Lady Gaga, Bowie, and the Lunar Moon


To be honest, I was hoping that when I first saw the Audi Super Bowl 50 astronaut commercial a week ago, a spider would have made its way on to the television screen, in some way, shape, or form.  How great would that have been for material for an article? David Bowie, actor astronauts, the Lunar Moon, an Audi race car, and spiders.  Alas, it didn’t appear to have happened (unless I missed a symbol someplace or there was a spider crawling on the astronaut’s bookshelf).  Well, there appears to have been a consolation prize courtesy of “Music’s Biggest Night”, the 58th Annual Grammys, which also aired on CBS!

To be fair, I didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night.  However, I did receive a comment on my old blog site from an Anonymous User asking if I had seen the Lady Gaga clip with the spiders. With a bit of help from my phone, I watched it this morning, and wow…I can say at the very least the first minute or so were most interesting…so let’s break it down.

Lady Gaga Super Bowl 50.jpg
No Gaga spiders at Super Bowl 50, but at least chemtrails…give it a week or two

I really don’t know too much about the artist Lady Gaga, her career, or her music.  From the little I have noticed from occasional clips on tv or in magazines, she appears to embrace the glam/theatre rock aesthetic.  Part Bowie, ELO, with a bit of Siouxie and the Banshees, NIN, GWAR, and Marylyn Manson, Lady Gaga appears to come from New York avant garde /Velvet Underground-esque roots and transformed herself and her art into a multimedia/multimillion dollar enterprise.  I can only imagine there is much in the way of occult symbolism/illuminati rituals embedded in her work and performances. Again, I don’t pretend to be an expert in that area of research, so I won’t attempt to analyze an area and waste your time on material I’m not confident in.  But what I can do is give some thoughts on the first 1:06 of the performance in context to Hatybov, Lunar Waves, and the Ophites (what?!)

Ground Control to Major Tom

File:Ground control to major tom (8422447218).jpg

The first 1:06 minute clip cliff notes: with a bit of assistance from Intel, Lady Gaga’s face emerges from darkness and begins to sing the lyrics to Bowie’s “A Space Oddity;” red orange lava/plasma/paint falls from her forehead and moves to the right of her face to take the shape of Bowie’s famous Alladin Sane’s cover face paint (aka known as his Ziggy Stardust alter ego).  Subsequent to the formation of lightning face paint, a spider materializes from her right eye and begins to crawl over her face.  After crawling on her face for a few moments, it turns to a lighter color and moves towards the middle of her forehead and begins to spin.  It is at this time it appears to form into Bowie’s “Astral Amulet” (a painted Sun on this forhead that he used for Ziggy performances in the 1970;s); my first impression is that it appears as an image of the Full Lunar Moon, and not the Sun.  After a couple of ripples or waves move across the surface of the Moon, the Moon image appears to transform into the Earth, and then back to the Astral Amulet/Lunar Moon, before Lady Gaga begins to decay and fade back into the darkness (and/or turn into an extraterrestrial, depending on who you talk to at my workplace today).  At that point, the tribute turns over to a live performance and collage of other classic Bowie songs (and likely more presentations of symbols, but I’ll skip over that part for the time being).

YouTube Clip of Tribute Here

Is Lady Gaga a Fan of Hatybov?


I seriously, seriously doubt it; however, the use of the image of the Spider emerging from her right eye and merging into her brain is very interesting.  I think the inclusion of possible “waves” that float across the image of the Lunar Moon and possibly Earth hint that someone at Intel/Team Gaga/Grammy writers are aware of the concepts Lunar Waves and Arachnid Brains, but I could be very wrong.  To top it off, the scene ends with her face transforming into something else: alien, death, an arachnid brain/human body through a possible flesh jacket?  I’m not 100% certain what to think, and perhaps my perspective is extremely biased given the amount of time I’ve spent with the Hatybov material, but maybe there is a connection?  Or maybe Lady Gaga really likes the song “Ziggy Stardust”?  I would think the images of planets/the moon on her forehead would have included Mars for the sake of Ziggy, but I’m not able discern that series of planetary images at this point.

Moon References to the Concepts of Death, Insanity, and Sleep


Concepts relating to Death, Insanity, and Sleep are fairly straightforward during the first 1:06 scene.  Gaga’s digitalized face paint, taken from the cover of Bowie’s Aladdin Sane, is known to be a play on words of “A Lad Insane.”  The majority of the time that she sings “A Space Oddity,” her eyes are closed, which implies sleep.  The final scene of man dying, or being transformed into something new, would signify death as we currently understand it.  Not a bad hit at all; all three key concepts of the Lunar Moon that allegedly implied by the media when depicting the image of the moon in film, television, and other image based media was present during the brief intro.

A Possible Gnostic Origin Story – Lady Gaga Style

The serpent Ouroboros, from Cyprianus, 18th C Wellcome L0036620.jpg

For this one, some background.  For future posts, I felt a strong inclination to begin to read, understand, and summarize the basic ideologies of the historical Gnostic sects at the urging of many readers of this site and people with interest in the Hatybov material.  Of late, I’ve been focusing in on one unique group known as the Ophites.

