The Requirement and Need for the Mosquito


Most familiar with the work of Hatybov are aware of the progression of Genotypes; Genotype advancement accomplished multiple Megrez Arachnid goals beginning in the year 0 AD:

  • Synthesized/merged the Arachnid brain with the human body
  • Evolved the human body synthesis to a form of eternal life
  • Created the paradigm of the elite versus the masses population sets

An interesting sidenote of the work of Hatybov states, prior to the implementation of Genotype 46X, the “chosen” human flesh jacket carrying the Megrez Arachnid brain had serious issues regarding the development of red blood cells.  More importantly, the Megrez Arachnid Land Management System had issues developing erythrocytes that supported the long term evolution of the flesh jacket.

The Importance of Erythrocytes

Per a web definition, erythrocytes are red blood cells that travel in the blood.  They are the most common type of blood cell and vertebrate organism’s principal means supplying oxygen from the lungs to the body and move carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs.  The transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide is carried out through the body’s circulatory system.

The Need for Mosquitoes (and Other Insects)

Again, an overview of the Hierarchy of Octaves and Materialization

Octave Hierarchy

The mosquito is an important part of the Land Management System allegedly existing on Earth.  As previously shown, the mosquito’s structure exists at a higher form of existence at Octave 77.  Other types of insects, such as ticks, bed bugs, lice, and leeches, also exist at a higher form of Octave structure than most of humanity.

In order to monitor red blood cell attributes (for example, the pH of blood) of unique Genotype “jackets,” data is needed.  In the absence of data, or the requirement of more data for decision making, various insect (mosquitoes, leeches, etc) populations are increased in order to monitor the current status of human blood.  Unique gravitational frequencies provide for the “materialization” of insects at any spot on the globe.

The “Mosquito”

The mosquito is compared to that of a Junker-87 Nazi dive bomber. As the mosquito approaches a target, the mosquito activates a “siren,” which in turn increases the number of red blood cells available for sampling in the body.

The concept and need for the mosquito is so important that upon death, the mosquito is reincarnated. As most of us have experienced, swarms of mosquitoes are horrible to deal with.  I live in area with marshlands, and if I’m outside grilling food and trying to enjoy a beer during July or August, I get completely eaten up by the pests if I don’t put a repellent on.  So there is much mosquito carnage in the way of slapping mosquitoes off of me.  Unfortunately, if one believes the work of Hatybov, me killing the mosquito only temporarily changes the structure of the insect; the insect is immediately reincarnated into another mosquito, and likely attacking me the very next day (if my blood analysis is required, of course).

One More Quote of Interest Regarding the Existence of Mosquitoes (and Other Insects)


As mentioned previously, various insects materialize at the request of the larger Management System in place.  The insect population is defined as being “beneficial and useful to humanity.”  At one point in the material, an example of insect usefulness is given in context to the events of 9/11:

the materialization of bedbugs in the luxury hotels of New York of course, was conducted to search for terrorists

I find that statement extremely interesting.  For one, this specific article appears to have been written after September 11, 2001 (unless the material was doctored after the fact.) Also of interest is the idea that the terrorists responsible for 9/11 were located in luxury hotels in NYC.  A far cry notion from the popular thought of the time that terrorists existed in the Middle East/Afghanistan.

All of that aside, who or what allegedly materialized bedbugs after the events of September 11th?  This to me is a very curious statement; who is ultimately in control of the Land Management System?  One would assume that the elite who run the system would ultimately be in the luxury hotels of NYC on that fateful day. Perhaps not…

This brings up a great point to all of the work of Hatybov.  If the information attached to his name is indeed true, who is running the Program?  Are there still Arachnids from Megrez still directing the System?  Is the System controlled by a nation state, such as Russia, the Ukraine, the United States, or Israel?  Or is the System a waste product; left on the planet to oversee the masses, protect a few elite classes of people, while the engineers of our software design have long left this Solar System?

Again, as I’ve mentioned multiple times on each post, all of this could very well be fiction, and should not be taken as cold hard truth.  So go ahead and swat that mosquito this coming summer when it’s feasting on your arm; you are either a) causing a problem to the program that runs this planet or b) preventing a bite from a parasite/predator pest that is going to cause you an itchy bump on your arm in the near future.  Either way, trust that more will be on the way.


2 thoughts on “The Requirement and Need for the Mosquito

  1. Faeryn James Lee

    Where is the starting point with this particular dialogue? In other words, where is the beginning of this thought ‘thread’ on your blog so I can start there?


    1. Thanks for the comment! – a good overview is “who is hatybov and what has he done to our beloved moon.” Then I’d recommend “the world according to hatybov” – if more questions please let me know


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