Who Is Hatybov and What Has He Done With Our Beloved Moon (part ii)


To start the new year, I thought I would move over to a different blog site to mix things up a bit for the new year.  I am hoping to get more involved with photographs and blog material as 2016 progresses with different material, and I thought this service was a bit better for that sort of media presentation.  I plan to keep my old blog available for everyone’s reference; in the meantime, I thought I’d roll out my initial post on the work of Hatybov to start the new site up right with some reflection on the work of 2015.

Who Is Hatybov?

Who exactly is Хатыбов Александр Михайлович?  No one appears to know. One thought I had when beginning to summarize this alleged Soviet scientist’s work was that someone who knew him or knew of him would reach out to me with further information.  Alas, such wishes have not come true.  The idea of Hatybov is really still as much as an enigma or conundrum as it was when I began to look at the material.  A quick summary for everyone’s recap as to what is apparently known of this elusive figure at this time:

  • Hatybov, or Alexander Khatib, was born on February 9, 1945 in Cherpanova of the Novosibirsk Region of the West Siberian Plain
  • He graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and graduated in 1969 with various high order degrees relating to the sciences and mathematics
  • Hatybov worked in the arena of Soviet pyschotronic weapons development and implementation during the Cold War
  • The Soviet scientist published some 16,500 pages of research material over the course of his life regarding aspects of medicine, reality, celestial mechanics, economics, religion, and philosophy
  • He also worked in the area of oil and gas engineering, spending time with the Oil Institute of Samara in the mid 1980’s

A scientist of many talents, the overall idea is that most of his published research, his accomplishments, and his life details remain hidden from public view to this day.  Hatybov died on March 18, 2012 (or in 2009, depending on what the reference material states.)

Should there truly be some 16000 pages of research material, today, we are only privy to around 250 pages of material online (source material here). Fair enough for anyone involved at a high level with any nation’s military-industrial complex, but the story of Hatybov doesn’t end here.

Hatybov Discovers the Arachnids from Megrez

Ursa_Major2 (1)

As previously mentioned, Hatybov worked for a state sponsored Oil institute during the 1980’s.  As an employee with the Samara Institute, there appeared to be a disagreement over wages.  As the story goes, Hatybov ultimately went on strike and began to utilize the Institute’s super computer, the Kuybyshevneft, for personal use; the Kuybyshevneft was a processing unit created for use in the exploration of natural gas and oil reserves below the surface of the Earth.  It is at this time that Hatybov discovered the “Ebrovskoy Land Management System;” a combination of a Supersystem, System, and Subsystem that utilizes various frequencies, control mechanisms, octave generations, and information arrays to create the reality we all live in.  The overlords to this program?  An arachnid parasitic life form that originated from the Megrez system and intervened with our Solar System in 18337 BC.

The Great Arachnid Intervention of 18337 BC


Upon discovery of the Land Management Program, Hatybov apparently was able to ascertain the following alternative history of human destruction and development (how/where/when is still unknown at this time.)  The underlying premise of this Intervention is that the Human race was originally created with a higher form of cosmic consciousness; the Arachnids, existing at a lower form of consciousness and dying as a race, invaded our Solar System with goals to a) continue to survive as a race and b) forcibly merge their consciousness to a higher level. Over the course of some 20000 years, the following allegedly occurred:

  • The Megrez Arachnids began to infect our Solar System in the mid 18000 BC time frame
  • The Solar System at that time includes all existing planets, the planet Phaeton, and two existing, unknown planets that allegedly still exist in our system
    • The Solar System at that time does not include our Solar Sun, our Lunar Moon, or various other satellites that orbit other planets in our system
  • The Arachnid system includes 1 planet (our current Solar Sun), 3 moons, 54 satellites, and various attack objects
  • Phaeton, our Solar System’s defense mechanism, blew itself up and with it 2 Arachnid moons and various attack objects
    • Phaeton is now the asteroid belt belt between Mars and Jupiter
  • The Arachnid beings liquidate all life on planet Earth and on planets of the Solar System

Upon completion of the successful Intervention, the Arachnid beings begin the process of synthesizing the Arachnid Brain with the human body.  Over the course of some 18000 years of experimentation and mass extermination of test populations, the synthesis is finally successful, and from 0 AD to the mid 1990’s, various Genotypes are created that are ultimately attempting to create a human body capable of eternal life.  These Genotypes still exist today in what is generally considered the “elite” or ruling classes of society.

The Hatybov Enigma


That, in a nutshell, is where the material leads.  As one can imagine, the material could be high science fiction or the ravings of an eccentric scientist. There is an underlying Gnostic sensibility to the work; at the end of the day, material reality is false and dictated by a software program that builds up our world through manipulation of matter with aid of various frequencies.  As proof of the existence of the scientist Hatybov does not exist, nor does the public have access to the author’s full body of work, one really has no idea as to what all of this means. As one digs into the mathematics and philosophy of the material, a sense of a highly technical science fiction, Marxist paradigm regarding the structure of society unfolds.  The idea of a Soviet Messiah able to crack a code that permeates our reality and then begins to run an interference program against this Program is very a romantic notion in the context of human existence.  Is there any truth to the material? Or as I have mentioned before, where does the allegory end and fact potentially begin?

As I have spent the past year looking at the works online, I get the sense that there is a cohesive thought process and manner of writing that strings the literature together. However, I also sense that the material has been edited after the fact by some unknown author/authors for an agenda that was not inherent to the source material.  As with everything Hatybov, I doubt we’ll be given an answer to any of these questions.

Up Next (and Happy New Year!)

With the New Year upon us, I hope to get a few more articles together on the Hatybov material.  Ghosts, earthquakes, octaves, mosquitoes, and even religion are planned to be summarized for the English language audience. I also hope to publish some written interviews with others who have explored the Hatybov mythos.  For those new to the material, I would recommend you check out my previous blog summaries here :


I also looking forward to exploring other areas of alternative research as the year progresses.  As always, I appreciate everyone’s feedback and criticism; 2015 was a great year and I consider myself very lucky to have talked to many of you through email and through various podcasts.  I look forward to keeping the dialogue open with everyone as 2016 moves forward.  Again, Happy New Year to all!



10 thoughts on “Who Is Hatybov and What Has He Done With Our Beloved Moon (part ii)

    1. Realizing lunas deceptive translucent surface is key to possibly finding a cube within. The moon is most definitely a constructed object in my opinion. “Mare Crisium & Tranquillitatis” are my personal main suspects of cover for this said “cube”. The dubbed “seas” & “oceans are obvious, they have depth & dimension with structure within. We must observe & analyze the moon extensively while trusting our eyes & senses. The truth will follow …..https://youtu.be/LxZAhzNS_MQ……https://youtu.be/rwTU3ylaEgw

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      1. As soon as I get a clear shot at the moon again (currently rising in the sky far to late for me and UK weather has been a nightmare), I’m going to be testing a UG11 material UV bandpass filter on those areas to see what comes up. I’ll check out more of your videos as I get time.

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  2. Evans Mafia

    No clear test conditions for 2 years … 777 has been tagged. Equipment on standby fully charged, may be ordered into reguard. God Speed. UG11 still untested but widespectrum spotted the drones. Now have NEXGEN self tracking but no targetting system, I had to smash the one I had due to viral infection. Awaiting replacement. Peace out.


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