George Harrison on the Dark Side of the Moon

File:Earthrise 23 Aug 1966.jpg
Earthrise, 23 Aug 1966, Lunar Orbiter 1

Honestly, I don’t want to think that the NASA message is a complete hoax. I, like many others, grew up wanting to be an astronaut.  I wanted to study physics, chemistry, astronomy, math, and whatever else I needed to be able to fly a space shuttle into outer space. I was even fortunate enough to have a neighbor who worked for a local company that created NASA mission decals; my entire room was littered with stickers of various shuttle missions that permeated the media in the 1980’s.  What wasn’t to love? Astronauts were like gods to me and my friends; every shuttle launch was shown to us in grade school (even the Challenger mission) and we were glued to the television screen as the countdown to lift off was shown, and the space shuttle was shown arching over the ocean until it was no longer in site.  Never once do I recall questioning the authenticity of NASA or what we were shown.  Why would we?  Our teachers didn’t question it, so why would I?

Sadly, the young boy from 1980’s Wisconsin no longer exists.  Having grown more cynical over time to the truth that the alleged “powers that be” are continuously playing us for machinated material consumption, deception, and profit, why should NASA be any different?

The Deep State

To me, the idea of the Deep State is a fantastic perspective to begin to determine the hegemony of the “powers that be.”  The Deep State, as defined by most, is a group of unelected military/intelligence officials, academics, bankers, and other private/public bureaucrats that run the business and affairs of the planet. Their influence is evident everywhere you and I look : our 401k performance, food and beverages we consume, the entertainment we are given, text books children use, the education we are granted…the list is endless.

NASA is officially a component of the Executive Branch, and NASA allegedly reports solely to the White House.  Some have speculated that NASA is, in actuality, a subset of the Defense Industry; others speculate that NASA is only a sub component of the mainstream media.  I personally have no idea, but sense that NASA too is attached in some way, shape, or form to the web above.

With that being said, I would like to give two more examples of mass media presentations regarding a possible “anti moon hoax conspiracy” campaign I’ve noticed over the past 3 months.

A Potential Anti – Moon Hoax Campaign Continues to Grow

File:Moon Rosse Telescope 1856.png

As I had mentioned in a previous post regarding Super Bowl 50 and the Audi astronaut commercial, the mainstream media is apparently turning its attention to the implementation of authenticating the NASA mission and the Apollo moon landings.  We’ve gone from a mockumentary of Kubrick, to the well-received, heart pulling Audi Super Bowl commercial in two months.  Two more items turned out be exceptionally exciting in terms of the Lunar Moon advertising.  Let’s break down two items that stood out to me over the past few months.

Octaves from the Lunar Moon

File:Apollo 10 earthrise.jpg
Earthrise, May 1969, Apollo 10

Apollo 10 astronauts heard strange, spacey music on the Dark Side of the Moon. Or so goes the teaser for the upcoming series on Discovery TV titled NASA’s Unexpected Files.  Per the premise of the spoiler, in May of 1969, astronauts Thomas Stafford, John Young, and Eugene Cernan, while orbiting on the back side of the Moon, for approximately an hour, heard and recorded strange, alien-esque whistling music or “an eerie woo-woo sound”.  Not sure what exactly to do, the three astronauts go so far as to discuss whether or not they should communicate the information back to ground control when reappearing back in radio contact with NASA control.  At the end of the debate, the information was ultimately shared with ground control, and the experts at NASA played off the “music” as radio wave interference.

Random Thoughts

  • “NASA’s Unexpected Files” is produced by Mike Capps (per IMDb), a technology futurist with a background in game design, programming, research, and studio management.  Prior to his “Entertainment” days, he served as a Naval Postgraduate School faculty member, with research focused on networked virtual reality and simulations.
  • The audio clips currently released to the public (as far as I can tell, anyway) are limited in audio.  An hour of further recorded “music” appears to be kept in NASA’s vaults.
  • Beatle George Harrison released his “Electronic Sound” album in May of 1969 (if you want some early “Space Music,” take a listen if you have a chance – no promises on not getting a headache, and don’t expect “My Sweet Lord” in an early electro-pop format)
  • Speculation exists that Thomas Stafford, was indeed the character from (again) David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

Images from Compton Crater, Lunar Moon (and Where’s the Pear?)

