Ping Pong Syncho – A Potential Analysis of a “Gate”


Or I should say from the get go, let’s chat about #pizzagate.  I’m not one to dabble in politics or current geopolitical matters as many others do, as I think most of it is staged to some extent in order to distract the masses.  However, with that being said, I’d like to throw out a time line/chronology that I’ve noticed over the past year or two. To begin this analysis, I want to say explicitly that I have no idea what the truth is on this issue.  All I can share is my personal observations over the past few months regarding the current issue in respect to the material that has been published by news outlets and independent investigators.  With that disclaimer in place, let’s take a look (FYI, as many other sites who have documented this story state : photos below suggest disturbing images not acceptable to normal, rational, intelligent, and Profane human beings).

Diners and Divers: A Food Network Premiere


On June 28, 2010, Washington DC area family pizza restaurant Comet Ping Pong gets a plug on the television program Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  Featuring a pop culture celebrity chef/actor, the episode highlights farm to table restaurants from around the country. Comet Ping Pong, the restaurant owned by DC proprietor James Alefantis, gets a solid advertisement and puts the small pizza restaurant on the map (source A1).  Not bad for a family-focused pizza restaurant start up in the course of 4 years span.

Per the Food Network’s website, this episode is set to appear in rerun format on December 19, 2016.

The Trump, Slick Willy, and the Epstein : All Aboard the Lolita Express!

34244fd200000578-3589628-image-a-18_1463174626961There isn’t a a whole lot to say here that others have not.  At the end of the story, the summary is that :

  • Convicted sex offender/billionaire Jeffrey Epstein ran a private jet to a private island
    • The Boeing 727 was nicknamed the Lolita Express
    • Epstein’s island was referred to Orgy Island, or Sex Slave Island
  • Names attached to Mr. Epstein included a who’s who’s of the Deep State
    • William Jefferson Clinton
    • Donald Trump
    • Kevin Spacey / Frank Underwood
    • Too many others to name

Regardless, Epstein’s hijinks received world press attention in early January 2015 when an alleged former underage female “slave” made claims regarding her treatment within the Epstein complex. Extending the underage schema further, one discovers key players of the 2016 US Presidential Election allegedly involved in all of this.

Surprisingly, the news item appeared to die down fairly quickly, and neither candidates nor “legitimate” press outlets made mention of the Epstein ties during the 2016 election.

Frodo Baggins Casts a Spell


Earlier in the year, I noticed a few alt-material podcasts briefly hint on actor Elijah Woods’s 05-22-2016 interview with London’s The Times.  In the aftermath of 2016’s Cannes Film Festival and jokes presented that hinted at Woody Allen/Roman Polanski’s questionable child rape histories, Woods stated the following in his interview with the London paper:

  • “Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized. There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind”
  • “There is darkness in the underbelly.”
  • “What bums me about these situations is that the victims can’t speak as loudly as the people in power.”
  • “That’s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people: they can be squashed, but their lives have been irreparably damaged.” (source a)

Take it for it’s worth, but I clearly remember this one being discussed by researchers at the time.  The gist of the article states that the “sexual abuse of child stars is more widespread in Hollywood than had been reported.”

The New York Times Saves the Day (pt 1)

jimmycomet Instagram photograph publicly available on 11-23-16

Within less than 48 hours, the New York Times newspaper stepped in to clarify Wood’s interview.  Comments from Woods now included:

  • “Let me be clear: This subject of child abuse is an important one that should be discussed and properly investigated”
  • “But as I made absolutely clear to the writer, I have no firsthand experience or observation of the topic, so I cannot speak with any authority beyond articles I have read and films I have seen”
  • He said he had based his comments on a documentary he had seen, “An Open Secret,” in which young men described sexual assault by older men in Hollywood.

At this point, we have a successful Wilford star stating that a) pedophilia in Hollywood is problematic, but then b) only based on a documentary he watched  (source B).  Fair enough,  Frodo. Your spell has been cast.  Let’s move on.

