A Soviet Styled Supersystem

File:Jewel of the Solar System.jpg
From the film Interstellar? Or NASA/JPL images?  Saturn, as represented as Octave 4096, the Crown Jewel of the Solar System

Сказка о том, как в России появились чудища-олигархи.

Когда на Землю прибыли гости (погостить), им здесь понравилось. Так как их хижина находилась достаточно далеко, за тридевять земель – аж в созвездии Большой Медведицы, на планете СУР, рядом с городом Мегрец, пришлось привязать лошадей (Луна, Солнце) и освободить телеги (спутники планет). Телеги были расставлены вокруг больших деревьев, чтобы ни один листочек с деревьев не упал мимо телеги.

Translated courtesy of Google, the statement in Hatybov’s material is as such:

The tale of how the monster appeared in Russia oligarchs

When the guests arrived on Earth (to stay), they liked it. Since their hut was far enough away to distant lands – as much in the constellation Ursa Major, the planet RMS, near the town of Megrez had tied the horse (the Moon, the Sun) and release the cart (moons). The carts were placed around the large trees that no piece of paper from the trees fell by carts…

And so begins an attempted analysis of our Solar System, courtesy of the work of the alleged Soviet/Russian scientist by the nickname Hatybov.

Matter and Albedo

1916 Popova Die bildliche Architektonik anagoria.JPG

To begin this analysis, it is important to present the Opinion Amateur Science in respect to the concept of matter.  Matter, as defined by the literature, is simply “feeling the reality of data” transmitted by the Megrez Arachnid Program. Matter is not ” objective, nuts and bolts atoms and molecules”, but the interpretation of incoming information through our senses (vision, hearing, smell, touch, and intuition) and the processing of information through the biostructure’s brain.  The biostructure’s brain is “trained” through its life cycle to learn to define its existence; a trained brain appropriately reads data, interprets data, and allows the data to generate and create the matter/reality around them.

Matter is divided into two groups: the natural state of matter and artificially created matter. The natural state of matter carries with it an albedo factor equal to zero.  This of course leads into the next question: what is albedo?  Again, albedo in the context of the Hatybov material, is something quite different than the standard definition given by Western encyclopedias.

Albedo = the delta between energy processes/reactions and energy consumption needed to create the energy processes/reactions

All systems require an albedo to be equivalent to zero, or E=0.  If E does not equal zero, the system either increases or decreases the number of reactions, per some unit of time, inherent to the system to return to E=0.

Returning to the two types of matter:  both are similar to the senses, but are different in respect to albedo inherent to the matter.  The literature gives an example of naturally created matter and artificially created matter in respect to water.  Water in river, for example, is naturally created matter (as defined by the Program and interpreted by the biostructure’s brain).  If I take the water out of the river, I change the albedo of the water, and in turn, the number of energy reactions inherent in water changes.  If I return the water to the river, the balance of water in the river is in turn modified to create characteristics to match the new energy characteristics of the water that I artificially created by removing it from the river in the first place.

Confused?  Me too, but I think it is safe to assume that the material is stating that any form of matter, as we interpret it with our senses, ideally exists with an albedo equal to zero;  whether it be the atom, the brain, or the components of our Solar System, the energy of the system exists at some equilibrium of energy consumption and conversion.  If this equilibrium is disrupted by some some external force, the number of energy reactions has to increase or decrease in order to return matter to a state of energy usage/consumption equilibrium.  This is an important concept of the state of all systems, whether they be subatomic or macro in substance.  “As above, so below,” as it were.

The Composition of the Solar System Prior to the Great Intervention

Earth Convoy System

In respect to our previous cosmology, the underlying assumption to the work of Khatib Alexander includes the following:

  • All planets of the Solar System, including Earth, are an artificially constructed planet
    • Each planet is engineered to included a unique orientation, mass distribution, and specific parameters to an overriding Program command
  • Human beings were placed on this planet 145,762 years ago
    • Again, no reference is made to who/what imported our ancestors to this planet in the material
  • The Solar System included:
    • Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Phaeton, Jupiter, Saturn,
    • Two currently unknown planets, Planet A and Planet B

