Planet Earth as a Component of the Megrez Program (Part I)

Planet Earth we all know well…too well at times (at least we think we do).  Home to the noosphere, humans, animals, plants, chemtrails, Sasquatch, etc….everything we know exists at some form of subatomic structure, builds up from the subatomic level, and becomes available for our material needs. The very basic essence of what we are taught in school (and this is just a very high level recollection) is that the Earth is a random rock that was generated from the Big Bang. Conditions presented themselves on the planet, over time, to allow for life to evolve on the planet.  I could go on and on, but I think most of us are familiar with the contemporary Western educated hypothesis regarding the origin of our beloved home.  Let’s get into an alternative perspective, courtesy of the alleged Soviet scientist Hatybov.

Earth As Defined by Opinion Amateur Science, or the Concept of the New World

File:Archimedes lever, vector format.svg

To begin the discussion of Earth, let’s first get a few assumptions in place per the literature of Hatybov:

  • The Earth is an artificial structure with an uneven distribution of mass
    • No mention of who or what created Earth
  • Earth was created about 7 billion years ago
    • Assuming 7 billion years as a function of the Sun’s Octave 128
  • The total surface area of Earth is 512 million km2
  • The Earth has a life support system of biological structures
    • 18 systems, with each system having 88 to 596 complexes of pyramids
  • Land is an artificial system with 3 axles
    • The 3 axles are gravity, magnetic, and electric forces
  • Humans were placed on Earth 145,762 years ago
    • Inferred in material that humans originated in Alpha Centauri, but no direct association in material found online
      • Bonus fun find : If “Man” from Alpha Centauri were imported to Earth at the present time and linked to the Megrez / Arachnid life support system currently on Earth, “Man” would look like a crocodile
  • The construction of all atomic structures fall within the progression of neinertsionnaya weight as the scheme highly organized plasma -> material body (solids, liquids, and gases)

Why is the Earth necessary?  In connection with the Sun, the Lunar Moon, and satellites of the other planets in our Solar System, the Earth exists to support the creation of a biological structure that meets the full requirements of the Megrez Arachnid program.

Is the Earth Flat or Round – A Conversation

File:Flat earth.png

I’ve had a few questions regarding Hatybov’s stance on whether or not the Earth is flat; this makes some sense given the interest in the Flat Earth movement of late. First and foremost, the Hatybov material states that the Earth is currently a “pear shaped spheroid.” That’s not to assume the fact that the Earth has always been spherical in nature.  On multiple occasions, there are references in the Hatybov literature implying that the Earth, at one point in its distant past, was indeed flat.  The quotes include the following:

I. “Solar System – flat structure (Earth in the beginning, too, was flat and rested on three pillars, or elephants, not hanging in space)”

II. “Land series (for the time) visited the three pillars (elephants), hung around the Earth various strange lights. It was possible his legs dangling on the edge of the earth and touch these luminaries hands. Then the Earth has got a rounded shape, and she began to run around the sun.”

III. (the most interesting note) “The term “mass” has appeared not so long ago. Prior to that enjoyed more convenient concept – “weight”. Since the Earth for some time was the ball, and before that was flat and in the days of Archimedes rests on 3 pillars (elephants) all that was calculated with respect to whales (elephants) are automatically transferred to the ball form. Was developed the lever of Archimedes, calibrated on the measures most widely used in different tribes using this lever. Since the Earth was flat, it was not necessary to make a recalibration at different points in the plane. The errors of measurement refers to the quality of support. When the whales (elephants) have disappeared, the arm It is automatically transferred onto the ball, as meaning the surface remains the same, and by changing the weight of the object shape has not changed.

What does it all mean?  There is the sense that three elephants, whales, pillars, possibly dimensions disappeared at some point in time from the reality of planet Earth, and the Earth folded into a ball shape.  As the note II points out, the Earth became a sphere when beginning to run around the Sun; the Sun, of course, is not native to our Solar System, so the material implies that the Earth became spherical in nature upon the Great Intervention.

