The Great Forgotten Tragedy of the Human Race

Las resultas (72) (Goya).JPG
Goya’s “Resultas”

Are Spiders our First Gods?  Not necessarily so, at least to Alexander Khatib / Hatybov. On this post, I’d like to move through prehistory; more specifically, I’d like to present a possible model regarding the years 45,000 BC through our calendar year 17304 BC.  The basic premise of this post is to touch on the previously existing Super System and System in place in our solar system, and the changes made to the existing Super System and System by an invasive species.

(author’s note : this is revised draft of a previously published article 7-29-2015 – the hope is to a full timeline together on the new site as best as ascertained from the material currently available)

This information is my best representation of material currently published on line.  This is purely a summation of translated works from the authors of Alexander Khatib and Boris V Makov; I did not/do not know either of these people so I can not speak for the basis of their published ideas.  My intention is to summarize the works for an alternative potential and to generate new ideas.  Is this possibly high science fiction? Very much so!

With that being said, let’s get into it.   I’d like to include a few new definitions to the conversation for everyone’s reference going forward:

Cluster: a group of homogeneous units that, in context to one other, act as an independent unit in aggregate, and share certain properties or attributes that are common to one another.

Star Cluster: a group of stars that are connected to one another via gravitational/informational “tubes.”  The connected stars share a common energy structure/model that manages the star cluster with specific ranges of octaves.

Galactic Cluster: an autonomous Super System.  It is endowed with a single functional software system, a single system of of management, the ability to create, control, and maintain complexes.  A galaxy cluster is linked to star cluster with complex links through interconnection tubes.

Civilization Cluster: a group of civilizations that share the same software / program parameters that manage specific stages of the development of civilizations.

Rough stuff once again, but I tend to think that you essentially have a cluster of planets and moons that have been pre-programmed to generate a return on some species of life.  In the case of Earth, you have a system of organization, management and control that keeps Earth and its biological structures moving in some predetermined fashion; through indefinite feedback between the origin of the program, the program feed to the Super System, System and Subsystem, civilization progresses over time and is managed through upper and control limits predefined by the initial program and managed by the Super System through Subsystem.  I’ve attempted to put a visual together to best define the Earth Cluster’s initial program for everyone’s review and feedback in the conclusion section.

The Key Clusters or Players of this Tragedy

A) The Orion Cluster Group of Civilizations

  • In respect to Earth, the cluster responsible for the engineering of the first half of the first phase of proto-human development on Earth, or the phase of “preschool”
  • Engineering of Earth/Human civilization belonged to the management of Trustees from the Orion Cluster Group of Civilizations.
  • The Orion Cluster Group acts also as the Home Stewardship Program to support Earth civilization
  • The Orion Cluster Group consists of 384 “training places”, or starter civilization planets

One interesting note about Orion is included on Hatybov’s “Mount Kailash” article, where in he mentions the labyrinths below Kailash that store the legendary Orion Black Stone.

B) The Sirius Cluster Group of Civilizations

  • The Cluster responsible for the second half of the first phase of proto-human development on Earth
  • The Sirius Cluster acts as the “caregiver” to civilizations
  • The Sirius Cluster Group consists of 783 student civilizations
    • There should be 784 civilizations, but Earth is no longer part of this Cluster (more on that in the next section)

C) The Earth Cluster Group of Civilizations

  • The original makeup of our present solar system
  • The Earth Cluster Group originally consisted of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Phaeton, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and two unidentified planets and/or moons
  • The initial design and engineering of this cluster is still unknown to this researcher at this time

Earth Convoy SystemD) The Megrez Arachnic/Ebrovskoy Cluster Group of Civilizations – Эбровской Системы Управления

  • A dying Cluster Group hailing from the Constellation Ursa Major – Planet Sur
  • The Civilization had existed for 5.5 million years in what is commonly known as the Big Dipper constellation
  • The Megrez Cluster consisted of 1 Planet (the Sun), and 3 Moons
    • Megrez Cluster also included :
      • 12 type 960 major facilities
      • 54 satellites
      • 3862 attack objects
  • The Megrez live on the planet Sun; at the time, there were over 1,200,000 Megrez Arachnid entities on / in the planet Sun
  • The Megrez species were a spider race up to a size of 4 meters (height/length?…not sure)
  • The Megrez, a species not uniquely capable of inclusion as an intelligent species of the cosmos, is searching out another species of life that they can merge with and move to higher form of life form