The Solar System Subsequent to the Great Intervention

File:Hinode Observes Annular Solar Eclipse, 4 Jan 2011.jpg
A Solar Eclipse, as captured by the Hinode satellite

Subsequent to the Great Intervention, the following occurred:

  • Phaeton was destroyed and became the meteorite belt between Mars and Jupiter
  • The Lunar Moon, the Solar Sun, and other satellites were placed around the remaining members of our Solar System
    • Neither Venus or Mercury were included in the current Program, as evidenced by the fact that neither planet carries with them any artificial satellites

The shape our Solar System is that of egg; 84 Octave of gravity exists in the center of Solar System as the Solar Sun.  The border of our Solar System exists at approximately 56 Octave of gravity.  Attached to this idea of the border of our Solar System existing at 56 Octave, the material states, specifically that 56.97501020 Octave is equivalent to the Solar System’s maximum acceleration of gravity, equivalent to 12.4 m/s2

It’s interesting to note at this point the Sun and the Octave.  The material is implying that the term Octave has multiple meanings.  It has been discussed that in respect to the creation of time through the Solar Sun, 1 second is the equivalent of 128 Octave.  The material is now stating that the Solar Sun carries with it a gravitation Octave of 84.  As mentioned in previous articles, the Solar Sun is a gravitational-magneto-electrical generator that is linked to unique biostructures, at the very least, belonging to Earth.

The Earth and other planets are moving in a spiral through the universe.  The speed of the entire Solar System is 26.3 km/sec. Imagine a cylindrical helix of planets:


The Solar Sun is moving along the axis N at 26.3 km/sec.  Earth is traversing the path of v, as the system is “hooked up” to the Solar Sun with the assistance of various interplanetary tubes.  Another coil would be Mars, Jupiter, etc, at a unique distance away from the Solar Sun.  This whole system is moving in synchronicity through the universe and time; the system is moving towards possibly Megrez, or as was mentioned in the Tritium piece, “The Second Coming.”

Again, the goal of the newly formed Solar System?  To create cycle time with the Solar Sun (128 Octave = 1 second) and to accommodate the transfer of Program required as dictated by the Megrez/Ebrov Program.  The 1 second cycle time emitted in the form of an Octave from the Solar Sun manages all metabolic processes, all Land Management processes, and the automatic relay of information between control points on Earth and with the Lunar Moon, the Solar Sun, and other planetary satellites.

The Need for Additional Planets (and Why Can’t We See Them)

File:001221 Cassini Jupiter & Europa & Callisto.jpg
Callista, Europa, and Jupiter, JPL/NASA image Dec 7, 2000

Returning to the need to have system albedo equivalent to zero, the logic of the Hatybov materiel states that there needs to be two more planets in our system to create albedo balance.  The energy mass of planets are distributed as such that the left and right rotating mass energies must be equal to one another.  The equilibrium keeps the shape of the Solar System in tact, and more importantly, keeps the boundaries of our Solar System in place (more on boundaries in a bit).

Given the fact that Venus and Uranus are the only two “left rotating” bodies in our Solar System, the material states that there needs to be two more planets that rotate left in order to accommodate the equation that :

Energy Mass of Right Rotation Objects = Energy Mass of Left Rotation Objects

The planets did exist prior to the Great Intervention, and from inferences in the material, were visible to ancient ancestors.  However, upon the introduction of the Solar Sun at the time of the Great Intervention, a new basis of time was installed in our Solar System (again, returning to the concept that 128 Octave = 1 second).  At that moment in time, the planets no longer were visible to our senses.  The change in the definition and cycle of time in our Solar System placed planets A and B beyond Octave 64, and beyond our brain’s capacity to perceive.

What Type of Life is Possible in the Solar System?

There are four types of life found on planet Earth, our Solar System, and the grander Universe.  We, as human beings, know two types of life; our biological life and the afterlife.  Sadly, there is no mention of or examples given of the other two categories of life that exist in the Cosmos.

What Type of Planet Supports Life?

