The Importance of the Vernal Equinox

Astronomicum Caesareum (1540).f33.jpg

This upcoming March 20, 2016, will be the celebration of what is commonly known as the Spring, or Vernal, Equinox.  I know a few of the readers of this site are aware of the concept of the Lunar Wave, Crrow777’s work, and his recent presentation of Lunar Waves observed near or on the dates of the Vernal Equinox in past years.  With that being said, does the work of alleged Soviet scientist Hatybov reveal any importance in respect to the Vernal Equinox?  Fortunately, yes; there is much importance to the Spring Equinox in respect to the Megrez Arachnid Program.  So let’s begin the analysis with a quick overview before diving in the details of Khatib Alexander’s work currently available online.

What is the Vernal Equinox?

Image taken from page 31 of 'La Terre- description des phénomènes de la vie du globe. I. Les Continents. II. L'Ocean, l'Atmosphere, la Vie' (11243281064).jpg

Courtesy of the Encyclopedia Britannica, the scientific definition of the Vernal Equinox is one of two moments in the calendar year wherein the Sun is exactly above the Earth’s Equator, and the day and night are of equal length over. It is also the moment where the Sun’s ecliptic and the celestial equator intersect.  For us  living in the Northern Hemisphere, the 2016 Vernal Equinox will take place on March 20th, 2016.  The Southern Hemisphere population will experience their Spring Equinox on September 22nd, 2016. For the purposes of this analysis, and to be consistent to the writings of Hatybov, I’ll define the Vernal Equinox of importance as March 20th, 2016.

The Vernal Equinox: Mysticism, Magic, and Abraxas

Jung and Abraxas: more to come in the future

Aside from a proper astronomical definition of the Vernal Equinox, it is important to note the importance that ancient cultures and societies placed on the Vernal Equinox.  Most certainly a post (and book) in and of itself can be devoted to this rich topic, but to keep things fairly simple, I wanted to provide one example of a mystical attribute attached the Vernal Equinox before heading into the Hatybov material.

Stephan A. Hoeller, per ancillary chapters in his review of Carl Jung’s work titled The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons of the Dead, states that the Vernal Equinox is unequivocally the “greatest point of concentration of magical power of the annual cycle.”  The Vernal Equinox is the beginning of the cosmic year, and a celebration of the birthday of the cosmos and gods; not only does the Vernal Equinox symbolically represent annual rebirth, but Hoeller mentions a possible to symbolic correlation to Abraxas. I will wait on a future time to provide an in depth study of Abraxas, as the possible archon is absolutely fascinating. For the time being, let’s get to the Hatybov material already…

The Importance of the Vernal Equinox in the Megrez/Ebrov Arachnid Program

Nuremberg chronicles f 149v 2.jpg

The Vernal Equinox, similar to the mystical attributes of the gnostics and pagans, is also identified with a “time of renewal.”  The renewal, however, isn’t necessarily the rebirth of a Solar God or the renewal of Earth’s harvest season, but instead focuses on the renewal of the properties of water.

Water and Tritium

Key to the living cell, as the Hatybov material states, is an element Z, or tritium. Tritium, he references, is an unknown element on Earth. Tritium is essential for the nourishment of all biological structures on our planet and the nourishment of all crops grown on planet Earth (ie wheat).  Tritium is also essential as a fuel source of UFOs (more on that in another post).  The human brain receives this nourishment through the attachment of tritium to fresh water, which in turn we, as biological structures, consume in order to survive as a species by utilizing proper frequencies needed by the brain.  The attachment is provided for by linking the “neinertsionnay mass of a water molecule to a lattice of tritium.”

Tritium exists in two places; it resides in Grill II of the Earth’s layer at a depth of up to -4400 meters (the depth that UFOs exist) and is archived/stored in 33% of planetary satellites in our Solar System.  Tritium exists as only neinertsionnay matter, or above the 64 Octave threshold, the range of Octaves that resides beyond our senses.  Finite in quantity (at least until the “Second Coming”, which implies an arrival to the Megrez system at some point in time in our history), significant reserves of element Z or tritium exist within several planetary satellites.

