Cosmic Roundabouts and Thoughts on the Night Sky: An Interview with Cassidy Kring

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One of the better benefits of getting involved in the research of Hatybov is getting some public exposure to my work over the course of a couple of interviews and links to my summaries on various forums and sites on line.  To share my ideas for feedback is one fantastic benefit, but to be put in contact with wonderful researchers on the front line of challenging existing paradigms of thought is ultimately the best part of continuing to publish the material.  Case in point, one wonderful researcher by the name of Cassidy Kring recently contacted me regarding the idea of the construct the Lunar Moon, the cosmos, and how Hatybov might fight with his findings.

Casssidy is an astrophotographer with focuses on the Lunar Moon, Venus, and other celestial bodies in the night sky.  Cassidy’s manages two sites that present his material, The Translucent Moon of Intelligent Design and Creation, and his Youtube channel Rethinking the Universe, and I’d recommend everyone to check them out.  Cassidy  reached out to me earlier in the year regarding Hatybov, and shared a number of photographs and videos of the Lunar Moon that he filmed, photographed, and published online.  After a few email exchanges, I thought it was important to get his research and hypotheses out for others.  The interview below was conducted during the week of February 29th, 2016.

Interview with Cassidy Kring

JA: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me this week, Cassidy. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, and what veered you into the area of Astrophotography?

CK: & thanks for inviting me, James…. I’m just a ‘normal’, 42 year old musician from Tampa, FL that’s been fascinated with music & the said “comos” all my life. I have a big loving family & life is good for me. My professional life has involved many forms of construction, from rod-busting to home inspections. Carpentry was the only thing I studied in college after high school. “Science’ was always fascinating to me, though I was extremely limited on using its method, mostly due to trusting my sources of information that I had been indoctrinated into believing as “fact”.. It’s not until much later in life did I begin to realize the vast manipulation & deceptions within our own system & ‘man’ alone. I spent many years researching many issues & paradigms. This led me to acquire knowledge of physics, light & optics so I could basically look for answers with my own eyes. I was over counting on the many muddied up sources available within the mainstream & disinfo campaign combined… I had already had a feel & long interest in photography when I finally got my telescope a little over a year ago. From there astrophotography & searching for answers turned into a passion. Since last May I’ve logged over 3,100 hours, just on observation & analysis alone.

JA: For the techies out there, could you give everyone an idea of your current setup for skywatching and filming?

CK: My newest toy is a Canon powershot SX700 HS with a 30x zoom. My telescope is an older 5½ inch Tasco 450 power reflector, all manual. I also use a c520 webcam & sometimes even my iphone 6 mounted to my eyepiece. So very limited equipment. It truly is all on how you use it, if you really want it….  As far as editing goes, I run a 2014 Macbook pro 13 ½ inch (retina display) using Final Cut Pro & Lightroom.

moon (1 of 1)-5
Venus in “flight”

JA: The images you have capture are absolutely beautiful, and the videos you have published on Youtube are fascinating.  Was there a moment in your life where you began to challenge the existing paradigm of the cosmos?  Was there a specific photograph, video, or image that you captured that motivated you to challenge the official party line of “what space and the universe is?”

CK: That’s a long story, but actually all began after 9/11. The resulting disillusion kicked many subjects of question into focus for me. As the years progressed & possibilities expanded i found myself watching films like, Jose Escamillas & Andrew R Stecs “Moon Rising” & eventually Crrow videos & then an interest in Hadybov material as well. I didn’t care for the whole (Hadybov) paradigm personally, I guess I found it disturbingly interesting at the time… Finally, I was introduced to many possibilities as ‘flat earth’, ‘concave earth’, ‘hollow earth’ & began learning of all the great deceptions & hidden hands at work while still maintaining my skepticism on this information.. ‘Research’, for me did not lead to enough answers & that’s when I decided to buy a scope. After that, the experiences & footage stacked up. Last September I caught an object or anomaly apparently popping out of the moon & hitting its light from the ecliptic side on a quarter moon. That moment really kicked my observations into overdrive & I actually felt like I had a chance to find some truth & meaning by observing the moon very closely, alone. After all, this is the biggest, most visible ‘celestial’ body directly available to us to actually study for ourselves.