The literature states that planets of our Solar System are divided into two classes in respect to life support.  The two classes are:

  • Class I : a planet on which formation of biological structures is possible
  • Class II: a planet on which formation of the biological structures is not possible

The general premise of the two classes is as such: Class I planets must allow for a) the natural conditions which provide for the existence and development of biological structures and b) a limiting condition or program that is used in respect to the development of biological structures.  All life must be linked to its unique Gravitational-Magneto-Electric generator (in our case, the Solar Sun).  Class II planets, for all intensive purposes, are planets that do carry planetary satellites, whereas Class I planets contain orbiting satellites.

As the Solar System carries an albedo of zero, so must each unique planet within the system.  Class II planets carry an automatic maintenance of conditions to keep the planet’s albedo at zero.  Class I planets, however, given the existence of biostructures, have albedos that are in constant fluctuation due to billions of reactions embedded in artificially created matter and artificially created biostructures.  The use of volcanoes and earthquakes are stated to be “counter-reactions” that bring the planetary albedo back in to balance.

The Need for A Boundary of Solar System


A quick summary of the above mentioned information:

  • The Sun is the center of the Solar System, and the Solar Sun is moving forward in space at 26.3 km/sec
    • The rest of the Solar System (planets and satellites) are attached to the Solar Sun through the use of “tubes”
  • The Solar System does not become “naughty” or chaotic because albedo is currently zero
    • Subatomic matter that is created by Octaves must have albedo equal to zero, as must the planet’s total albedo, as must the Solar System as a whole
      • Corrections are required if any part of the above schema loses albdedo equilibrium
    • Again, the energy mass of planetary bodies rotating right equals that of planetary bodies rotating left
  • The Sun, and the planets around it, are moving  toward Megrez, or some other unknown objective known as the “The Second Coming”
  • The Solar System is the shape of an egg and is a self contained unit moving through space, with the Earth, the Solar Sun, the Lunar Moon, and other planets, satellites contained within this egg

With that being said, what ultimately exists within this boundary?

Base Octave Generation and Manipulation

It is within the limits of our Solar System that an intensive exchange of information occurs.  The information is based on an 8-bit code, or Octave structure.  The constants of the Solar System, or constants of the Solar System’s 8-bit structure, are defined as the musical series DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI NA.  This is, as the material states, the standard Cube setting, or corresponding  base eight “musical” notes that combined with time, creates matter around us.

Returning to the pyramid of Octave and plasma to matter creation (as shown below):

Octave Hierarchy

Suffice to say, one can think of our Solar System as a closed system.  Our reality and lives are defined by the parameters of our unique Solar System, and the information that generates matter and reality is built upon the cubic structure of eight unique Octaves.  This Cube is exclusive to the Megrez Program that dictates reality in our Solar System; other Systems or clusters in the Cosmos would likely apply a different schema of Octave generation, distribution, and interpretation.

Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Subject Matter at Hand

File:Nibiru (artist's rendition).png
PlanetUsers’ depiction of Nibiru

Where to begin?  Having digested this information over a few months, a couple of things stick out to me in context of the other researchers and their corresponding material:

  • The Original Sun as Saturn 
    • It is interesting to note the material states that our Solar Sun was not originally part of our ancient Solar System.  If this were true, this definitely could lend itself to the thesis that Saturn could possibly have been our first Sun. Information regarding Saturn is unfortunately very limited, but what is stated is interesting.  Saturn exists at Octave 4096.  This implies that our human ancestors experienced a) time and/or b) gravity significantly different than what you and I perceive as time and gravity currently.  Again, for a biostructure to thrive and sustain, it needs to be linked to an gravitational-magnetic-electrical generator.  Perhaps Saturn was this generator in some distant past…
  • The Cube
    • Much in the way of alternative research cites a “cubic” structure that controls our reality.  Whether it is in Saturn, the Lunar Moon, or the Solar Sun, is anyone’s guess and dependent on the researchers bias.  What if the Cube isn’t a structure, but the DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI NA base 8 Octave structure?  The Cube does indeed control and fabricate our reality, but it not necessarily a spaceship or control object that creates the world we live in.
  • Two Undiscovered Planets
    • When I first mentioned this in an interview on THC with Greg Carlwood and Crrow777, I received a couple of remarks stating that the existence of two planets yet undiscovered by astronomy (academic, amateur, or otherwise) was nonsense.  Perhaps it is, but the idea is definitely not new per the counter Earth work of  Pythagoras, Niburu/Planet X researchers, and Sophia/Gaia researcher Бутусов К.П.  Personally, to think there are two planets unbeknownst to our senses isn’t that fantastic of an idea, all things considered…
  • The Boundary of Solar System
    • The concept that there is a boundary between our planetary system and the rest of the universe is both fascinating and unnerving. On multiple occasions, there is the sense the we are trapped into this Solar System.  There is no help available to us outside of the Solar System, as any outside assistance is prevented by the Megrez Arachnid Supersystem.  Gravity begins to accelerate as you approach the boundary of the Solar System; is this statement implying that nothing is allowed into our Solar System, malevolent, benevolent or indifferent?   What lies beyond the boundary?  The material hints that, external to our Solar system, reality is something very different than what we know to be observed as reality.  Perhaps, at the very least, “it” (it being whatever it exists outside of the boundaries of our Solar System) wants nothing to do with us.
  • The Bullet Point Methodology
    • Do I use too many bullet points in these interpretations?  Yes, I probably do.
  • The Gnostic and Pythagorean Traditions
    • Most certainly, both traditions appear to be an influence on the work of “Hatybov.”  With that said, let’s look a bit into…

Octave Generation, a Possible Russian Interpretation of the Archons, and a Brief Foray into Pythagorean Cosmogony

File:Saturn and Titan from Pioneer 11 - GPN-2002-000060.jpg
The Demiurge, or Ialdabaoth, of the Material World

As many of the readers of this site have let me know through Twitter, Facebook, and comments on this blog, there is much similarity of the alleged work of Hatybov to that of the Gnostic/Archon traditions.  I, as always, truly appreciate everyone’s feedback.  As I’ve slowly begun to draw on the rich Gnostic material, I would agree whole-heartedly with that assessment.

Imagine that the planets are ultimately what the ancients referred to as the Archons.  The planets are confined to a finite volume of the larger universe/omniverse. Unique planets (such as Saturn or the Solar Sun), in some way, shape, or form, are the source of the base Octave series that in turn creates a unique time series that is used to artificially create the balance of planets in the Solar System, the biostructures that inhabit the artificially created planets, and the artificial material reality that surrounds and encompasses the planets.  Nothing can escape this reality that this so called Demiurge has initiated, nor can anything external to this reality penetrate the domain of the Demiurge.  The Demiurge is indeed our false god, our fabricator of our existence, and the true “god,” if such a thing existed, ultimately is indifferent to you and I.

Perhaps in the past, Saturn was the Demiurge (see here); at some point of the past, a new “Archon” displaced Saturn.  The new Demiurge is the Archon known as the Solar Sun, and since that time, has provided the basis of time for a new material reality to be programmed into our Solar System.  Regardless, the source Archon or planet sets the time cycle of Octaves, or frequencies.  Various satellites and other unique planetary bodies also emit Octaves into the enclosed space of our Solar System. Working in conjunction with one another, the Octave wavelengths meet and interfere with one another at engineered points in the closed system Solar System.  The interference of any combination of various Octaves, in turn, create you, me, our brains, the coffee cup on my desk, plants, animals, and everything else that we perceive as a matter.

Gaffurio Pythagoras.png

Taking it a further step back in time, I also find the Pythagorean idea of the limited and unlimited also applicable to the Hatybov material. As Philolaus initially states I

Nature in the world-order was fitted together both out of things which are unlimited and out of things which are limiting, both the world-order as a whole and everything in it.

In this case, the unlimited is ultimately “strictly organized plasma” that is potentially infinite.  Plasma, much like the Pythagorean concept of the Central Fire, is not bound by a quantitative or spatial attribute.  The “boundaries of our Solar System” in effect are the limiters; much like the sphere of the cosmos that the Pythagoreans argued surround the Central Fire, the egg shape of our Solar System puts a limit onto a unique sect of plasma. What binds the unlimited with the limited?  Harmonia, the Pythagoreans argued, is the binding element.  The cubic structure of our 8-bit information array of Octaves keeps  a unique, information arrangement in place, wherein DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI NA binds the infinite to our exclusive reality.  Octaves ultimately bind the unlimited to the limited.  As a side note, I’m very excited to explore the work of the Pythagoreans, as the Hatybov material inherently is either continuing same rationale as Pythagoreas or attempting to place it in a more modern context.

