The Lunar Moon, Lunar Waves, and a Soviet Scientist’s Paradigm


I had previously created an article in regards to the Lunar Moon and the work of Hatybov, but pressed for time and a deadline, I likely created the weakest entry to date regarding the Hatybov catalog (hey, I’m only human!)  So with that being said, I’d like to revisit the material and summarize the material exclusively in respect to the alleged phenomenon of the Lunar Wave.

A quick recap to this point: the idea and works of Hatybov were introduced to me at a parallel time with the concept of the Lunar Wave.  Personally, I was interested in the idea of a false Lunar Moon and the notion that there existed a Russian scientist with published works containing possible answers regarding the origin of the Lunar Moon and the Lunar Moon’s role in a larger Program. I quickly became fascinated with attempting to bridge the scientist’s work with the possibility of some unknown phenomenon on the surface of the Moon.  The article below is an attempt to make some sense of how the work of the Russian scientist could possibly relate to waves observed across the surface of the Lunar Moon.

As a caveat to the material below : I am in no way, shape, or form stating the work of Hatybov to be truth; I find the information fascinating to work through and present the info for further discussion and further possible researcpossibilities.

Two Perspectives of Analysis as a Reference Point

If one were to argue as John Keel has argued in multiple books, there are two types of scientists (or personalities, for that matter): Type A and Type B. Type A scientists produce and generate progress; they develop new technologies and discover new paradigms.  Type A scientists are in the background of every day life and rarely speak publicly about a given topic.  These people take the time to investigate phenomenon, no matter how bizarre or absurd the root cause may be, and hold an open mind toward the potential reality and solutions around them.

Type B scientists are the alleged authorities on matters of the world. Contrary to Type A types, Type B people tend to not produce new ideas, tend not to challenge prevailing beliefs, and rehash age old defenses against potential new ideas.  If the idea of the Yeti is presented to the Type B college professor, more often than not, the Type B considers Yeti to be nonexistent as no peer reviewed scientific papers or academic based research exists in respect to the proof of the existence of the Yeti. One can get scoffed at for even broaching the subject of the Yeti with a Type B, even at happy hour (trust me, I know!) If I had to take an educated guess, I would estimate that the world’s population primarily belongs to the Type B subgroup.

The work of Hatybov stresses a similar line of thought; there is the concept of the ‘Horse Diploma’ versus that of ‘Opinion Amateur Science’. The underlying premise of the Horse Diploma educated individual is that she/he believes everything that has been presented to her/him through schooling and social control.  For example, Hatybov argues the Horse Diploma education dictates that Earth was randomly formed from dust, that the atmosphere is a random mixture of various gases, and that humans descended from monkeys.  The Opinion of the Amateur Scientist (or Hatybov, in this case), states that Earth is an artificially created planet with a control system below its surface, that the atmosphere is a series of structured arrays of strictly organized plasma, and that humans are created by manipulating sperm octaves to generate the shape of a human biological being.  The list goes on, but the material of Hatybov doesn’t disappoint from the perspective of the Opinion Amateur Science.

The Lunar Wave from the Perspective of the Horse Diploma


A quick Google search on the phrase “Lunar Wave” brings the following result :

 The Lunar Wave “reaches beyond the Moon so is probably an atmospheric wave in our upper atmosphere.”

Such a definition makes enough sense in and of itself.  If one sees the Lunar Wave footage from various skywatchers (most notably the wonderful work of Crrow777) on YouTube, you typically see a ripple or wave pass over the image of the Lunar Moon.  The Lunar Wave often appears in pairs, or one wave appearing to pass over the Lunar surface, followed by another wave subsequently passing over the Lunar surface.  When one sees the footage, it intuitively makes sense that the captured ripples on film are due to some equipment failure, turbulence created by a passing jet between the camera and the moon, or even some unknown atmospheric phenomenon. I believe it is safe to say that most academics and scientists would argue the cause of the Lunar Wave is one of the three above mentioned reasons; for such a group of people, the case is most certainly closed and no further discussion or investigation is needed.

