The Lunar Moon, Lunar Waves, and a Soviet Scientist’s Paradigm


I had previously created an article in regards to the Lunar Moon and the work of Hatybov, but pressed for time and a deadline, I likely created the weakest entry to date regarding the Hatybov catalog (hey, I’m only human!)  So with that being said, I’d like to revisit the material and summarize the material exclusively in respect to the alleged phenomenon of the Lunar Wave. Continue reading “The Lunar Moon, Lunar Waves, and a Soviet Scientist’s Paradigm”

The Requirement and Need for the Mosquito


Most familiar with the work of Hatybov are aware of the progression of Genotypes; Genotype advancement accomplished multiple Megrez Arachnid goals beginning in the year 0 AD:

  • Synthesized/merged the Arachnid brain with the human body
  • Evolved the human body synthesis to a form of eternal life
  • Created the paradigm of the elite versus the masses population sets

An interesting sidenote of the work of Hatybov states, prior to the implementation of Genotype 46X, the “chosen” human flesh jacket carrying the Megrez Arachnid brain had serious issues regarding the development of red blood cells.  More importantly, the Megrez Arachnid Land Management System had issues developing erythrocytes that supported the long term evolution of the flesh jacket. Continue reading “The Requirement and Need for the Mosquito”

Hatybov’s Genotypes : The Progression of the Arachnid Brain, Reincarnation, and the Formation of the Social Structure


Author’s note : I’ve copied this over to the new site in advance of an upcoming mosquito/insect as biosensors article.  This was originally published last year, so it may be a repeat for some.  Thanks!

And here we are at last: a discussion of the Genotype progression.  This one is going to be a bit difficult, so as always, please feel free to contact me with any feedback, questions, or concerns regarding the translation of the material.  This gets to be somewhat complicated and I don’t pretend to know all of the material (after all, most of it is allegedly missing); I will try to do my best to simplify the material as best as possible.  I will link the Russian texts below for everyone’s review.  This is going to be a long one, so I apologize in advance; the material is dense as always, but to work through it will be a rewarding journey (at least it was for me!). Continue reading “Hatybov’s Genotypes : The Progression of the Arachnid Brain, Reincarnation, and the Formation of the Social Structure”

Notes (and Drawings) from the Underground



“It’s the moon that makes it so still, weaving some mystery.”

One of my personal wishes (and dream vacations) is to experience a Fydor Dostoevsky winter in St. Petersburg in mid January, any year going forward.  Everyone knows “Crime and Punishment”, but unlike so many of my friends, I did not read the book in my early schooling years. I did, however, remember being in my late 20’s, finally having read it,  and feeling a sense of dread, anticipation, and dread once again when I read of the encounter with the pawnbroker in Dostoevsky’s epic; the scene has left such a scar on my psyche that the imagery has never escaped my imagination.  So much power, intelligence, yet so much anger and insecurity in those passages…the images have never left my mind.  Yet I digress; let’s get on to the Hatybov material already!

A fellow researcher (a very big thank you Matthew Fields from Oklahoma) relayed to me various pdfs, jpegs, and articles from an assortment of researchers who follow in the legacy (or preclude the legacy) of Hatybov .  The drawings could very well be the work of Nikola Levashov, or some other astronomer, but I have no idea.  Like Dostoevsky, the images give me a sense of of knowing ultimate truth, hiding behind the facade of the images of familiar constructs around us  So without further ado…

Drawings from Abroad (and possibly Russia)

Diagrams of craters that I assume are one of three things : the work of Nikola Levanshov, the work of 19-20th century astronomers, or the work of Hatybov :

001r-002 (1)






Beautiful depictions…and obviously the depictions of an artist obsessed with our Lunar Moon.

I publish this article in reference to a fellow researcher who has done some wonderful work in respect to the Lunar Moon. A bit more involved with the idea of the “Lunar Moon being a facade or construction,” this researcher’s work can be found here (and I’d highly recommend those interested in this field of research to check it out) : .

I have provided this information along with some Russian texts to this researcher, and hope that some type of summary can be provided in the near future.  If anyone recognizes these images, please share some references!

Next up, we finally get to Hatybov’s Lunar Wave, and then to the idea of mosquitoes..


The World According to Hatybov

File:Paradiso Canto 31.jpg

In the context of starting the new year off right, let’s get back to basics. I’ll try to keep this one shorter in order for the reader to not get lost in the details (trust me, this is very, very, very easy to do).  I’ll keep it tight in summary, and hopefully the brief summaries will lead to any questions that I can attempt to answer in the comment section or in email form if need be. With that said, let’s attempt to abridge the basics of the philosophy of the enigma Hatybov. Continue reading “The World According to Hatybov”