So with all of that being said, what do you all think?  Is there another strain of thought that this material is possibly alluding to?  This article is an attempt to summarize quite a bit of disconnected literature into a meaningful discussion. I believe, at a very high level, this is the Hatybov model of our cosmogony, but like so much else in this area of research, there appears to be many gaps and deleted pages that prevents an all encompassing model to be revealed.

As always, please feel free to email with any questions or feedback regarding this post.  I don’t always know the answer, but I will do my best to find a solution.  And, in regards to the initial photograph at the top of this page, that is NOT a photograph from the film “Interstellar,” but rather an image from the JPL/NASA Cassinni satellite tour.  How can you tell the difference?  I have absolutely no idea.

I. Huffman, Carl A., and Philolaus. Philolaus of Croton: Pythagorean and Presocratic: A Commentary on the Fragments and Testimonia with Interpretive Essays. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1993. Print.

8 thoughts on “A Soviet Styled Supersystem

  1. As I have said before the interdimentional beings “El” have constructed a type of celestial computer that manages the poynting vector thru the manipulation of the orbital harmonics of the artifically aligned planets and moons in our solar system to split and feed multipule layers of rodin shaped gluon plasmas to dilate time. with this system the layers can be aligned and interdimentional influences can be transmitted quantumly to a particular poynting vector point in the 4th dimention or layered tesseract structure of plasma/ether. The plasma that is corded from planet to planet thru the magnetic lines of the solar system is a carrier wave for an etheric template that comes fromm outside of the solar system namley Orion star system. As we see in this video the picture of the earth leyline grid with magnetic lines and blackhole core of reverse plasma/ether, this mini black hole plasma acts like a type of black hole infomation paradox. By shifting different 4th dimentional layers of gluon plasma vector vortex points around the planet/s the El can influence events on earth to “edit” events according to the etheric template coming from modifyed berkland currents. These “events” based on a form of artifical intelligence with millitary obejectives to imprison this solar system in a encrypted version of layered time disguising it from within to the rest of the naturally existing time flow and quatum density.

    The El which means Saturn controls time and the fabric of time, all of human history which has no quantum referance point because time has been hacked has been given a storyline encoded in religious and spiritual doctrine to justfy the manipulation of events which are timed to give credence to ritual and the building of temples for the vector points of the harmonic grid that bruce cathy talks about. Particle accelerators being the new “temples” acting as “spritual” inductors for this etheric template to manifest itself in our particular left or right spining poynting vector manifold grid. The El see’s there celestial mechanics as a type of perverted religion that they want to infect the entire galaxy with reversing the energy systems like a disease , encapsulating all galactic cells with in the universal organsim. Cern and other underground devices help propergate this reverse etheric energy feild to induct the more of the dark matter from orion into earth to keep it trapped in space time.

    Thru manipulation of gravametric orbital harmonics of planets and moons with in our solar system it is possible to split off many layers of quantum dimentional fabric creating a mini “universe” that follows different quantum density laws. Because there are many layers of space time folded in on itself in a geometric alignment it is possible to make one flow of time in a “higher” layer of the artiflcal construct to be transmitted to a “lower” rung in the tesseract gluon plasma to “edit” time at any point of the grid thru te 4th dimention therefore creating a workable time dilation system. Evidence of this can be seen in the attributes of the observer effect , consiousness/perception of an indivdual being considered as one vector value in a difracted line of time.

    The El have this artifcal “mini” universe controlled by a form of artifical intelligence following a religious script of self destruction and creating a “prophetic” paradox that justify’s this manipulated version of time.

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  2. matthew fields

    Time. What a great concept. It can be measured and perceived but to what end? Personally I experience time in a sort of lackadaisical manner. If time flowed differently would my personal experience change or even notice? What if there was no “time”? If you had never seen a watch tick off seconds time would be a intangible. A unknown. If Einstein lived in a world with no watches…….

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