JPEG image-F92D377EC937-1

JA: I completely understand what you are stating in respect to the observation of the moon and one’s self; I too have found myself staring at the moon in the evening after having been exposed to concepts such as the “lunar wave” and “Hatybov.”  Personally, having begun to absorb the lunar material over the past year or so, observing a full moon in the night sky feels strangely familiar and magnetic, yet very alien and deathly to me.  What is your sensibility of what the Moon is? After hours of research and analysis, have you come to any working hypotheses of what the reality of the Moon is?

CK: As cliche is it might sound to some, you pretty much said it; “Alien & deathly”…. Luna very much appears to be semi-hollow & constructed with sweet complexity to look natural.. After the realization that I was really looking through a false surface, the geometric shapes within its deepest shadows are obvious. There is also, what I call ‘a perspective flip’ effect going on with this surface of illusion. It’s a true freak of nature that I simply don’t buy as a ”natural” anymore… Now, this was something I was deeply disturbed by for several months. I maintained a lot of denial through this process & set out to prove something to myself at least. This is when i began moon stalking somewhat obsessively & camping in my yard at attempts to truly experience this thing.  Observation & analysis was my life & it was miserable trying to prove my eyes wrong.  As much as I dislike the term “beLIEve” I eventually drew my personal conclusion; Either I am seeing through the moon for what it truly is, or this is just another layer of deception & its real secret is much deeper. Regardless of these two options, I personally have not the slightest doubt that Luna was constructed by very high intelligence. It has become ‘fact’ for me, beyond my wishes. It actually opens up the possibility of a much bigger paradigm, in a much smaller universe……

moon (1 of 1)-2 copy 2

JA: Any sensibility in respect to the “higher intelligence” you mention?  Some people have mentioned that the moon is an extraterrestrial spaceship/monitoring station.  Others speculate that it was placed in orbit by our future ancestors for some unknown reason to us.  When you get into the Hatybov material, you get the sense the moon is a construct this is some way, shape, or form both providing life support functions to Earth and supporting the material reality that surrounds us.  What are you thoughts on the motives of a “higher intelligence” and the moon?

CK: I personally feel these are terrestrial beings that were most likely here well before the human race. The natural ego & arrogance of “man” finds this hard to beLIEve for the most part. To me, ‘evolution’ & ‘the big bang’ are total bullshit theories that have been forced on society as “truth”…. Whether these beings are ‘advanced humans’, ‘grays’, ‘reptilians’, ‘anunnaki’, or even a ‘spider race’ as Hadybov claims, I truly don’t know.. I don’t want to deny a ‘spirit world’ or ‘outer dimensional’ aspects, but if this were the case, I would think they would be able to maintain 100% invisibility to the physical world at all times…. In regards to the ‘moon’s functions’, I’m completely oblivious. Though, there are many more accounts of vibrations & frequencies playing a big part in all this that can be researched from many angles & theories outside of Hadybovs work. Sonoluminescence experiments have striking similarities to stars & other bodies … As far as the ‘makeup’ of the moon, I do have thoughts & beliefs that continue to support themselves in my eyes...

JA: Very interesting…would you be willing to elaborate on your perspective of the makeup of Luna?

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 2.01.06 AM

JPEG image-4842556ECB07-1

CK: Sure…… Hypothetically, I see the ‘surface’ & ‘craters’ as only an illusion. We can physically see these “craters” fall apart to just a visible perimeter on the ecliptic edge through every moonth, not to mention the structures &/or anomalies that poke out. These all stay very consistent & never change. The surface is the only thing that visibly changes; From waxing on, to disintegrating during its waning. We also experience a sort drop or cliff at the ecliptic edge. This is all wide open to the human eye… I have put some study into ‘star clusters’, ‘cosmic webs’ & just started looking into ‘cosmic roundabouts’. I do not find any of these to be spread out in a “far, distant galaxy” or place in “space”. They appear very close & very much connected. Some simple focal range tests & comparisons on a telescope can give support to this opinion…. This is basically how I see the second layer of the moon, with the first being its light, false ‘surface’ & ‘craters’. The resemblance of these ‘clusters & webs’ to lunas second layer is somewhat striking. They all look like they are literally braided together. Now there are still many deceptions involved here. We can see faces of many animals, insects & humans, almost comparable to “loony tunes” cartoons.. To me, this is just another line of defense… Below this ‘cluster’ system are geometric shadows with what looks like depth & dimension to them. Some are very noticeable through the “seas & oceans” or “Mare”..  They are the most consistent out of everything on or within the moon… I feel that this ‘geometric structure’ is what is being hidden from us.. Unless the deception goes even deeper…

JA: You had sent me this photograph with a comparison marked up:

What are you thoughts regarding your notation on the craters of the Moon?