A Potential Timeline to 17304 BC

With various cluster civilizations defined, let’s begin the timeline:

45000 – 40000 BC – At this point of our history, we were already on this planet.  There is no mention of where we initially originated from, but I believe the literature states that mankind was on this planet previous to this time period, and Earth was created previous to this time period. The Orion Stewardship Group decides that our species is to be included in their Stewardship Civilization Program and takes ownership of orientation of planet Earth.  A predefined program is set in place by Orion engineers.

26844 BC – The Megrez Cluster initiates movement towards the Earth Cluster Group; the Megrez Cluster takes nearly 8,500 years to converge upon the Earth Cluster.  The belief of some researchers is that the Megrez race had been actively seeking out an opportunity to join the community of intelligent life in the universe, and determined that the Earth Cluster was their best opportunity. I do not know why the Megrez Arachnid race was considered/considered themselves as a “non intelligent species”.  There is some discussion that the Spider brain, existing in lower Octaves, needed the human body and the Earth Cluster to exist in higher Octaves, to evolve as a higher life form in the cosmos.

18344 BC – The Megrez Cluster begins “attack” on the Earth Cluster.  The Earth Cluster is weak at this point due to the fact that Orion Cluster has begun the transition to Sirius Cluster; at this point of weakness, the Ebrov “attacks.”  Hatybov/Makov is explicit at this point that this isn’t a “Hollywood type battle”; rather, this attack takes place over the course of 1,040 years. It is at this point that the transition of Earth’s watch from the Orion Cluster to the Sirius Cluster that Earth is most weak in terms of Super Structure Defense.  Earth’s Cluster Super System defense mechanism, Phaeton, is occupied by the assailants from the Megrez Cluster.  The invaders occupied Phaeton, wherein Phaeton destroyed itself and 2 moons of Cluster Megrez, 11 major facilities, and 1,200 attack objects.  The remains of Phaeton now reside as a meteorite belt between Mars and Jupiter.  The existing planet Sun and Lunar Moon are placed as new constructs of the Megrez Arachnid Super System.

18300 BC – Earth is captured by the Megrez Cluster and its residents.  The Megrez Cluster begins the process of destroying the existing systems of control of planet Earth.  In the process, the Megrez  Cluster begins the installation of the Megrez Arachnid Land Management System of our solar system.  This includes :

  • Formation of satellites around other planets – not sure if satellites were part of convoy or if constructed from “scratch”
  • The dismantling of life support systems of other planets
  • The elimination of all inhabitants on planet Earth

17304 BC – Megrez Arachnid Land Management System successfully destroys all living things on planet Earth and other planets of the solar system.  Complete control of the Earth Cluster is obtained; all neinertsionnye energy is captured, and Earth is surrounded by a convoy of the solar system.  At this point, Earth begins to drift back to the constellation Ursa Major.  Also at this time, the autonomous system placed on the development on Earth per the Orion program ceases to exist, and humanity is now programmed with the “violent” Arachnid control system.  It is at this point that the Megrez race begin the “great experiment” wherein the arachnid brain and motives are merged with the biological structures of the human species.


If the above presented scenario is true (and I’m most certainly not saying it is), let’s consider what this all means:

  • Earth was populated with humans over 100,000 years ago; by who, we do not know
  • The Orion Cluster chose to include us in their civilization model/design program.  The Orion cluster group utilized existing control systems on this planet to take Earth and its human civilizations from point A -> point Z
  • Once Orion’s program was put in place, the Sirius Cluster was to “babysit” Earth during an initial preschool phase of human development
  • During the transition from Orion to Sirius, the Megrez Cluster, hungry for inclusion into the “intelligent species” of the universe, and not able to evolve to into an intelligent species independently, moves into the Earth Cluster
  • The Earth’s Cluster, despite Phateon defending the Supersystem as best as it can, is not able to defend itself from the Megrez; the Megrez Arachnid Convoy claims Earth as an asset
  • Orion’s program and complexes of control are overwritten by the Megrez; living humanoids on this planet, Mars, and possibly other planets in our solar system are completely annihilated and exterminated
  • The Megrez Arachnid Land Management System is installed within our solar system, and the “great” convergence of spider brains/motives within humanoid bodies begins

Two diagrams are listed below to attempt to model out the theoretical Orion Model and the alleged ‘actual’ Interventionist Model.