Earthrise, 20 July 1969, Apollo 10

Another item that appeared in the mainstream media, courtesy of NASA, was the new image from the NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) showing an Earthrise from the above surface of the Lunar Moon. The scene is beautiful; one NASA authority was quoted as saying “”The image is simply stunning, the image of the Earth evokes the famous ‘Blue Marble’ image taken by Astronaut Harrison Schmitt during Apollo 17, 43 years ago, which also showed Africa prominently in the picture.”

The premise of the photograph is simple enough; the image is composed of a series of images the LMO took on October 12, 2015 while 83 mils above the moon’s farside Compton Crater.  Through the complicated task of taking black and white images with a high resolution camera, and color images with a low resolution camera, and blending the two with a “special processing” technique, the image below is yielded:

New High-Resolution Earthrise Image.jpg
Earthrise, October 2015 , LRO

Spectacular, yes?  At that point, the article jumps to a new topic regarding future Lunar Moon astronaut activity.  Again, another interesting statement is quoted from an LRO researcher: “Future astronauts will see the continents rotate in and out of view and the ever-changing pattern of clouds will always catch one’s eye, at least on the nearside. The Earth is never visible from the farside; imagine a sky with no Earth or moon – what will farside explorers think with no Earth overhead?”

It’s interesting to note that future Lunar Moon astronaut exploration is mentioned at this point; I’m not sure how/why the article skipped from an image of a brilliant Earthrise to future astronauts exploring the far side of the Lunar Moon. The LRO’s mission statement does suggest the satellite is mapping the Moon’s terrain for future human and robotic exploration.  To be fair, the article may simply be an advertisement for future NASA taxpayer funded lunar adventures.

To wrap up the promo piece, the article then goes on to mention other historic Earthrise images taken by various historic NASA missions, focusing on the “iconic” Apollo 8 Earthrise capture (depicted below).  A short, tidy article, and the image published is beautiful.

Earthrise December 24, 1968 per Apollo 8

Random Thoughts

  • For fun, I ran the article through a word counter application found on the web (located at  The application attempts to count the frequency of words appearing in any text file; the top five words used, as presented as a bubble chart.


  • Earth -> Image of the Lunar Moon -> Spacecraft?  Is NASA implying something of interest?  Or am I connecting imaginary dots again?  Regardless, this type of analysis is always interesting, and I hope to do more of it in the future.
  • The Pear Shaped Earth is apparently missing, and/or Earth is not really a “Pear Shaped Planet.”  Either way, trying to track down the origin and evolution of Earth as a Pear in shape is confusing, ambiguous, and even more confusing when searching for information online. I’ll pass on this one for the time being.
Compton Crater
  • Moon and death reference: Compton Crater is mentioned two times (and the crater depicted in the Earthrise photograph above on the right hand side).  If ever there was a possible death reference in respect to the Lunar Moon, this would be a big one.  The Compton Crater is named after two brothers, Arthur H. and Karl T. Compton.  Arthur, a US physicist contributing to the field of electromagnetic radiation, was a key team member of the Manhattan Project.  Karl, on the other hand, another prominent US physicist and reigning president of MIT at the time, was selected as one of eight team members of President Harry Truman’s Interim Committee.  (Side note : The Interim Committee was a top secret group created at the recommendation of the Manhattan Project to advise the presidency on matters of nuclear energy ((ie not elected individuals, ie previously mentioned Deep State)).  The committee’s first significant recommendation to Truman was to deploy atomic weapons against Japan, and that:

it be used without warning, and that is be used on a dual target, namely, a military installation or war plant surrounded by or adjacent to homes or other buildings most susceptible to damage (reference)

Men of science don’t get much colder than that…at the very least, nepotism probably got them both very nice paychecks out of the deal with the burgeoning nuclear energy sector at that time. Having a crater named after them was probably the icing on the cake.

 How I Know the Apollo Missions Were Genuine…

George, we’re going to the Moon!

So what is the point of this article? Can I say with 100% certainty that the Apollo moon landings were staged?  No, I cannot.  However, given the indirect evidence cited by a multitude of researchers over the past 40 years, I would tend to think that there is some basis to believe the NASA mission has deceived us for over an unknown period of time.  To what purpose, I still am uncertain.