The premise is such (I’ll save a more comprehensive review for a later date); there is the Single Father or the First Man that is Light, who in turn thinks and conceives a child, The Second Man.  The Holy Spirit, or First Woman, was the third child conceived from the First Man.  Both The First Man and The Second Man procreate with The Holy Spirit, and First Woman in turns gives right hand birth to Christ; however, due to The Holy Spirit’s inability to contain the abundance of Light received from the First and Second Man, a drop of light fell off of the left hand and into the world of matter and formed Sophia/Prunikos, an androgynous child born into the material world. (There is much more to discuss, yet I’ll save that for a later date).

In the context of the above backstory, let’s place the Lady Gaga “Space Oddity Intro” into the Hatybov/Orphite mythos.  First, there is darkness, and from it, emerges the face of the First Woman/Holy Spirit (Lady Gaga).  Excessive light received from the First Man and Second Man fall down the “Right Side of her Face” (orange/red plasma/paint) and gives birth to Christ (the spider that forms in Gaga’s right eye). Retreating away from the Gnostic ideology for a moment and back to the Hatybov material, one recalls that the alleged “Christ Program” was the initial human biostructure program that successfully merged the Arachnid brain with the human body beginning specifically on January 17, at 12:07 AM, in the year 0 AD.

Or to move it back on track with the original ideas of the Ophites, perhaps from our perspective (us being the viewer watching television), the light fell to the left side of our vision of Gaga’s face, and the Spider emerging from Gaga’s eye (the First Woman) represented Ialdabaoth and its birth; Ialdabaoth, the jealous, envious, and arrogant creator of our Lunar Moon, Earth, and our material realty, which in turn is employed and depicted on Gaga’s forehead.  Is there a potential correlation between Iadlabaoth and the symbol of the spider?  Definitely something to explore going forward.

Then again, perhaps it really is just digital paint dripping down her forehand and into her eye, a digital spider crawling around her face, and some stock scenes of the Lunar Moon and Earth on her forehead, before fading out into a strange cosmic finish.  Perhaps the intro ultimately was the equivalent of a multi-million dollar Snapchat app facial filter, used expressively for the purposes of a Bowie tribute.

Conclusions Thus Far


Have I put together some connections that hints that Lady Gaga, or the people behind the presentation, let the entire world know the truth about our reality?  The Ophite ideology was built around the premise of serpent worship, so there could be some interest in that theology as a play on beliefs or marketing.  Or was this part of the tribute only a pure visual play on the Spiders from Mars meme? Or am I connecting imaginary dots that don’t exist?

For one, I think the spider and lunar wave imagery was put in place on purpose.  Whether it was done as a spoof of some random researcher who posts to this blog, or it was generated to create disinterest in the idea of spider brain, I have no idea.  The imagery was there, but truthfully I cannot speak to the ultimate purpose of the presentation. The 1:06 sequence of images is odd and unnatural; that much, I believe, was intended.

The analysis provided here is really only one perspective; I’m certain other researchers have viewed the Grammy Lady Gaga – Bowie tribute through other filters of critique and analysis. If anyone has further ideas or potential symbols discerned from the tribute, I’d love to hear your take on it. I only took a stab at the first minute or so, leaving another 5 minutes of material for future analysis.

As to the overall tribute, I was disappointed. Lady Gaga is obviously a very talented artist, but the performance seemed forced and inorganic (and not in a good Kraftwerk kind of way).  Personally, I love Bowie’s work and have spent countless hours listening to his zenith of albums from the 1970’s. If anything, I think his memory would have been better served if Arcade Fire, Tame Impala, Blur, or even Radiohead had ripped through “Queen Bitch” or “Golden Years” for the viewing audience.  Or better yet, me karaokeing “Ashes to Ashes” at the local bowling lane last night over a couple of “Moon Man” IPAs.  Indeed, the Universe and Cosmos perhaps were telling me something last night after all…

5 thoughts on “Lady Gaga, Bowie, and the Lunar Moon

  1. Damn…!!
    Without this article for sure i’ll miss this Gaga/arachnid/lunar wave clip, and damn… that’s lunar wave over the mind is an image that let me think….

    For the good health of the system they need to show hints o the system true nature maybe….

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  2. Hello, I was really put off by the whole Lady Gaga performance. I could think of other performers who could have replaced her pushed and pressured persona. So, I agree with you on that point. I looked at the message as seal of expression. The owl with the saying where weaving spiders dare not go. But that is just my take on those few seconds of performance. My take is Bowie’s passing marks his personnel journey of breaking the seal. He now resides in the lunar state where the owl becomes the all seeing eye and the spiders (?). I am not sure of their role in this state. But, some where I read back years ago that the owls eyes who can see everything in the night sky has it’s origin connected with the lunar state/death. I can see the Gnostic connection too. The case can be made for either.

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    1. Thank you! A very fascinating take on it. The concept of the owl is a growing area of research that I definitely want to dig into as time goes on.
      The gnostic connection was more synchronous than anything; I’ve been diagramming out the various aeon/archon systems of thought that the various gnostic sects had, and just happened to have the Ophite paradigm on my mind when I saw it. As always, it is just my take, and no doubt may have missed something.
      In respect to the photo I used of Gaga at the Super Bowl, I probably missed out on the chemtrail, lady in scarlet, and USA flag symbolism too – probably another analysis in that image alone! Thank you again for your feedback


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