Civlilzation A


The upper diagram was disrupted, and a new paradigm of design was installed as depicted below:

Civlilzation B

This is intense stuff worthy of an epic fictional novel.  If all of this were to be true, this is an epic tragedy of humanity.  We were to be a guided civilization set in motion towards some unknown end, and in a sad turn of events, a violent and intrusive species captured humanity, bent on becoming an evolved species, and their “violent” management procedures were installed in place, converting our original intent into something less than desired.  We are left with the remnants of something very different than our initial state or our initial design.

It would be interesting to overlay some of the legends of Sirius, Orion and the Ursa Major with the story line above.  Could Hatybov have reverse engineered his “story” with that of the ancient myth?  Or did he truly discover the story line of the planet in 1985 and began his war against against the Megrez Arachnid System?  I certainly don’t know the truth, but I’ll attempt to share what I learn as best as possible moving forward.

7 thoughts on “The Great Forgotten Tragedy of the Human Race

    1. I have a great resource here in the way of a University with a rich North American archaeological library – hopefully with some free time I’ll get a researching yet this spring and bring some ideas for sharing. thanks as always!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I would agree if the Arachnid system is indeed valid; however, it is stated that the Megrez SuperSystem currently prevents any ET or other intelligence interference on our planet. So we may indeed be out of luck and confined to a prison planet after all if the work of Hatybov is indeed truth.


  1. I like Harybov writings so far. But the Universe is ever changing just like the planet. If our planet was once flat and is now another shape this must have been a paradigm shift. It maybe that our thoughts change the system. As more people think the system is broken the vibration starts to carry a message. The elite, they seem to be pushing the same direction in the US. It is like they can barely hold on to the money. I honestly think their thoughts push a change that only some of the elitist understand. Others will be blind sighted by the cause a big paradigm shift. I feel as if this vibration is pushing the banking system in our country to fail. Once it does the consumerism of the many, who have little vibration only hypnotized to keep a constant flow will become a crowd of hysteria. What will come after will shape the planet. An example of this is Iran and Syria who’s people are in consent fear with many nations trying to put it back together? or are they? Who benefits from all this fear and death? When it happens what shape will we vibrate at when the smoke clears? That is the real question.

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  2. Hatybow’s information converges strongly with the cosmology I have deducted in the reverse speaking I have done . The modifying of Berkland currents to imprison earth and our solar system in a false quantum density and the possible realignment of these factors to free us.


  3. Artificial

    I’ve read the Quran and the Bible and I remember stumbling upon something that strengthens this theory. Basically, when we die (if we deserve it) we would come in heaven, but not until “Judgement day” if you die today you won’t get anywhere. Now Judgement Day can have many meanings, it could be a big war or reaching our destination, now the Quran says:

    “Do they not see how many of the generations We have destroyed before them? Verily, they will not return to them.” – 31.

    I don’t want to copy the whole thing in here, but read the link it has a lot of historical evidence.

    The above quote proves this theory in that we are not the only and not the first civilization.
    furthermore from another chapter:

    12. In the Gardens of delight (Paradise).

    13. A multitude of those (foremost) will be from the first generations (who embraced Islam).

    14. And a few of those (foremost) will be from the later time (generations).


    WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? well it certainly says that in paradise/heaven there exists a “multitude of those (foremost) will be from the first generations”, so from people who’ve already achieved Allah’s approval? and from generations that have succeeded before us, they could be other species it doesn’t say.

    “And a few of those (foremost) will be from the later time (generations).” This will mean us’ “a few of those” (us) will be among the generations already residing in heaven.

    “will be from the later time” = certainly in the future, we will also reach our destination.

    I believe there’s lots of gold to find in these old historical and religious books. To me, it certainly strengthens the Hatybov Theory.


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