At the Ballet With Macca (and the Waters Above)

oceans kingdom

A city below the waves?  Or something more primordial?  While putting together my introduction to the concept and enigma that is possibly a false Paul McCartney, I have begun to revisit the work of post Beatles’ Macca.  Some of the albums I remember from my college years, other albums are first time auditory adventures (or misadventures) for me. One that happened to stand out recently, at least from an album cover perspective, is Paul McCartney’s Ocean’s Kingdom.  With a spot of synchronicity in my world having begun to explore the concept of “space as water, water as space,” and simultaneously researching the Odyssey of Faul, the album’s cover immediately captured my interest. Let’s take a quick look at it. Continue reading “At the Ballet With Macca (and the Waters Above)”

The Arachnid Brain, Eternity, and Reincarnation with a Master Card:Mass Extinction For the Rest of Us

This article is a reprint from 11-21-2015

After many hours spent reading, rereading, and re-rereading the translations of the work of the alleged Soviet scientist Alexander Khatib aka Hatybov, things begin to fall in place in respect to the overall mythos that did not initially make sense to this author.  For example, the idea of the Solar Sun is mentioned many times throughout the papers available online, but each time the Solar Sun is mentioned, there seems to be a different, random reason for the reference.  A casual read of the material typically allows for the reader to glance over these Solar Sun references and not put much stock into the reference; however, having reread the material numerous times, the context of the random reference begins to make sense and tie together in respect to the overall mythos of the Hatybov material.

In advance of a discussion regarding a key component of the Supersystem, the Solar Sun, the idea of human brains, reincarnation programs, brain matrices, and connections to other systems of control must be examined.  As one infers from the work of Hatybov, the elite, genotype 46x, or the bourgeoisie, exist as the Masters of Society.  The masses, non Genotype 46x, or the proletariat, are subservient to the elite.  Again, shades of Marxist critique filters through the examination of the Ebrov Land Management System.  As was referenced in the Genotype discussion, the existing and possible future social strata is as such :

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A Purely Rotten Apple

A photograph of James Paul McCartney’s/William Shephard Campbell’s  upcoming album

If people didn’t get enough of Paul McCartney of late with his collaboration with Kayne West, you’re in luck.  Scheduled for release on June 10, 2016, Sir Macca is scheduled to release a compilation of 67 post-Beatle tracks to the world.  A final compilation, perhaps, of some of the better tracks in Macca’s illustrious (and not so illustrious) post Beatle career is finally in order; a final testament to the musical genius of the individual artistry of Paul McCartney. Continue reading “A Purely Rotten Apple”

What Lies Beyond the Solar System?


Anizaar, that’s who!

If one were to give pause and credence to the thought that certain people, throughout history, have experienced glimpses of the Abyss and the true essence of the mysteries, a case can be made that these individuals in turn provided these “truths” to the rest of us by relaying their experiences in art, music, literature, and film/television.  On an upcoming interview I was fortunate to record with Crrow777, I make mention of people who I think are in some way “in the know” such as Pythagoras, Jack Parsons, John Keel, and Jacques Vallee.  I have also noted the works of Carl Jung and David Bowie as possible glimpses into the unknown.  Another body of work I would like to begin to include, where possible, is the work of the comic book legend, Jack Kirby. Continue reading “What Lies Beyond the Solar System?”