Pizza Hut Goes 6.99 USD


We now move to the commercial that many in this field of research have speculated on.  I won’t repeat what others have stated, but the gist of the commercial’s content includes the archetypal paranoid conspiracy theorist who thinks:

  • The Moon landings were fake
  • The Moon is fake
  • The woman in the commercial is a hologram

Say what you will, but that is a lot of unique marketing regarding a high carb-GMO pizza available for mass consumption for the price of $6.99 USD.  Throw in the weird triangle (below), and it is no wonder researchers have speculated much on this television ad.


This advert appears to have been released on October 2, 2016 and ran heavily during NFL Week Four.  For future reference, we now have a “funny/crazed/paranoid conspiracy theorist” attached to the meme of “pizza.”

Wikileaks Goes Podesta

Just another day at the office with Osiris

Beginning on October 7, 2016, WikiLeaks publishes the first of a number of John Podesta hacked emails.  The premise of the breach of information is :

  • “The new email thread released Friday shows Podesta got a March 19 email from “Google” notifying him someone had his “password” and tried to sign in from Ukraine.”
  • “The IT team told Podesta the message was legit and he should change his password. But it appears the email actually was a phishing ploy – and likely gave the world access to the contents of his account (source C).”

At this point in time, a very large group of individuals begins to sort, categorize, and analyze the personal emails of John Podesta.  For those unaware, Mr. Podesta resume includes:

  • President William Jefferson Clinton’s White House Staff Secretary
  • Clinton’s Chief of Staff
  • President Barack Obama’s Counselor to
  • Campaign Chairperson to Hillary Clinton

A proverbial symbol of the system, Mr. Podesta not only got his J.D. from Georgetown University, apparently carries an interest in Egyptian mythology (see above), but also is not able to discern whether or not an email in his inbox is potentially “problematic.”   Hey dude, I know many others who have made the mistake.  It’s easy to do.  We now move on to…

WikiLeaks Gets Halted

On Saturday, October 15 2016, the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, asylum for WikiLeaks front man Julian Assange, cuts of Assange’s internet access.  Speculation exists that Secretary of State John Kerry forced pressure on the government of Ecuador to cease and desist the internet connectivity of Assange.  More speculation is made referring to the notion that WikiLeak’s leaked Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sach speeches are the reason for the internet breakage.

The US State Department immediately declares that any suggestion of Kerry involvement is absolutely untrue and unfounded (source D).

#Pizzagate Gets Legs

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Comet’s Instagram account

We now get to the crux of the inquiry: #pizzagate.  From my research, the Web became aware of this possible problem courtesy of 4chan and subreddit thread on or near November 7, 2017.  The hypothesis is as such:

  • The Podesta emails were hacked by a Wikileaks attached outfit
  • The Podesta emails initially brought forth association  of Podesta and his brother Tony to occult artist Abramovich and “Spirit Cooking”
  • The Podesta emails include mention of words such as “hot dogs,” “pizza,” and “pasta” in out of context emails
    • Further researchers have pointed out these words to be encoded words referring to pedophilia
  • The Podesta emails include correspondence to one James Alefaris, owner/proprietor of a DC owned family pizzeria known as Comet Ping Pong
    • Alefaris was once featured in a 2012 QC article as the 49th most influential mover/shaker in Washington DC
    • Alefaris has connections to the Obama White House (White House logs indicate visits), the Podestas,  the Clintons, and other prominent elitists
  • The connection to Alefaris, his Comet Ping Pong restaurant, and most interestingly, his once publicly available Instagram account under the surname of jimmycomet, led researchers to document and archive the following images:
Photo courtesy of Jimmy Comet’s publicly available Instagram account on 11-23-16
Photo courtesy of Jimmy Comet’s publicly available Instagram account on 11-23-16
Photo courtesy of Jimmy Comet’s publicly available Instagram account 11-23-16

A sick sense of humor or something more?  Probably all just a coincidence.