Hatybov’s Lunar Moon Model


The Lunar Moon work presented online by alleged Soviet scientist Hatybov quickly states that the Lunar Moon is not a piece or rock or meteorite stuck in orbit around our planet, but rather a generator of Earth’s biosphere.  To begin the analysis, please allow me to summarize key (or refresh the memories of existing readers to the material) attributes of the Lunar Moon, Hatybov – style :

  • The Lunar Moon was placed in Earth’s orbit in 18337 BC
  • The Lunar Moon is part of a the larger Super System that includes the Sun, the Earth, and various other planetary satellites
  • The Lunar Moon is an artificially created structure that provides life support functions to both inhabitants of the Moon and the Earth
  • The Lunar Moon is the only component of the Super System capable of long distance communication with Megrez
  • The Lunar Moon creates its own light through the assistance of various pyramids and facilities on the Lunar Moon, Earth, and the Sun
    • Luminosity is created through “the imposition of operating frequencies produced by the Moon and Sun, as well as the position of the tube due to Earth ie the ‘shadow of the Earth.’”
  • There is both an interior surface and exterior surface to the Lunar Moon
  • The Lunar Moon contains a series of frequency multipliers and control mechanisms that include the following :
    • 8 pyramids provide for life support/atmospheric support for inhabitants on the inner surface of the moon
    • 7 pyramids receive Octave transmission from the planet Earth
    • 3 pyramids send Octave transmission to the Planet Earth
    • 2 pyramid send Octave transmission from the planet Sun
      • Again, the Solar Sun is not a star, but a planet
    • 8 pyramids are not specifically identified, but it can be inferred through other papers that these pyramids are tied to Megrez, the Planet Sun and other planetary satellites of our Solar System
  • The Lunar Moon “approves” a reset of cycle time of Earth’s complexes, Genotype brains, and other systems of control annually at Easter against the Solar Sun’s generation of standard time
    • The Paschal Full Moon appears to the Lunar Moon’s point in the cycle for this reset

The Lunar Wave from the Perspective of the Opinion Amateur Science

Let us assume for the sake of this article that the Lunar Moon is, in fact, a Super System construct that is foreign to our original Solar System.  Let us also assume, by default, that the Lunar Wave is not some upper atmospheric disturbance, the result of faulty video equipment, and/or the passing of a jet aircraft in the night sky.  If the work of Hatybov is used as a reference point, let us consider attributes of the false Lunar Moon that could be possible causes to the observation of the Lunar Wave.

Land Management System Program Reset
File:Moon Ring Seen from angamaly, kerala -6.JPG
The Moon Ring, Moon Halo, or Moon Dog

Returning the previous article highlighting the Super System, the Lunar Moon’s primary role in the context of the Super System is to receive new training programs and to prepare Earth and its biostructures for new programs by resetting conditions on Earth. There is the idea that there is an Octave generation, or wave generation, emitted from the Lunar Moon to Earth’s control complexes through the form of a magnetic pulse.  For example, if a change to the bio structure is needed, or to the matrix brain of the select few, the Lunar Moon is critical to the evolution of the overriding Program requirements and resets the Control Complexes on Earth prior to the “upgrade” placed on the planets.

As previously mentioned, the Lunar Moon’s surface does not reflect light from the Sun. The Lunar Moon generates its own light/luminosity through the imposition of operating frequencies produced by Complexes on the Lunar Moon, the Sun, and the Earth.  A diagram of the luminosity cycle is attached below for the reader’s reference:


A complete, all inclusive program reset to transition planet Earth to the next phase of the Program always occurs in Phase III of the luminosity cycle, and occurs when a ring /halo forms around the Lunar Moon.  There is no mention of a partial resets or resets of single pieces of the Program (such as improved Genotype Mantissas, upgrades to Matrix and Non Matrix brains, etc.)….so with that being said, I’ll speculate that:

I. Hypothetical Cause to Observation of the Lunar Wave: a full or partial Program reset discharged by the Lunar Moon in the form of a magnetic pulse due to Earth intended to correct an aspect of the Program

Think about this one next time you see a Moon Dog in the night sky!