If I were to be a cynic for the purposes of this article, let’s put this into perspective.  I know the Apollo missions were genuine because a) the Apollo 10 astronauts heard weird alien music on the far side of the Lunar Moon, b) the astronauts were concerned about letting NASA know what they heard for fear of being labeled “crazy” (yet still recorded the conversation anyway..), c) the alien music is not really alien music per NASA scientific experts but radio wave interference, but… d) other astronauts currently think it might possibly be alien music, and e) the information is being presented by a producer with a possible US Intelligence background for the upcoming Discovery TV series “NASA’s Unexpected Files.”

I also know that the Moon landings were fact given the image of Earthrise captured by the LMO recently, and that f) the photograph may indeed succeed in topping the “most iconic” Earthrise image captured by the Apollo 8 astronauts in 1968.  To add to that, g) future astronauts to the Lunar Moon will see our planet from the Moon’s surface, unless of course they are on the dark side of the Moon.  In that case, they will likely visit the Compton Crater and hear alien Moon music (go back to a))…

sc (1)
I Hear a New Sound

Again, I try not to be overly cynical in my viewpoint; I truly want to believe NASA sent astronauts to the Moon in 1969, and that my fellow human companions, and our future ancestors, will be able to leave this planet and continue a sustained existence within the cosmos.  Sixty percent of my brain wants to be idealistic and believe the conquering of the Moon in the 1960’s was indeed progress towards a grander presence in the Universe. Forty percent of my brain, however, fears that in May of 1969, a NASA/Hollywood engineer/addicted Beatle fan, played George Harrison’s “Electronic Sound” record on a sound stage while the Apollo 10 astronauts moved to script scene “flying on the dark side of the Moon.”  And that may be the real tragedy of this situation; not only may we be trapped on this planet, but Joe Meek did a much better job with early electronica with the album “I Hear a New Sound.”

5 thoughts on “George Harrison on the Dark Side of the Moon

  1. I am still of sound mind here. I think that only one scientific fact needs to point the direction. The Van Allen belts without question were never presented as problem to the Apollo Missions. Why were they never discussed prior to those first moon landings, because no one was going to the moon? Now, has technology been able to resolve this problem maybe. I think it would be more likely that there are anti-gravity technologies that caught a wormhole and went to the moon back in the 1960’s. Now that would make sense and so it could not possibly be the truth. So I like the play on words, but word games this is the play of our day. . . .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alfred you get the damn point!
    We can only suspect that no human went to the moon or however over Lower Earth Orbit, we grow up building our minds on foundaments that now we cannot prove right or wrong, and this situation is the worse ever!

    Yes I am ready to stand the fact NASA is a complete hoax, the spinning ball that we call Earth is not even a ball, i can stand that the real that is been told us is a complete simualtion, but I can’t stand the impossibility to prove what I state now…

    “Take my Love, take my Land, take me where I cannot stand…. I don’t care I am stiil free you can’t take the Skyes from me”.

    This is was I used to say… but now i think they really take the Skyes, and they hide in the deeper darkest closet ever created….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you as always for your comments! The idea that I presented in this one, in retrospect, seems like a piece of fiction or film making, yet it is the reality of the information being presented by NASA and the media. What it all means, I still am unclear, but as you do, I am beginning to question the simulation that surrounds all of us. thanks again!


  3. The Beatles/Space connections are endless.
    Have you seen the Imagine Dragons video for “On Top of the World”? They do a great job of blending Kubrick and Beatle mythology in that video, and I am becoming more and more convinced they are all connected (moon landings/Kubrick/Beatles).
    Sean Lennon used to be in a band called “The moonlandingz” and has always used esoteric imagery in his art forms.
    Paul McCartney used the Alias “Apollo C Vermouth” while working on a side project with the Bonzo do dah band- “Urban Spaceman”, and of course there is that famous portrait of him in a NASA space suit from 1965.
    NASA also supposedly blasts “Across the Universe” by the Beatles out directly towards Polaris, in which Paul McCartney stated: “Amazing! Well done, NASA!” McCartney said in a message to the space agency. “Send my love to the aliens. All the best, Paul.”
    At a concert of Sir Paul’s that I was so fortunate to attend, Sir Paul played a few songs to the space station astronauts. It was really an amazing experience.
    Then of course, John Lennon is said to have had direct contact with Aliens after a UFO encounter in 1974…..
    It goes on and on and on with these boys.
    Thanks for the info, can’t wait to read more.


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