At the very least, I personally find the following email exchange curious.  The conversation appears to be between Susan Sandler and John Podesta (see WikiLeaks email dated 09-03-2014).  Sandler emails Podesta to state that a black and white handkerchief had been found on a rental home’s kitchen island.  The dialogue states :

Sandler : “The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related.  Is it yours (sp)?  They can send it if you want.  I know you’re busy, so feel free to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it.”

Podesta : It’s mine, but not worth worrying about.

Question #1: John Podesta…what the hell is a handkerchief with a pizza related map?

The New York Times Saves the Day Pt 2

On November 21, 2016, NYT Tech M&A reporter is cited as having disproved #pizzagate as having been a product of #fakenews.  Titled, “Fake News Onslaught Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child-Trafficking,” the article states from the get go, online commentators had made threats to Alefantis and his 40 some odd employees regarding the allegation that:

“Comet Ping Pong was the home base of a child abuse ring led by Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief, John D. Podesta”

None of it is true, per the NYT’s investigation.  Surprisingly, this article does mention that the jimmycomet instagram photos above have been “most troubling.”  The article does goes on to discuss the impact of fake news and the problems of social media sites.  To finish up the article, the NYT states that Alefantis, in effort to combat the fake news tide, had lodged complaints to the FBI, local police, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

Curiously, the answer to Question #1 does not come up in the NYT debunking.

Bloomberg Has An Opinion

On November 23, 2016, a Bloomberg op-ed states that #pizzagate is a “Fake Conspiracy of Our Fevered Age.”  Essentially, this piece states that John Podesta “is one of the few people whose life could be laid bare and yet reveal little more than a taste of good Italian food.”  Fortunately for me, my question regarding pizza map – handkerchief does come up in this one. However, the answer from the Washington insider’s op-ed column is glanced over with a “whatever that means.”

It is also interesting that this unique article points out that protestors, staged in front of the restaurant, were allowed access to the restaurant to look for child molestation areas.  Of course, from what I can gather, pizzagate is really focusing on a much larger, grander scale network of child trafficking issues, but we see the author focus on the single restaurant as being the sole possibly area of the network.

This piece, authored by a White House insider, essentially states that this  “little hole in the wall restaurant” (featured on the Food Network, by the way) is the obsession of the alt right / white euphemists / nationalists / sympathizers.  It’s a similar meme seen and thought to be behind Pepe and Kek chaos magick enthusiasts and research.

Also of interest, Alefantis’s previously publicly available Instagram account is mentioned, but the content of said Instagram photos is not.  Neither is Spirit Cooking.

Reddit Gets Involved


Also on 11-23-2016, Reddit owner/CEO decides to shut down one of the original web threads regarding the construct of #pizzagate.  Per the Washington Post’s write up of Reddit’s decision, we see terms like “witch hunt,” “death threats,” and “wildly untrue accusations.”  This time through, we see this interesting quotes :

“As the Washington City Paper noted, that included a huge search for stronger ties between convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons. What those sleuths found instead were lots of references to pizza, which then led to speculation that the emails about pizza must be code for something bad.”

No mention is made to the use of references such as pizza, pasta, etc. as a code to child abuse or child trafficking scheme.  We do see mention, however, of the NYT debunking of the scandal courtesy of the previously mentioned technology merger and acquisition reporter’s NYT article (see above).

Again, we also see no mention of Alefantis’s previously publicly available Instagram account or content, nor any resolution to Question #1.