Tritium is attached to water through the use of facilities and complexes that exist below the surface of the Earth.  The literature implies that tritium recycled on this planet and/or exported to Earth from some satellite storage facility is modified through the use of three Octave fields; magnetic, electric, and gravitational Octaves.  This processing creates an attachment of tritium to  water that is available to be consumed by biostructures and flora/fauna on this planet.  The planet Earth includes a set of 12 complexes on the planet that attach tritium to water.  The break down of pyramids, locations, and complexes in play is outlined in the illustration below:


If tritium makes up 12% or more of water’s neinertsionnoy weight, the water is considered drinkable and fit for any biological structure’s survival.  If the water’s neinertsionnoy weight is composed of less than 12% tritium, the water is considered non potable. Suffice to say, most of can not live without drinking freshwater, and the Opinion Amateur Science is stating that we need water dosed with tritium for survival because our brains need unique frequencies in order to operate correctly.

An Example: Water versus Urine

The Hatybov papers gives an example of the utilization of tritium and its inherent frequencies attached to water.  If one could weigh the neinertsionnoy weight of water prior to drinking it, let the water pass through one’s body, and then weigh the neinertsionnoy weight of the urine produced,  one could get a sense of what frequencies are required of one’s unique brain.  Water is purified by the body, and any excess neinertsionnoy weight is ejected from the body as sweat and urine.  The remaining urine will, in theory, contain frequencies not required of one’s unique brain. Extending upon this a bit more, one could determine what group of Genotype one’s brain belongs to.  Of course, we can’t weigh neinertsionnoy weight or matter, as it exists outside of our realm of senses, so I’d not recommend anyone pursing this exercise…

“Epiphany Water”

Das festliche Jahr img050 Der König trinkt.jpg
Drink to your Genotype!

If one were to accept the statement that a) tritium is required to allow the brain to survive by attaching itself to water through the use of the above mentioned facilities and b) tritium is required to provide neinertsionnoy mass to plant growth, animal growth, and fuel for UFO movement, why is the Vernal Equinox a key date in our cosmic year?  Why does water need to be reprogrammed, year over year, with different frequencies?

The answer lies with the concept of “Epiphany Water.”  Returning to the original schema of the Genotype program, recall that the ultimate goal of the Megrez Program is to take a lower Octave consciousness of the Arachnid brain (Octave 31) and forcibly synthesize it with the higher Octave consciousnesses of our ancestors (Octave 96) prior to mid 18000 BC into an immortal biostructure (aka flesh jacket).  Beginning in 1605 BC with the first successful hybrid of the Megrez Arachnid brain with the human brain and body, Genotype 421 was created.  This Genotype brain existed at threshold Octave 66.6.

Over the course of time, the Megrez program continued to pursue its ultimate goal of achieving a Genotype brain existing at Octave 96, and in doing so, created improved versions of existing Genoytpe brains, as well as improved flesh jackets.  For each new Genotype mantissa (or effectivity) and/or Genotype upgrade that was to become the “elite Genotype” of that time period, the standard of water is changed by manipulating the water’s frequency through the attachment of tritium.  Once a new standard of water is set by the Program, the water is unleashed to the masses and utilized by the target Genotype subset of the population to create an “epiphany” that advances the Megrez Arachnid/Ebrov Program.  Fortunately, all Genotype brains are able to utilize this “epiphany water” for brain sustenance (as can crops and other biostructures), but the new and improved water only “enlightens” a targeted Genotype brain.

The Mississippi River Valley

If one could time travel and measure the neinertsionnoy weight of water, one hypothetically could prove this to be true.  As an example, I take a sample of Mississippi River water today in 2016, measure the neinertsionnoy weight of the water, then travel back in time to 1856, take another sample of water from the Mississippi River at the same spot, and then again measure the neinertsionnoy weight of the 1856 river’s water.  If I remembered to bring the results from the water sample in 2016 to 1856 and compared it to the 1856 river water’s results, I would find that the neinertsionnoy weights are significantly different.

