15 thoughts on “Cognac On the Firmament: As Above, So Below

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  3. Matthew Fields

    Water??? Seems like when i close my eyes and try to imagine death ive always gotten a sense of swimming. Never getting tired never needing a breath of air….. just freedom…. does it really seem THAT farfetched of an idea? Waters of life….and death. Maybe those aren’t stars twinkling in the dark…… other firmaments? Each one a different species of wondering….


    1. Not at all Matthew – as Crow has commented much before, lots of water symbolism associated with space. I like the idea of the lights in the sky as possible other firmanents separated by water…the consequences of such a reality are unfathomable as to what it all means. Thanks as always from stopping by!


  4. Collectively, the information I’ve been drinking lately about the flat earth & the firmament have a much sweeter taste compared with the conventional teachings we were all forced to swallow throughout our school years.
    Learning truths leads to more abstract thinking on my part:
    Now, suppose we could reach the deepest depths of the ocean. Would we eventually find a path to the waters above the firmament? Is there a possible dome escape route beneath the ocean floor as we know it? Hmmmm…


  5. hector

    I link a short video clip regarding this advertisement, of interest to me was a part of a presentation is featured where the speaker produces a publication from the the time of the Piccard accent which details his reported observations

    I appreciate your work but wish I understood more. Thanks.


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