Radiation Power

File:Moon Phase Graph Paper.svg

There is the notion of the Lunar Effect on different aspects of life on planet Earth.  Claims have been made that various lunar phases impact such things as:

  • Fertility
  • Reproduction behavior
  • Birth rates
  • Blood loss
  • Human behavior
  • Law and order
  • Quality of sleep
  • Financial Markets

More traditional explanations of the Lunar Effect center on the idea of the Lunar Moon’s effect on water in the human body, evolutionary dependence on the avoidance of night-time predators, and even the notion of the confirmation bias (more here :

Returning to the source material of Hatybov, there is the suggestion that a “radiation power” is emitted from the Lunar Moon.  The first and foremost role of the Lunar Moon’s Complexes is to provide autonomous life support functions to the inhabitants of the Moon.  Any excess charge of this radiation power is then used to support life on Earth. This radiation power, or moon phase, in turn impacts the above mentioned Lunar Effects, as well as other aspects to the biosphere.  What “radiation power” means, the literature is unclear; however, in the larger context of discussions regarding frequencies and Octaves, the idea could be that “radiation power” correlates to a unique series and type of Octaves that manipulates life support conditions on Earth.  Whether this too is a magnetic pulse, the literature again is incomplete and unclear.  However, it is stated that:

  • The Lunar Moon has 4 phases of radiation power at 6.25 days each
  • The Full Moon has a radiation power =1
    • The remaining phases carry radiation power of 3/4, 1/2, 1/4
  • There are 4 days of no radiation power in 1 lunar cycle
  • Average radiation power loss is 45%

Therefore, one could speculate that:

II. Hypothetical Cause to Observation of the Lunar Wave: a transition from one phase of radiation power to another phase of radiation power over the course of each unique Lunar Phase cycle transition

Orbit Correction / Rotation Correction

The angle of the moon (blue/green) in respect to Earth (yellow)
Returning to the premise that our original Solar System did not include the Lunar Moon, the Hatybov material states the Lunar Moon, at various times, is required to adjust its rotation and orbit around the Earth.  In order to accomplish this goal, the gravitational tube that holds the Lunar Moon in orbit with the Earth at Octave 53.375 is utilized.  The utilization of this Octave will change the lattice of Earth’s upper atmosphere; the observer on Earth will in turn observe the effect of this adjustment in the form of upper atmospheric diffraction.  No ill affect upon Earth, the Earth’s noosphere, or the Earth’s biostructures will occur when this correction occurs.

Moscow’s Shukhov Tower, or the Hatybov visual demonstration of a Tube’s construction

III. Hypothetical Cause to Observation of the Lunar Wave: the activation of the gravitational tube and Octave that corrects the Lunar Moon’s orbit around Earth.

Lunar Moon Complex Concealment

Moon as Sphere

Returning to a previous statement regarding Control Complexes and Pyramids on the inner surface of the Lunar Moon, the Hatybov material states that “all complexes are protected and do not reveal themselves even at work.” If the following diagram (see below) is indeed the series of Complexes of control on the inner surface of the Lunar Moon, what conceals the interior workings of the Lunar Moon?


Such a deception or concealment is possibly created with the statements “there is nothing on the surface of the moon” and “the lunar surface is formed by sputtering, followed by heating.”  What is sputtering?  Another quick, handy web search results with the statement that sputtering “is a process whereby particles are ejected from a solid target material due to bombardment of the target by energetic particles.” (wikipedia)  If this is true, sputtering is ultimately creating a film or an array of various atoms on the exterior surface of the Lunar Moon.

Also interesting to note in the material is the statement that, from the position of observation on Earth, there can be 3, 6, 12, 24, or 36 Lunar Moons in the sky for a maximum of 4 hours.  The “grating” of multiple Lunar Moons is restored by Earth; however, anything requiring more than 4 hours to correct the view of multiple Lunar Moons in the sky may not only lead to an optical illusion, but also result in the elimination of a layer of the Lunar Moon’s concealment.  With all that being said,

IV. Hypothetical Cause to Observation of the Lunar Wave: the sputtering of target materials onto the exterior surface of the Lunar Moon to provide an artificially engineered surface to be observed from other celestial bodies (and most importantly, Earth) and/or a possible correction to surface of the exterior Lunar Moon

Meteorite Safeguard

Moon Defense

The last possible cause explored in this article is the idea of the an asteroid/meteorite protection system that surrounds the Lunar Moon.  The Lunar Moon is the most important component of the larger Super System as it is the only object in contact with the Megrez system.  Long distance communication is possible for 3 months after the Spring Equinox AND after the completion of one Metonic Cycle.  The literature also states that should the surface of the moon be broken, “the development of civilized humanity would be discontinued.” If such statements were true, and the importance of the Lunar Moon is paramount to our existence, and the Lunar Moon must be safeguarded.