As hinted on in a previous article at my old site, is it possible that evidence of a Flat Earth is simply a carryover of the planet’s reality and fabrication in space time prior to the Great Intervention?  Is it possible that observations made on our planet hinting at the possibility of Flat Earth / Spherical Earth are ultimately dependent on the observer’s perspective at some given point in time and at some unique geographical location wherein the overriding rules of the overriding program are in error or at odds?  The stuff of philosopher’s dreams, no doubt, but I see this explanation as a possible reconciling thesis bridging the gap between the flat and spherical earth observations.

Turtles All the Way Down

As a side note, the quotes above appear to be slight deviation of the concept of the World Turtle.  The notation appears to be a mixture to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novel regarding the idea of four turtles standing on the back of a giant tortoise swimming through space, and the Hindu concept of seven elephants holding the world in place by standing on the back of a large tortoise.  Or the quotations could be a metaphor referencing some unknown past state of the Earth and the Solar System.  Unfortunately, further material supporting the Hatybov argument of a distant Flat Earth does not exist presently.

An Analysis of Hatybov’s Planet Earth

Earth, as stated in the previous paragraph(s), is currently a spherical pear shape in nature.  Earth has 4 distinct layers, or grills, that exist within unique Octave ranges.  I have created an illustration (made spherical, as I have no idea how to create a pear shape in Google Drawings) to attempt to depict the four major levels, or grills, of planet Earth. Shades of green indicate various layers of the Earth’s crust; the blue area represents the Earth’s atmosphere.

earth and layers

Grill/Type I

This grill exists to provide the habitat of all biological structures and exists between 0 < h < 12400 meters.  The grill is subdivided into 5 sub grills/layers that exist within different ranges of heights and different Octaves.

Grill 1.A:  the layer that exits from 0 < h < 1000 meters and carries the majority of Octaves 15 – 71.  Grill 1.A is the “brain of the atmosphere.”  The layer contains all of the necessary program requirements for the existence of biological structures and the frequencies necessary to support the biological structures.

Grill1.B : the layer that exists from 1000 < h  3200 meters and carries the Octave range 21 – 71.  Grill 1.B is a secondary layer that precludes the existence of oxygen at unique heights.

Grill 1.C : the layer that exists from 3200 < h < 6600 meters and carries the Octave range 21 -48.  The layer is referred to as the “smart layer,” and allows for the swapping of the brain, or transfer of information from possibly the Lunar Moon to various complexes on the planet.

Gill 1.D: the layer that exists from 6600 < h < 9640 meters and carries Octave range 21 – 53.  The layer of the atmosphere is the distribution layer, and acts as distributor of program changes sent from the Lunar Moon or other planetary satellites

Grill 1.E: the layer that exists from 9640 < h <12400 meters and carries Octave range 15 – 63.  The layer is described as being the layer of structure materialization.  Key to this is the idea that matter versus neinertsionnuyu matter is separated by the 64 Octave.  Material life forms are created at this level and in some manner sent to the surface of the Earth (unknown how that occurs.)

The materialization of UFOs required to execute a standalone program also occurs in the Grill 1.E

Grill/Type II

This grill exists from -2200 < h < 0 meters and carries Octave array 27 -31 and Octave array 53 – 63.  Also known as the “hydrophone structure” or “battery of the Earth”, the layer holds 100% of the inventory of Tritium.  Tritium, as previously discussed in an older article, provides fuel for UFOs and provides the sustenance of biological life as a component of water.

Grill/Type III

Layer -4400 < h < -2200 carries with it a lot of activity.  It is the home of the Management structure or Land Management System (LMS).  The existence of structures, complexes, wiring, pyramids, tubes, and other facilities required by the LMS exist at Octave range 74 -122.  Unfortunately, returning the scheme of Octave materialization to the human eye, this range is above the material world 64 Octave threshold and exists as neinertsionnuyu matter.  The exchange and processing of information between the Sun, the Lunar Moon, other planetary satellites, feedback from Earth, etc., exists at this level of the planet.

Complexes in Grill III house software that assist with 5 primary functions: software changes to manage the Earth’s surface, software changes that control the biological structure of the brain, software that sustains unique Genotype life support, software that accommodates communication with planetary satellites, and software that manages the weather and seasons.

