn’t ring true. However, I rank it as one of the very best disclosure books ever written. It is rich with philosophy, psychology and some metaphysics, especially numerology.


    1. Thanks for the comment- I’m about halfway through the book now and find it fascinating. I recently heard another researcher mention he’s been in contact with Uharriet, but that Uharriet is not able to discuss his book in an interview format. More ambiguity to add to the mystery.


  15. Janely

    I read that Uharriet, the author of the Memoirs of Billy Shears, recently updated the book to exclude the romantic song lyrics about Heather Mills. That convinces me more than ever that this book truly is the actual memoir of Paul’s replacement. I just don’t think an author writing a fictional book would feel compelled to update information according to recent actual events. And Uharriet’s reported inability to conduct interviews is another piece that further cements my opinion that this book is the real thing. What otherwise-unknown author of a FICTIONAL work that is the subject of much intelligent and enthusiastic discussion would refuse interviews unless utterly compelled to do so?


  16. Just found out that Nick Kollerstrom was a Paul McCartney
    lookalike or temp replacement / double for Paul in the mid 60s.

    Will post more when full dates and appearances are leaked by inside source. Let’s hope we get some pictures of Nick Kollerstrom strutting his Paul McCartney stuff.

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    1. mb

      I know Nick. First time I met him – at the a house of a mutual friend who also knows Denny Laine, incidentally – I mentioned PID, as I was planning to write something, and he genuinely had no idea what I was talking about. Am still working on it, with an interesting in-your-face-hidden-in-plain-sight aspect not much talked about.

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  17. I know Nick K. When I first met him, at the home of a mutual friend who also knows Denny Laine, incidentally – I mentioned PID to him and he genuinely appeared to have no idea what I was talking about. He’s not that good an actor, believe me. And he looks nothing like JPM!

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    1. The Fool

      “I mentioned PID to him and he genuinely appeared to have no idea what I was talking about.”

      You were his muse?

      “He’s not that good an actor, believe me.”

      You’re right.


    1. Count Down

      Ms. Tina,

      Re: your delusion about doubles based on forensic analysis of photographs.

      I did some work for you. All you have to do is click on the links and learn something.








      Try your cut-and-paste side-by-side comparisons using photos from the above collections of examples and explain why these people are / aren’t doubles being used to conceal the mysterious disappearance / deaths of the “originals” or “twins.”

      Be sure to make note of the differences in facial widths and lengths, changes in distance between eyes and eyebrows, variations in the size of the nose and cheeks, etc. Root out all impostors and fakes!!


  18. Aiden Simard

    “…is something going on with the pid movement of late?”
    You got it!
    Something IS going on with the
    PID “movement” of late. PID is dead and Paul McCartney is ALIVE…and that’s what’s going on with the PID “movement” of late.


    1. Here I thought “Wonderful Christmas Time” being played 24 / 7 everywhere over the past 2 months was getting the masses riled up over the song quality and possible authenticity of the music of an ex-Beatle.


    2. Jill

      Sagesigma, in answer to your question, I believe the issue simply has reached critical mass. But people are waking up from “The Official Truth is a lie, so I’ll accept the spoon-fed alternative.”

      There were multiple voices on “Yesterday,” recorded in June 1965 – that’s been proved. So how was there ONE pre-1966 Paul who vanished? Why are the people we always hear from so hell-bent on saying that there was? Audio and photos show there were multiples from jump.

      Let’s ask ourselves WHY things may got weird. You alluded to the possibility of Paul’s illness. Maybe there were multiples due to that! I’d add in social norms of the day. Maybe one Paul wasn’t quite as socially acceptable as he needed to be at the time? We focus on John’s comment about Christianity. Does anyone recall Paul excoriating racial discrimination in America, which was popular and legal at the time? Does NO ONE think Americans weren’t pissed at that, and that this was one of the reasons the Beatles suddenly stopped moving as many albums here? Could this have been the reason another Paul took on more of a role in 1967? The media tells you the Klan was so passionate about Christ, they became a threat. The Klan BURNED crosses.
      They also burned black people. I’m guessing they didn’t love either one. Call me out if I’m crazy.

      More possibilities re social norms. On Paul’s side: There was a rumor in Laurel Canyon (read, among celebrities that knew the band) that Paul was gay. Why are there photos of one Paul and one John visiting a ladies’ hat shop in Paris and taking half-undressed pix of themselves in the dressing room? What nightclub were they in that was progressive enough at the time for them to be publicly dancing together in each other’s arms? Why do the backstories Paul, Inc. tells about his music never make sense? (For the readers, insert “John” for the word “Jet” and suddenly that silly song makes all kinds of sense, including “Ah, Mater, want Jet to always love me.” Mater was the nickname of the aunt of who gave Lennon the money for his Paris trip with Paul.)

      I could go on – but the point is, we believe what we’ve been told, not what we see, and we rarely put things in historical context. Common errors. But let’s wake up together. My guess is the truth isn’t as bad as the lies have been.


      1. Count Down

        “Mater” means mother.

        “Jet” was said to be the name of a jet black puppy. You can almost hear Paul and Linda calling out the dog’s name. “Jet!” There’s sufficient inspiration!