CK: Yes, I just recently discovered that I can actually identify in shape, what protrudes from the “ecliptic” edge through my filter. I compared the ‘Tycho shell’ or what I call ‘cluster’ from a filtered, full moon to a protruding ecliptic edge. Despite the perspective, everything is matching up. This alone gives credence to my filter & to what I’ve been suspecting. This knotted looking system, or “cluster/web” just might be legit upon this realization…. The “craters” are not real, they are an illusion, just as the ”surface”. These ‘clusters’ shape the perimeter of each “crater” & are a part of the lights & manipulations. With the ‘surface & craters’ inconsistencies, & the cluster & structure/anomaly consistencies, this should begin to tell us something.     

JPEG image-0F5F90D72E8E-1 copy 2

JPEG image-0F5F90D72E8E-1 copy 3

JA: I’ve seen your photographs of “cosmic webs” and “cosmic roundabouts.”  For readers not familiar with your work, how would define “cosmic webs” and “cosmic roundabouts”?

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 1.07.40 PM

CK: The term “cosmic web” has theories suggesting that “galaxies are cocooned within filaments of gas”. Basically stating that “they are gas filled nebulas stretching between large, spacious voids that are tens of millions of light years wide.” “Like ‘spiders’, ‘galaxies’ mostly appear to lie within the intersections of the long-sought webs.”….. I have found this almost laughable through my observations. I can literally pull my scope off the moon & point it at a ‘nebula’ & still be in perfect focus. Sometimes I have to pull my focus back, as if these nebula & star clusters are closer than the moon itself. Other times, they seem to move slightly. I have never had the feeling of this “expansive, non stop universe” we all learned of in school or TV. It all appears as ‘earth’s system’ to me & other observers I share notes with… These ‘clusters/webs’ fill our night sky, & many cannot be seen without the proper camera/equipment…. The term “cosmic roundabout” gives new meaning to me with my perspective. It’s actually more of a concept. . I see all ‘star clusters/webs’ as close & connected & actually very unnatural. If analyzed close enough, we can see many shapes within that are not pixels or just light. Many with “clouds” (nebula gases) or just lights & manipulations covering them up. Just as the moon…

JA: Sort of like a series or continuous loop of lights and images that are displayed on the night sky?  Do you sense that these images are generated by their own accord, or are these images being reflected off of a unique surface?

CK: Now that you mentioned it, I’ve been forced to consider the ‘holographic universe theory’ for that very reason. So yea, Exactly. Though, there is still some depth & dimension to this mechanical looking labyrinth of lights.. As far as reflection goes, the possibility his huge. We suspect that mostly in the southern hemisphere. I do feel there are physical objects being hidden.. There is actually a lot of observable evidence for a ‘firmament’ above us. I don’t speak biblically on the issue, but all ancient accounts involved a firmament covering earth.… Although by now, the possibility of this being another deception is just as likely to me.

JA: How do you define firmament?  Since we’ve begun chatting on your work, I still struggle a bit to get a sense of what firmament is.  Are there any ties of firmament to the alchemists or the ancient cosmologists that you’ve discovered?

CK: The whole concept was a part of all ancient cultures, on all lands that I’m aware of. I personally see this ‘firmament’ as either a dome or a celestial sphere above earth & resembling Lunas translucent surface in a sense, covered/protected by ice.  My suspicion of all this being much closer to earth had me comparing ideas with other amateur astronomers & considering the possibility of this barrier & water above.. I ended up downloading many amateur high altitude rocket launches to analyze, & when these things hit ice, you know it. I have a great one on file & It’s completely undeniable. Eventually I had to consider blue skies, aurora lights (phosphorescence) , black holes (whirlpools) & very high ‘clouds’ that looked much more like waves than precipitation.  Water was easily hypothesizing many questions we had about the solar system, regardless of being inconclusive.  A model would look like ‘Atlantis’ with a dome basically, with the parameter being Antarctica. Though I am open to other concepts, being the skeptic I am. It could be a celestial sphere instead of a dome for all know. I personally don’t feel that I live on a ball hurling through “space” at breakneck speeds, in all directions. & although I’ve researched this extensively, I still don’t know what shape earth is. I am just much more inclined to say it’s flat w a huge deception surrounding it. I presented a brief theory w visuals on this subject last year in one of my videos & published it on YouTube, titled “The Firmament & Waters Above”…