The literature goes on to state that there are, more or less, the High Seven complexes that manage, daily, the planet and the planet’s biostructures, through program routines.  The sequence of the High Seven includes:

  • Control of the structure of Earth
  • Monitoring of program conditions
  • Control of Genotype 333 brain
  • Control of Genotype 421x brains
  • Control of Genotype 44x brains
  • Control of the lattices that connect the atmosphere to the brain
  • Control of the energy supply utilized by the LMS

Also of note, the 8,640,000 data or magnetic lines, or meridian lines, ley lines, etc exist at height -2200 meters.

The next article will demonstrate the LMS system from a number of illustrative perspectives; for the time being, consider the LMS as the system that facilitates biological structure existence, the material world/façade around us, and communication with other Solar System bodies by managing various lattices and frequencies inherent in each grill.

Grill/Type IV: an overlap with the Grill/Type III layer, this layer is composed of Islets that house UFOs and other complexes.  All the islands in this layer a connected by tubes of communication; the islands themselves have a radius of 6000 meters.  I have previously written about the concept of UFOs as monitoring sensors of both and land sea.  I plan to revisit the idea of the UFO in context to the Hatybov material for the new site.

Who needs the Fates when you have the software that generates the Fates?

The essence of nature, human existence, the material world, economics, weather, human perception, spring, summer, and everything in between, all fit neatly within 4 unique grills of frequencies and various heights and driven by a program that dictates software requests via information sent via Octaves via the Lunar Moon, Solar Sun, and other planetary satellites to a labyrinth of control mechanisms below the Earth.  Easy enough, yes?

Preliminary Conclusions (and the Noosphere)

Temple of the Feathered Serpent - Harmonic Concordance, November 8 ...

Grills I -IV, taken as a whole can be seen as being “an incubator.”  The 4 grills work together, in series, to provide for an environment that controls various LMS complexes and the required management of biostructures.  The Supersystem, System, and Subsystem is in constant loop of signals, routines, feeback, and corrections, all intended to promote the genesis of an Arachnid – Human brain synthesis within a flesh jacket capable of eternal life.

Also interesting to note in the Hatybov literature is the reference(s) to Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky’s (Влади́мир Ива́нович Верна́дский or олоди́мир Іва́нович Верна́дський) theory of the noosphere.  The noosphere is critical to the Megrez program and facilities. The noosphere is identified as existing at -2000 < h < 12400 meters.

As defined by the Russian Academy of Sciences website, the noosphere is a concept predicated on two parts: the “diachronic continuity of matter and synchronic unity of the material world.”  I am by no means pretending to be an expert on the concept of the noosphere (I will most certainly research the original tenets of the concept for a comparative analysis to the works of Hatybov in the future), but for the time being, my initial understanding of the concept of the noosphere is that the mind and physical appearance/nature of the Earth are connected.  The mind is directly developing as a function of the material world that surrounds it, and in turn manipulates the future development of the material world. Collective humanity and its inherent collective intelligence creates ideas that act as a force of nature, and the world that surrounds us all is impacted by this force.  Shades of Jung and the collective unconsciousness ring highly within this material. Again, I’m no way or shape pretending to know all of Vernadsky’s work, but at a very high level, if such a noosphere did exist, one of two things are possible in the schema of Hatybov:

  1. The Megrez Archanid program hacked into the existing noosphere of humanity/Earth that existed prior to the Great Intervention for its own parasitic benefit
  2. The Megrez Archanid program generated the noosphere as a means of management, control, and regulation of the planet and its inhabitants after the Great Intervention for said parasitic benefit

The noosphere is definitely a much referenced and integral component in the works of Hatybov online; I look forward to more analysis of the subject in the future.

The focus of the next article and a lead in to the Russian analysis of the “City of the Gods”

Sorry for the delay on getting this one out; I should have the second part of this series detailing the LMS and its components shortly.  As always, feel free to correct me, provide feeback, etc on the material.  Let’s keep the journey going as best as we can in 2016!


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