        You could allow “Jet” to be an allusion to the band’s name, “Wings”
        _or_ a shortened version of “sufra-gette” and link the latter to Paul reflecting on his wife Linda, with the “sergeant major” being Linda’s father, and it makes “sense” without requiring a lot of mental contortions involving John and questions about sexuality.

        You might listen to the explanation McCartney gives in the podcast “Take 5.”


        Some say McCartney was influenced by David Bowie’s “Suffragette City” released a year or so earlier and the older Major Tom of “Space Oddity.” Some suggest a reference to “Sgt. Pepper.” People look for meaning in songs and other works of art. What they find there is . . .

        “I could go on . . . “


  19. Alistair Hardon

    People are riled up because they are being told lies about the Wonderful Christmastime song. When are people
    going to be told the truth that the song
    Wonderful Christmastime was written
    by Dr Nick Kollerstrom AND is being SUNG by Dr Nick Kollerstrom who
    incidentally, by the way – and FYI
    also wrote Yesterday, Michelle,
    Hey Jude, Across the Universe,
    Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
    etc., etc., etc., etc.
    When is Dr Nick Kollerstrom going to be
    recognized as the musical genius
    and virtuoso he most certainly is and
    finally given credit for his melodious, harmonious and mellifluous lyrical skills?



  20. Helen Dodds LL., A.N. (Likes Letters After Name)

    What does Esq. mean?

    Esquire: (Esq.) Used as an honorific usually in its abbreviated form, especially after the name of an attorney or a consular officer in the USA.


    Jane Doe, Esq.
    John Doe, Esq.
    Joe Soap, Esq.
    Joanna Soap, Esq.

    It is a courtesy title – plain and simple. Sort of like addressing Donald Trump as Mr. President or President Trump or Speaker Ryan or whatever. They don’t sign themselves as President Trump or Speaker Paul Ryan. It generally means the person who writes Esq. after their name is a pompous ass who insists on using any and every title they can grab in the hope of sounding important.
    An attorney should NEVER
    sign himself or herself as an Esq.

    It is considered very bad form and pretentious for attorneys to use it
    of themselves.


  21. Charles

    This writing Esq. after your name has to stop whether you’re an attorney or not.
    What was the Revolutionary War all about?
    Was it for nothing? Was it all in vain?
    What did those brave men die for?
    What was the Battle of Sullivan’s Island
    all about? What were the battles of Hobkirk’s Hill and Eutaw Springs  all about?
    And years later what was the Battle of Gettysburg, where many more brave
    men died, all about?
    Did they die so that some upstart
    could presume to write Esq. after his or her name? NO! What are we? Colonials?
    To bow the head and bend the knee to
    some wannabe king, queen, prince, princeling or….. esquire? NO!
    We are AMERICANS! We bow the head
    and bend the knee to NO tyrant, to NO foreign potentate, to NO foreign state
    and to NO foreign sovereignty. 
    We bow the head with hand on heart
    to only One – to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands – One people, One Nation indivisible under God with liberty and justice for all.
    Enough……I have done.


  22. Lily The Link

    Nick Kollerstrom was the
    original Paul McCartney.
    Check early photos of
    Nick Kollerstrom and
    Paul McCartney.
    There is absolutely
    NO doubt that
    Nick Kollerstrom and
    Paul McCartney are the
    one and same person.


  23. Count Down

    I’ve got what I consider to be a better idea, James. Instead of a contest to reward the most absurd and ridiculous comments, why don’t you initiate a competition with the intent of rewarding the most intelligent and insightful contributions? I can help you in this area. I’ve actually had some success in attracting the participation of highly talented individuals in an online group effort by providing focus, inspiration and substantial incentives.

    Or you can continue to dwell in your little puddle of confusion.

    Either way.


    1. Yeah please leave a link to your site and ideas – I’d love to read your work aside from comments. Plus it would give others on here a chance to digest your ideas in this area of research. Looking forward to reading your work!


    2. Jill

      Amen! This was a site with good information. Please don’t encourage its hijacking by shills. No one coming to this site, reading all the comments, and bothering to BOMBARD the page with inanity is casual on this issue. Don’t let them fool you. That is unless you just want to discredit the entire inquiry, which I don’t know, may be your purpose. God knows you wouldn’t be the first.


  24. Anthea

    May I suggest a get-paid-to-post
    system for this site? Posters
    are more likely to tell the truth
    if there is a financial incentive.
    The basic post would earn
    the poster $10. More informative
    posts would earn more – $50,
    tops. If a poster can supply
    verifiable information as to
    where Paul McCartney’s body
    is buried or verifiable
    information on some other
    disputed aspect of PID
    then h/she would,
    of course, be paid considerably
    more from a special fund.
    Could sagesigma give
    current posters information
    on what monies might be
    made available to kick
    start this new get-paid-to-post

    Would sagesigma or dizzydezy
    consider the go-fund-me approach?

    More info here:



  25. RockXLight

    Some interesting food for thought, but I have to point out that The Memoirs of Billy Shears was published by CreateSpace (which can be verified by the book’s Amazon page) and that Pepper Publishing as well as Macca Corp. are fictitious. It’s a well known fact that Paul’s holding/publishing company is called MPL (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MPL_Communications), not Macca Corp.


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