The Washington Post Has an Opinion Too

Up next, on November 25, 2016 the editorial board of the prestigious Washington Post chimes in regarding the current fake news hoax.  With the title “Pizzagate Shows How Fake News Hurts Real People,”  the op-ed hints on similar buzzwords.  We see similar themes of:

  • A conspiracy that took hold in the “dark crevices of the web”
  • “Fake and unfounded” news sources creating the false allegations
  • Culprits spreading the false news including YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook
  • And of course the comment:
    • “As far as anyone knows, there is no more logic than that as to why Mr. Alefantis and his restaurant became targets”

Interestingly, this op-ed too doesn’t mention anything regarding the bizarre photos of jimmycomet or the oft/out  of place usage of food words in Podesta’s hacked emails.  The conspiracy theory of course is absurd, but comet’s instagram absurd photos were not.

Sadly, no opinion is given regarding the explanation of a handkerchief with a pizza-related map.

Not to be Left Behind, NPR Has an Opinion As Well

On November 27, 2016, beloved NPR gets involved with a “hard hitting” interview with Comet Ping Pong’s entrepreneur.  An interesting number is thrown out straight away in the following exchange:

NPR : I know that you’ve had a couple of bad weeks here.

jimmycomet: It’s been a hard 14 days or so.

The interview moves on to…

NPR : The story was that Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager, John Podesta, were running a child molestation ring out of the back of your restaurant. Is that correct, more or less?

jimmycomet: Essentially, yes. There was – it was sort of based in a couple of things. Satanic rituals and human trafficking led by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta was the sort of basis of this insane story.

NPR :  It seems remarkable to me that anybody took that seriously at all. They look and sound completely and not very skillfully made-up.

jimmycomet : So essentially, they would go into our social media accounts and they would take photographs that were on my Instagram of my friends’ children or of my associates’ children and post them around thousands and thousands of fake news sites and on Reddit and on YouTube and use these images of happily playing, innocent children as proof of some kind of human trafficking scheme led by the Clintons.

Photo courtesy of jimmycomet’s publicly available Instagram account on 11-23-2016

Short and sweet, the NPR wishes the best for the future of Comet Ping Pong near the end of the interview.

The Washington Post’s Problem with Alex Jones

On November 29, 2016, the Washington Post again presents an opinion on #pizzagate.  Ever so subtly, the op-ed piece manages to tie the “grassy knoll crowd” to #pizzagate.  The article mentions, among other things, that Alex Jones and his Infowars program are advising current president elect Donald Trump on certain matters of national interest.  The opinion piece, titled “Trump’s ‘news’ source: Alien lizards, fluoride mind control and voter fraud,” refers to “loads of hooey” that include:

  • False flag events such as 9-11, Sandy Hook, and Oklahoma City
  • Chemtrails
  • Justin Bieber as a military-industrial agent
  • Fluoride use in water for detrimental purposes
  • Shape shifting reptilians aliens who are targeting Donald Trump
  • And of course…Pizzagate

Pizzagate is now defined as consisting of “high level Washington D.C. predatory pedophiles…communicating via symbols on the menu of Comet Ping Pong.”  Sadly, no mention is given to jimmycomet’s Instagram account, odd comments in the hacked Podesta emails, nor is any solution presented to define “what is a handkerchief with a pizza related map.”  The Washington Post has now confined pizzagate to symbols used on Comet Ping Pong’s menu referring to child sexual abuse.

Interestingly, of all the articles published to date, this one appears to have been the one chosen to be circulated to second and third tier newspapers around the country in an effort to explain away pizzagate.

Pizzagate Explained From Across the Pond

Or, “The Saga of Pizzagate: The Fake Story That Shows How Conspiracy Theories Spread.”  Published on the BBC site’s on December 2, 2016, the BBC Trending article starts with a few facts:

  • In early November, when WikiLeaks began to publish the hacked Podesta emails, one contact with Podesta “caught the attention of prankster sites and people on the paranoid edge.”
  • The contact was one James Alefantis, aka jimmycomet, Clinton supporter, Obama supported, and former partner to David Brock
  • From these “thin threads, an enormous trove of conspiracy was spun”

It is interesting to note at this point that no mention is given to the out of place words/phrases of “Spirit Cooking,” “pizza, pasta, hot dogs, etc.” or “playing dominos on cheese or pasta” per the Podesta emails.  I would guess such out of place words really need no focus or explanation on the BBC’s investigative end.  Also of note, no jimmycomet Instagram photographs were included in the article aside from a photograph of a pizza.

