The World According to Hatybov

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In the context of starting the new year off right, let’s get back to basics. I’ll try to keep this one shorter in order for the reader to not get lost in the details (trust me, this is very, very, very easy to do).  I’ll keep it tight in summary, and hopefully the brief summaries will lead to any questions that I can attempt to answer in the comment section or in email form if need be. With that said, let’s attempt to abridge the basics of the philosophy of the enigma Hatybov.

The Opinion of Amateur Science, or How the Structure of Reality is Constructed

To begin the discussion, one must remove any preconceived notion of our origin, our planet, and our solar system. The Hatybov material states (per the paper) :

According to the ideas of modern science man lives in a meteorite that punctuated gases, trees, rain, oceans, lakes, rivers. Above it hangs a meteorite tender sun, which provides the right temperature at night is the moon as a light, gas and water in the middle of summer, swim, crawl, run a variety of single and multicellular, some of them bite. All this was created in 6 days, according to the historical chronicle, because there is no doubt. The world rests on a stable financial system, which determines the sustainable existence of all living things. Having thoroughly studied the structure and composition of all known and unknown biological structures, science has already thinks about the colonization of other planets by breeding apple trees on Mars and zabroske germs to other solar systems.

A Hypothetical Cheat Sheet, or Axioms of the Opinion of Amateur Science
  • The Land Management System : a series of control complexes, monitoring systems, pyramids, and UFOs used to create a biological structure that meets the requirements of the Megrez Arachnid program
  • The Sun: a planet that produces a magnetic pulse in the form of 1 second of time or 128 Octave to synchronize all features of the Land Management System, to synchronize all metabolic systems, and to synchronize all communication control systems on Earth and with the Planetary Satellites
  • The Lunar Moon: a UFO / artificially created hollow sphere that receives system information from the Earth and resets programs on planet Earth after Earth complexes have processed all information from Earth’s biosphere and received information from other planetary satellites
  • The Satellites of Other Planets : archives of arrays of information that store knowledge to be utilized by the Land Management Program
  • The Earth : an artificially created planet constructed 7 billion years ago,  The Earth contains control systems and complexes that reprocess information on Planet Earth and discharge information to the Lunar Moon
  • The Earth’s Atmosphere : 0 to 12,400 meters in height, a structured series of organized layers; each lattice grill exists with a unique set of frequencies
  • Biostructures on Earth : all who live on this planet; living inhabitants of air, water, and land tied to the magnetic pulse and time generated by the Sun
  • Octaves : the entire set of frequencies that exist in our space time, an Octave is a wave having 2 cycles per second; mathematically, the equation is 2n , where n = octave and is “directly related to the fluctuation of the magnetic momentum in the atom”
The Formation of Time

Let’s begin the analysis by returning to the Sun.  The Sun is the clock to our existence; it emits a magnetic pulse equal to 128 Octave that defines 1 second of time to our reality.  This in turn creates an division of time that builds up from :

60 seconds → 60 minutes → 24 hours → 12 months

This division of time is foreign to both planet Earth and to our Solar System.  The 12 month calendar that is familiar to us was never inherent to the constants of the original Solar System.  A “correction” to accommodate the 1 second definition of time is consistently utilized by the Management Program and leads to various consequences such as biological mutations, phantoms, and even “time slips.”

The Formation of Matter

Matter is also created from the basis of the 1 second of time.  Returning to the idea that an Octave is 2 cycles per second, the denominator needs to stay constant to form reality about us.  The Sun, again producing a magnetic pulse equivalent to 128 Octave or 1 second of time, produces the constant denominator.

The construction of all atomic structures is then defined by the scheme :

highly organized plasma → material body → liquid → gas

The sequence of Octaves is then defined as such :

 ((128) -> (126 – 74) -> (72 – 66)) -> (64) -> (62 – 34) -> (32 – 28)-(24 – 26) -> (22 – 16 )

I’ve provided an overview per the diagram below:

 Octave Hierarchy
Requirements of the Megrez Arachnid Program (ie the Ebrovskoy Land Management System)

What does this all lead to?  What is the point regarding the manipulation of the Solar System, the Earth control systems, time, and matter?  The overarching philosophical concept in place is the following:

  • The Megrez Arachnid race required a new biostructure and planetary biosphere to continue to exist as a species
  • The Arachnid brain existed at a lower Octave of existence
  • The original Human brain existed at a higher Octave of existence
  • The Arachnid species forgo their original biostructures and synthesized the Arachnid brain with Humanoid biostructure in order to survive on Earth and achieve a higher brain Octave
  • The Arachnids brought with them their own definition of time, matter realization, and control systems and forced it upon this planet and Solar System
  • The ultimate purpose of the utilization of Super System and Land Management System is to create a Arachnid brain/human jacket with eternal life, a reduced global population, and resource consolidation
A Hypothetical Conclusion


Let’s work through this one quickly one more time from the perspective of the Megrez Arachnid goal : realization of human eternal life.

A synthesized, imperfect Arachnid / human ruling class was created at some point in the past.  This ruling class existed on Earth with time now defined on the basis of 1 second as defined by the Sun (foreign to Earth and our ancestors). The 1 second is tied to various control centers, metabolic systems, brain functions, and Octave generations. The ruling class existed on the planet and through feedback provided by the brain, various insects (more on that on a future post), sleep, and reincarnation, assessed the biological/social/economic environment born from this synthesis of species.

The feedback from the brain, various insects, etc  is processed through various control complexes and pyramids on planet Earth, and then relayed to the processing units within the Lunar Moon.  The Lunar Moon assesses feedback and communicates new program information to  Control Complexes on Earth.  If a change is needed to the human body or human progress (again, eternal life and a now realized resource consolidation is the end game), a Planetary Satellite is tasked by the Program to pass information through various complexes below the surface of the Earth and then to the Lunar Moon.  The Lunar Moon then sends the information to the Sun; the Lunar Moon then sends a refresh or reset program to Earth’s control centers. Once the refresh is complete in respect to selected brains, biostructures, and even “sperm in sandboxes”, the Sun sends out a restart pulse that triggers the Program upgrade that is tied to all components of the Land Management System.  This cycle occurs over and over throughout history, and is specifically tied to one full cycle of Meton.

Again, the idea of creation, system feedback, evaluation of feedback, adjustment, new information, new information transmittal, etc., is designed to improve only the select few of the population on planet Earth.

The Labyrinth of the Minotaur


Well easy enough, right?  A circle that leads to another circle, and then another circle.  Once you feel like you are about to crack the whole thing open, you hit a dead end and go back to the proverbial drawing board. A leads to B, then it jumps to Z, but you need to reference parts G,H,and M…but don’t forget about subsections y,w, and b prior to that (and most certainly in that order!)

An individual who reached out to me on Twitter recently regarding the summaries of Hatybov passed on a a warning from this person’s Russian friend : “Beware of Hatybov and Ko (Co?)…he will lead you to the Labyrinth of Minotaur”.  Cryptic, sure, but as one can see, the literature is most certainly a labyrinth of various concepts, disciplines, and philosophies, all tied neatly around the central tenets of the Octave, Time, and the Megrez Arachnid race.

As always, I preface all of this material by stating I have no idea if any of it is true. The material is at the very least fascinating, and I plan to continue to research and summarize as best as I can.

Up next (and even by the end of the week!), a revisit to Hatybov’s Lunar Moon in context to the phenomenon known as the Lunar Wave.

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