V. Hypothetical Cause to Observation of the Lunar Wave: the deflection of asteroids and meteorites away from the surface of the Lunar Moon, and the Lunar Moon’s anti gravitation belt’s activation observed from the Earth



And there it is: how the work of Hatybov became part of the Lunar Wave enigma, and 5 possible causes to the Lunar Wave. To be fair (as I have always stated), the work could be pure fiction and should be taken with a grain of salt.  Or the work could be the compilation of multiple scientist’s works that have investigated the concept of a false Moon in the USSR over multiple years . Or is it possibly the truth?

The concept of the Lunar Moon being a construct or façade is definitely not a new idea; the idea has been entertained by artists, researchers, scientists, or fringe academics over recorded history. Perhaps deep down humanity has always felt off put by our celestial neighbor, regardless of educational background, nationality, or even religious upbringing. Fortunately for us,  the Opinion Amateur Science exists and is willing to consider multiple possibilities and keep an open mind when presented with information that possibly contradicts the reigning paradigm of knowledge.


Initial capture is found here.

Another solid viewing/recording of the Lunar Wave occurred on 01-04-2017.  Again, pairs are featured.  The video can be found here.

Thoughts?  Feedback?  Ideas?  More criticisms?  Please share!  And if someone captures video footage of an asteroid hitting the Lunar surface, please let me know!

10 thoughts on “The Lunar Moon, Lunar Waves, and a Soviet Scientist’s Paradigm

  1. Once upon about 15 years ago i witnessed a Moon dog halo, it was very strange and weird, but now thanx to Hatibov i know the cause (from the Perspective of the Opinion Amateur Science) is just some Arachnid Beings pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL on the moon computer….. 🙂


  2. zus

    Great recap and elaboration here, per usual. I was wondering, do you think Hatybov’s work precludes a flat earth–or still allows for it? Some flat theories postulate that both the moon and sun are smaller than we’re told, but I wonder if the earth is flat, and they are a bit smaller, could there still be enough space on the outer or inner surfaces of the moon, to house the Lunatics and the various tech and equipment they apparently monitor according to Hatybov? Personally, I’m not so concerned with the physical nature of the Earth or heavenly bodies, since their true natures (purpose/origins/etc.) are well hidden by those who benefit from an ignorant human populace. It’s a worthless endeavor to debate superficiality like that, because all the media presented to us, as explanation or proof, fails to meet my personal standard of veracity. (For the record, I work digitally as a designer and artist, and EVERY photo I’ve ever analyzed from NASA appears to have been doctored). Digital artifcats from crappy cut/past jobs are hard to hide. Anyway, if you would lend your thoughts about the above, I’d be stoked. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Zus for the feedback! The literature of Hatybov states on numerous occasions that the Earth was flat and rested on three pillars prior to the great intervention. Subsequent to both the Lunar Moon and Solar Sun appearing in our Solar System, the Earth began to “run around” the Sun; at that time, the Earth become round or spherical.

      What that means, I of course can only speculate; one hypothesis would be that if the Earth was indeed originally flat, did some of the observations of a flat earth more or less stay on this planet after the Earth was changed into a ball? One could also speculate that space time was and continues to be warped after the conversion of Earth to a ball in specific areas of the planet, therefore giving credence to the illusion of a Flat Earth observation due to gravitation forces in unique areas on the planet.

      Again, I’m not stating the Earth is Flat, and the literature of Hatybov definitely suggests the Earth is now spherical in shape; what it all means really is speculation at best. My next post will work out the details of Earth, and I will certainly include the Flat Earth quotes in the article for everyone’s reference. Thanks again for the feedback Zus!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. zus

        Very, very interesting.

        And your question “…did some of the observations of a flat earth more or less stay on this planet after the Earth was changed into a ball?” has me thinking.But before I wax philosophic, I’ll just say thanks for responding, and I am definitely looking forward to the next post. Be well.


  3. Thanks again for putting this work together. I think that the Earth can be energetically both at the same time. Some drawings from early periods show the Earth as ball with an above and below; having a flat surface between. I have always thought those drawing were interesting. If this were the nature of things then Earth would be both. I don’t think it is quite that simple. Like you posts!


    1. Thank you shellcush – I agree with you on the Earth potentially being more than a black and white reality. There is much still hidden in respect to our reality. Thank you again for the feedback


    1. Lucinda

      Wow…what have I stumbled upon? Thank you for posting. Heading to full moon ceremony apr 20th–should enjoy it even more in this ‘new light’!


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