The BBC Trending article moves on to point out the involvement of pro-Turkish government forces in promoting the potential conspiracy of pizzagate.  More or less, pizzagate was used by Erdogan supporters to point out the hypocrisy of US elected officials and government employees subsequent to a “real child abuse scandal” discovered at a Turkish government agency.

The article finishes up by again stating that the NYT and Fox News have debunked pizzagate, as “no victim has come forward…there’s no investigation..and physical evidence? That doesn’t exist either.”  Of course, the BBC has not answered the question regarding “the handkerchief with a pizza related map” inquiry, but perhaps that question is only relevant to people with a paranoid edge.

The BBC quotes a few anonymous 4chan user comments lamenting the supposed conspiracy in the final paragraphs.  The quote “are you guys even aware of how stupid all of this is” finishes the article off.

The Debate

Macy Day’s Parade Thanksgiving 2016

What to believe?  The argument exists that fake news sites are corrupting the masses with the promotion of false news.  Whether it is #pizzagate, anti-Clinton propaganda, or even the election of Donald Trump, a case can be made that fake news is an issue.  Yet at the same time, when you see millions of dollars of NBC news assets and salaries covering the Macy Day Thanksgiving parade in NYC while no attention is given to the protest in North Dakota that same day, one does wonder what constitutes legitimacy in the world of data.

I personally don’t know what to make of the situation. I respect and admire the work of other researchers who have stated very publicly that this news story is indeed legitimate and in the midst of being covered up by the very top echelon of the Deep State.  At the same time, I also respect and admire the work of researchers who have also stated, quite publicly, that #pizzagate is a hoax, a psy-op, or even a fear porn meme.  In my personal opinion, you really have two potential outcomes tied to the construct of WikiLeaks.  Either one :

  • Believes WikiLeaks is legitimate and releasing information to the public that is not “intentionally meant for public consumption”
  • Believes WikiLeaks is another outlet of the Deep State and as such is releasing “emails” and other bits of information for some larger program of social design

From some cursory research on WikiLeaks, I do admit that words such as pizza, pasta, even hot dogs seem out of place.  Whether this infers pedophiles, abuse, drugs, or a “love of Italian food,” I cannot say.

 What’s Next


I doubt anything will come of any of this alleged “gate.”  I truly don’t want to believe that any of this information regarding child abuse is true; of course, I don’t live in the clouds like many others I know do.  I realize things like the Franklin child prostitution ring and and Clinton/Trump escapades to Orgy island exist, but I truly don’t want to believe that such thing can be permitted to exist at such a high level of government. Such a notion of state sponsored support of child trafficking, if true, is absolutely horrendous.  If there is any truth to this “conspiracy theory,” I hope truth is revealed and justice is served quickly and swiftly.


Returning to the scope of this article…what I find interesting is the narrative being played out by both alleged fake news sources and legitimate news sources.  Real names and businesses are being presented in full public view, which I find curious for a construct.  It was mentioned multiple times that Alefantis’s Instagram account was made private once the pizzagate meme hit the Web, yet it was again publicly available on 11-23-16, with all photos still available for comment.  Perhaps the better the details, the better the sale?

Going forward, the goal of this article is document the construct known as #pizzagate in both arenas.  I’m also curious what type of feedback I get.  This is a very small website with very little fanfare or attention.  What kind of attention will an article like this receive?  And more importantly (to me, at the very least), will this finally answered?

Q: John Podesta/Susan Sandler, what the hell is a handkerchief with a pizza related map?

I plan to continue to add to this article as more information online becomes available, so please stay tuned if anyone finds this of interest…


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