JA: Thank you so much for that explanation; Cassidy. Getting into the philosophical perspectives of Earth, what do you think most accurately represents the planet Earth?  A flat land mass, a spherical object, or possibly a concave/convex Earth, wherein we live in an enclosed spherical object?

CK: I continue to research all the models available on the subject alone, & I’m very inclined to say it is a flat enclosed system. The evidence is stacked up against all the paintings & CGI’s of the spherical earth consistently presented to us. Literally no one can disprove FE, & there are a number of unlimited angles & subjects to explore just within this paradigm alone. I tend to lean toward Vedic astronomy, it makes more sense as an observer than most.. I actually have a good friend (amateur astronomer) that I collaborate & share notes with, named Alex Carreon. He is elaborating in detail on this system & is in the process of designing an interactive model… I’ve already stepped on some social boundaries with my claims of the Moon, so I do attempt to stay out of the FE issues for the most part.

moon (1 of 1)-2

JA: Understandable in respect with not wanting to be identified with a specific model or paradigm. Speaking of paradigms, I’m curious your thoughts on the concept of Hatybov?  Have you personally read any of the material on line?  Any thoughts or insights that you’ve had in respect to the material?

CK: I actually think Hadibov had it together in regards to the lunar moon & the solar system being infested with an alien race. Everything tells me that other species could have been here all along & possibly way before humankind. I’m literally looking at the biggest UFO known to man when I observe the moon, & I do honestly feel that is a fact. This is the main reason I continue to consider the whole paradigm in Hadybovs work. The only thing he speaks of at a disinterest to me is the sizes & distances of all celestial bodies. He seems to go by mainstream information on his views of the universe/solarsystem in that perspective. Though he still does speak of a heliocentric control system in place around earth, & that’s pretty much what I feel this is. But I see it as geocentric & inclosed. Most anyone that observes the sun on a regular basis would disagree with its said “93,000,000 mile” distance from earth claimed by “science”.  Some of us might remember hearing about ‘Operation Fishbowl’. This was a series of high altitude nuclear tests in 1962 that were carried out by the United States as a part of a larger operation (Dominic). The information tells us these were just “tests”, but the Soviet Union was doing these same “tests” in the late 50’s/early 60’s. & these weren’t small warheads, they were launching megatons at the sky. The US admits to at least 31 tests & the USSR, supposedly many more. There are a few different accounts & stories about these operations, so it’s difficult to know which is more accurate. Regardless, launching the biggest bombs known to man at the sky for four years straight, starting right after the Sputnik was said to be put into orbit in 1957, is something that should raise more question than it has. What were they shooting at & why? I’m not the only one to suggest a physical barrier….. Getting back to your question, I’m a little rusty on the Hadybov material & I’m sure there are a few files I haven’t went over as well. But , there are many things telling me that i should continue looking into his work. I don’t know of any other scientist that presents anything close, considering he was a real person. If I did not see the moon for what I believe it is, I probably would have moved on from his research. But I very much see an inhabited machine behind the lunar surface. Whether it hides a cube or creates octaves &/or frequencies is beyond me. As I said, there is a lot of information & speculation that the solar system runs on such. Sound & frequencies are also considered to be the true, hidden, ancient technology. There is much evidence to back this up….. Hadybovs views get extremely interesting on this said “spider race” & the agenda of. Lately I’ve been trying to gain more knowledge of the knights Templar, Freemasonry, & the Illuminatinati & finding a big resemblance to this whole paradigm.

JA: That is a continuous problem with the Hatybov material I find (ie solar system distances, etc).  “He” (whoever he is) appears to blend Soviet Encyclopedia “legitmate” data with his theories, and it is difficult to discern whether the writer is using the data as a basis of comparision against his theories or support for his theories. It is always a mystery.  What’s next for you work?  Are you reading anything interesting in respect to the “paradigm”?  Do you have any recommendations for books to anyone who is getting into this arena of research?