However, should I travel back to 2016 and discover a pristine, undiscovered lake of water below the Mississippi River basin (a body of water that has never been visited by another human being throughout all of history), then take a sample, I will find the neinertsionnoy weight of the water to be equal to the neinertsionnoy weight of the 2016 Mississippi River sample.  All water is converted to the new frequency when the program change takes place. This is an important concept to remember when moving into the Hatybov material regarding the state of matter and matter’s albedo (which, by the way, will be discussed in the next article).

The Cycle of Water Revision

So where does the Vernal Equinox come into play, per the Hatybov literature?  The Program order is defined as such:

  • The Megrez/Ebrov Arachnid Program dictates a software change to a unique Gentoype brain
    • An “empiphany” sent to a target Genome of the world’s population
  • Complex Greenland sets the standard as dictated by the Program
  • Using Earth tubes connected to other planetary satellites, a transfer of neinertsionnoy tritium mass begins on the Winter Solstice (I believe that is the key date of start of the transfer) through Complex Ethiopia
    • The transfer takes 12 days
    • The Earth’s atmospheric grid is filled with tritium for these 12 days
    • Earth’s grill II finally receives and stores tritium for use on Planet Earth
  • On day +13 subsequent to the the Winter Solstice, the facilities of the LMS begin to attach tritium to water quantities across the globe
    • Completion of this process occurs on day +23 subsequent to the Winter Solstice
  • At a time between the Vernal Equinox and Easter, the new version of water/tritium combination is introduced to all biostructures  and is introduced as the new fuel source for terrestrial based UFOs
    • As Easter is defined as the first Sunday subsequent to the Full Moon on or after the Vernal Equinox, it is implied that that Program (brain structures and software requirements) is reset on this unique Full Moon on or near the Vernal Equinox

Between the Vernal Equinox and the Winter Solstice of the same Cosmic Year, the consumption of tritium ranges between 77% and 88% of the amount brought to Earth.  If at any point the entirety of the supply of tritium is depleted prior to the Winter Solstice, a number of outcomes hypothetically occur:

  • Water is not potable
  • The structure of water will disintegrate, causing water to disappear from reservoirs, springs, and even closed containers such as bottled water
  • UFO operations terminate (no fuel to move UFOs)
  • The surface area of the Earth deteriotates up to h<-4400 m

Final Thoughts

Keep an eye on the sky!  The Full Moon of March 23rd, 2016 is extremely important in the work of Hatybov

As previously mentioned, there is much in our ancestor’s rich history in respect to the importance of the Vernal Equinox. In a school in the Midwest USA, mid 1980 through mid 1990, I  probably was taught about the spring equinox, remembered the facts for a quiz or test, and then moved on to something else; until I wrote this article, honestly, I really had no idea what the importance of the Vernal Equinox was to our ancestors or to the world around us.

Aside from the mystical tradition of the Vernal Equinox, should the work of Hatybov be true/partially true, or a metaphor for something much more cosmic and grandiose in relation to our existence, be mindful of the world as we head into the coming weekend.  The Vernal Equinox meant something extremely powerful to our ancestors, and sadly, for the majority of us, has been delegated as a random, minor astronomical-calendar date of interest that precedes the much more emphasized holiday of Easter.  So I do hope that all of you acknowledge and celebrate this coming Equinox in some way, shape, or form; I know I definitely will.

And should you drink water during the Full Moon on March 23rd, 2016, recall that your brain is possibly being reprogrammed for the next step of a Grander Program that you and I belong. For better or worse, I do not know. The truth to this question may indeed lie in your sweat and urine, but again, please don’t quote me on that (or attempt to weigh it).

5 thoughts on “The Importance of the Vernal Equinox

  1. Joel Davis

    Hi James, yet another awesome post . I”m actually getting current with this years posts–all in one sitting. I was especially interested in this particular post, since you mentioned Abraxas, and in my own studies, I recently encountered this symbol. I was excited to get your take on it…

    Looking forward to that post!


    1. Thanks Joel – the whole Abraxas concept is really fascinating. The more Hatybov I digest, the more the Gnostic sensibilities shine through. The program/megrez arachnid ultimately is potentially referencing the Demiurge (whatever that may be). More to come for certain…thank you for the feedback!


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