CK: I just got back to reading & researching within the past couple months. I had spent most of the year on excessive observations only, at an attempt to break away from all social aspects & doctrine. I wanted to see what the universe looked like from a free-thinking standpoint. This is why I’m so big on visual evidence, regardless of lacking the “nuts & bolts”… Lately I’ve had to start moderating the time I spend behind my scope & focusing back on family a little more, which has me back in the books, reading things like the Bhagavad Gita, old scripture & information about ancient cultures/religions in general. I’m also reading a book by Rob Shelsky, titled “For the moon is Hollow & Aliens rule the sky”. My latest interest & focus of research is on the Fibonacci sequence, astrogeometry & geometry in general. It’s truly fascinating to see how these correlate with everything & all we know as “nature”.. As far as recommendations, I can only suggest looking at all, if not many sources on all levels. I see a big elaborate puzzle within most information itself, consisting of many pieces that don’t belong. It’s pretty much up to us on how to interpret this information without the agenda of ‘supporting a belief’….. My next steps are to start presenting my concept of the Lunar Moon in detail. I’ve been working on an image/video filter for at least 6 months now & it keeps improving as time goes on. The apparent ‘structures’ or ‘consistent anomalies’ are becoming more & more obvious to me. I want to compare high altitude images of earth (deserts/mountains) to show that there really is no comparison. I’m also drawing some sketches over my pictures at an attempt to show others what I see. I’m really hoping to take this on a ‘scientific’ level & will eventually go into as many angles as possible, including a map…. Everything I’m presenting here will need more evidence of a false ‘surface’, other than the ‘Lunar Wave’. I’m in high hopes of getting the equipment needed for a highly magnified experiment on the ecliptic edge during waning. I have no doubts that we can all witness a disintegrating “surface” if this simple, four to six hour task is accomplished under the right conditions…

moon (1 of 1)-11 (1)

JA: Wow!  I have to say I am really looking forward to seeing where your research leads!  I have noticed you have a great following of fellow researchers on various social media sites; your work is definitely hitting on “something” that is resonating with others in this field.  Is there anything else you’d like to add in respect to any findings in your research?

CK: Thank you, James.. & yes, I’m somewhat flattered to have people from all lands interested in my work. Though many of them are looking for support to their own ‘beliefs’, whether it be religion or attempts to be comforted by the whole paradigm in general. There are few that are willing to actually accept a disturbing reality..  I’m definitely anticipating the presentation of actual evidence on the subject of the Lunar Moon. I could rant on forever about what I think, but until I am able to show reason for my claims, that’s all it will be;’ thoughts’. I encourage no one to trust me our any word of “man” for that fact.. I can only hope that people start looking for themselves & using the scientific method on their own, rather than accepting anyone’s “official” story within all the global propaganda. After All, “science” itself has an overwhelming amount of evidence of being littered with bullshit.. I quote, “Scientists have discovered that people will believe anything when you say ‘scientists have discovered that’”… I highly recommend looking into the NASA hoax, “Moon landings”, & taking a closer look at Copernicus, Darwin & Einstein in general. These were geniuses of calculating a great deception. They turned “theory” into “truth” & fabricated a false sense of our world & the universe. They helped create a belief system within most of us, simply to hide ‘reality’ for agenda. There are bits of truth that help this information jell, but that’s for us to research & decipher on our own.. Our own senses alone, are by far the best source for truth in a system of disinfo & many deceptions.


JA: I agree 100% with your statement that our senses alone are the best source of truth.  It does feel like the veil that covers this world is finally beginning to fall and possibilty allowing us exposure of the Great Truth, whatever that might ultimately be.  Would you like to reference your website, social media, and channel for readers who would like to follow your work?

CK: My website is at, though not as active as the Facebook page ‘The Translucent Moon of Intelligent Design’. My YouTube channel is called ‘Rethinking the Universe’ & I usually publish a new video every week, sometimes a couple. I also do my best to follow through with any requests, & encourage other observers/researchers to take a look & share their personal views…

JA: Well, for one, I look forward to working with you on various projects going forward. Hopefully we can do another interview in a few months as well to check in with your progress.  Thank you again, Cass, for taking the time to discuss your work with me.

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